Queen Returns to Royal Duties Days After Duke of Edinburgh's Death

14 apr 2021
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'Queen Returns to Royal Duties Days After Duke of Edinburgh's Death'
The Queen has returned to royal duties, just a few days after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.
The monarch hosted a ceremony to mark the retirement of her household’s most senior official, the Earl Peel.
The Lord Chamberlain oversees all senior appointments in the household.
The engagement was recorded in the Court Circular - a daily list of the events attended by the Royal Family.
The royals are observing two weeks of royal mourning, with members of the family continuing “appropriate” engagements.
Returning to her official role so soon after her bereavement typifies the Queen’s deep sense of duty.
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  • The Queen is just remarkable! Only four days after she lost the love of her life and she's back fulfilling her duties... What's your favourite thing about the Queen?

    The Royal Family ChannelThe Royal Family Channel20 giorni fa
    • Shes strong

      diana riverrose 3diana riverrose 313 giorni fa
    • Terrific Quality Her Majesty’s a role model for Queen truly

      Selvi TrSelvi Tr16 giorni fa
    • Her unwavering strength!

      Noellette WendyNoellette Wendy17 giorni fa
    • Respect .

      Patrica O'reillyPatrica O'reilly17 giorni fa
    • Her profound sense of service as Queen.

      merlins twinmerlins twin17 giorni fa
  • So he hosted a party....

    Devi DHDevi DH13 giorni fa

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  • To lose the person who's been with you pretty much your entire adult life, and just a few days later get back to your work. She really is devoted. Like or Dislike the Monarchy, you've got to respect that.

    Ulysses S. GrantUlysses S. Grant14 giorni fa
  • Sorry I couldn't get to see you or meet him My Father deceased now born 1901 admired your steady as she goes and all your efforts during and after the wars ty for your lifetime of love and service JB Sweeney's Daughter Florence Nightingale's RNs' saying Farewell Fair Sailings and may you rest eternal peace My Sister Janiece President of Daughters of the King 50 yrs. N also Florence Nightingale's RNs'Wesleyan Methodist send our condolences to Our Own Queen Elizabeth as you grieve you're not alone He will leave a Big Gap to fill around the World!

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  • Reptiloids !!!

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  • People in mourning return next day to real works and jobs. The only remarkable is that she is too old ans she still stands!

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  • Ludziska!! Wy składajcie wyrazy wspólczucia,swoim bliskim i znajomym,ktorzy potracili swoich bliskich,pod przykrywką wymyślonego covida!! Ilż to ludzi pitraciło swoich bluskich, bo zapanowała moda,że kichnięcie to już agresywny covid i z człowiekiem do piachu,nie leczy się innych chorób,bo to nie wylewy,zawały,zapalenie płuc,oskrzeli,anginy,alergie,astmy,złamane kończyny,tylko wszystko agresywny covid!! Ludzie właczcie logiczne myślenie!!

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  • She doesn't care about him.

    Penelope GallardoPenelope Gallardo15 giorni fa
  • They set example as leaders as husband and wife they're are remarkable and we love her royal highness very much and wish her a new beginning its never late to do things you always wanted to do and enjoy!!!!

    Marren PinkMarren Pink16 giorni fa
  • When my mother died my father abandoned himself fortunately we re very attentive the first that is crucial because important dates birthdays anniversaries etc I moved and lived with him and helped him to overcome my mother's absence he had a surgery recovery sight we go sightseeing all the time suddenly one day he was again full of plans until last year who passed away at the age of 94 he survived my mum 7 years. The clue is the first year be very close and attentive you know even saying nothing just as company. Be strong and take care of her majesty

    Marren PinkMarren Pink16 giorni fa
  • No doubt being busy might help her to overcome such a loss. We all need time to cry alone. Time to spend with family and time to work 👍❤️❤️❤️

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  • Millions of wives lost their husband

    Silvia RühsenSilvia Rühsen16 giorni fa
  • She is waiting for Charles to abdicate, so Willian can be the king. The U.K loves William as king.

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  • 🙏🙏😔🙏🙏

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  • I feel sorry for the queen and wish her health and happiness forever

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  • Look at queen's eye,so empty and loneliness

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  • GodBless Her Royal Majesty the Queen 🙏 🙏 🙏

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  • anh ki em nao muon' nguoi` yeu kong` hay vo xin ong troi` sky may' ong ghep' ........ tinh yeu vinh kuu , kam nhan thang hoa mat 7 8 10 vo 11 12 roi ko kon ........... nguoi` yeu luong benh kanh sau nay gap ................................................

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  • My heart broke when i saw this. She is trying her best to hide her sadness. Be strong your majesty. You are in our prayers.

    vliduu zeebvliduu zeeb16 giorni fa

    Luis CortezLuis Cortez16 giorni fa
  • I think being out is good for her and she knows it. It’s what keeps her going. She knows that if she stops now it could be what stops her completely and I think she refuses to quit until she absolutely has to.

