Horror Fights & Red Cards Moments in Football #4

11 feb 2021
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  • Tem muitos Jogadores Frágeis ai nesse vídeo , na escola tu quebra um Braço e continua jogando futebol kkkkk , eu já destronquei meu dedinho do pé jogando queima e futebol e ainda ficava jogando kkkkk

    Mary FF GirlMary FF Girl2 ore fa
  • I love seeing prima donna childish football players trying to act tough LOL!! crap and boring game... try a real mans game little boys

    Arthur OliverArthur Oliver5 ore fa
  • Bruno Fernández es más agresivo de lo que aparentemente es

    fernando Reyesfernando Reyes11 ore fa
  • change title into "rich male pussies are crying and red cards"?? rugy is real men sport

    WoopsyYayaWoopsyYayaGiorno fa
  • Horror? my god it was so much horror. Did you see that guy push that other guy.

    graeme Lawgraeme LawGiorno fa
  • Horror fights? Really? It's very funny hahaha

    Krzyszto ChujKrzyszto ChujGiorno fa
  • kkkkkkkk

    Maria LimaMaria LimaGiorno fa
  • Flesh-colored jerseys at 3:10 horrifying look like a bunch of fat shirtless dudes playing.

    AndyMatts44AndyMatts44Giorno fa
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    Sonia TeneyckSonia TeneyckGiorno fa
  • Drama queens

    AshAshGiorno fa
  • gang of fucking nancy boys , havent got a punch in them, like to see them playing rugby, neymar springs to mind,

    John McLaughlinJohn McLaughlinGiorno fa
  • Some real "horror fights" there. One of them broke his alice band

    tattat2 giorni fa
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    Ernestine WellErnestine Well2 giorni fa
  • When ibrahimovic became coach of inter next year , lukaku is not playing anymore 😂😂😂😂

    Naser LuNaser Lu3 giorni fa
  • its always the baldes

    RO GhaniRO Ghani3 giorni fa
  • OK, there were definitely some really nasty and dangerous tackles, but where are the 'horror fights'? I've seen more 'horror' in a Cinderella pantomime. What caught my eye just as much was the play-acting and feigning of injuries, especially when their heads were lightly brushed and you'd think they'd been hit by a 10-ton truck. Laughable!

    Ray TaaffeRay Taaffe3 giorni fa
  • Pepe is everywhere

    Dhaval BhattDhaval Bhatt3 giorni fa
  • Music

    Kiki_pro10 idkdkKiki_pro10 idkdk3 giorni fa
  • Lol

  • tierney of arsenal at the end of the vid.....what a fud he is.

    doo scoobydoo scooby4 giorni fa
  • Turned it off just for the shit music mate, sort it out no one likes ur crap music

    Chris StevensChris Stevens4 giorni fa
  • And what's with the dead music, can't even hear the commentating, begs the question why

    Chris StevensChris Stevens4 giorni fa
  • Horror fights, so dramatic lol, wheres the horror lol

    Chris StevensChris Stevens4 giorni fa
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    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez4 giorni fa
  • Au rythme

    Patrick RuhunePatrick Ruhune4 giorni fa
  • Looks like all you gotta' do is fall down and start crying.

    DavidDavid4 giorni fa
  • This is not what I have known as soccer since I was a kid . This is not how Pele and Beckenbauer and Bobby Charleton played the game . But they were gentleman players not scumbags who happened to play soccer .

    sbijan666sbijan6664 giorni fa
  • Van blouse thinks he's a real tough guy. Jordan Pickford, hold my beer.

    Philip MasonPhilip Mason4 giorni fa
  • ivanicevic always the same, a great footballer but a villainous player

    jean-pierre Plasmanjean-pierre Plasman4 giorni fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Noureddine HoucineNoureddine Houcine4 giorni fa
  • soccer players act like little girls. Why Americans will never love it. Too much whining little girls.

    Mandy ArmstrongMandy Armstrong4 giorni fa
  • The cretin soundtrack tells a lot about the channel.

