New Gadgets!😍Smart Appliances, Kitchen/Utensils For Every Home🙏Makeup/Beauty🙏 #shorts

20 mar 2021
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😍 Smart Gadgets And Appliances For Every Home || Cleaning, Kitchen, Beauty Inventions 😍
New Gadgets!😍Smart Appliances, Kitchen/Utensils For Every Home🙏Makeup/Beauty🙏
Cool gadgets!😍Smart appliances, Home cleaning/ Inventions for the kitchen [Makeup&Beauty] 💪🙏
All products in this video are owned by the website owner and product owner. This is not a promotional video. It's just a smart gadget that makes our lives better

  • One of the dumbest invention I have seen🤦🏼

    Balaji K.NBalaji K.N28 minuti fa
  • Por favor, tanto artilujio para revolver un huevo un platoun tenedor y va que chuta

    Rosa Maria AlcarazRosa Maria Alcaraz57 minuti fa
  • You could just shake it

    It’s just 1nk!It’s just 1nk!Ora fa
  • 101% people in the world don't need this i guess

    Hp PotatoHp PotatoOra fa
  • อยากแท็กให้ลูกพี่ฉันเห็นจัง5555

    Cha natCha natOra fa
  • So stupid

    ChuvkChuvk2 ore fa
  • I think this products are just for people who are really lazy to do anything Can't u just cracked the egg with a spoon or a fork Just a big waste of money 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Bhavana Heigrujam Class : VIII Section : ABhavana Heigrujam Class : VIII Section : A2 ore fa
  • or you could save your money and just use a tube sock.

    Sunny QzadoSunny Qzado2 ore fa
  • Gawe ribet

    ꧁ Damar ꦢꦩꦂ Aji Pangestu ꦲꦗꦶꦥꦔꦼꦱ꧀ꦠꦸ ꧂꧁ Damar ꦢꦩꦂ Aji Pangestu ꦲꦗꦶꦥꦔꦼꦱ꧀ꦠꦸ ꧂2 ore fa
  • شكد اعشق هل لعبه🥺ادري مو لعبه هي بس اكو مثلها على شكل لعبه

    سوسو _ سان / Soso _ Sanسوسو _ سان / Soso _ San2 ore fa
  • 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

    Santa ClausSanta Claus2 ore fa
  • I can do that barehanded

    Jonh loyd BagacinaJonh loyd Bagacina2 ore fa
  • Its from Vat19

    Acorn playzAcorn playz3 ore fa
  • She also do crafts in 5minncrafts

    Sreshta VaddeSreshta Vadde3 ore fa
  • :what r u doing? :Watching 5 minute crap

    just some weebsjust some weebs3 ore fa
  • Wtf hahaha

    loko akawloko akaw3 ore fa
  • 🤢

    Ángel KunÁngel Kun4 ore fa
  • A fork might be cheaper...

    bitru4iabitru4ia4 ore fa
  • When u r the 2000 comment 0w0 Edit: forgot to say is it that hard to just wisk it?

    Ok OkOk Ok4 ore fa
  • You can scramble boil the egg if you do that. Its not completely useless

    쿨제이양동생쿨제이양동생4 ore fa
  • I wouldn't want to make breakfast

    Catherine MatulidCatherine Matulid5 ore fa
  • Family size ball 6 eggs to sreght and shake androll

    Catherine MatulidCatherine Matulid5 ore fa
  • Funny ok do in the evening fun do you really want to do this when you wake uilip and your hungry. After. Your coffee hell no and they should have for fam

    Catherine MatulidCatherine Matulid5 ore fa
  • Oh yeah, this thing so needed. I can put egg in a sock and spining for a couple time

    Тима ТиминТима Тимин5 ore fa
  • Hes a ifdk

    Nyer PestilosNyer Pestilos5 ore fa
  • When you were done finishing your egg fliping, i have already drank water, cooked food, then ate my food that i made

    Magic WondersMagic Wonders6 ore fa
  • That dont even look like egg anymore

    Zozzy_arcVZozzy_arcV6 ore fa
  • Buy a fork

    Flying pascetti monsterFlying pascetti monster7 ore fa
  • Trrereree2e2eeeweee2ewref 🇦🇮

    kuchi awkkuchi awk7 ore fa
  • More garbage to the earth!

