Rocket League® - Ford F-150 RLE Commercial - Carry It All

20 feb 2021
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What can the Ford F-150 carry?
✅ Trailers
✅ Steel
✅ Cement
✅ Logs and stuff
✅ Your trash Rocket League Team
Get the Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition bundle, which includes:
Ford F-150 RLE
Ford F-150 RLE Wheels
Ford F-150 SE Wheels
Ford F-150 Boost
Ford F-150 RLE Chairman Decal
Ford F-150 RLE Engine Audio
Ford F-150 Player Banner
Available in the Item Shop Feb. 20 through Feb. 28 for 1500 Credits!
Rocket League® - Ford F-150 RLE Commercial - Carry It All
#RocketLeague #FordF150

  • “It can carry your trash team to victory” Me: Shut up, and take my money!

    Random PersonRandom Person4 ore fa
  • Why did they make it so the wheels/boost can only be used with the ford??? Really bad design choice.

    DblTrbl226 XdDblTrbl226 Xd7 ore fa
  • wow

    KJ PlayzKJ Playz10 ore fa

    mizuu btwmizuu btw11 ore fa
  • It can carry your garbage team . . . in 1v1 duels!

    Alexander GeorgievAlexander Georgiev11 ore fa
  • Remember when dlc used to be 2$ ?

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment14 ore fa
  • fellowkids done right

    kiituriikiiturii15 ore fa
  • Gt 350 or Gt 500 next we need a mustang or a mustang collection. Please Rl

    Isolation JIsolation J15 ore fa
  • Wait..where are my tropical fruit wheels?!

    Kuroi DivineKuroi Divine16 ore fa
  • Best. Ad. Ever.

    Chase GardnerChase Gardner16 ore fa
  • it carries your trash team... ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

    VizieryeetVizieryeet17 ore fa
  • Bring nissan skyline r34 back

    Mr DardiMr Dardi17 ore fa
  • This is the type of advertisements that ITworlds needs more of.

    Benjamin LentzBenjamin Lentz18 ore fa
  • I'm still waiting for yall to bring back the skyline😔

    NachoGotNext YTNachoGotNext YT19 ore fa
  • What a save!

    Jako1987Jako198719 ore fa
  • Welp, off to get some credits

    Markbanana57Markbanana5721 ora fa
  • #ad

    QuckiesシQuckiesシ22 ore fa
  • Please bring either, pink octane / pink fennec, or mainframe or sky blue halo in the shop please I have 2000 creds and I wanna spend them

    XxBouncing_BeanxXXxBouncing_BeanxX23 ore fa
  • But can you carry your meth in it? might need an RV for that! ;)

    WyattWyatt23 ore fa
  • So thats what RLE stood for

    Autistic NoodleAutistic Noodle23 ore fa
  • i would get it if it wouldnt be 15€ thts just too much lmao

    Asnar KeenAsnar KeenGiorno fa
  • I already got it and this rocket league player who wants my four hundred creds is probably mad and jealous right now 🤣

    Gerry JrGerry JrGiorno fa
  • 0:07 *no words*

    Tr SosisliTr SosisliGiorno fa
  • Can we get the skyline back so everyone can buy it and give everyone who already have it a goal explosion or wheels that no one can get unless they had the skyline before

    Issac BIGBOIIssac BIGBOIGiorno fa
  • I feel attacked But I love it

    ShelbyShelbyGiorno fa
  • Anyone wanna trad sin ps4?

    Brick _VoidBrick _VoidGiorno fa
  • Yo what are y’all’s rank? I’m plat

    Brick _VoidBrick _VoidGiorno fa

    Brick _VoidBrick _VoidGiorno fa

    FaisalFaisalGiorno fa
  • Ngl I’ve been poppin off since I bought this sucker.

    atlas506atlas506Giorno fa
  • The Ford F-150 can carry your trash team to victory and that's savage right there but it's also so true

    Michael StanawayMichael StanawayGiorno fa
  • I wonder how Chevy people feel right now? (Ford strong)😀

    SniperNovaSniperNovaGiorno fa
  • Well...

