Best Of Slow Blues -rock (inspiration) (meditation)

11 ott 2020
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  • A good whiskey and a rainy night alone

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  • Dziękuję za ukojenie mojej duszy.

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  • Special

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  • O listen these songs in this sarturday and i loved.

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  • Lovely !!!

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  • awesome

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  • who meditates with that on?

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  • is it on spotify?

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  • apenas pa un vinito en ibiza

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    • @Alejandra Arteaga Jajajajajajajaaja

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    • @García .r Yo sí creo que es gratuito jajaja

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    • @García .r Yo a ti

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    • Apenas es, apenas es, un vinito, o un whikey en Ibiza, leyendo un paper antes de dormir, y de paso vamos a un cine en Londres, y como a nosotros los estrato 5-6 nos cobran 25 millones de impuestos, no es gratuito que tenga tantas ganas de besarte, y que sepas que todo estará bien.

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    • @Alejandra Arteaga Te quieroooooo

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  • Como fica fácil entender o Inglês ouvindo Blues¹

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  • This playlist is amazing!!! I love it!!! 😍😍😍

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  • came for cillian stayed for the music

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  • LOVE IT. Regards from Argentina man and thank you so much!

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  • 0:00​ 01 House of the rising sun (Roxy Perry) 05:03​ 02 Have You Ever Loves A Woman (The Hip Band) 11:39​ 03 Slighty Hung Over (Blues Delight) 16:26​ 04 Midnight Healing (Gene Deer) 24:06​ 05 She Got The Devil In Her (Ian Siegal) 32:38​ 06 Cold Hearted Woman (Chris Bell Blues) 37:55​ 07 Help Me Through The Day (Bernard Allison) 42:43​ 08 Oh My (Patrick Patriokis) 44:58 09 Violet Vape (Cheel) 47:57 10 Caballero (Ofshane) 50:27 11 Large Smile Mood (Nico Staf)

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    • Thanks

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  • A great selection of tracks......................

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  • Era bom essa lista de musica no Spotify

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  • A good wine at a rainy night and listening to these songs...

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  • Clearly the best slow blues playlist!!! Author, thank you so much)

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  • Thomas Shelby is my brother 🧐


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  • Don't fuck with the Peaky fucking Blinders

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  • BR🇧🇷?

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  • Tengo 25 años y como amo esta música tan genial

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  • Hermoso.. de Oro. Esa es mí onda. Blues rockero

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  • spotify ?

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  • Bão demais sô!!!!

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  • Oh my god! 😍🎵... I love!

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  • Amooooooo

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  • Se alguém tiver uma playlist como essa no Sporty eu ia amar receber o link >

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  • Tremendo

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  • Hice una playlist de Spotify con esto, si quieren les paso el link, o lo buscan por este nombre: Best Of Slow Blues

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  • top

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  • Aquí con wisky y contemplando la profundidad del humo del tabaco

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  • Recién escucho blues, estoy fascinado con esta lista de ensueño, bohemia, que invita a un vino, en la tarde mirando las montañas

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  • Please put credits to the artists

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  • Uff!

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  • someone can tell me the name of the first song?, please

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  • ¿ alguien me puede decir el nombre de la primera canción ?, por favor

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