AMONG US, but there's a SECRET MAP

2 nov 2020
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AMONG US, but there's a SECRET MAP
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I did this short among us animation for fun to show some possible easter eggs and secret map areas
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  • I added some easter eggs to the video see if you can spot them

    ParagonHexParagonHex26 giorni fa
    • @Steveyboy Tighe no

      SlimSlim3 giorni fa
    • @the tiger lol its stickmin not stickman

      SlimSlim3 giorni fa
    • @PHØEBE_ ANG ellie*

      SlimSlim3 giorni fa
    • @BoxerBXR122 Gaming ellie? You mean Red.

      SlimSlim3 giorni fa

      SlimSlim3 giorni fa
  • This is so creepy

    Patricia Ann DaelPatricia Ann Dael3 minuti fa
  • Soo many impostor

    Riand Gaming IndonesiaRiand Gaming Indonesia3 minuti fa
  • This is so awesome

    Allaround AbbyAllaround Abby7 minuti fa
  • Son amoong ya Y puyos

    Saraim AguilarSaraim Aguilar10 minuti fa
  • !! 😂😂

    Midnight clownMidnight clown13 minuti fa
  • Ggyffyxycyhfg

    금자 윤금자 윤14 minuti fa
  • Did nobody see white open his mouth at the end-

    O_kevenO_keven15 minuti fa
  • OuO

    gabrielsiajin 反gabrielsiajin 反22 minuti fa
  • Though it was so scary !!!

    Strictly Only BassStrictly Only Bass23 minuti fa
  • Lol so funny

    Derek LimDerek Lim28 minuti fa
  • Like top animation

    We gamersWe gamers31 minuto fa
  • admin: .. Caf: i have a hidden basement :D Me: o.o

    lily roastlily roast32 minuti fa
  • How are we not talking about how badass red is like did y’all see how many people they killed like omg

    Cheyenne GraffCheyenne Graff37 minuti fa
  • 2:54 white?

    김휘찬김휘찬39 minuti fa
  • What if Among Us had zombies(the imposters. They'd be controlled by computers) and you'd have to kill zombies while completing tasks. That would be so cool!!

    Riley GRiley G40 minuti fa
  • This aint a real update

    Simply_ SunshineSimply_ Sunshine43 minuti fa

    Pinky plaz adoptmePinky plaz adoptme44 minuti fa
  • Wow cool

    Luis gabriel AlvarezLuis gabriel Alvarez44 minuti fa
  • Nice animation

    Brenda Kenneth GohBrenda Kenneth Goh51 minuto fa
  • cool tho

    Extreme GamingExtreme Gaming58 minuti fa
  • Part 2 they go to pols for help and realize that everyone there died so they don't know what to do and make a new ship and he'd to the other map to save the final survivors

    Thomas McKernanThomas McKernanOra fa
  • This os asomew

    Eliza EngwerEliza EngwerOra fa
  • Giving me "Left For Dead" vibes Or any zombie game ever

    nope_ nonope_ noOra fa
  • jamás Vi eso en el juego wow😮

    Jorge ReynosoJorge ReynosoOra fa
  • Is that where inside the vent looks like

    Macy LivingstonMacy LivingstonOra fa
  • Impostor Apocalypse

    Gav3rsLimeGav3rsLimeOra fa
  • OMG

    linda amongus lindalinda amongus lindaOra fa
  • Why is no one talking about how this reminds me of the super Mario brothers ghost level

    SuGar GliderSuGar GliderOra fa
  • Noooo bro I always wondered what that freaking starting area was

    Niyah ChinNiyah ChinOra fa
  • Nice i love it:-)

    Tiarma TiarmaTiarma TiarmaOra fa
  • Wow

    Jared ValenzuelaJared ValenzuelaOra fa
  • New subbie

    •Blue Bell••Blue Bell•Ora fa
  • Not is to Realistic

    Faze grape300 GodFaze grape300 GodOra fa
  • Isso n é real

    Milena NascimentoMilena NascimentoOra fa
  • Is nobody talking about how there is so many impostors lol

    Duckywover1212 DuckysDuckywover1212 DuckysOra fa
  • Can I have a shout out please

    Faze grape300 GodFaze grape300 GodOra fa
  • Explain the end to me plz

    YummedYummedOra fa

    Tai Tai YuTai Tai YuOra fa
  • 👏👏👏👏👏

    WolfchiiWolfchiiOra fa
  • Sus gun cool

    Daniela Mendoza SaldanaDaniela Mendoza SaldanaOra fa
  • I expected him to kill red at the end lmao

    Zuzu The KitkatZuzu The KitkatOra fa
  • ?

    camilo pro11y sebastian pro 11camilo pro11y sebastian pro 11Ora fa
  • So zombie apocalypse?