    Gaysorn SeubglunGaysorn Seubglun8 ore fa
  • Imagine getting some "smart gadget" because you're too pathetic to stir a damn egg.

    VeroxiVeroxi8 ore fa
  • 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    م مواه هاةهمم مواه هاةهم9 ore fa
  • Or you can use a wisk which is faster

    Joti ThindJoti Thind9 ore fa
  • Quebra o ovo e bate com o garfo, porra

    Munike ElizabethMunike Elizabeth10 ore fa
  • Put some lights on that thing, so we have an orbital. Then we makin eggs

    Nukka _15Nukka _1510 ore fa
  • Odio este producto es falso🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🧐🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤮🤮🤬🤬🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Silvia Sanchez GonzalezSilvia Sanchez Gonzalez10 ore fa
  • Fake

    maria emilia castillomaria emilia castillo11 ore fa
  • It look like a rotten egg

    Heuy PhamHeuy Pham11 ore fa
  • احل فيديو انا ما يعجبني هذه الفيديوهات و ما ادري ايش اقول لكم هذه فيديوهات احلى شيء عندي🥰🥰@

    قحطان عدنانقحطان عدنان11 ore fa
  • Que cosa tan pero tan tannnnnnn inútil, ay van todos a comprar eso :/ pudiendo Hacer eso con un tenedor y manos :(((((( #productoscontaminantes para gente parasitaria.

    Jeinner Joharlin Mendoza RodriguezJeinner Joharlin Mendoza Rodriguez11 ore fa
  • Klo ada yg susah kenapa harus yg mudah

    Desi puspita.sDesi puspita.s11 ore fa
  • طلعت البيضه دايخه 😜

    خادمة المنتظر عخادمة المنتظر ع12 ore fa

    Sasuke Otaku ꪜSasuke Otaku ꪜ12 ore fa
  •'s useless tbvh

    Didu diruruDidu diruru12 ore fa
  • most useless shit ive ever seen, looks like a clown toy

    KilljoyKilljoy12 ore fa
  • i thought when u mix the egg like that youre supposed to make hard boiled eggs?

    _ spicycornflakes_ spicycornflakes13 ore fa
  • ??????? Why?

    naschenasche13 ore fa
  • Ese está bueno para mí hermano que es bien huevón

    Halim MarquezHalim Marquez13 ore fa
  • Or you can mix it with fork hmmmmm......🤔😄

    Gaaabrielaaa RalbovskaGaaabrielaaa Ralbovska13 ore fa
  • Why do all that shit when I can crack like 12 eggs and mix em as good as this while she’s loading up the seconds egg?

    TerminalBoneCancerTerminalBoneCancer13 ore fa
  • واو

    AHMED HAHMED H13 ore fa
  • I would rather break and whip it with a pair of chopstick

    Ryan LimRyan Lim13 ore fa
  • Why!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!

    spogie TVspogie TV14 ore fa
  • Dafuqq what a complete waste of time

    Lesedi Nontando MashayaLesedi Nontando Mashaya14 ore fa
  • New CBT Gadget

    Robert MatthewRobert Matthew14 ore fa
  • Just crack it

    Pigeon Gaming 123Pigeon Gaming 12315 ore fa
  • By the time she finished. I will be done washing the dishes

    Jayden GeorgeJayden George15 ore fa
  • So ein Müll

    Manuel StockManuel Stock15 ore fa
  • itworlds.infocWHPU2vpN9o?feature=share

    familia locos totalfamilia locos total16 ore fa
  • Tanto por eso e

    dmcjazmin Colmandmcjazmin Colman16 ore fa
  • Što

    Milena KunceMilena Kunce16 ore fa
  • This a second level of laziness

    HamsterHamster16 ore fa
  • Wow wow

    Usha DeyUsha Dey17 ore fa
  • Why...thats the only thing you can say

    Sonja GattererSonja Gatterer17 ore fa
  • Yar mere gharpe bahot chammach hai ande fetne ke liye

