2021 MANSORY Audi RS Q8 - Wild RSQ8 is here!

18 nov 2020
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Audi RS Q8 P780 by MANSORY (2021) - Interior, Exterior and Drive
Engine: V8, 4.0 L, 780 Ps, 1000 Nm
More information about this RS Q8: www.mansory.com/
0-100 (km/h): 3.3 s
Top Speed: 320 km/h
Exterior paintwork: Giallo Auge
Upholstery: Leather/Alcantara in black/red
1. Commercial Action Trailer By ArchitectSound audiojungle.net/item/commercial-action-trailer/29154812
2. Envato Elements

  • I love this vehicle I have 2019 a4 plus Quatro the heater display i like a digital number display in the back seats instead of color display 😀 I still would buy it though

    Cedric HamptonCedric Hampton5 minuti fa
  • Buy Urus Lamborghini

    Jinwoo AhnJinwoo Ahn32 minuti fa
  • Another 4x4 that will be driven by someone who cant drive and itll never see dirt

    CheefOreganoCheefOregano46 minuti fa
  • Ein schönes "Bestattungsfahrzeug". Schwarz als Autofarbe sollte verboten werden. Aber das ist ja nur Geschmackssache. Oder doch eine Frage der Sicherheit, die ja Niemand braucht? 🤷‍♂️🤕

    André BAndré B3 ore fa
  • Quá đẹp

    Hiếu BùiHiếu Bùi4 ore fa
  • VAU

    мухтар ПРО LAiVмухтар ПРО LAiV4 ore fa
  • my Dream 💔

    Bektaash nevruz SamarajBektaash nevruz Samaraj4 ore fa

    NashNash5 ore fa
  • Imagine getting this as your first car.

    Jase KingJase King5 ore fa
  • is this still available?

    Reepa ReepaReepa Reepa5 ore fa
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Rahul Karmakar Chowdhury.Rahul Karmakar Chowdhury.8 ore fa
  • Very nice design but it's overdone. Too much tech and too many points of failure. This car will be a maintenance nightmare after a year. Oh well, I guess the person owning it would have millions, if not billions.

    Garo ArabianGaro Arabian8 ore fa
  • sounds amazing

    gearhead 400gearhead 4009 ore fa
  • Lindo demais 🤩

    Edicarlos PereiraEdicarlos Pereira10 ore fa
  • Wow Amazing😍😍

    Emma PEmma P11 ore fa
  • Otro Audi de alta gama con los faros con polvo por dentro como todos los coches del grupo VAG

    Angel RobertoAngel Roberto12 ore fa
  • That sound!!!!

    Rutger OfficialRutger Official13 ore fa
  • How many Mansory logos are there in this car?

    Beef SupremeBeef Supreme13 ore fa
  • No comment 😭

    kgabo Da Joy Pomekgabo Da Joy Pome14 ore fa
  • Fantastic 😍

    Gianfranco PiralliGianfranco Piralli14 ore fa
  • You need a monkeys brains to drive those thing's that must give great feeling somewhere inside the drivers.

    Chop ChoyChop Choy14 ore fa
  • How much pls ?

    Thomas FordhamThomas Fordham16 ore fa
  • Audi’s for life!

    jessy abbisjessy abbis16 ore fa
  • Only Audi will NEVER 👎 respect it’s warranty and disappointment their clients 🥵

    Brian O’CallaghanBrian O’Callaghan16 ore fa
  • Buah buah Se han pasado los de Mansory El coche ests precios

    Aa LalaAa Lala17 ore fa
  • 멋지다

    AB CDEAB CDE17 ore fa
  • go race carwow ?

  • I buy this car. How much this car ??

