Robinson R22 Helicopter review, flight and how to fly

4 ott 2018
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Take a detailed look at the Robinson R22 Helicopter, the most popular helicopter flight training aircraft. Also a quick look at the Schweizer 300 CBi.
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  • How much to learn to fly

    William HughesWilliam HughesGiorno fa
  • Price

    pandit shubhanshu mishrapandit shubhanshu mishra5 giorni fa
  • Ah yes, the Robbie death trap...."ideal training helicopter " said no real Helo pilot EVER! LOL! Pro Tip: the shudder you feel on approach is not "riding ETL" (common misconception) its "entering Transverse Flow". But, good video for newbies.

    Big Sky 1991Big Sky 19915 giorni fa
  • many crashes

    Eugene SteeleEugene Steele7 giorni fa
  • need some coating on those windows!

    Mr.FloopykinsMr.Floopykins9 giorni fa
  • Nice flying =)

  • Very specific and detailed instructor pilot. Thank you

    Edgardo BakingEdgardo Baking27 giorni fa
  • Good instructor, interesting video. Always wanted to fly helicopters till a Navy helicopter pilot starting telling me his stories. Holy crap!!!

    Robert MacCreadyRobert MacCready29 giorni fa
  • Super Video. R22 meine drems!!!!

    Paweł GrubaPaweł GrubaMese fa
  • That was awesome!! . . . Thanks guys!! . . . I'm looking to get my license, after being in the back of my mind since childhood . . . got a lot of research to do . . . any thoughts on where I should start as a complete beginner?? Should I just do my own education: reading, videos, etc. . . . or should I just sign up for a course immediately?? I'm in Ft. Lauderdale FL. I did visit a school in W Palm Beach . . . . I felt like I was in a scene from

    Linda SchneiderLinda SchneiderMese fa
  • You are probably overwhelmed by flight school applicants from viewing this vid. A great vid to prep for training, flight, or those considering rotary wing flight training. Thanks!

    vichy76vichy76Mese fa
  • Sir civilians can be play this helicopter without pilot ?

    Swapnil KokajeSwapnil KokajeMese fa
  • The CFI reminds me of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

    Joe MuellerleileJoe Muellerleile2 mesi fa
  • I could really learn to fly with you. I see these Robinson's go over my residence all the time. I can fly fixed-wing C-172 (don't have flight school or license), and while I would not be confident on this rotor from the video, at least it tells me the difference and how to learn to maneuver. There is so much more to rotor. Goof session.

    Gary SawyerGary Sawyer2 mesi fa
  • Don’t ride the low fuel light all the way to the gas station. I use that same theory with my 03 8.1 gmc 🤣 😂.

    Eric BelincEric Belinc2 mesi fa
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    NormanNorman2 mesi fa
  • I flew in a r44 last weekend in Myrtle Beach it was awesome.

    Joe StockingJoe Stocking2 mesi fa
  • Pls review Cabri G2

    FlytncFlytnc3 mesi fa
  • That helicopter pilot is a awesome teacher

    Gregory JowersGregory Jowers3 mesi fa
  • i would not like to instruct in this aircraft. They need to install separate cyclics. The TH-55! Look at those big rubber bands. Separate cyclics.

    ExtremeRecluseExtremeRecluse3 mesi fa
  • Yup!

    Bob FitzBob Fitz3 mesi fa
  • 47:18. In my training on the R22, in autorotation practice, we lowered the collective first, then rolled the throttle off, this would be the most logical way to do it for safety reasons, so maybe the caption on your video is wrong? (not a criticism, just an observation from what I remember. I am by no means an expert). In a real engine failure it would obviously be different.

    Iain ParkinsonIain Parkinson3 mesi fa
  • Yep

    John SmithJohn Smith3 mesi fa
  • Cause of accident was carburettor icing.

    Steven MorrisonSteven Morrison3 mesi fa
  • Awsome stuff Nick. Nice to see you back in aircraft.

    EastLondonKiwiEastLondonKiwi3 mesi fa
  • Yep

    George MccownGeorge Mccown3 mesi fa
  • What's the Biggest Difference between an R22 and an R44??? If you're going to fly the R22, your Last Will and Testament must be freshly signed in Blue ink and left with the FSBO manager.......🤣😂

    Tim MorrisTim Morris3 mesi fa
  • What is "Goonzguad"?