    Glam up with manishaGlam up with manisha17 ore fa
  • هذا البرنامج مضحك جدا 🤣🤣😂

    Ass IaAss Ia17 ore fa
  • This actually works but you can use socks

    4D Green Tea4D Green Tea17 ore fa
    • Use it for boiled eggs and you’ll have an egg with the yolk colour on the outside

      4D Green Tea4D Green Tea17 ore fa
  • No me la contes 🥶

    Dani LavDani Lav17 ore fa
  • All that time wasted and I’m already done making the god damm egg

    M HM H18 ore fa
  • No pz yo los hago mejor 🤣

    Andres MuñetonAndres Muñeton18 ore fa
  • What do you need for it ????

    Kader KasarKader Kasar18 ore fa
  • The first thing that she use is from vat19

    Pengavin VPengavin V18 ore fa
  • And your point is?

    Syrup CookiedoughSyrup Cookiedough18 ore fa
  • U just need fork

    Call Me KcCall Me Kc20 ore fa
  • 😮😮😮😮😮 and

    ธิดา ทองอนันตร์ธิดา ทองอนันตร์20 ore fa
  • Yes but why?

    Jacopo Maria GentileJacopo Maria Gentile20 ore fa
  • Kak padahal tinggal pecahin doang ntu telur

    azizah vcollectionazizah vcollection20 ore fa
  • You can do the same thing with a fork

    uğur çetinuğur çetin20 ore fa
  • Washing time

    ihank jangkieihank jangkie21 ora fa
  • I'm maxed out on gadgets.

    Eve FitEve Fit21 ora fa
  • e so quebrar o ovo e bater com um garfo

    Maria Pão Egg シシMaria Pão Egg シシ22 ore fa
  • Seriously! Lmao

    Daniel MuscarellaDaniel Muscarella22 ore fa
  • That's not what that things for That is the golden goose egg shaker Its primary purpose is scrambling eggs inside the Shell So then you can boil them And have a golden egg

    a filthy lizard persona filthy lizard person23 ore fa
  • The future has arrived.

    DukeDuke23 ore fa
  • Whisk: Baby I’m not even here, I’m a _hallucination_

    Re- BlitzRe- Blitz23 ore fa
    • I call it a simulation

      Nazmin684Nazmin68424 minuti fa
  • Oh wow, this is f**king useless

    N-word boiN-word boi23 ore fa

    AmaryllisAmaryllis23 ore fa
  • eggs benedict 🥚: why am i still here.. just to suffer?

    MsJane roblox and allMsJane roblox and allGiorno fa
  • Spend 3 seconds with a fork and get same result...

    Luke ALuke AGiorno fa
  • mempersulit hidup ini mah

    Ayu VeziaAyu VeziaGiorno fa
  • эммм и зачем эта фигня нужна по моему некто из нормальных этим небудет пользоваться

    SONYSONYGiorno fa
  • -----------

    ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Giorno fa
  • Huh????

    Pogi SiyaPogi SiyaGiorno fa
  • Gross

    Erika OrbánErika OrbánGiorno fa
  • Literally anything is better than this.

    Fruity JuiceFruity JuiceGiorno fa
  • อืมมเอาออกมาตีไม่ง่ายกว่าหรอ

    T vT vGiorno fa
  • whoever invented this or bought this product, i just want to introduce you to a bowl and a fork

    cel bee ɞcel bee ɞGiorno fa
  • You did all that wasted time putting thing together so you don't have to beat it , how lazy .

    sissy girlsissy girlGiorno fa
  • Girl if you don’t wisk that damn egg 😂😂

    Brandy LashayBrandy LashayGiorno fa
    • this way you can hard boil a scrambled egg.

      Sunny QzadoSunny Qzado2 ore fa
  • It's not new it came out in 2016

    Zyhan BinZyhan BinGiorno fa