    Dan KonecnyDan Konecny4 giorni fa
  • football wankers

    Waaargh!Waaargh!4 giorni fa
  • football is a joke now, and referee's are partly to blame. A player only has to fall over a blade of grass and there's a card to the nearest player to the faller. IF I was a referee now when a player goes down like he's been shot I'd send him off for at least 15 minutes recovery time,and NOT allow a replacement. that would make players think twice about all the acting/cheating now.

    alf walmsleyalf walmsley4 giorni fa
  • Ibrahimović nie spękał,widać że potrafi przy.... lić 👍💣..

    kid Rockkid Rock4 giorni fa
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    Malcolm BryantMalcolm Bryant4 giorni fa
  • Football is now pathetic.

    Jon SidJon Sid4 giorni fa
  • Joke of a "sport" - they should be so embarassed

    Rob WilcoxRob Wilcox4 giorni fa
    • @Chris Stevens It's not about hate. Play acting, (cheating), to get another player sent off and disrespecting referees is not sporting behaviour. If you can't respect or play by the rules, don't play the sport. That's why it is a joke - we can all see players rolling around like they have been shot. If you want to pay to watch that, then great, I'm glad you have found an activity that you enjoy.😊

      Rob WilcoxRob Wilcox4 giorni fa
    • Ur the joke, go hate somewhere else 😂😂😂

      Chris StevensChris Stevens4 giorni fa
  • Plenty of horror hahaha ffs who comes up with these....?!!!

    Martin BaileyMartin Bailey5 giorni fa
  • I’ve not seen any fights just a load of Mary Anne’s poncing around

    Rog BoltRog Bolt5 giorni fa
  • You can see all this and far worse in any English football league game in the early 70s. Also, they' didn't play-act like these pussies.

    Dave WoodDave Wood5 giorni fa
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    william bratcherwilliam bratcher5 giorni fa
  • I miss Puyol

    휘이이잉휘이이잉5 giorni fa
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    John OrtizJohn Ortiz5 giorni fa
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    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez5 giorni fa
  • PEPE: you can only live on the favelas....

  • 1:20 Conte gets the booty call hand signal from that woman and he tells her to go f*ck herself. She should know to only ask when they win.

    Spring TimeSpring Time5 giorni fa
  • These are tame compared to the old days of tackles from behind.

    junkybabesjunkybabes5 giorni fa
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    Matty BeanMatty Bean5 giorni fa
  • nice touches.....zlatan getting the better of lokaku....lmao...clearly zlatan would lose a straight fight....zlatan is the king of football...lol....and have to say seeing two man utd players getting clobbered makes a change, utd have been such a dirty side for years, what goes around comes around....

    Graham BarkerGraham Barker5 giorni fa
  • What a bunch of big fannies footballers are!

    eejitseverywhereeejitseverywhere6 giorni fa
  • Oh My god

    Michal MakovníkMichal Makovník6 giorni fa
  • Oh no

    Michal MakovníkMichal Makovník6 giorni fa
  • pussy bois

    AzorsknashAzorsknash6 giorni fa
  • يا الله

    مقاطع متنوعهمقاطع متنوعه6 giorni fa
  • 500K SUBS!!!!! 🙏♥️♥️

    2M Abonnés2M Abonnés7 giorni fa
  • Get rid of that awful music please when you speak.

    Edmond ScottEdmond Scott7 giorni fa
  • hmm... given the title of the clip, I expected it to be all about Sergio Ramos.

    david2804medavid2804me7 giorni fa
  • Même dans le cartier gays tu ne vois pas des fif comme sa.

    Jonathan LJonathan L7 giorni fa
  • 😂

    Jonathan LJonathan L7 giorni fa
  • Why do footballers head butt each other.. when we want to see them fight ...lol 😂

    Dexter MuleleDexter Mulele7 giorni fa
  • Nice thumbnail🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lenny HenryLenny Henry8 giorni fa
  • This really goes to show just how much footballers are a bunch a soft, acting wankers.

    Phil DalePhil Dale8 giorni fa
  • Big zlatan would thia box lakakus ass

    wulliemanwullieman8 giorni fa
  • You see so clearly all the total pieces of excrement who take a swiping kick or otherwise violently foul a fellow professional, then roll about play-acting like it was all a big accident in which.. 'Look, ref! I too have been hurt!!'.. Well, f* you, sh*-heads, you deserve both a sending off AND a f*ing good hiding!!!

    Lee BeeLee Bee8 giorni fa
  • Football is full of this shite. The beautiful game has become Ugly.

