Couch Gives Birth To A Cat

26 apr 2021
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  • The miracle of life.

    MemeKnightMemeKnight9 giorni fa
    • J

      Павлосек ИнопланетныйПавлосек ИнопланетныйGiorno fa
    • last?

      First CommentFirst Comment9 giorni fa
    • hah

      First CommentFirst Comment9 giorni fa
    • hah

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    • hah

      First CommentFirst Comment9 giorni fa
  • Please stop showing me toucan skin,

    Marcinda ScottMarcinda Scott17 minuti fa
  • The husband of the couch be like 😑

    Goten Beats-narutoGoten Beats-naruto21 minuto fa
  • 2:22 IM FREEE!!

    keturah colesketurah coles26 minuti fa
  • plot twist: The couch ate the cat

    Kellie AllenKellie Allen53 minuti fa
  • 0:00 POV: the guests are gone

    LemonadeLemonadeOra fa
  • They call me THE JOSH!!!

    yellow6100yellow6100Ora fa
  • More like Cat takes his birth from a couch.

    Draw n' Film ChannelDraw n' Film ChannelOra fa
  • 0:34 the question i'm asking, is why they made a perfectly snug sheep shaped trench in the ground.

    AquariusAquarius2 ore fa
  • Is it just me or is that sheep so fucking dumb it's infuriating? Wasted all that time and energy just for it to not even thank the guy but Instead runs from him and jumps straight back in. After that I will rescue him again but I will also have a lamb cook book and bbq ready for if it happens again. If he really wants to die that badly I will make sure to not let his flesh go to waste.

    ex0duzzex0duzz2 ore fa
  • Why wasn’t it a kitten

    ̇𐃷 ̇ Aesthetic Green ̇𐃷 ̇̇𐃷 ̇ Aesthetic Green ̇𐃷 ̇3 ore fa
  • 0:20

    BURNINGDEMON DiscordBURNINGDEMON Discord3 ore fa
  • why does the cat just look around like it’s on another planet 😂

    DylyBoy GamingDylyBoy Gaming4 ore fa
  • Bruh do you think anybody will believe you at first one

    rajwardhan shitolerajwardhan shitole4 ore fa
  • 3:00 at least it's not a wildfire again

    Dragan BiljetinaDragan Biljetina5 ore fa
  • 1:48 He was named a Winner??I taught he had to keep his name - Josh!

    Dragan BiljetinaDragan Biljetina5 ore fa
  • Bengek

    Eka FeidaEka Feida6 ore fa
  • I think josh should have won that fight I mean he beat josh, josh, and josh so it’s understandable that he would win

    PracticalNeuronPracticalNeuron6 ore fa
  • Everything really can happened in this world even couch giving birth to cat.

    LizaLiza7 ore fa
  • It's just a cat stuck in a couch, who knows it

    Bella VannasithBella Vannasith8 ore fa
  • I’m a bit concerned about a couch *doing it* with a cat to be honest...

  • Such high quality content... like my wife 😎

    Fairway Toilet PaperFairway Toilet Paper8 ore fa
  • LOL

    Vicious Bee GMPVicious Bee GMP8 ore fa
  • How did the cat get in the couch in the first place

    Tennis CrabsTennis Crabs10 ore fa
  • Everyone looks at me......

    Marko HobsonMarko Hobson11 ore fa
  • Madame Gazelle when the kids at Playgroup call her dumb: 2:22

    The Minilla Club ミニラクラブThe Minilla Club ミニラクラブ11 ore fa
  • we'll deal with the cat in the couch."

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni12 ore fa
  • The real question is, how in the world did the cat get in the couch?!

    Mariela BrionesMariela Briones13 ore fa
  • The Josh battle will never be forgotten

    Amelia MaeAmelia Mae14 ore fa
  • Me when the guests leave

    ShibaShiba14 ore fa
  • I love how the bird is like yes. See my skin as you learn about me my child

    wyatt the votanaterwyatt the votanater14 ore fa
  • my friend:who won the josh battle? Me: J O S H

    Aamakua EpicAamakua Epic15 ore fa
  • Where can I get my own drone surfboard?

