Top 5 Formula 2 Moments | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

30 mar 2021
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Rapid rookies, last-lap scraps and chaos at the first corner! - Join us as we look back at the top five moments from the 2021 FIA Formula 2 season opener in Bahrain
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  • Not Zhou finishing p1 on pole?

    Andy ChenAndy Chen15 giorni fa
  • If I can't find enough time to watch the F1, I certainly have no time for F2. Beside there incredible series outside F1 a notch below but not an whole league below.

    RYGRYG16 giorni fa
  • "Lovely" "Marvelous" Gotta love British swearing

    dia98dia9816 giorni fa
  • Cuando comenzará la w series?. Saludos Desde Panamá.

    Lian SummerLian Summer16 giorni fa
  • The guy that took out Ticktum has SIMP RACING on his Halo lol

    Randomdude8Randomdude817 giorni fa
  • F1 Q2 was better because there was a 0.001s

    Roblox with KRoblox with K17 giorni fa
  • Can we get a new Formula 2 channel

    Abhijith GaneshAbhijith Ganesh17 giorni fa
  • Those wheels and tires look so much better than F1

    Kregg KittredgeKregg Kittredge18 giorni fa
  • ''ticktum is an idiot" tsunoda immediately sounds as an f1 driver from bahrain fp1 but schwartzman sounds from f2

    Lefki SarantinouLefki Sarantinou18 giorni fa
  • This is really awesome 😊

    qebalt Drone Travel, Motorcycling & Videographyqebalt Drone Travel, Motorcycling & Videography18 giorni fa
  • Amazing stuff.

    Lightening McQueenLightening McQueen18 giorni fa
  • 1:05 that is the sprint race 2 not the feature one

    Paul ValenzuelaPaul Valenzuela18 giorni fa
  • Where do you watch F2, on what UK channel? Really want to get into it this year :)

    The Living RoomThe Living Room18 giorni fa
    • i think it is on the same channel as f1, im not certain bc im not from uk, but from where i am, its on the same channel.

      Will FitzGeraldWill FitzGerald7 giorni fa
  • Still waiting for the top 5 f ups by Masi and the FIA..

    Snow RabbitSnow Rabbit18 giorni fa
  • 2 months to go for next F2 race :) Monaco GP

    Yellow TCheetahYellow TCheetah19 giorni fa
  • We need more F2 and F3 content on ITworlds. Why can't we have interviews with drivers and podium ceremonies?

    Lee ClaxtonLee Claxton19 giorni fa
  • This vid is longer than Mazepin’s race.

    Matt HMatt H19 giorni fa
  • Formula 2 is underrated.

    Matt HMatt H19 giorni fa
  • Still can't believe how unlucky is Juri Vips

    Greg DrouGreg Drou19 giorni fa
    • That got aged..

      Gouthaman GunaGouthaman Guna18 giorni fa
  • ZHOU!!!

    ZUCZEKZUCZEK19 giorni fa
  • still more interesting then Hamilton winning every F1...

    Claudiu C.Claudiu C.19 giorni fa
  • 0:32 Facts.

    Marc BMMarc BM19 giorni fa
  • Isn't Piastri from New Zealand?

    Mitchell HardyMitchell Hardy19 giorni fa
    • No he's Australian, Lawson and Armstrong are from NZ

      Greg DrouGreg Drou19 giorni fa
  • “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💗

    Laura MárquezLaura Márquez19 giorni fa
  • 1:05 Said it was the feature race when it was sprint race 2. The feature didnt run under the lights.

    AdderSnakeAdderSnake19 giorni fa
  • Robert: Ticktum is an idiot! 🤬🤬😡👎 Meanwhile Dan da man: 🥰🥰🥳👍 Marvellous🥳🥰🥰👍

    The Deamon MeteorThe Deamon Meteor19 giorni fa
    • 📄🤬⚠️😨

      玉山航輝玉山航輝19 giorni fa
  • Daruvala is just underrated ...change my mind 😎

    Gouri Silpa UppuluriGouri Silpa Uppuluri19 giorni fa
    • @Seshvir Seodutt Harsh to leave out Shwartzman there, one average weekend shouldn't take away from the way he performed last year

      Krishna ShankarKrishna Shankar19 giorni fa
    • yeah jd is exceptional ❤️

      GAME inc.GAME inc.19 giorni fa
    • Probably the most popular this season to get the title along with piastri

      Seshvir SeoduttSeshvir Seodutt19 giorni fa
  • Thanks for the highlights! Awesome clean, close, highly competitive racing! F2 👍

    Andre ForceAndre Force19 giorni fa
  • such an underrated and under watched series. Even sometimes better than F1!