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  • God preserve the QUEN FOREVER.

    Paolo ZanettiPaolo Zanetti16 giorni fa
  • She's Strong

    Taufik Agus HaryantoTaufik Agus Haryanto16 giorni fa
  • So sad for her to loose him!

    Denise WellsDenise Wells17 giorni fa
  • Una mujer fuerte con cualidades y dones únicos....por eso es La Reina! . God save the ( this ) Queen

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  • I love Queen ❤️❤️❤️

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  • the Queen.

    dutoiu hourdutoiu hour17 giorni fa
  • She is truly amazing...long live queen Elizebeth,

  • I love my Queen. My Queen I love you so much. You are my everything. Please accept my condolences 💐

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  • Reptilians.

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  • Meus pêsames minha rainha que conforte o seus corações e pegue o príncipe no colo e o leve para o céu amém

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  • Tutur berdukacita cita 🙏

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  • アニバーサリーがセレモニーに変わる!

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  • 誰が何したら人間社会を温厚になるのか?誰なら良いのか?祝う㊗️ためにすべきことは何か?

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  • Sorry For Your Loss Kia kaha Queen Elizabeth And Family 🙏💚🌅🏋️

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  • the Queen.

    nijuo joingnijuo joing17 giorni fa
  • A rainha Elizabeth é realmente uma fortaleza por si só.

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  • Very one please help🙏😭 me very poor family help me

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  • No

    Marga SczepanekMarga Sczepanek17 giorni fa
  • That woman is so amazing she never stops I can only imagine what those eyes have seen threw life.........LONG LIVE THE QUEEN .. From Canada

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  • É um exemplo de mulher Rainha linda admiro muito bênçãos do Senhor exemplo de esposa . Meus sentimentos a todos da família 😔💔 abraços bjs de quem admira muito Jaraguá São Paulo Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💐

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  • She experienced a great loss ....but as a working mothèr, grandmother and great grandmother to her country...this legend is on the move again.

    Sunny MahajanSunny Mahajan18 giorni fa
  • I love you very much.May you live long.

    Tafiqul ChowdhuryTafiqul Chowdhury18 giorni fa
  • Rip

    Carlos PaternicoCarlos Paternico18 giorni fa
  • Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca pe printul Philip. Ar trebui sa luam exemplu de la acest cuplu. Peste 70 de ani de casatorie. Regina o persoana speciala. Tot respectul .🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  • Ведьма сатана фашист

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  • Poor Queen Elizabeth

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  • #

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  • She has a tremendous will to live and reign...but due to her old age, I don’t think she will go on for too long...it will be harderto be without the man that spend 70 years of his life being the companion. Nobody lives forever...we all have a date of entry and a date of exit...

    freelanceladyfreelancelady18 giorni fa
  • The queen is a great woman!

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  • poor girl she lost her husband and cousin in the same day and she out there doing her duty 💪💪💪stay strong lisa

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  • People's Queen ❤️ though she had enough reason to stay home n mourn for her beloved husband but she chose to serve people 🙏 Love from INDIA 🇮🇳

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  • I feel a great respect and love for this Queen, even if I am an Italian. God bless this Queen.

    Mario FurlanMario Furlan18 giorni fa
  • She was and is a model of leader.

    Mario FurlanMario Furlan18 giorni fa
  • Who will she marry now that shes single? Is there a way to apply?

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  • Who's next

    Pujit ChananaPujit Chanana18 giorni fa
  • God bless you my Queen and bless your family 👪

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  • Thief family....not royal family. Every thing from stolen money from country like india, austrelia etc.

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  • renovations everyone! that’s why this video exists anyway... itworlds.info/round/eZuEadx8kKaGpJ4/video hahahahaha

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  • Мои соболезнования

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  • Que la reina una gran mujer, en que aspecto. Una tapadera de metal.

    Raquel RamirezRaquel Ramirez18 giorni fa
  • Pobres ricos, ricos pobres. Confinados a ser fríos más que un metal!!!

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  • What duties?

    Sai KrishnaSai Krishna18 giorni fa
    • Sai Krishna "What duties?" I suppose you think she sits on her throne, picking her nose all day? *The Queen's working day* The Queen has a huge variety of duties but most of the time her day begins like millions of other workers around the country: behind a desk. After scanning the daily newspapers she will look through all her correspondence. From the 200-300 letters she receives from the public every day, she takes a selection to read herself to try and get a cross-sectional view. She'll then let royal staff know how she would like them answered. Almost all of the daily letters receive a reply. Then the Queen has to address the 'red box'. This is all the official correspondence from the government and international states. She keeps two different secretaries and the task tales about an hour. A series of important meetings with important people will often follow, each lasting about 10 to 20 minutes. This may also include presenting prizes to people who have excelled in their chosen field. If there is a ceremony - called an investiture - booked in for that day, she will present around 100 awards. Her afternoons are spent on public engagements. This could mean visiting schools and hospitals to making speeches or unveiling plaques. When the majority of workers are clocking out at 5 or 6, the Queen is only two thirds through her working day. A typical evening is likely to involve a meeting with the Prime Minister, a visit to a charity event or a reception linked to an organisation for which she is Patron. Not bad for someone who is over twenty years past the standard retirement age.