    LT channelLT channelGiorno fa
  • It can carry your trash team to victory. Everyone in the comments hoping someone on their team uses it so they can now win. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH BUUUUUUURRRRRRNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

    Puma4454Puma4454Giorno fa
  • Ahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaa lol nice one

    RedstoneBuilder 113RedstoneBuilder 113Giorno fa
  • cybertruck next season

    Sebastian BrumbachSebastian BrumbachGiorno fa
    • We need a Supra

      TAStatur -_-TAStatur -_-Giorno fa
  • Bitch please Give us the nissan fuckin skyline

    Davide BergamoDavide BergamoGiorno fa
    • Do u think that the Skyline will come back when Fast and Furious 9 is out?

      TAStatur -_-TAStatur -_-Giorno fa
    • Yeah

      TAStatur -_-TAStatur -_-Giorno fa
  • 0:08 yeah but it's tiny. How it do that? False advertising

    justin colburnjustin colburnGiorno fa
  • "Can carry your trash team to victory" But what if you main 1v1?

    AkronoxAkronoxGiorno fa
  • They really need to add voice chat

    Gabriel BejarGabriel BejarGiorno fa

    MolecularEricMolecularEricGiorno fa
  • hi rocket league i got scammed for my stipple gate and im am sad so please do anything thing to get it back my name is rocket league name is SoulChannel7403 and i play on nintendo switch :(

    Claire PooleClaire PooleGiorno fa
  • Hey psyonics I have enabled 2fa like 2 years ago and now it’s saying that I haven’t enabled it and I need to do a trade

    Leaf_ EditsLeaf_ EditsGiorno fa
  • Hello phsonix I'm just asking u as a free to play player can the free to play players get like legacy premiums and all of the boosts and wheels what the people who bought the game got my name is xdAndrewfaze and i be would very grateful bc I really like the cristianos wheels

    Dynam1c ZendifyDynam1c ZendifyGiorno fa
  • It's a bit overpriced

    3mar_705 ً3mar_705 ًGiorno fa
    • A 'bit' , fukn 1500 c lol

      TAStatur -_-TAStatur -_-Giorno fa
  • I play 3 games and in every games make I the best pass ever and I make fast passts. So fast that I think I have a ASSIST be course my Teamplayer scored. But I have NO ASSIST!😭 Why?

    Ben LenBen LenGiorno fa
  • my club will be ready in thursday

    Falah Al YousifiFalah Al YousifiGiorno fa
  • Bring the Chevrolet Silverado to Rocket League

    _htxerik_htxerikGiorno fa
  • That was offensive bruh

    Emre AslanerEmre AslanerGiorno fa
  • When they said it could carry your trash team to victory they weren’t lying im plat 3 and i played with gold3’s which I didn’t know and every match i used the ford in we somehow won even tho we were going against plat 2’s

    GoldenGoldenGiorno fa
  • *when the outro is longer than the actual video*

    Sir ScuffSir ScuffGiorno fa
  • Can it actually carry the ball like that😦

    Bruh YTBruh YTGiorno fa
  • I bought it This is pure savage

    Ho Lee FukHo Lee FukGiorno fa
  • 0:12 what kind of gold explosion is that

    XenoKrothXenoKrothGiorno fa
  • Nice but I just want a fence *none in sight*

    Dean OrvisDean OrvisGiorno fa
  • I've used this car and its one of the best cars I've played with.

    int1meint1me2 giorni fa
  • More like " they can carry toxic chat "

    RC_ToniRC_Toni2 giorni fa
  • Toxic

    muhammedmuhammed2 giorni fa
  • rocket league rtx when?? ._.

    Mr Bloby224Mr Bloby2242 giorni fa
  • It just costs too much. You would make more money from it if you made it 1000 instead of 1500

    DAZSD WTPDAZSD WTP2 giorni fa
  • I just got it yesterday, scored a air-dribble at 0 seconds to win the game, god i love this harbinger uh oops i meant ford .

    ItzGravityItzGravity2 giorni fa

    JoaoPistolaJoaoPistola2 giorni fa
    • POV: U want the 99'skyline

      TAStatur -_-TAStatur -_-Giorno fa
  • HOW TO GET New Ford????????

    DragFireDragFire2 giorni fa
  • HOW TO GET New Ford????????

