Operating on a Living Egg

19 feb 2021
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A friend had sent me a bucket of eggs to hatch but one had cracked. Usually, broken eggs are always thrown away. But I knew there was still a chance left...
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  • Please what to do

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  • My Turkey's face is turned into disease

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  • Bro I need ur help

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  • You are the amazing...

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  • Are you going to eat him after?

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  • They look like guinea hybrids to me get them all the time when my birds decide to cross with each other 😂 most are infertile but sometimes I get hens and roos that produce chicks vary rare tho but the chicks from them, are always almost fertile and the hybrid line can keep going from them.

  • I feel honored to be on the same planet as this man

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  • I had no idea this was even possible. Fascinating.

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  • Gives new meaning to the term candling eggs! 🐣

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  • This guy’s editing is so on point that he could make some really great movies!

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  • the way puberty hit this chick...

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  • Amazing.

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  • This man has saved so many animal lives, what kind of psychopaths are leving dislikes

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  • God bless this man

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  • Subtitulado en español latino please 🙏🏻

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  • Lots of love from Pakistan

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  • Well, this is the first guy who's yt films made me cry

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  • You are a very good person and you are very smart!!!

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  • I got an abandoned and unfertilised egg today. But I'm unsure what to do..I don't want to leave the chick to die and it's late already. Can you help me out? I dunno who it belongs to.. I don't have an incubator too😭

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  • how to be a mother to birds : grow a beard

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  • Do you know about goat baby I have a serious issue the baby goat age 2days first he was standing till evening he is losing his energy to stand

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  • You are such a gentle soul.

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  • God bless 🙏 You ... you will be in my prayers

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  • Heart touching

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  • I have same incubator

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  • Do animals really imprint on the first they see at birth?

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  • make one incubator

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  • When I was six years old, we incubated a bunch of eggs. Mine was this beautiful pastel green/blue, with little speckles all over it. And mine was the first to hatch while we were in class. He was so adorable , apparently he turned out to be a very handsome rooster in the end according to the lady who adopted him for her farm.

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  • Beautiful . He saved that amazing rooster from dying

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  • Dont kiss the Chicken it dont want it

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  • u r so kind to birda

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  • God's child

  • A chick need 6-7 hens. Or he going to exhausted the hens. I see only 4 hens.

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  • I'm Phillipines youtube user thanks for the effort thank you saving birds ALBERT

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  • Hlo sir..mine 5 month old hen started laying eggs..she weight about 1.5 kg..and eggs are smaller than normal size..will they hatch or I need to give her other hens egg for hatching..

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  • just wow. great human being

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  • Future snack.

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  • He is such a kind person.

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  • Thats amazing good job

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  • So cute

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  • what happened to albert, The squirlls, the geese, the hookbills and Kippiekip?

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  • When the chick was trying to get out i cried and said the chick of honor can do this

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  • Excuse me Sir can you tell if my hen who is relatively very young laid a tiny egg what should I do she doesn't want come sit in the nest. Love your Channel!

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  • Excellent work bro

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  • what happened to iris the small horse?

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  • Wow, he such a beautiful rooster 🐓.

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  • This man has a huge heart, I don’t know if I would’ve even knew what to do the moment I saw the crack

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  • ❤ Where are you from? I love that you have a heart for animals. I have cared for quite a bit of wild life. Few birds too!

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  • I think they are going to be delicious...I'm sorry but it's all I can think about..their tasty meat is gonna melt in my mouth

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  • You should do an update video about all the animals that you've made videos about. Where they went how they're doing, etc.

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  • Thanks for shareing

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  • The little chirper is ugly and cute af at the same time.

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  • Tapping on the egg should help encourage the bird to crake the shell

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  • You are a truly amazing man ❤️

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  • He is like Dr.Dolittle

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  • I wish every human being was even half as kind as you! Thank you for being awesome!

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  • Balut is a much enjoyed delicacy.

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  • And imagine in some cultures they eat them......

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  • Careful the chick has one life and it’s small🥺

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  • Y R U using your old incubator?

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  • you are a beautiful man. Both the beard and the heart of gold

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  • you are a great man. Grew up watching you :)

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  • He looked so cute

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  • And what a gorgeous rooster he became ❤ I love how he shuffled his feathers around in the hens face lol 🤣 He was like "look at me, who's the the best looking rooster of all time?" He may have started off a bit slow, but that made him even stronger and much more better looking 😉 Those are some lucky hens lol 😆 Great job as always 👏 👍 👌 always blows me away how you never give up on a animal that needs some special care ❤

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  • It was so beatifull, I wish I can be a vegan someday

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  • itworlds.info/round/mHt9ctObgLmBqXw/video

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  • My parents would not scold me for starring at this chick all day. I lost a whole dozen. I will try again, the hens are also wasting them. This is inspirational.... Maybe buy my own chickens too if they are beyond saving.

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  • U should deserve more than 1 billion subscribers because of your kind heart...

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  • God bless you bro you have saved a little life

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  • I've broke hundreds out of their shells, but I set them under hens.

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  • Everybody: o wow he is so kind Le me: where does he get these many eggs from 😂😂

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    • He has chicken coop... I doubt he's vegetarian...

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  • I've did this several times with 🐔 last year. Like a 50% success rate. So DON'T FEEL TOO BAD WHEN....☹️ I was actually momentarily deeply disturbed 😧. But I will do it again. I can barely watch this. Ahhhh. Besides myself. 😀

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