top 5 times a mobile player has destroyed a youtuber...(ninja, faze)

4 ott 2019
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trying to upload daily // hopefully you guys enjoy.
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  • 14/10 great video. What I liked most about this video was the different clips..uh transitions were clean. That ramp edit on Apex was nasty, you are above average.

    mercedes mcgeemercedes mcgeeAnno fa
    • 14 Skeppy: OMG

      DioDio29 giorni fa
    • Wow people really do be arguing still 8 months later just chill it really doesnt even matter

      EerieEerie5 mesi fa
    • Ghost Gxcci simp

      HUSS TVHUSS TV6 mesi fa
    • I’m doing a 5000 vbucks giveaway at 100 subscribers enter now

      DARK_Y-TDARK_Y-T7 mesi fa
    • Carlos Delao ahaha you looked her up

      AuwqaAuwqa7 mesi fa
  • Flashy beat four faZe members pin if you love your fans

    FxfnrFxfnr13 giorni fa
  • Who is date on iPad? I’ve went against him before a year ago and I killed him but who is he or she?

    onlyquediorrronlyquediorrrMese fa
  • Fun fact : almost all youtuber is getting clap by flash himself

    Rafi MakarimRafi Makarim3 mesi fa
  • Flassshhhhh! I’ve been a loyal fan for so long 🥺🖤 one question, your intro, how? how did you do it? (The apps, price?)

    Toxic Waste ッToxic Waste ッ3 mesi fa
  • How do you get consistent frames in end game? Last time that happens to me was like season 10

    Great GraffesGreat Graffes4 mesi fa
  • Didn’t know faze was a fortnite play

    peexzypeexzy4 mesi fa
  • I don’t like people calling us mobile players trash so I tell them to search up “Insane mobile players

    W For DanPlayzW For DanPlayz4 mesi fa
  • That’s what really good players get for messing with us and disrespecting By the way no hate they are pretty good but some times when players get out of line I get triggered and I become bugha

    NARUTO UZUMAKIだってばよ?NARUTO UZUMAKIだってばよ?5 mesi fa
  • Who’s watching this in 1999?

    JaeminFNJaeminFN5 mesi fa
  • Use cod flashy for 100 years of good luck

    Vala - CODMVala - CODM5 mesi fa
  • Pls can you train me my name is Finlebobs2009

    Finley InnissFinley Inniss5 mesi fa
  • What ninja said in the thumbnail just make me mad he died to a mobile player such a noob

    Windows 10Windows 105 mesi fa
    • Bruh u dumb?

      NaFlashNaFlashMese fa
  • 3 of these were yours

    Pedro CamposPedro Campos5 mesi fa
  • Fake giveaways

    Zimi464Zimi4645 mesi fa
  • Who’s watching in 2020 and was like Jarvis he’s banned 😂

    ssndonkeyssndonkey6 mesi fa
  • Is it just me or does the gold combat in the Jarvis clip sound like a gold pump ?

    walrusniperwalrusniper6 mesi fa
  • Hahahahahaha0

    m a xm a x6 mesi fa
  • Y’know sway wasn’t trying right. He was being toxic

    imokbrinimokbrin6 mesi fa
  • Flash my brother killed faze Jarvis in game on a video with Kay and high sky

    JqsseJqsse6 mesi fa
  • This intro fire

    The GuyThe Guy6 mesi fa
  • ninja

    thatkellykidthatkellykid6 mesi fa
  • 200 with blue pump Beautiful

    heGe0heGe06 mesi fa
  • This is the vid that got me started on mobile

    notNoahnotNoah6 mesi fa
  • Aim assist vs. Auto fire

    DiscoverDiscover6 mesi fa
  • Dude Mobile Players have Auto Shoot and Aim Assist obviously they r gonna kill someone but they can’t build and they’re all trash