      JuliaJulia18 giorni fa
  • 😇🙏🙏🙏🙏❤🤴👸❤🙏

    Dora LopezDora Lopez18 giorni fa
  • Great Personaity in every sense

    Meenu VermaMeenu Verma18 giorni fa
  • She is the lion of Great Britain. A true God given Queen to the people of Great Britain. A hard working Queen that shows the strength of the British People. She lets us know that at age is just a number when u have the will you have the power.God bless her.

    Brit Brit CritictBrit Brit Critict18 giorni fa
  • Nirgends Masken...bin voll neidisch!

    PepinotPepinot18 giorni fa
  • Le haut de la pyramide...

    Karine DolloKarine Dollo18 giorni fa
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  • Prins Philip, Is still , behind the Queen , Next to her Royal , Queen mom .[ EXample ] for the WORLD .

    Truus PeetersTruus Peeters18 giorni fa
  • God bless her. 73 years of marriage, i can only imagine how tough that is.

    thetownspeople 14thetownspeople 1418 giorni fa
  • May he rest in peace! God save the Queen!

    Rose RoseRose Rose18 giorni fa
  • Mujer de admirable entereza y noble corazón.

    Citlali MenesesCitlali Meneses18 giorni fa
  • 🖤💐🌹🙏🙌

    Denia GomesDenia Gomes18 giorni fa
  • #Halleluyah... Napenda kumpa pole Malkia wa Uingereza kwa kumpoteza mume wake pia ni babu yngu, kwani nilikuwa namfatilia sana, kwan nilipenda maisha yke na pia mcha Mungu #r.i.p grandpa Phil.😢

  • life and that of Prince Phillip. God bless The Queen. god save the Queen!

    cqvio dolicqvio doli18 giorni fa
  • Doing her duty! You mean tax payers money even worse stolen wealth from my country expending on her little hats and lost sense of fashion😂

    Sabahul RasikhSabahul Rasikh18 giorni fa
  • Elżbieta.jesteś.kochana.królowa życzę jeszcze duzo.zdrowia.

    Janka CJanka C18 giorni fa
  • I'm filled with compassion for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. I pray that God's Grace bring her comfort and support in this difficult time.

    L. SieuL. Sieu18 giorni fa
  • She is a lady of Grace

    Ding DongDing Dong18 giorni fa
  • When I am dead" by Steve Gooden When I am dead...remember me for the good I did, the songs I sang the kind words I spoke. When I am dead think of me for the moments we shared the games we played and the tears we shed. When I am dead honor me for the poor I helped, the homeless I housed, the lost I helped find their way, for the children I mentored, the family and the friends I loved and cherished and the country I served. When I am dead forgive me, for the cross words I had, the people I offended, the lies I told and the things I stole. Forgive me for the hearts I broke, the ones I used and the few I mis-used. Forgive me for the goals I failed to reach, the dreams I never realized and the burden I might have been at times. When I am dead Do better for your sakes, learn the lessons I did not, don't make my mistakes yours, and if possible stand on the shoulders of my legacy and build a better one. When I am dead, move on! Remember me yes, but move on. Live in no regrets for having met me, hold no grudge against me and share with others the best I had to offer. Don't make me larger than life, but don't make me irrelevant. Remember me, but live your life so when you are dead, they will say better things of you and we move each generation closer to that ultimate likeness of God in righteous reflection of that which is best about us and reflective of the Divine. Above all when I am dead remember the GOD I lived to serve, no matter how flawed my attempt to be like HIM. Remember that He died for us and asked us to remember HIM, and who best for us to remember, than He who gave his life for us that we might remember HIM. While we live and there is breath in our bodies, remember this. If we do this, when we are dead HE who is perfect will remember us!

    stavros333stavros33318 giorni fa
  • Боже,храни королеву...Желаю ей радости жизни,ведь ее семья и народ рядом,сто лет жизни.Это светлая память о Вашем муже.

    ЛайлляЛайлля18 giorni fa
  • Say: “The death from which you flee will truly overtake you: then you will be sent back to the Knower of things secret and open: and He will tell you (the truth of) the things that you did!” (Quran 62 .8)

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  • No,

    Concepcion BorbonConcepcion Borbon18 giorni fa
  • Too early queen

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  • la verdad mis respetos a la reina una mujer admirable responsable que sabe ser esposa madre abuela y cumplir con lo deberes que adquirio siendo reina es una mujer guerrera empoderada y amada por su familia y por su pueblo🙏💯

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  • Not the love of her life

    johnathan bishopjohnathan bishop18 giorni fa
  • La vie continue

    Adoum GOULGUEAdoum GOULGUE18 giorni fa
  • Iluminaci

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