    FormulaShortsFormulaShorts19 giorni fa
    • @Andro Bogar always

      FormulaShortsFormulaShorts19 giorni fa
    • sometimes?

      Andro BogarAndro Bogar19 giorni fa
    • Definitely. I like to watch these youngsters, they have the same machines so it really comes down to skill.

      Arkangel GamingArkangel Gaming19 giorni fa
  • Formula 2 is Awesome...More Drama and Action than F1 Love u Liam Lawson and Marcus Armstrong

    Manjeet MenghaniManjeet Menghani19 giorni fa
    • Bahrain 2021 was pretty dramatic, I'd say.

      Nathan Dave BugcalaoNathan Dave Bugcalao16 giorni fa
  • *Formula 1* is so famous around the world, Sometimes I just forget *Formula 2* even existed! Apparently there's even *Formula 3* & *Formula 4* (For kids) There's even *Formula E* (Electric Cars Race) those Electric race cars makes interesting *"Electric"* sounds ⚡🏁

    NikkNikk19 giorni fa
  • “Ticktum is an idiot” My respect for Schwartzman 📈📈📈📈

    CliffBoy10CliffBoy1019 giorni fa
    • Nah

      Polish MotorsportPolish Motorsport19 giorni fa
    • Ferrari profile 😂

      Seshvir SeoduttSeshvir Seodutt19 giorni fa
  • Formula 2 is amazing, and if you don't agree, you're wrong.

    SouthBearSouthBear19 giorni fa
    • ?

      JotarototoJotarototo7 giorni fa
  • Shwartzman and ticktum has obviously been possessed by Mazes🅱️in

    Nikita MazepinNikita Mazepin19 giorni fa
  • Uniques cars f1

    LamborghiniLamborghini19 giorni fa
  • Back Livestream F2 in You Tube please!!!

    João FonsecaJoão Fonseca19 giorni fa
  • FFS upload checo's comeback overtakes 😑

    goldi kgoldi k19 giorni fa
  • Ticktum's sarcasm 😂😂

    RubyIsSapphireRubyIsSapphire19 giorni fa
  • MotoGP is maybe better than F1, but I don't think it's better than F2.

    TheFikri136TheFikri13619 giorni fa
    • at least f1 do highlights

      Shahar BurshtainShahar Burshtain19 giorni fa
  • NEXT RACE AT FORMULA1 I Think Max Verstappen Win.

    ภัทรพล บริพันธกุลภัทรพล บริพันธกุล19 giorni fa
  • How much do you wanna turn? Ticktum: yes

    Inot88 JInot88 J19 giorni fa
  • Lundgaard for the title! Let’s goo

    Mads KristiansenMads Kristiansen19 giorni fa
  • What a dumb move by Ticktum. Completely ignore that there are 21 other cars on the track and go sweeping clear across the apex on the first lap. You caused that one genius.

    TJ32TJ3219 giorni fa
    • @Matt .Coates ehh Robert was about as close to the apex as he could be. The odd man out was Ticktum, who was perpendicular to everyone else. He was trying to come back on the inside of the leaders, forgetting entirely that 20 other cars had to take that corner, often 3 abreast. You can't do that on lap 1. Source: Ticktum crashing out of turn 1.

      Luke MalloryLuke Mallory19 giorni fa
    • It was Schwartzmann's fault. He goes so deep into the corner when he is so narrow on the inside. Ticktum could have been more careful, sure, but he was totally clear going into the corner and was entitled to that line tbh. Schwartzmann sent a divebomb without thinking of the other cars ahead

      Matt .CoatesMatt .Coates19 giorni fa
  • petition to make a formula 2 channel

    formulachickenformulachicken19 giorni fa
    • Second this, as well as making a petition for a Formula 2 app.

      Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin14 giorni fa
  • **SMP Racing** I was not thinking of simp racing you were

    Base CubingBase Cubing19 giorni fa
  • Ticktum and Mazepin are the best drivers in this Era

    Ferrari's MasterplanFerrari's Masterplan19 giorni fa
    • YeAh I'd AgReE. tHeY rEaLlY aRe TaLeNtEd.

      Nathan Dave BugcalaoNathan Dave Bugcalao16 giorni fa
    • @Seshvir Seodutt Deledda is the GOAT🐐

      Ferrari's MasterplanFerrari's Masterplan19 giorni fa
    • U forgot Daledda finished last every race

      Seshvir SeoduttSeshvir Seodutt19 giorni fa
    • 😂😂 Very funny 😂

      Ice Cream StudiosIce Cream Studios19 giorni fa
    • Lol

      spinnalaspinnala19 giorni fa
  • Everyone criticized Dr. Helmut Marko for get rid of Ticktum, well he was right at the end...

    José DiasJosé Dias19 giorni fa
    • Marko is correct on this thing..

      Gouthaman GunaGouthaman Guna18 giorni fa
    • @Amazing A The Dreamer Me too

      José DiasJosé Dias19 giorni fa
    • Really? I didn't...

      Amazing A The DreamerAmazing A The Dreamer19 giorni fa
  • Schwartzmen saying what we're all thinking

    Yakul44Yakul4419 giorni fa
  • Piastri did well in the first 2 races for a 5th and 1st but blotted his copybook in race 3 with a not so bright move that cast him a great weekend but hopefully he learns

    leongt1954leongt195419 giorni fa
  • F2

    Piotr KobielusPiotr Kobielus19 giorni fa
  • "Ticktum is an idiot" Robert Schwarzmann Can we appreciate how true this is

    MemerKidMemerKid19 giorni fa
  • 1:13 Exact same place where Perez got hit last year

    ¿ ?¿ ?19 giorni fa
  • Simpleh simpleh loveleh

    khjfreddykhjfreddy19 giorni fa
  • That first corner is brutal

    CustomNameCustomName19 giorni fa
    • Go away

      Alan ALI 12Alan ALI 1219 giorni fa

      Chasedi9Chasedi919 giorni fa
    • Ok

      NlgnlolNlgnlol19 giorni fa
  • "Ticktum is an idiot!" - Robert Schwartzmann Can't argue there.

    KosmitPLKosmitPL19 giorni fa
    • @isi598 how? it's the race start, of course they'll try to make up places. you can't try a cut back like that in the first corner of the race, of course there will be people coming from behind.

      Scott MescudiScott Mescudi14 giorni fa
    • @Matt .Coates It was half his fault for cutting inside knowing the other cars have got nowhere to go. That's why Swartzman calls him an idiot.

      Norbert JanssenNorbert Janssen18 giorni fa
    • @KosmitPL You can't barge into the first corner like Schwartzmann did. He was breaking so late most drivers probably wouldn't even expect a move from so far back in normal race conditions. Just because Schwartzmann blamed Ticktum doesn't make it true Like literally tried to squeeze himself into that tiny space the LAST millisecond.

      isi598isi59818 giorni fa
    • @Vale M It was a risky move by Ticktum though, turning in so hard in the first corner after the start. Could've been great, ended badly.

      KosmitPLKosmitPL18 giorni fa
    • Agree. First corner let’s just cut everyone off and then complain. Just like Seb.

      triblewtriblew18 giorni fa
  • Jehan daruvala !!!!!!!!

    asytgamingasytgaming19 giorni fa
    • he's why i'm watching f2 this year

      beanbean14 giorni fa
  • Can we appreciate on how well Richard Verschoor did in his debut for MP? I think he only has a 1 race contract. Like mate he went from retiring in the first sprint race to P5 and P4 in the second sprint race (from last) and the feature race respectively!

    FormulaRacingFanEditsFormulaRacingFanEdits19 giorni fa
    • @Greg Drou Oh ok I didn't know that

      SmokeyBanditSmokeyBandit19 giorni fa
    • @SmokeyBandit verschoor has 1 race contract too

      Greg DrouGreg Drou19 giorni fa
    • If he did, he’s probably got a longer one after his performance this weekend (hopefully at least)

      Michael SandersonMichael Sanderson19 giorni fa
    • Bent Viscaal is actually the one with a one-race contract. Hopefully Viscaal can race the full season. But I'm excited to see what Verschoor can do.