    Serdar YilmazSerdar Yilmaz19 ore fa

    RAB 1741RAB 174119 ore fa
  • Harga berapa bang?? 😁

    Septian KelvinSeptian Kelvin20 ore fa
  • So pointless, it's beyond stupidity. I'm so glad shit like this is being banned from sale in the coming 10-15 years. Notice how the best they can do is park on a little grass area and speed on a country road. Bellends who get this will either not speed and stick to the speed limits set out or if they do speed, they'll wrap it round a tree. Get on your bikes 👍

    TheLondonCyclistTheLondonCyclist20 ore fa
  • Magnifique, on dirait un rêve éveillé !! 😮😮

    TheAlbaboonoTheAlbaboono21 ora fa
  • Ваще дерзская.

    Kazakhstan forever kzKazakhstan forever kz22 ore fa
  • Looks lovely but pointless aye👍

    Britt IshmanBritt Ishman22 ore fa

    Linda SchrumpLinda Schrump22 ore fa
  • Ja ha då vårri fin bil å sætt se inni me sjetin arbeiskleæ å kjørt på arbei i.

    fredric Jacobsen.fredric Jacobsen.Giorno fa
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    Beloff FFFBeloff FFFGiorno fa
  • Does anyone know how much it is....not that I can afford it but everyone can dream 😆😆

    Guy WardGuy WardGiorno fa
  • Honestly if I wanted a Mansory RSQ8 but a bit more cred...buy an Urus. Then again, I don't want one.

    Pranav Subramoniam IyerPranav Subramoniam IyerGiorno fa
  • What a nice SUV ❤

    King is BackKing is BackGiorno fa
  • Another shit schoolboy design. Form with absolutely no function!

    Mohamedilyas KapadiaMohamedilyas KapadiaGiorno fa
  • WOOOOOOW..... einfach Traumhaft

    sascha marsosascha marsoGiorno fa
  • 아 미쳤네 ㄷㄷㄷ

    잘나가는수의사잘나가는수의사Giorno fa
  • Mansory: How many logo in the car? Audi: Yes!

    Don.ClengeDon.ClengeGiorno fa
  • 🖤🖤❤️

    Freak CrFreak CrGiorno fa
  • Stylish and aggressive

    Gabriel FrazierGabriel FrazierGiorno fa
  • Just ordered mine yesterday

    Eduardo SalgadoEduardo SalgadoGiorno fa
  • The ultimate car for hitman

    BaliKifBaliKifGiorno fa
  • Dead

    AbuzwebstarAbuzwebstarGiorno fa
  • A few more panels and you got yourself a Lamborghini Urus. The only problem is the Mansory edition will cost the same or more than the Urus. I would go with Lambo at this point.

    Carl WatsonCarl WatsonGiorno fa
  • Urus

  • Needs coach doors in the back to finish it off!

    Alan GochinAlan GochinGiorno fa
  • Mirip punya lambo

    humam prakosohumam prakosoGiorno fa
  • I feel like I should take off my shoes before I get in this car

    Timothy DuganTimothy DuganGiorno fa
  • 🇧🇷

    Igor SilvaIgor SilvaGiorno fa
  • WOW

    iWooR 54iWooR 54Giorno fa
  • it's sooooo aggressive !!! What a car!

    Skilat GamedevSkilat GamedevGiorno fa
  • Say whatever..Mansory remains the aggressive design King on this planet.

    larry zoneslarry zonesGiorno fa
  • This should be in fast and furious used in a new heist mission.

    Christopher ParsonsChristopher ParsonsGiorno fa
  • > Urus

    EviLModeHDEviLModeHDGiorno fa
  • Sometimes Less is More...

    mogoliapowahmogoliapowahGiorno fa
  • Good bay Lambo

  • Oh my god ....I am adriver and iam hungry for it.....but no mony😟

    ali abushitaali abushitaGiorno fa
  • I forgot my mind 😔

    istanbuLListanbuLLGiorno fa
  • There R people who would kill me in order to get such a beasty car.

    AfghanischeBaugenehmigungAfghanischeBaugenehmigungGiorno fa
  • Every thing is wow! In this real machine, but this sound is horrible👎

    junior espinaljunior espinalGiorno fa
  • И чем это отличается от ламбы?