    Davinity WhartonDavinity Wharton2 ore fa
  • Nice animation

    sweetbutterysweetbuttery2 ore fa
  • O love this vídeo kkkkk

    Alexandre RochaAlexandre Rocha2 ore fa
  • This animation is amazing

    Michelle BoncelMichelle Boncel2 ore fa
  • Try to edit ur character

    2boring Q-Q2boring Q-Q2 ore fa
  • Elly from henry stickman 1:07

    Malboy16Malboy162 ore fa
  • I saw mp4's

    im bored QTiddim bored QTidd2 ore fa
  • This should be a game mode in among us.

    stupid vidsstupid vids2 ore fa
  • Hiiiii

  • Porque públicas cosas falsas

    Adrian RoAdrian Ro2 ore fa
  • El comentario español que buscabas

    deysi zapanadeysi zapana2 ore fa
  • That was like a movie trailer!

    Satia KabwasaSatia Kabwasa2 ore fa

    Sophia BritoSophia Brito2 ore fa
  • white is sus because he opened his mouth

    Matthew Andre Paul BasaMatthew Andre Paul Basa2 ore fa
  • U sooo edit this vid

    #Jassy cats world of yeeet 5543 Fezz#Jassy cats world of yeeet 5543 Fezz2 ore fa
  • This is so f*cking fake

    #Jassy cats world of yeeet 5543 Fezz#Jassy cats world of yeeet 5543 Fezz2 ore fa
  • This is so fake

    #Jassy cats world of yeeet 5543 Fezz#Jassy cats world of yeeet 5543 Fezz2 ore fa

    #Jassy cats world of yeeet 5543 Fezz#Jassy cats world of yeeet 5543 Fezz2 ore fa

    Darien ZúñigaDarien Zúñiga2 ore fa
  • Alguien Abla español

    Ghdjsk XdGhdjsk Xd2 ore fa
  • top 10 anime betrayals

    Gabe PearceGabe Pearce2 ore fa
  • There used to be an infestation

    Chastity Castle-whiteChastity Castle-white2 ore fa

    Ben64Ben642 ore fa
  • 👳

    maikel romeromaikel romero2 ore fa
  • How?

    Emma RoseEmma Rose3 ore fa
  • Hola jajajajajaj

    Luis Rey reyLuis Rey rey3 ore fa
  • It's great but it's fake lol

    Jason DeanJason Dean3 ore fa
  • Só criança só tô com a skim da minha mãe mas eu só nova e a animação ta muito bonito vó me escrever e deixa o like porque tá muuuuuuuito legal é deixa um coração ❤ Plus e vc mesmo é a tiver me ouvindo

    Adezilda SantanaAdezilda Santana3 ore fa
  • lol

    GareumGareum3 ore fa
  • 한국인 생존자

    최승 민최승 민3 ore fa
  • What in the stranger things is this

    Nicole KNicole K3 ore fa
  • To bad this isnt real

    Deku uwuDeku uwu3 ore fa
  • Jijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiíiiooiióíőoø

    Monica maria Gonzalez otalvaroMonica maria Gonzalez otalvaro3 ore fa
  • This animation is awesome man I'm wondering

    Alwin SunuAlwin Sunu3 ore fa
  • This made me realize this is all connected, skeld takes place in the main ship, the reactor melts down so Mira takes place as they are landing, and after landing is where polus takes place Right?

    TnT And KatTnT And Kat3 ore fa
  • Knew it

    Riccardo CastrechiniRiccardo Castrechini3 ore fa
  • Wow good

    Xkawai_ AriXXkawai_ AriX3 ore fa
  • Muito bom mesmo

    Julia CardosoJulia Cardoso3 ore fa
  • Muito bom

    Julia CardosoJulia Cardoso3 ore fa
  • 👁👄👁👌🏻

    dogo chandogo chan3 ore fa
  • Love the animation but is there really a secret map

    Kasia BiliczKasia Bilicz3 ore fa
  • Yeah

    j raymundo gonzalezj raymundo gonzalez3 ore fa
  • Imagine if this was real

    Sofia AguliarSofia Aguliar3 ore fa
  • Umm red didn’t reload..... how can he still shoot?

    HallosHallos3 ore fa
  • Is this real?

    Carissa DominguesCarissa Domingues3 ore fa
  • Ya they won umm

    chloe Yanchloe Yan3 ore fa
  • Plot twist: There's actually a secret map in Among us

    Red BearRed Bear4 ore fa
  • the white ones gun is the imposters gun because he didn't grab an m16

    Anthony MorelliAnthony Morelli4 ore fa
  • Is this real??

    RykerJuliet LovelessRykerJuliet Loveless4 ore fa
  • SO MUCH IMPOSTORS!!!! bruh white is watching red kill all of the impostors even tho he has a gun. im thinking he wants to kill the impostors to XD

    Jaelyn SetoJaelyn Seto4 ore fa
  • This kinda reminds me of Stranger things.... anyone else?

    Gemannie WolfColeGemannie WolfCole4 ore fa
  • How do u open it?

    Lisa HigginsLisa Higgins4 ore fa
  • Woah. This is amazing!!

    KayleeAnnPlayzKayleeAnnPlayz4 ore fa
  • Daamn them skill

    Michelle ZhangMichelle Zhang4 ore fa
  • Cool I did not realize that until I saw the comment

    Stranger danger O’ConnellsStranger danger O’Connells4 ore fa
  • Impostor There is 2 crewmate among us

    Quackmore DuckQuackmore Duck4 ore fa
  • I love among us is my vavorit

    Aberdeen San PedroAberdeen San Pedro4 ore fa