    DragFireDragFire2 giorni fa
  • I cant buy it :(

    Alperen ErdenAlperen Erden2 giorni fa
  • We want Nissan Skyline,non a big fat ford...PSYONIX and EPIC GAMES=IDIOTS

    alessandro albinialessandro albini2 giorni fa
    • True :(

      TAStatur -_-TAStatur -_-Giorno fa
  • lmao

    AryaneveAryaneve2 giorni fa
  • excuse me what?

    SackiezSackiez2 giorni fa
  • Franklin: MY CAR!!! MY FUCKING CAR!!

    L C S EDITSL C S EDITS2 giorni fa
  • pog

    Dawid HostynskiDawid Hostynski2 giorni fa
  • When can we see a prius

    cursed beecursed bee2 giorni fa
  • 0:07 ???

    BRUH BruhBRUH Bruh2 giorni fa
  • 0:06 new meta

  • I hate Ford but holy shit, I almost wanna buy it now for that ultimate burn

    Drunk SquirrelDrunk Squirrel2 giorni fa
  • bring back the nissan skyline 99 plz!!!

    Bima JohnstonBima Johnston2 giorni fa
  • I'm getting this so I can carry my trash team to victory

    Flame N FortuneFlame N Fortune2 giorni fa
  • With this truck you can carry your teammates to Victory

    Alex AlexAlex Alex2 giorni fa
  • to cary your trash team me: i guess im getting caryed :(

    T7LM-_-YOUSEFT7LM-_-YOUSEF2 giorni fa
  • Plz bring back the nisson skyline I wanna buy it

    Jxyy Ass on ps4Jxyy Ass on ps42 giorni fa
  • Why can't I carry the ball like that

    LieThePotLieThePot2 giorni fa
  • Epic has signaficantly downgraded licensed DLC vehicles Before Epic: $4, available indefinitely, several decals. With Epic: $15, scarcity tactics, only one decal Epic's greed makes me sad 😔

    MattmaticianMattmatician2 giorni fa
  • Bro nice edits and that truck is sick bro nice thank you rocket league

    Mohammad AlabdullahMohammad Alabdullah2 giorni fa
  • Hey epic, it’s time for a new car release. I know you just came out with this car but let’s get an old Honda Civic or Toyota Caravan in the game.

    GoBoGoLWGoBoGoLW2 giorni fa
  • I wish I could get that but it'll end soon and plus, I'm still banned from PlayStation Network!

    Saad NabilSaad Nabil2 giorni fa
  • Dang, i wish Toyota was on Rocket League!

    Saad NabilSaad Nabil2 giorni fa
  • Ah yes more advertisement

    Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse2 giorni fa
  • Wait so can it carry the ball though

    kevin chappelkevin chappel2 giorni fa
  • Does it end at the end of the day on the 28th or the beginning of the day?

    CrispyBlixCrispyBlix2 giorni fa
  • Ya des français ?? :(

    ibmistere maatibmistere maat2 giorni fa
  • Rocket league love your videos

    Preston NeherPreston Neher2 giorni fa
  • The best thing in the video is not the edit and the clips it is that he said thanks to psyonics not epic games

  • everything cool but when is Cybertruck coming?

    Diego SaraviaDiego Saravia2 giorni fa

    j0nnyj0nny2 giorni fa
  • Man that “...To Victory” was SO satisfying! #FordTough

    Flobo BoyceFlobo Boyce2 giorni fa
  • Why cant they just make it a DLC like does it need to buy an exotic body and cost credits??

    Mason GracewoodMason Gracewood2 giorni fa
  • So this cost around 15$, the skyline was 2$... bro wtf.

    Jeremy TSJeremy TS2 giorni fa
  • I can’t believe I just heard Walter White say “rocket league”

    sorrowful Satchelsorrowful Satchel2 giorni fa
  • this would be great if I didn't need to pay an arm and a leg for it :(

    Max4640Max46402 giorni fa
  • hi rocket leauge would you return a fast and furious bundel on the new fast and furious 9 ?

    BramborBrambor2 giorni fa
  • Trash team lolololol

    Samuel OrtegaSamuel Ortega2 giorni fa