    Ovanes KolievOvanes Koliev6 mesi fa
  • they dont know waht we can do

    aka Saviouraka Saviour6 mesi fa
  • i have drippy 3am added

    Dxddy BarryDxddy Barry6 mesi fa
  • grant is better than you

    DG houndyDG houndy6 mesi fa
  • doesnt mean anything if theyre on mobile

    coldιcegaмercoldιcegaмer6 mesi fa
  • Flash killed me one time oh pickaxed me 😂

    Abyaan EditzAbyaan Editz6 mesi fa
  • Impresive

    Thor GodXxThor GodXx6 mesi fa
  • Yo theirs excuses

    ismail siddiquiismail siddiqui6 mesi fa
  • Thief’s so bad

    SlamWTFSlamWTF6 mesi fa
  • I am a mobile ppayer

    Magnetic fnmMagnetic fnm6 mesi fa
  • 1v1 me pls

    Magnetic fnmMagnetic fnm6 mesi fa
  • Mansa sniping must be better than Jarvis den lmao

    ShadowShadow6 mesi fa
  • I started this vid and started laughing cuz mobiles arenway to underated

    KyfeshKyfesh6 mesi fa
  • Not every mobile player has mobile or on ipad/phone or iOS in their name and some don't even stream so there could be way more times a mobile clapped a streamer

    May ChoyMay Choy6 mesi fa
  • Are you the same Flash that makes Ssundee’s thumbnails?

    D3f4ultD3f4ult6 mesi fa
  • I love how Jarvis doesnt get over getting killed by a mobile player he just says how he can build n' aim

    ZinxyFNZinxyFN6 mesi fa
  • Nice intro never thought someone would use plain Jane as their intro

    S CS C7 mesi fa
  • I still want that ipad

    Matrix mambaMatrix mamba7 mesi fa
  • Jarvis lol

    NotjustKryptonNotjustKrypton7 mesi fa
  • Intro song

    Nissan KarkiNissan Karki7 mesi fa
  • Bruh I'm still wondering why flash aint in faze yet like is it because he is a mobile player or am I just dumb

    rawketchup4561rawketchup45617 mesi fa
  • pc player more building less shooting..

    Joshua JaliusJoshua Jalius7 mesi fa
  • Apex got shit on so hard😂

    Common JhCommon Jh7 mesi fa
  • Why do so many people shit on mobile?

    ItsSquiddy9ItsSquiddy97 mesi fa
  • People talking tradh about fn mobile Pro mobile players :O

    raxz codmraxz codm7 mesi fa
  • How much mobile players have advanced holy hell

  • Im dead because once theifs found out flash was mobile, he said I'm off guys lmaooo.

    instinctinstinct7 mesi fa
    • It was drippy not flash

      JaiJai6 mesi fa
  • Sens?

    the genius 89the genius 897 mesi fa
  • I can beat in a 1v1 Hit that button ⬇️

    Glizzy Gang4LIfeGlizzy Gang4LIfe7 mesi fa
  • Faze Theifs was so embarrassed that he had to end the stream

    ItsSquiddy9ItsSquiddy97 mesi fa
  • I killed u once i stream sniped u

    MonkzyMonkzy7 mesi fa
  • dare on ipad at the time was streaming and he was playing on pc. he mostly plays on pc

    windexwaterwindexwater8 mesi fa
  • Mobile has aim or tho, it legit shoots for you

    One pro playerOne pro player8 mesi fa
  • Hello, Flash! Can you help me getting better on mobile? I’m only decent at it.

    Dennis Jonathan ChuaDennis Jonathan Chua8 mesi fa
  • Jarvis died to a mobile when he still had walk hacks

    BraedanBraedan8 mesi fa
  • cant lie ducky is the most over rated player.

