What Happened to Daniel? Best Friend Lost His Memory After Giant Game Night In Real Life

21 feb 2021
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First Rebecca Zamolo created Giant GAME NIGHT with Rebecca Zamolo to Win $10,000 (Police Called). Next the Matt and Rebecca uploaded There is an EVIL PIG in our HOUSE - Surprising Piggy IRL to Host Game Night. And before all of that the Game Master Network made Hello Neighbor in Real Life to Win Game Night. What happened to daniel? We need to get him to the hospital. This looks like an emergency room trip and Matt is getting emotional. No one knows what happened. Daniel has to spend the night and is scared but hopefully he will be ok. The next day when we pick him up he doesn't know who we are. Rebecca and Maddie try to bring his memory back. Matt and Rick Noah try different tricks and hacks to see what will work. Hopefully he comes back but Matt thinks he can play fruit ninja with his Tesla. Hopefully they don't have to do a battle royale. Do you think this will work? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Can we save Daniel?

    Matt and RebeccaMatt and Rebecca8 giorni fa
    • i love you

      임한봉임한봉2 giorni fa
    • Yasss

      Shaheen AkhtarShaheen Akhtar5 giorni fa
    • Yeah but dainel didn't lose his memory

      My Home Abhra Tiny TotsMy Home Abhra Tiny Tots7 giorni fa
    • YES

      Karmen NealKarmen Neal7 giorni fa
    • I'm your biggest fan

      ravi sarairavi sarai8 giorni fa
  • I knew the mystery person was kingpin aboud the size of hwr

    Alvyda JakobsoneAlvyda Jakobsone3 ore fa
  • 3

    kathy ramoskathy ramos5 ore fa
  • Daniel said black child name

    Akila BeverlyAkila Beverly7 ore fa
  • Ummm...Guys i think of it i thought alice aka "ex bestfriend of Rebecca "is kingpin....

    Raudhah safiyyah binti syahrilRaudhah safiyyah binti syahril8 ore fa
  • i love u guys sooooo much i hope daniel is ok

    Luke CaterLuke Cater9 ore fa
  • Daniel is facking it he said I am doing well blackjack

    Sarah ScottSarah Scott9 ore fa
  • when rebecca don 24 hors in a tinny spot rz twin took somthing whith notse on a bord???

    Macey ElsdonMacey Elsdon11 ore fa
  • Ghost buster

    Super Broly animationsSuper Broly animations12 ore fa
  • Mr. X saved Daniel

    Robert McElyeaRobert McElyea13 ore fa
  • He lost it

    Jemaima SackeyJemaima Sackey14 ore fa
  • Daniel remembers black jack

    Charlotte LeeCharlotte Lee14 ore fa
  • I'm sad Daniels hurt 😭😭😭😭😭

    James RaggioJames Raggio17 ore fa
  • Zoey

    Sanbrina HuynhSanbrina Huynh17 ore fa
  • Daniel said a bad word it was the F word

    snip dogsnip dog17 ore fa
  • Daniel was hit in the head by mr. X’s cane.

    Brooke HinesBrooke Hines17 ore fa
  • He said hi black jack that’s how I knew he was prancing you guys

    Baylie HallBaylie Hall17 ore fa
  • He let slip one time in this video and he said hi to black jack

    Jennifer HartnettJennifer Hartnett18 ore fa
  • la

    Dylan AderholtDylan Aderholt20 ore fa
  • 44

    Harleigh LandrevilleHarleigh Landreville21 ora fa
  • Mr. X hid his keen on Daniel's face

    Krystal SosaKrystal Sosa21 ora fa
  • When you played among us with the jester he had some thing about Ming hating mister x in the tunnel sistom he said not to say anything

    Monique TaukiuveaMonique Taukiuvea21 ora fa
  • He rander your dog Blackjack

    jdjdj ke vinjdjdj ke vin22 ore fa
  • Ya He sus

    KkVIKA KannnaKkVIKA Kannna22 ore fa
  • Ghostbusters

    Caitlin MaloneCaitlin Malone23 ore fa
  • Mr.x is ded

    Livia FuckLivia Fuck23 ore fa
  • How did he know were the bathroom was

    the three sister familythe three sister family23 ore fa
  • What happened to Daniel why is he all been just up did something happen in the log that it didn't see yet or am I just losing my mind already somebody tell me please in the comment section please just like somebody has to tell me what happened to Daniel like what is he not remember Matt and Rebecca and Zoe and people that he know but he just doesn't remember at this time what happened I don't even know what happened to him because I would not even looking at the block until I clicked on it I think I have to go back but if I do have to go back in the log that's okay with me because I just really want to know what happened to Daniel was it serious cuz he had to go to the hospital like what happened to him 😅

    Baneen AltarshaBaneen Altarsha23 ore fa
  • You

    Vilma VenceVilma VenceGiorno fa
  • ahhhhh

    kitty collierkitty collierGiorno fa
  • E

    evie may Allenevie may AllenGiorno fa
  • No

    Alexandria BodayAlexandria BodayGiorno fa
  • I think rz tiwn

    Cutey GirlCutey GirlGiorno fa
  • How would Daniel remember Blackjack but nothing else?? Hmmmmmmmm... let me think he’s faking the act.

