This Soap Has Real Money inside of it! #shorts

28 apr 2021
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  • *ITworlds* cuidadito con el copirrgt

    OscarEduardo Mendoza ArmentaOscarEduardo Mendoza Armenta3 minuti fa
  • Comments: “Steven saying “Life is beautiful” while eating a sandwich” Me: “That sounds like Pinky from Pinky and The Brain-“

    FlowerToppatFlowerToppat32 minuti fa
  • Soap cost 5.00

    X D1NO XX D1NO X55 minuti fa
  • Its funny how you have to pay prob more than 1 buck to get one buck

    Jeremy SamsonJeremy Samson58 minuti fa
  • Where do I buy this

    Michael GomezMichael Gomez58 minuti fa
  • does any one know the name of the song plzz

    jessboyjessboyOra fa
  • This is basically gambling

    Feeb NoxFeeb NoxOra fa
  • Y'all hear the Steven universe music in the background

    AlateriaAlateriaOra fa
  • We're witnessing the decline of human intelligence

    CookieBoomCookieBoomOra fa
  • 🤯

    Annette SaldanaAnnette SaldanaOra fa
  • People: I'll get rich fast Doesn't realize they spend money to get less

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissOra fa
  • Plot twist : its fake money

    Sonia nevermindSonia nevermindOra fa
  • Buraya da gelsin bundan zengin oluruz , Dollar sonuçta 7-8 TL :d

    Cøøkie møøn TvCøøkie møøn TvOra fa
  • F in the chat for all those freaking bars of soap wasted

    Kong ThorKong ThorOra fa
  • For real!?

    Dylan playsDylan playsOra fa
    • The money is fake you stupid ass people

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissOra fa
  • This is most likely a marketing thick where in reality you're paying way more than what you should on a piece of soap that has *oh would you look that? free money!*

    EmrenanoEmrenano2 ore fa
  • I still don’t get it why they don’t use it the normal way and wash their hands with it

    Huch HuchHuch Huch2 ore fa
  • Where would you even get them the bank

    G CG C2 ore fa
  • Can we gather up all the tiktokers. All the ITworlds shorts dumbasses. And put them on their own island. And level it with a fucking nuke. They bring nothing to our society and instead make it thriving wasteland of the newer generations being dumber than dirt. No wonder the elderly don't wanna fucking die. Their the only wisdom we have fucking left.

    RhysRhys2 ore fa
  • maybe the idea of these was to make people use the soap and them they'd get a reward, but that totally back fired 💀

    Axtumn_Axtumn_2 ore fa
  • God those nails are disgusting. Why do people do that to themselves?

    Pauls BunionsPauls Bunions3 ore fa
  • The soap cost 10dollars and inside of the soap is just 5dollar

    Linzhou HanLinzhou Han3 ore fa
  • يشبه توبز!🌝

    zozo chanzozo chan3 ore fa
  • I hate this sound

    ANBUldz- -ANBUldz- -3 ore fa
  • Real question... How much is the soap 👀

    Lala RainLala Rain3 ore fa

    xixi3 ore fa
  • "when I'm a billioniare" Has 1 dollar in it

    Jack Jack'sJack Jack's3 ore fa
  • Stop please, your hurting my brain cells

    Colton BowersColton Bowers3 ore fa
  • The money is fake you stupid ass people

    TJ LodgingTJ Lodging3 ore fa
  • Yeh but it's probably cost 5 dollars

    WormWorm3 ore fa
  • Wth is it with that baby tune everywhere.

    Smokey The GodSmokey The God4 ore fa
  • Then why shoud we buy that soap? Its just free soap returns your money back Lmao,

    FenrizFenriz4 ore fa
  • Arent these like 20 bucks a bar.? Fucking morons lets spend money to make less of it back

    The WudarianThe Wudarian4 ore fa
  • i wanna eat the soap

    StArmunch 64StArmunch 644 ore fa
  • Anyone know what the backround song is called?

    Owen the pugOwen the pug4 ore fa
  • How much does the soap cost tho

    ThatBritishJediThatBritishJedi4 ore fa
  • Bro if I hear steven Universe lofi or whatever I will do a noob gamer move

    Spooky BoiSpooky Boi4 ore fa
  • So... you buyed a money inside a soap and umm payed it so you buyed the thing and you have the money back?

    Zoé CsíkZoé Csík5 ore fa
    • In short you buyed money for money

      Zoé CsíkZoé Csík5 ore fa
  • where to buy this

    Daniel 14Daniel 145 ore fa
  • I need 100 boxes asap.

    get a life bro.get a life bro.5 ore fa
  • What a waste of good soap

    hunter careyhunter carey6 ore fa
  • I love the fact of being autistic tik tokers are falling for a scam like this

    Pixlecrusher -_-Pixlecrusher -_-6 ore fa
  • Idk who tf twists is but he makes fun of tiktokers and I like it

    Pixlecrusher -_-Pixlecrusher -_-6 ore fa
  • I hope you win big so you can afford some fingernail clippers and clip those nightmare claws.

    TheRedCeltTheRedCelt6 ore fa
  • man wasted the soap tho

    miaki ikazumiaki ikazu6 ore fa
  • Find the video and tag partyshirt

    Possum on a vacuumPossum on a vacuum6 ore fa
  • How much did you pay for the soap tho-

    Bethany YonasBethany Yonas6 ore fa
  • How much was the soap?