    Mr bonanzaMr bonanza15 ore fa
  • I wanted Josh to win and he did. Well done, Josh. I originally wanted Josh then changed my mind in favour of Josh.

    redhairkidredhairkid15 ore fa
  • That has to be the stupidest sheep in the history of the universe

    AxelBitzAxelBitz15 ore fa
  • The toucan can't help it, but I wish I could unsee that I never needed to see that it has the skin that it does omg

    Hotaru*Is*HereHotaru*Is*Here16 ore fa
  • They were just Joshing around

    Entrancing GamingEntrancing Gaming16 ore fa
  • I don't get it

    Spiderfly is the bestSpiderfly is the best16 ore fa
  • The MEOWacle of birth

    Facts_ Not_Tea 0.oFacts_ Not_Tea 0.o16 ore fa
  • 0:03 aww the baby couch is so cute!

    Artificial GrapeArtificial Grape17 ore fa
  • Cat says, "Aww..he didn't sit on the couch! I was going to surprise him!" Jesus Christ is Coming Back! I’m not asking you to get religious - 2 minutes of your time: To be Saved just confess out loud to GOD and admit that you are a sinner in need of a Saviour and confess that you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for your sins, was buried, and was raised back to Life on the third day. 1 Cor 15:1-4. GOD is listening to you and He will write your name down in His Book of Life so that you may enter Heaven.

    Greetings from AlbertaGreetings from Alberta17 ore fa
  • My God that Josh fight looked so much fun lol

    Andi LeighAndi Leigh17 ore fa
  • Now ima make my couch get a cat brb

    Daxton the gamerDaxton the gamer17 ore fa
  • That birth was fast

    bobby downeybobby downey17 ore fa
  • Congratulations! its a... cat?

    Jakobe DavisJakobe Davis18 ore fa
  • Daily dose of internet: a small flood in Australia Me: yea small Me: rewatching Me also: oh he said large

    •fai. mai•fai. mai18 ore fa
  • 2:22 why does that look fake?

    sysy18 ore fa

    Connor Esmond • 73 years agoConnor Esmond • 73 years ago18 ore fa
  • Cat coming out of cat, ironic

    Star Spangled PsychopathStar Spangled Psychopath19 ore fa
  • The main villain coming back in season three like: 0:03

    AvaLoliAvaLoli19 ore fa
  • that looks like my old cat that ran away her name was angel :(

    Skittles The UnicornSkittles The Unicorn19 ore fa
  • me asking my mom were baby come from her showing me this lol

    Mareta JessamyMareta Jessamy19 ore fa
  • So who's the mother then? 👀

    SlyzoSlyzo19 ore fa
  • Those jerking on couch worked!!

    Nahian HassanNahian Hassan19 ore fa
  • Mommy, where do cats come from?

    Big Gamer 95Big Gamer 9520 ore fa
  • im having a terrible time right now... This helped me so much thank you. this was so funny and helpful thank you

    Be famouse La StarBe famouse La Star20 ore fa
  • the tucan is pretty

    Lillian MarilleyLillian Marilley20 ore fa
  • i know how to stop world overpopulation, kill all sofas

    waterrrablewaterrrable20 ore fa
  • our cats used to go in the couch. there is a heater behind it and they loved to go there when they where kittens

    Declan PomeroyDeclan Pomeroy20 ore fa
  • Poor tucan

    Mom Is KoolMom Is Kool21 ora fa
  • We all know cat is a kind of liquid 😏 yeah 🙄.. ummhh 🤔🤔

    천사네Chonsa House천사네Chonsa House21 ora fa
  • imagine bird watching then you see a naked-seethrough bird staring at you lol

    M. S. AviationM. S. Aviation21 ora fa
  • Lol

    12team12team21 ora fa
  • the last one sheeeeeeeeesh

    Ramina E4Ramina E421 ora fa
  • Oh, that's where my cat went.

