Reacting To CRACKED Mobile Player! (Bugha Throwback Cup Viewing Party)

6 ago 2020
2 825 982 visualizzazioni

Here are some of my reactions to watching others play in the first round of the Bugha Cup. Thank you to all who participated, and especially to Epic Games for giving me the opportunity to host my own Fortnite tourney. Enjoy!
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  • Should I switch to iPad?

    BughaBugha3 mesi fa
    • Yes

      Chris _ AlexisChris _ Alexis4 giorni fa
    • Yes sir

      hykophykop7 giorni fa
    • Yes

      Benjamin DoverBenjamin Dover7 giorni fa
    • I play on ipad

      Maddox MeroMaddox Mero11 giorni fa
    • Yes

      Maddox MeroMaddox Mero11 giorni fa
  • 9:14 there thank me later

    1kG Flxz1kG Flxz12 ore fa
  • I did

    PRO TeirPRO TeirGiorno fa
  • who knew bugha was a nick simp

    Liam SchneiderLiam SchneiderGiorno fa
  • Imagine bugha playing on mobile

    Utsav GolaniUtsav GolaniGiorno fa
  • hi can i please have some tips on how to get better?

    zhao zhangzhao zhang2 giorni fa
  • Fortnite sucks

    Archer CoyArcher Coy2 giorni fa
  • Let’s go Nick 😂😂🤣 👍 good video Bugha

    HgeHge2 giorni fa
  • Don’t subestimare mobile players

    HgeHge2 giorni fa
  • glad the kid lost bruh squeaker was getting annoying

    Berserk14378Berserk143782 giorni fa
  • Bugha video+ bugha ad

    XBL_SmilesXBL_Smiles2 giorni fa
  • I play on mobile and it’s easy

    Exotic SequenceExotic Sequence2 giorni fa
  • Kinda fake, almost..

    NotDxtrNotDxtr2 giorni fa
  • hes on controller becaue if he didts the camera doesnt mober and it did on his screen

    Robbe ServaesRobbe Servaes3 giorni fa
    • look at the movement, no one got the human capacity to switch devices at the same time

      FluidFluid2 giorni fa
  • How is this fair console have lower aim assist and mobile can have aimbot

    Msi TaylorMsi Taylor3 giorni fa
  • 9:14 this is when the time he watch a mobile player

    Chuinggum ArianChuinggum Arian3 giorni fa
  • Get good at building at moble is pretty easy once get to it

    Kyle NelsonKyle Nelson3 giorni fa
  • itss hard to play on mobile

    psc on allpsc on all3 giorni fa
  • People definitely underestimate mobile

    Delicate73Delicate734 giorni fa
  • I beat my kill record on mobile

    Monkey Buff6Monkey Buff64 giorni fa
  • Mobile is hard to build like really hard but aiming ehhhh

    Repeat_TR4VRepeat_TR4V4 giorni fa
  • The mobile player died to the same player twice.

    Coolis ψCoolis ψ4 giorni fa
    • Wait, you killed me on arena

      FluidFluid2 giorni fa
  • Bugha I dare you to like it comment on this comment lol XD

    Paula CarneyPaula Carney4 giorni fa
  • Yes

    Zobeida DazaZobeida Daza5 giorni fa
  • bugah complaning about mobile now

    Dynamic_burDynamic_bur5 giorni fa

  • OMG I love when Bugha is like this

    ツェブスTsebuツェブスTsebu5 giorni fa
  • When I saw the video picture I that it was a mouse pad XD

    NRG cyclozNRG cycloz6 giorni fa
  • I died when he said This dude is taping the glass with 230 something points like HeLlO.

    Pimp Named slick back lives Matter 2Pimp Named slick back lives Matter 26 giorni fa
  • “Cracked Mobile Players” then complains about aim assist on mobile

    quelixoquelixo6 giorni fa
  • Dont

  • Yo thanks for reaction bugha you are one of those pro players who don't express hate towards mobile community.Thanks alot

    FaZe JuniorFaZe Junior6 giorni fa
  • why your so kind for nick and everyone ait is becuase it your cup orrrrrrrrrrrr

    Anton ZhyzneuskiAnton Zhyzneuski6 giorni fa
  • It’s auto shooter

    Jackson RahillJackson Rahill6 giorni fa
  • Bugha bugha

    Chickenful GamingChickenful Gaming6 giorni fa
  • I you’s your code

    Benjamin DoverBenjamin Dover7 giorni fa
  • roll it back how many times did he say nice?!

    Abdullah RanaAbdullah Rana7 giorni fa
  • your the best at fornite

    Hayden LanthierHayden Lanthier8 giorni fa
  • Like if bugha should be a fortnite announcer some day 👇

    Pizza For life UwUPizza For life UwU8 giorni fa
  • Aimassist.exe has started working

    Elijs xDElijs xD8 giorni fa
  • tell me that i m not the only that that saw the mobile player dieing two times from a stream sniper???

    vasilis team349vasilis team3498 giorni fa
  • Bugha: This guy is tapping on glass with 232 points hellllo Me: Ur tapping on plastic XD

    PowerMatoxPowerMatox9 giorni fa
    • So unfunny

      CamIsWhyCamIsWhy2 giorni fa
  • people simpin for tiktok girls while bughas simping for mobile players lmao

    Alan LiuAlan Liu9 giorni fa
  • Now don’t rage at mobile

    Jboy MJboy M9 giorni fa
  • I bin watching this video like 1 million times and Iove it

    Shanee The GoatShanee The Goat10 giorni fa
  • You can drop weapons fast because you slide the weapons out

