Advance Hard Core Abs Workout At Gym

13 feb 2021
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  • Anyone else wanna be in that punching bags place?... no... just me.

    Matthew 77Matthew 776 minuti fa
  • Why dont you just use a pull up bar, instead of a punching bag that's meant for punching

    Ismael AmadorIsmael Amador26 minuti fa
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    GuadalajaraGuadalajaraOra fa
  • The strongest muscle in the world is shinning

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    Youtube AccountYoutube Account2 ore fa
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    Ashish KumarAshish Kumar9 ore fa
  • How did she get up there? Thats what I wanna know

    Don Keys Prank TubeDon Keys Prank Tube10 ore fa
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    RR11 ore fa
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    DamianDamian12 ore fa
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    Leslie LavallieLeslie Lavallie13 ore fa
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    Ervian RamadaniErvian Ramadani13 ore fa
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  • You’re way too pretty to risk breaking your neck.

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    Charlie RCharlie R16 ore fa
  • Her thighs are required excercise.

    Gada YathishGada Yathish16 ore fa
  • Babymaker

    bass godbass god17 ore fa
  • Gotta give credit where credit is do, she's dedicated and puts in the work to get the results. Keep up the good work. 👍

    j.smoov72j.smoov7217 ore fa
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  • Looks good but not efficient at all

    Andrew ChebyrekAndrew Chebyrek20 ore fa
  • Once ina while even heavy bags need something different 💪🏼❤

    Corona CrisisCorona Crisis20 ore fa
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  • When you blindly trust your trainer

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  • I miss the days when women were women and not musclebound wannabe dudes.

    Ian RivlinIan RivlinGiorno fa
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  • Would have been easier to put the camera upside down and then do bend over and touch ur toes.

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  • Nice angle. I wanna do at same angle😎😆😎😆

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  • I love how they hang from a punching bag to do sit ups when you can do the very same thing at the gym with an incline bench. Also there's nothing hardcore about it. And it kills me when you see these things and it's nothing new it's like they've invented the wheel but they haven't.

    Scott WhaleyScott WhaleyGiorno fa
    • Yeah but she is pretty hot 🔥

      Pat CPat C2 ore fa
    • The funny thing is I have done sit ups on an incline bench did too many and got stuck when I couldn't free my feet😄 She does that on a punching bag she is hooped😅

      Neil HoslerNeil Hosler3 ore fa
    • So you go on and Get Theeze Nuts 🥜 ok?

      AintThatA FemaleK9AintThatA FemaleK914 ore fa
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      AintThatA FemaleK9AintThatA FemaleK914 ore fa
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    RobertRobertGiorno fa

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  • Men have been doing this for decades on equipment know as a,, Roman Chair. Because a chick does it in tight shorts, it's suddenly different! She's had her 15 minutes risking a stoved in skull, now send her back to the kichen.

    bls0219bls0219Giorno fa
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