    YFN SMJLYFN SMJL7 ore fa
  • Absolutely stupid

    Rodolfo ArgumanizRodolfo Argumaniz7 ore fa
  • Finally a way to get tiktokers cleaned up

    SalmankoSalmanko7 ore fa
  • Where do you get those

    WiFi's life okWiFi's life ok7 ore fa
  • Aight bro imma go buy me a 5 dollar soap to get 1 dollar brb

    Chi ThienChi Thien7 ore fa
  • So wait You payed money to get money

    JiminieChim !JiminieChim !7 ore fa
  • Spend like 10 bucks on soap because it has 5 dollars inside, and the 2 songs at the same time gave me brain aids

    RogueRogue7 ore fa
  • Song?

    Ruruh WicaksonoRuruh Wicaksono8 ore fa

    gamerhairycheesegamerhairycheese8 ore fa
  • You money just to get a dollar and soap...epic

    Woe Is meWoe Is me8 ore fa
  • Buying 20$ for a soap for getting 5$

    makeup maniamakeup mania8 ore fa
  • But like... Why

    David LendlDavid Lendl9 ore fa
  • Where do you get this

  • What is the name of the lullaby ?

    Eléa MangaEléa Manga10 ore fa
  • Imagine the soap cost $1 than you found that in the soap

    PrincipalTerd888PrincipalTerd88810 ore fa
  • Roberry after watching this : *i dont need sleep, i need soap*

    Luqman 1221Luqman 122111 ore fa
  • Same jackass who cut a charizard in half. Great videos aimed at 5 year olds

    sergi arnausergi arnau11 ore fa
  • rip to all the people who threw it away

    OhZaffOhZaff12 ore fa
  • This soap is a bank

    jessiesalyers21jessiesalyers2113 ore fa
  • Robber: gimme you money Me: k Robber: why you give me soap that has money inside? Me: **tricked the robber then punch the robber**

    haryanto Haryantoharyanto Haryanto14 ore fa
  • ok so how much is the soap?

    Mia ._.Mia ._.14 ore fa
  • Ya ya pretending like it's real..... Here take this pill 💊 and sleep forever ♾️

    Deepak 8 Ball PoolDeepak 8 Ball Pool14 ore fa
    • Cringe

      The FunniestThe Funniest2 ore fa
    • That’s a nice way to tell someone to die

      no with a red heartno with a red heart2 ore fa
    • What

      Raditude better then PinkertonRaditude better then Pinkerton5 ore fa
  • That beginning when the music in a whole different pitch starts with Bruno Mars over it…. My ears are bleeding.

    Naj _ZNaj _Z14 ore fa
  • I'll just use the soap thanks

    Tony Toy ReviewsTony Toy Reviews15 ore fa
  • Background Music Name?

    Blue print VinesBlue print Vines15 ore fa

    Malcy TurnerMalcy Turner16 ore fa
  • Why would u waste like $10 to only get a dollar

    holesholes16 ore fa
  • I rather not waste my soap full of money inside

    gold applegold apple16 ore fa
  • so you are basically buying money for even more money.

    Education ExchangeEducation Exchange17 ore fa
  • 1 dollar ok imma buy this

  • I bet that bar has of soap cost more than what you get

    ThatGuyFettThatGuyFett18 ore fa
  • Legend knows the theme song is from Steven universe

    Ali Arman TufanAli Arman Tufan19 ore fa
  • This Should get people to wash their hands

    Christie WhitakerChristie Whitaker19 ore fa
  • Yoo wsp

    Myst SvanMyst Svan19 ore fa
  • 💵ное мыло.. с перва в России создали, или же в Америке?🤔

    Horned 1313Horned 131319 ore fa
  • Soon they will start putting the exact amount of money it costs to buy one of those soaps in each bar so people keep buying them hoping to hit the Jack pot 😂

    ThanosThanos19 ore fa
  • Turn of the tap

    Prarthanaa ParthibhanPrarthanaa Parthibhan19 ore fa
  • Ahh yes 5 dollars in I longer owe the irs

    Anti-Cringe CrusaderAnti-Cringe Crusader19 ore fa
  • Wasting water is not good you stupid 🙄

    SenkuSenku19 ore fa
  • If u smoke weed and only carts it looks like it lol

    Dream InspiredDream Inspired19 ore fa
  • Spend money for money

    Sara NwakanmaSara Nwakanma20 ore fa
  • This is an insanely good marketing idea. The soap probably cost over 10 bucks.

    CodyiguessCodyiguess20 ore fa
  • They even made soap into gambling

    Crazed GuyCrazed Guy20 ore fa
  • People: I'll get rich fast Doesn't realize they spend money to get less

    bulb of knowledgebulb of knowledge20 ore fa
  • I usually steal a few of these every now and then from Target for free money to buy giftcards

    N DN D20 ore fa
  • Now imagine we used the same strategy and started paying these people to delete Tiktok. That's when we finally attain world peace.

    soinu foigsoinu foig20 ore fa
  • Bro just break it open with a hammer

    Jason ValdezJason Valdez20 ore fa
  • Neat

    Mr RobotoMr Roboto20 ore fa
  • Where can I buy that

    Young Landon VlogsYoung Landon Vlogs20 ore fa
  • Hes the type of guy ordered sushi but just want the rice

    Mr ImFrancisMr ImFrancis20 ore fa
    • Yeah but how much u gotta pay for 1

      soinu foigsoinu foig20 ore fa
  • Free money?

    AzyxzAzyxz21 ora fa
  • These the type of people to take a 2 for 1 deal on a single pair of shoes

    NxTLfe NeiNxTLfe Nei21 ora fa
  • What’s with that cry in the background music? Fuckin weird

    Skibbity BopSkibbity Bop21 ora fa