    Danielle FalkDanielle Falk10 giorni fa
  • mobile mughA

    ChanakyaChanakya10 giorni fa
  • Sweats like this ruined fortnite

    Betta BeatsBetta Beats10 giorni fa
  • Mobile:100 + fps My pc: 60- fps

    Mxtr1xMxtr1x11 giorni fa
  • i remember streaming on mobile and getting like 5 viewers immediately and then forgetting that i had a drum lesson so i had to end the stream. i was sad too because i averaged like 1 viewer

    Donovan ShanleyDonovan Shanley12 giorni fa
  • yea

    solo solo_ conger78solo solo_ conger7812 giorni fa
  • mobile is pretty easy

    Neelesh PuvvadaNeelesh Puvvada12 giorni fa
  • Yo i used to play on mobile and I used to be kind of cracked

    David BaezDavid Baez13 giorni fa
  • I played mobile until they banned it

    WinnieWinnie13 giorni fa
  • I played like him in like season 8 I always played mobile I dropped 20 bombs every day😂 in arena and pubs😂😂😂😂

    K1ng SadK1ng Sad13 giorni fa
  • I used to play mobile

    brayden adambrayden adam13 giorni fa
  • Yo

    Pure BeastPure Beast14 giorni fa

    HustlerzEmpyreHustlerzEmpyre14 giorni fa
  • yes

    GiustinoandsonsGiustinoandsons14 giorni fa
  • Tried my best to get 100 points but I got 74

    Jason RamirezJason Ramirez15 giorni fa
  • Ur just like a shit bugha when u say niiice

    Miran KhanMiran Khan15 giorni fa
  • Well that didn’t age well 🤷‍♂️

    illusiveillusive16 giorni fa
  • I play mobile

    Martha CastanedaMartha Castaneda16 giorni fa
  • "this guys is tapping on the glass" lollllllll

    ReChickenReChicken17 giorni fa
  • d

    XdrandsXdrands17 giorni fa
  • I’m hating this kid sooo much when he says niiice

    Miran KhanMiran Khan17 giorni fa
  • Me on mobile wanting to play fortnite again 😢

    Doggo KahluaDoggo Kahlua18 giorni fa
  • Autofire

  • I bet that kid using auto fore

  • Nick Eh 30 Needs to see this.

    77 Mxg3r77 Mxg3r18 giorni fa
  • He’s on controller

    youthfullgem meyouthfullgem me18 giorni fa
  • He’s on 1plus he has 120 FPS

    M4dz The sweatM4dz The sweat18 giorni fa
  • nobody: bugha when we wants nick to qual: NIIEECECECEE, NIIEIEEEECE

    CookiePandaCookiePanda19 giorni fa
  • trickshotting is so easy on that

    NAUT69_NAUT69_19 giorni fa
  • Dude both of the games he died to the same person what are the odds

    P u L s EP u L s E21 giorno fa
  • Mobile player

    Wild kaboomWild kaboom21 giorno fa
  • Bugha: if u guys are bad hop on mobile Me: Already on mobile but i am still bad

    Pratul SainiPratul Saini21 giorno fa
  • when bugha watches scoped: suportnig when he gats dobble dinked by scoped: plz get nurfed

    ARNAV 29ARNAV 2921 giorno fa
  • The only way that the apex pro isn’t the fastest is if they make a 60% keyboard and make the accuation 1

    WaVe FNWaVe FN21 giorno fa
  • go to 10 mins and wait 15 seconds for THE MOST SATISFIYING BEAM YOU WILL EVER SEE

    Jackson MaagJackson Maag22 giorni fa
  • no pls dont switch to ipad

    Jennifer CaulfieldJennifer Caulfield22 giorni fa
  • This is how many times Bugha said Hello?!! 👇🏼

    Caleb SorianoCaleb Soriano22 giorni fa
  • Mobile man

    FORK is swag lordFORK is swag lord22 giorni fa
  • Buggggggggggghaaaaaaaaaa

    TTV VibezzzTTV Vibezzz22 giorni fa
  • You should react to grant the goat

    Nolan HerbstNolan Herbst22 giorni fa
  • I can drop guns fast to oN mobile

    Clay FNClay FN22 giorni fa
  • I play on mobile

    Clay FNClay FN22 giorni fa
  • i cant how toxic u are to mobile players

    Aaron claudeAaron claude22 giorni fa
  • Nhhiicceeee Let’s go nick😂

    TabbeTabbe22 giorni fa
  • I just realized the mobile kid got killed by the same kid in both games lol

    CxstlesCxstles22 giorni fa

    Sam HamiltonSam Hamilton23 giorni fa
  • Bugha is simping oh his aim lol

    Twister JohnsonTwister Johnson23 giorni fa
  • Bugha thank you so much for respecting us mobile players big dawg.

    Samay AdvaniSamay Advani23 giorni fa
  • whats his channel

    Alex GarzaAlex Garza23 giorni fa
  • Quote of Today:"Stop messing with him i want to see him kill people" LOL XD

    2kFake2kFake23 giorni fa
  • bugha can you add my epic Is Old manbob123456

    Oldmanbob YTOldmanbob YT24 giorni fa
    • LMAO

      NøHaxNøHax24 giorni fa
  • This video is so cringe.

    MeechMeech24 giorni fa
  • How do ppl on phone get 0 ping while i get 20 ping wired! WTF??

    MuffinityyMuffinityy24 giorni fa
  • Shouls i switch to mobile?

    MuffinityyMuffinityy24 giorni fa
  • How is this mobile player getting 100 FPS while I play at a constant 30?

    Official KFCOfficial KFC24 giorni fa