Charging Phone DANGEROUS?! ElectroBOOM Crew EXPOSED!!! (LATITY-004)

28 feb 2021
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Didn’t you want to meet ElectroBOOM team? Well, watch the video!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
3:26 Can Charging Phone Radiations Hurt???
9:43 Drawing with Audio Signals on Oscilloscope
10:58 ElectroBOOM Crew Exposed!!!


    Alex SnellAlex Snell2 ore fa
  • They're not kids, just very young adults.

    Ryan KRyan K2 giorni fa
  • Omg. My neighbor recommended you today. You sir, are hysterically fun.

    Tobias TofftTobias Tofft3 giorni fa
  • 9:41 MY CRETA!!

    Joji SamaJoji Sama4 giorni fa
  • Bezan like o!

    PrcvlPrcvl4 giorni fa
  • Electroboom did Linus teach you how to plug your sponsors? 😂😂😂

    bill laceybill lacey4 giorni fa
  • Have you tried decaf?

    Amica AranearumAmica Aranearum4 giorni fa
  • Point to point wireless antena not wifi

    geek in fortiesgeek in forties4 giorni fa
  • 100* watt radio, not 1000 watts.....

    Goby G-MajorGoby G-Major5 giorni fa
  • 04:20 he hurt himself again

    Kieran BrownKieran Brown5 giorni fa
  • Hahaha wow. This just makes so many other channels look so much more shit.. 😆

  • مهدی فارسی بلدی؟

    سعید طهماسبیسعید طهماسبی5 giorni fa
  • He is Rodger from American Dad

    Ice BoiIce Boi5 giorni fa
  • Even he has an imaginary friend on his crew.

    james nduatijames nduati6 giorni fa
  • Human is non-conductor. maybe.

    Gaming yesGaming yes6 giorni fa
  • Electrrrrr boooooon

    kilakarai creative channelkilakarai creative channel6 giorni fa
  • So you are basically yourself when you are making you video, only your wife, your kid (ElectroCUTE).

    Murderer2019Murderer20196 giorni fa
  • #donttrytobeharrypotterinfrontofyourlights.

    mohammad khanmohammad khan6 giorni fa
  • An Iranian 🏆

    RadmanRadman6 giorni fa
  • You know he knows what he’s doing because he shocks himself without dying in each video

    Kai HansardKai Hansard6 giorni fa
  • Fire your video editor. That guy doesnt deserve a job and deserves to be homeless. Every other people in your crew are fine tho

    Magus PerdéMagus Perdé7 giorni fa
  • 03:55 if this guy really thinks that this is bad for you, why does he use his son to demonstrate it?

    KitsudōteKitsudōte7 giorni fa
  • Electro Psycho

    W h a t e v e rW h a t e v e r7 giorni fa
  • I love how his wife just gets really angry at him for some reason

    Pocket GamesPocket Games7 giorni fa

    Neutral Me • 13 years agoNeutral Me • 13 years ago7 giorni fa
  • I'm an EE student, from India. 🙃 I have no other way, than to ask for your help.. 🙏 How can I contact you..?! Please "put me out of my misery".. 🙃🙏

  • That was a proper mini railgun from what I could see. It's a non explosive ballistic that exploded. Lol

    glassofwaterglassofwater8 giorni fa
  • My physics teacher looking at my circuit design homework: 12:03

    Adomas BAdomas B8 giorni fa
  • His team is just himself thats cool

    Tusk Act FourTusk Act Four8 giorni fa
  • Slap like now Davie 504 : I see you copy my style

    Smokey WingsSmokey Wings8 giorni fa
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  • He aint wearing pants in the beginning

    Nathaniel MoralesNathaniel Morales9 giorni fa
  • what is that sound effect on 2:44

    BletukasBletukas10 giorni fa
  • The wand is an emp device and frankenstein's monster nerves has high capacity of nerve electricity

    Reaperthe OneReaperthe One10 giorni fa
  • Informative funny video. Thank you❤️💪

    MiladMilad10 giorni fa
  • Damn, i love the latity intro

    Aleks the nerdAleks the nerd11 giorni fa
  • Please nobody tell that phone charger guy about the lying pen (voltage tester screwdriver)

    LerkLerk12 giorni fa
  • Bezan Like o

    EhsignEhsign12 giorni fa
  • I used to have one of those little wawawawawa toys that would turn on when you touched it lol

    先生CherryPepsi先生CherryPepsi12 giorni fa
  • 9:47 That's basically what Jerobeam fenderson does with his music do a google buddy

    Jeal V.PJeal V.P12 giorni fa
  • When I was 12, I used to play with old TV flyback transformers. I would melt old LCD screens and stuff lol. Until I burnt it out😐.