    Lil BillyLil Billy21 ora fa
  • So many ppl named josh

    UwUUwU22 ore fa
  • Rip

    elemanst {boruto_zera}elemanst {boruto_zera}22 ore fa
  • The holy cat of couchville. Tell me I'm not the only one who understands.

    Aaron LongAaron Long22 ore fa
  • That sheep is so stupid that it deserves to be eaten.. 😅

    terrence bernortterrence bernort22 ore fa
  • 1:59 RIP

    SamuSamu22 ore fa
  • Couch it’s infected we have to put it down Oreo cat put him in the fan

    Mike Purple aftonMike Purple afton23 ore fa

    ChanChan23 ore fa
  • Protagonist chicken

    Lawn MowerLawn Mower23 ore fa
  • 😆

    theo_thechum96theo_thechum9623 ore fa
  • Dude he already said those chickens aren't worth 5000 lol maybe 200

    EE23 ore fa
  • Fos ro dawg

    3cho Dabs3cho DabsGiorno fa
  • every video has to have some one falling

    Michele HughesMichele HughesGiorno fa

    Thomas HealeyThomas HealeyGiorno fa
  • 0:04 the beginning to a dark souls boss fight be like:

    Jr GamingJr GamingGiorno fa
  • Holy fucking shit is that a reference for a movie that starred Jim Carrey?

    Kuwa TackerKuwa TackerGiorno fa
  • wow. the couch seems chill, instead of having pain.

    Hoi lolHoi lolGiorno fa
  • Cat manicure

    Hongjoong's ThroneHongjoong's ThroneGiorno fa
  • 1:28 🄰 🄺🄸🄳 🅆🄾🄽

    Gold KumariGold KumariGiorno fa
  • 1:07 Literally every helicopter in the distance sound in movies.

    The EnderHunterThe EnderHunterGiorno fa
  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit

    EriumEriumGiorno fa
  • The black chicken was normal in my country... Guess I can make a million dollars then 😅

    Alexander LeonAlexander LeonGiorno fa
  • Yasss black chicken lives matter

  • He got isekai'd as a cat after getting hit by a truck.

    Momo momoMomo momoGiorno fa
  • 1:48 wrong, he wasn't named the winner, in fact he got to keep his name.

    Archis MaratheArchis MaratheGiorno fa
  • Haven't seen this channel in about a year. Good to be back!

    slk yayslk yayGiorno fa
  • I bet that sofa is filthy and full of cat shit.

    billybifocalsbillybifocalsGiorno fa
  • great now i know how ppl are...b... (gags)

    Tower of Elongated RunsTower of Elongated RunsGiorno fa
  • World war josh 1:34

    Fairuz atalla sonia _Maria herminaFairuz atalla sonia _Maria herminaGiorno fa
  • What you don't see in this 2:53 flooding, is that more than 300.000 cattle had died.

    Anno NymouseAnno NymouseGiorno fa
  • Black chicken? I'll pay $2 for it since it isn't the best color for all things to be, white!

    Marty McFlyMarty McFlyGiorno fa
  • Lamb be like " I'm FREE I'm FREE~! oof". 20 sec

    Huiseong SongHuiseong SongGiorno fa
  • I’m so sad that Josh Dun couldn’t join the Josh fight, that kid would’ve kicked his ass 😔

    twentyoneshowmentwentyoneshowmenGiorno fa
  • 1:58 Far cry Vibes

    Sahibzada Ahmed janSahibzada Ahmed janGiorno fa
  • Everyone had faith in Josh

    Aditri ShuklaAditri ShuklaGiorno fa
  • That cat be like- who tf said pspspspspsps