    FISH n DIVEFISH n DIVE4 mesi fa
  • Burning 10 gallons an hour!?!! Ouch.

    Deputy Van HalenDeputy Van Halen4 mesi fa
  • Robinson...the manufacturer of the worlds most dangerous aircraft with more Robinsons crashing that all other brands combined. Yes, they are cheap and there's a reason. In aircraft you really do get what you pay for. Buy a good used Bell, Eurocopter or Agusta and live to play with your grand children.

    Technik MeisterTechnik Meister4 mesi fa
  • Great instructional video. I was able to understand most of what was being described and the closest I ever came to flying a helicopter, was foolishly turning down the offer the Army made, to send me to their flight school. Could you tell us what what cameras and gimbals you were using?

    Steve McDonaldSteve McDonald4 mesi fa
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  • Bell Cobra is the best for ultimate aerial excitement. 1800 hp. perfect visualization.

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  • Nick you should reach out to the Goonsquad, they have just bought a R22, they are stripping it ready for its refresh at the end of its hours and getting ready for some upgrades, then they are going to learn to fly.... you could help them on their journey.

    James TJames T4 mesi fa
  • This video is awesome and educational. 😀😃🙂

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  • Got stick time on the N644RA R-44 on dolly when it was in Tennessee

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  • Hopefully that guy doesn’t become a state trooper! No bs, he’s professional and that’s what you want for an aircraft instructor.

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  • No fucking way I’ve known dan my whole life and also aspire to go to school at NEH. My other friend John went here to get his license and Rhonda and the crew there are awesome. Good video 🤙🏻

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  • I met this guy about a year ago. He was wearing a flight suit then. Very confident.

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  • Why does he look like the mean old folks home dude from happy gilmore

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  • Great video! Great CFI. Hope I can find one as calm and informative in southern California! haha

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  • Nick your voice sounds familiar I swear you flew slot number 7 For the blue angels 2 seater back in the day pulling 9 G and still talking through it plain as day

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  • One of the best instructors out there.

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  • Looks like a great trainer. what does this cost?

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  • Macho or not that gum chomping over comms would drive me nuts.

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  • Hard to listen to this hack chewing his cud, “yip”, “yup”, and handlebar ‘stash emulating the cyclic. Just sayin’

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  • 26:15: “you very rarely use carb heat in a fixed wing. As a Fixed wing pilot, I can tell you this is not true. Anytime you are “outside the green” (below 2000 RPM), you use carb heat. So, always on landing.

    grad98cofcgrad98cofc5 mesi fa
  • Perfection. I totally enveloped into the drive of the lesson. This was probably the best tutorial I've seen in years, excellent descriptive movements, eclipsing even my own tutor. This is the difference between $4,500 training, and $9000. Well done, very well done.

    Markus AllportMarkus Allport5 mesi fa
  • Great video, Nick!

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  • How do you get audio from the headset

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  • A relaxing instructor makes a big difference my first instructor would get a little worked up when we went up being an A&Pmech I had more experience than the average student. IFR approaches and flying got sticktime in my UH1-D in Korea. Oh the days.

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  • Have you done the Guimbal Cabri2?

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  • Good job instructor

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  • To me this is perfect explanation

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  • I would like to taking that class how can I so that ?

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  • I want to train as a pilot.

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  • I learned four tips in the first 33 minutes my instructor never told me. Very good video. I also fly R22 and R44.

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  • The Instructor look pretty similar like Captain Price's who the main charachter in COD's. How are you Cap's?. lets get the party start. Huraaa...

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  • Avoid flying the R22.

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  • I remember a guy named Larry Durocher when he started Northeast Helicopters. Spoiler alert I can fly but I can't spell worth a shit. I think you'll get the general idea... video brings back memories thanks for posting. The only good thing about living in Arizona, you don't have to put up with Connecticut weather LOL

    Dwight BernheimerDwight Bernheimer7 mesi fa
  • Hughes/MD 500 series aircraft also sound an alarm if Rotor RPM drops below 97% I don't know if it is universal for all helicopters .. But I now know it's standard on the robbies too..

    Joshua CorringtonJoshua Corrington7 mesi fa
  • I never realized how much larger the Hughes /Schweizer 300B is compared to the R22.

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