    Anton ForstAnton ForstGiorno fa
  • What a car, nothing else to say, but what a car

    Tony WoodfordTony WoodfordGiorno fa
  • Buy and ride now! In EU this car will be illegal in 15 years

    Vašek JVašek JGiorno fa
  • That's why I don't like this guy's from VW group cause thy share everything and just change the name of a make I like it for the car that come with their very own creations from scratch.. This here is a Lamborghini Urus

    Leonard TshimangadzoLeonard TshimangadzoGiorno fa
  • Ein Traum von Auto. Scheiss auf Ferrari? Aston Martin oder Lamborghini. Mega das auto

    Marco NeubauerMarco NeubauerGiorno fa
  • looks like mazda logo on the steering wheel. haha i would 100% remove this lol

    m.em.eGiorno fa
  • Unfortunately I don't have enough money to buy this car tire😞😞😞

    AZE MuradAZE MuradGiorno fa
  • Wow i can't take my eyes from this 🔥

    Ujwel oZUjwel oZGiorno fa
  • you only use electric sliders ?

    MrBazsi888MrBazsi888Giorno fa
  • Mansory, how many did you count?

    Mike PMike PGiorno fa
  • 😊😊

    Mohit SirohiMohit SirohiGiorno fa
  • I have the money ,but I don't buy it anymore , the rule said 70km max high way 120km! So what you have with this car. You can not drive fast. Police caught you , stress you. I sell my 3 cars !!

    Kadinsky HunkoaKadinsky HunkoaGiorno fa
  • зря не учился на депутаты была бы это машина в гараже 😂😎

    Islomjon MashrabjanovIslomjon MashrabjanovGiorno fa
  • 💪💪💪💪💯%

    Руслан РудавскийРуслан РудавскийGiorno fa
  • How much is it

    Saleem SwaissSaleem SwaissGiorno fa
  • This is munster car and the luxury.❤👍👿

    Jonathan JorgeJonathan JorgeGiorno fa
  • 0:29 kind of bugged me soon I saw the tail lights were not exactly aligned!

    realutuberealutubeGiorno fa
  • Truly an amazing build/car but the rear diffusers are kinda awkward imo

    Hsh 727jsHsh 727jsGiorno fa
  • السعر

    Iphone IphoneIphone IphoneGiorno fa
  • السعر كام

    Iphone IphoneIphone IphoneGiorno fa
  • Я конечно ярый БМВшник - но эта АУДИ- просто шедевр

    Пиночет 09Пиночет 09Giorno fa
  • Achtung-BaBy. 🤩

    Qumar ZamanQumar ZamanGiorno fa
  • Now when people say the Very old term , "spaceship" is corny compared to this suv. Going in to 2021 we have to say this SUV is on some "Mad Scientist Sh!t". This Audi is lit✌🏾

    Armani TheVoiceArmani TheVoiceGiorno fa
  • Выглядит потрясающе, АУДИ сила💪💪💪

    АндрейАндрейGiorno fa
  • How much????

    Łukasz ZielińskiŁukasz ZielińskiGiorno fa
  • how much is the fish ??

    Der Mit DeM COLT TanztDer Mit DeM COLT TanztGiorno fa
  • The beast of Audi 😎

    Craig AlexanderCraig AlexanderGiorno fa
  • Сколько такое чудо монстер стоит Милл думаю от 20 Милл класс

    Руслан РезновРуслан Резнов2 giorni fa
  • This look same as lamborghin urus

    Saikrishna GajulapallaSaikrishna Gajulapalla2 giorni fa
  • Petrol is going nowhere.Period.

    Motlatsi LeberekoMotlatsi Lebereko2 giorni fa
  • amazing, but too much mansory logo on it almost every where 25 times

    Wesam BLWesam BL2 giorni fa
  • Jeeeesus

    M LeesM Lees2 giorni fa
  • Where do these cars get made? Is there a showroom somewhere?

    Vincebond 007Vincebond 0072 giorni fa
  • Oh God........ Am in Love 😍

    Chisom ShedrackChisom Shedrack2 giorni fa