    77 Red77 Red8 giorni fa
  • For God's sake this video is scary really nasty I've seen more violence in a under 10 rugby match, really pathetic

    David PearnDavid Pearn8 giorni fa
  • Exept Zlatan, most of them act like lil bitches , lots of theatre😏😅

    Dacian ChindrisDacian Chindris8 giorni fa
  • A real girly sport.

    McMooseMcMoose8 giorni fa
  • They should be banned from playing for the year without wages 🤔😊

    Darrin PerkinsDarrin Perkins8 giorni fa
  • 3:10 those type of challenges seriously deserve lengthy bans because wtf was that

    BandzobabyBandzobaby9 giorni fa
  • The title should be Fighting with handbags. Norman Hunter, Chopper Harris, Jack Charlton etc would have made mincemeat of todays prima donnas.

    John DeardenJohn Dearden9 giorni fa
  • Sport? NO, only a show

    Raul NunezRaul Nunez9 giorni fa
  • Biggest clowns in pro sports. It's embarrassing to watch.

    Robert RoyRobert Roy9 giorni fa
  • im so proud of lukaku. hope he trains eh works harder för finäl eh victörey

    c vc v9 giorni fa
  • Horror Fights is so fucking misleading

    G GeG Ge9 giorni fa
  • are they meant to be men ...embarrassed for them

    Leigh ObermaierLeigh Obermaier9 giorni fa
  • 1:37yabay qoslay

    Sharmarke IsseSharmarke Isse9 giorni fa
  • Music is the biggest horror here

    SturmgeSturmge9 giorni fa
  • Football, the only sport where players want to be fouled

    Isaac BrooksIsaac Brooks9 giorni fa
  • Wow, some of these guys deserve an Oscar for their acting on dives!!!

    don paynterdon paynter9 giorni fa
  • Stimulant! !!!

    NATY #2NATY #29 giorni fa
  • In soccer, does it take longer to learn ball control skills or to learn to flop like a pussy at the lightest touch?

    timalohatimaloha9 giorni fa
  • What is song

    j ramboj rambo9 giorni fa
  • NOT fights, don't bother watching...

    Sean MurphySean Murphy10 giorni fa
  • Just letting yall knowbthis not football😁

    Hunter FinleyHunter Finley10 giorni fa
  • Palmeiras não tem mundial

    Marcelo MPMarcelo MP10 giorni fa
  • This stupid thumbnail non-sense is all over ITworlds and it’s fucking annoying!

    Rafael MadeiraRafael Madeira10 giorni fa
  • "Horror Fights & Red Cards" aka "Basically nothing happening and a guy getting tapped on his ankle"

    Chris KellyChris Kelly10 giorni fa
    • ya i was wondering when the fights where gonna happen

      Owen McGuinnessOwen McGuinness10 giorni fa
  • And the Oscar nominees for overacting are..............

    Glen JonesGlen Jones10 giorni fa
  • Is lukaku actually still alive?

    Dennis S. I.Dennis S. I.10 giorni fa
  • Ah yes, remember van dijk bleeding and trying to fight Sergio Ramos

    SiyaSiya10 giorni fa
  • The horror about all this is how little it takes for a footballer to feel hurt. Bunch of snowflakes! I dread to think what would happen if my gran hit you with a pair of her knickers. Total mayhem of thrashing around like a fish out of water followed by a quick invisible grope by Jesus and a sudden recovery.

    The SkeksisThe Skeksis10 giorni fa
  • 6:52 monstre 🦁🇷🇸

    Bratann SkrrBratann Skrr10 giorni fa
  • I leave a like for the coronavirus hygiene ending

    Łukasz BaranŁukasz Baran10 giorni fa
  • Man turn off the fucking music nobody want to hear that

    theoriginaltheoriginal10 giorni fa
  • bunch o wetwipes

    Harri PainHarri Pain10 giorni fa
  • the sound!?!?! whats wrong with you!?!?!?

    Christian WChristian W11 giorni fa
  • lol - neymar ... he wants more

    Christian WChristian W11 giorni fa
  • some of this acting should be on WWE,man its good.

    david gardinerdavid gardiner11 giorni fa
    • we dönt need nö fin playöffz we can käunt pöynDz

      c vc v9 giorni fa