    Sean PaulSean Paul8 mesi fa
  • who tf 1v1's with combat

    NukerNuker8 mesi fa
  • Mobile is not bad

    Acaiee CrownsAcaiee Crowns8 mesi fa
  • Tbh clix was going easy

    AirwenAirwen8 mesi fa
  • This is so stupid. You say "destroyed" but half of them are just the youtuber/pro making a mistake and it ending in an aim battle instead of skill. And the one thing about mobile is that you cant lose an aim battle

    DoggoFNDoggoFN8 mesi fa
  • 0:39 look at the time under the map it’s sped up

    Skyy.Skyy.8 mesi fa
  • Dont recall a youtuber called faze. And ninja isnt a youtuber

    Evan AspinallEvan Aspinall8 mesi fa
  • Thief’s sucks here lol

    Eliquis Raqatin RxEliquis Raqatin Rx8 mesi fa
  • I am good at the game but my ping is over 200 and my packet loss is 50% I hate my internet and the fact it's made in Philippines Edit:don't judge me so fast I'm not Filipino i just use their internet and tbh they kinda suck

    Pixel DudePixel Dude8 mesi fa
  • Ninja is so bad he would die from mobile players

    sauyffsauyff8 mesi fa
  • Ninja?

    EggiPlayzEggiPlayz8 mesi fa
  • It wasn’t even sway

    badsportx_xxbadsportx_xx8 mesi fa
  • The first is is fake

    channel closedchannel closed8 mesi fa
  • Jarvis face tho 5:26

    wash meatwash meat8 mesi fa
  • Yeah no trash as hell

    II ZunFex IIII ZunFex II8 mesi fa
  • why do people even play on mobile youre just capping your skill so much

    yasinyasin8 mesi fa
  • Your shit flashy fuck

    Wolfe On MobileWolfe On Mobile8 mesi fa
  • Mobile auto fire Mobile auto fire

    Fuz Beatboxer nFuz Beatboxer n8 mesi fa
  • 1.30 shit talking bcs he had to reach the 10 mins

    GurkenmannGurkenmann8 mesi fa
  • Imagine buying the best pc with the best specs and playing a game for 2 years just to get clapped by a mobile player

    ElitesScareMe -_-ElitesScareMe -_-8 mesi fa
  • Can you gift me ? My name is GameOver_231

    Braden StarnesBraden Starnes8 mesi fa
  • this is controller lmfao

    RIK3N BAARIK3N BAA8 mesi fa
  • Nobody: flash: HES HACKING

    Globalpotatoe 69Globalpotatoe 698 mesi fa
  • Rip Jarvis

    Yxng BeanerYxng Beaner8 mesi fa
  • How do you make your intros???

    Shaquana LewisShaquana Lewis8 mesi fa
  • yessir

    yellveyellve8 mesi fa
  • flash is better than ninja the best ipad pleyer is flash

    dahen on ipaddahen on ipad8 mesi fa
  • What about when mobile players get smashed

    AudenAuden8 mesi fa
  • Uhaha

    SkySickSkySick8 mesi fa
  • faze?

    Denis GKDenis GK8 mesi fa
  • Good video but maybe it’s just because mobile literally has aimbot

    Matrix ManMatrix Man8 mesi fa
  • this would be possible if epic added 60fps on mid range even if it turned into a nuclear warhead

    D3 YTD3 YT8 mesi fa
  • How is faze a youtuber?

    iBaka-PG3DiBaka-PG3D8 mesi fa
  • Intro song?

    Kajus MarkunasKajus Markunas8 mesi fa
  • Take away the aim assist and mobile is dog shit 💯

    MattMatt8 mesi fa
  • Whats tha beat where drippy 3am killed thiefs

    SevvoSevvo8 mesi fa
  • Intro is just 🔥

    BotBot8 mesi fa
  • Yooo you should try fighting Jarvis again he got better

    Luigi From TargetLuigi From Target8 mesi fa
  • Hmmm, very interesting

    SimplyStimulatingSimplyStimulating8 mesi fa
  • Sway is a good example of why smooth isn't always better

    cloudzytcloudzyt8 mesi fa