    CowGoes MooCowGoes Moo12 giorni fa
  • 11:43.I love part hahhhahah

    FreshAudio2021FreshAudio202112 giorni fa
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    Daniel AhadiDaniel Ahadi13 giorni fa
  • That grounding ???????????????

    Daniel AhadiDaniel Ahadi13 giorni fa
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    Louis DevosLouis Devos13 giorni fa
  • Finding anode and cathode on resistor *Confused eletrician noises*

    NatanaelNatanael13 giorni fa
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    Mark ReyesMark Reyes13 giorni fa
  • Hey electroboom I am a kid and I want to understand electronic from the starting point. Please provide me set of video so I can be expert like you.

    Throttle ScienceThrottle Science13 giorni fa
  • Capacitor dildo pro

    BD_RedFoxBD_RedFox13 giorni fa
  • You said بزن لایک‌و

    Sina AkbariSina Akbari13 giorni fa
  • Are you Iranian if you are I’m Iranian as well nice to meet you

    Sina AkbariSina Akbari13 giorni fa
  • It’s really impressive how Mehdi can do all this himself and still manage. I wonder if he has another job too !

    Jad BasharJad Bashar13 giorni fa
  • I really wish youtube would stop unsubbing me from channels, I've missed too much content.

    Adam WilberAdam Wilber14 giorni fa
  • 3:56 when ElectroBOOM gets mad

    Sushanth KancharlaSushanth Kancharla14 giorni fa
  • dang ur like mad scientist

    Derrick CrispoDerrick Crispo14 giorni fa
  • I do think that line walking guy is on power wires. Ther are insulated and strong enough to hold the guy, I have seen it done. In many of those areas they dont have telephone wires because most people rely on cell phones. They do have internet fiber cables but they are very thin and weak.

    Andy BushAndy Bush14 giorni fa
  • Make a electric gun

    Jm's channelJm's channel14 giorni fa
  • what a talented crew

    Chadx MChadx M14 giorni fa
  • 1:55 love it hahahaha

    Carmelo EncarnacionCarmelo Encarnacion14 giorni fa
  • Why don't you make a video on Sting Ray/ Cellular Interceptor / imsi catcher using radio frequency

    RazilRazil15 giorni fa
  • Phone charging may be dangerous, if you do it via a Tesla coil...

    Mikołaj P.Mikołaj P.15 giorni fa
  • Why did i thought this was a new vid

    Daniel PirklDaniel Pirkl15 giorni fa
  • Plastic can conduct !( if I recall via electromagnetic radiation

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • To understand the charging cellphone story? You ll need an am radio

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • Hi bro ഞാൻ നിങ്ങടെ വീഡിയോസ് കാണാറുണ്ട്❤️❤️

    Saju TalkSaju Talk15 giorni fa
  • If you hook up a 5.5v 1F capacitor to an led you can put it near a tesla coil and make it glow.

    travis mooretravis moore15 giorni fa
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  • Unfortunately this explanation is Wayyyy too complex for TikTok morons to understand.... SIGH

    Edward FletcherEdward Fletcher20 giorni fa
  • No lie. My wife's friend said Bill Gates puts the virus in the Microsofts. He meant Covid btw.

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    TipoVitãoTipoVitão21 giorno fa
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    Alfredo AlbanezAlfredo Albanez22 giorni fa
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    Hossein Zarei OshtolaghHossein Zarei Oshtolagh22 giorni fa
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    Roland KöstlerRoland Köstler24 giorni fa
  • Some people can make anything interesting. I literally have no idea what he is talking about half the time and yet I'm addicted to his videos.

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    Alexander SantosAlexander Santos26 giorni fa
  • I used to tell my children not to use their phone while on charge, but only because they pull the wires and damage the sockets! Since then I gave up telling them and bought magnetic chargers which disconnect when they leap up with their phones still plugged in!

    Grumpy Old ManGrumpy Old Man27 giorni fa
  • I am your big question is which oscilloscope are best

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