      SmokeyBanditSmokeyBandit19 giorni fa
  • Ticktum's sarcasm 👌

    LozzaLozza19 giorni fa

    Jakob NeumüllerJakob Neumüller19 giorni fa
    • F1 is better

      Prado HomePrado Home9 giorni fa
    • @Alonso Diaz Sure, but F2 doesn't feature any of those.

      Mike SpearwoodMike Spearwood19 giorni fa
    • @Mike Spearwood well of course, but it’s also worth pointing out that lots of IndyCar Series tracks are not circular

      Alonso DiazAlonso Diaz19 giorni fa
    • @Alonso Diaz Except they don't drive around in circles.

      Mike SpearwoodMike Spearwood19 giorni fa
    • F2 cars are all Dellara 2018 chassis with MechaChrome engines. The only difference between the cars is the drivers and the aero setups/strategies.

      Arkangel GamingArkangel Gaming19 giorni fa
  • Formula 2 is really fun. I didn't except that! I only thought F1 was fun

    Hazik AiyanHazik Aiyan19 giorni fa
    • @Seshvir Seodutt Mazepin was never in the title fight. He finished 50 points of the title, and Robert Schwartzman who was in contention until the latter half of the season finished ahead of him anyway

      Eoghan BurkeEoghan Burke19 giorni fa
    • @Dmitriy yeah Schumacher vs Illiot vs tsunoda vs mazepin

      Seshvir SeoduttSeshvir Seodutt19 giorni fa
    • @Hazik Aiyan np

      Wakanda ForevaWakanda Foreva19 giorni fa
    • @Wakanda Foreva thanks for letting me know, man. Also, love your nickname, legacy to the kind, Chadwick.

      Hazik AiyanHazik Aiyan19 giorni fa
    • @Hazik Aiyan more similar? the cars are absolutely identical, only strategy and setups change. F3 aswell, F3 and F2 are wayyyyy better in terms of racing compared to F1. F2 & F3 are the entertainment part, but F1 is the engineering pinacle.

      Wakanda ForevaWakanda Foreva19 giorni fa
  • Verschoor is underrated

    schmerzenschmerzen19 giorni fa
  • When tyres are worn down, lots of the rubber from it is left on the track. How do they clean it between qualifying session, practices and races?

    Adi SAdi S19 giorni fa
    • They dont

      Eoghan BurkeEoghan Burke19 giorni fa
  • Why do f2 cars look better than f1 cars?

    arjumand dawrearjumand dawre19 giorni fa
  • Poor vips.horrible luck

    EpicastromanEpicastroman19 giorni fa
  • sundays race was epic but i was breathing so heavily for max to win

    Let's see to find outLet's see to find out19 giorni fa
  • I think Piastri could be the 2021 F2 champion *MARK (WEBBER) my words*

    MattisMattis19 giorni fa
    • 'Marked' and also 'Ricciarded' 🤣

      Wolfie 1Wolfie 119 giorni fa
    • *marked

  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    عبد اللهعبد الله19 giorni fa
  • i am the 61 view

    ryan emmanuelryan emmanuel19 giorni fa
  • Something's never change including ticktum's sarcasm

    Ganapathy subramanianGanapathy subramanian19 giorni fa
    • @Polish Motorsport he is tremendous entertainment on the radio

      dia98dia9816 giorni fa
    • @LBR F1 still better than mazepin

      BraindeadBraindead17 giorni fa
    • @Polish Motorsport me too

      SafePeakSafePeak19 giorni fa
    • Ticktum is the F2 Grosjean

      LBR F1LBR F119 giorni fa
    • Tbh i really like this guy

      Polish MotorsportPolish Motorsport19 giorni fa
  • F1’s future is bright

    Sports TorqueSports Torque19 giorni fa
  • 2 month till the next race 😫

    JC HDJC HD19 giorni fa
    • At least we are in Spain. but the s is silent :c

      Andro BogarAndro Bogar19 giorni fa
    • Nooooo :(

      Enrico LeiteEnrico Leite19 giorni fa
  • Team notification I love You f1 I Hope you Can see m'y comment I watch you from France never give up 💪

    PÉPITOPÉPITO19 giorni fa
  • Mate,both races was perfect

    Derin Artun ŞenolDerin Artun Şenol19 giorni fa