    Gacha Club SquadGacha Club SquadGiorno fa
  • Rick Noah: I was your best friend don’t u remember? Daniel: Eh... not really. Matt: Me too Me: Laughing as hard as I can!😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Gacha Club SquadGacha Club SquadGiorno fa
  • 170

    Mohmmed AsifMohmmed AsifGiorno fa
  • uh daniel said hey blackjack hey and then ok blackjack bye

    Kaamilah GordonKaamilah GordonGiorno fa
  • Remember when there was the challenge in the kitchen and king pin got asked A question and she said the game master invited her

    Kate SteerKate SteerGiorno fa
  • Daniel is faking!!

    Audrina ConlonAudrina ConlonGiorno fa

    BESSIM SalijiBESSIM SalijiGiorno fa

    BESSIM SalijiBESSIM SalijiGiorno fa
  • Chali

    Vilma VenceVilma VenceGiorno fa
    • OK

      Vilma VenceVilma VenceGiorno fa
  • Daniel remembered flapjacks name when he was stroking him

    Sienna HiraniSienna HiraniGiorno fa
  • Rebecca and matt she remembered black chat

    Endrade Dela CruzEndrade Dela CruzGiorno fa
  • Hi

    Huong TranHuong TranGiorno fa
  • kthl;'ghjl,/xshuzl;z./xdfkl;' [#$

    Courtney CarterCourtney CarterGiorno fa
  • I feel like Daniel is faking the memory loss

    Danielle BrownDanielle BrownGiorno fa
  • Hi

    shawna boulleyshawna boulleyGiorno fa
  • Died

    Bre RootBre RootGiorno fa
  • What was the game in real life?

    LacieMonkeyGirl HiltonLacieMonkeyGirl HiltonGiorno fa
  • Not Rebecca can you come to my party August 8

    Jenaya And Snowflakes WorldJenaya And Snowflakes WorldGiorno fa
  • I love DanielToo

    Soso 2014Soso 2014Giorno fa
  • Matt. I love you😍

    Soso 2014Soso 2014Giorno fa
  • Unfortunately no

    Soso 2014Soso 2014Giorno fa
  • Rick Noah: "Daniel you're my best friend, don't you remember?" Daniel: "Eh... not really." Matt: "I don't either." Me: laughing so hard

    Carleigh HarlowCarleigh HarlowGiorno fa
    • I knew it !.he also did the game night

      lialia14 ore fa
  • Noooooooo

    Aesthetic_cozyAesthetic_cozyGiorno fa
  • he did say hi blackjack ok bye

    Unicorn gamerUnicorn gamerGiorno fa
  • I think Kingpin hypnotized Daniel

    Brittany RubyBrittany RubyGiorno fa
  • It's not a prank because Daniel I think Daniel lost his memories and he doesn't know anything and when they drive to the hospital Daniel says Matt

    Sophia ErnestSophia ErnestGiorno fa

    That Kenna ShowThat Kenna ShowGiorno fa
  • Hi

    That Kenna ShowThat Kenna ShowGiorno fa
  • Ok

    That Kenna ShowThat Kenna ShowGiorno fa
  • Omg

    That Kenna ShowThat Kenna ShowGiorno fa
  • Is Daniel going be ok??!!!

    Bella RoseBella RoseGiorno fa
  • Daniel is pranking you

    British WhittenBritish WhittenGiorno fa
  • Daniel side Roberob

    gemma mauringgemma mauringGiorno fa
  • Watch the video halfway through because Daniel remember black jack

    Angel WilsonAngel WilsonGiorno fa
  • Try and do hot sauce like last time

    Sarilem VillalobosSarilem VillalobosGiorno fa
  • Lol 😂

    Ricardo EscalanteRicardo EscalanteGiorno fa
  • He. Said. Blackjack

    Chantal GreavesChantal GreavesGiorno fa
  • the kany hit danels mothe dud

    Ashley Castro GarciaAshley Castro GarciaGiorno fa
  • I think I can help you

    Karyn SchmidlappKaryn SchmidlappGiorno fa
  • No I'm sorry

    Karyn SchmidlappKaryn SchmidlappGiorno fa
    • I hope he is okay 👌 😔 🙏 😢 😞 😕

      Karyn SchmidlappKaryn SchmidlappGiorno fa
  • Maddie is smart

    Ice cream yogurt freakIce cream yogurt freakGiorno fa
  • I love when she says I’m offended

    Ivy MaitlandIvy MaitlandGiorno fa
  • Weoll

    Jessica BurtonJessica BurtonGiorno fa
  • he is pranking you guys

    jess prestonjess prestonGiorno fa
  • No i am not a vip on tik tok

    tdes10tdes10Giorno fa
  • Daniel is Emily still in here but he’s like he’s faking

    MaryAnn MurciaMaryAnn MurciaGiorno fa
  • Rebbecca,s necklace:Rebbecca 💖 Mine necklace: Banana 🍌

    XX Cuahella Roblox and minecraft and pixel NguyenXX Cuahella Roblox and minecraft and pixel NguyenGiorno fa
  • I KNEW ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!

    cece hathamancece hathamanGiorno fa
  • Guys you never noticed but when you are he was holding that hacker by when the girls heaven he said break open a cell remember when you broke that she'll open with that game master inside

    Maya NiesigMaya Niesig2 giorni fa
  • I am so sad

    Destiny VuDestiny Vu2 giorni fa

    Jade HasanJade Hasan2 giorni fa
  • daniel knows who blackjack is

    Chloe MajoueChloe Majoue2 giorni fa
  • Formatos de años playa

    Diana SorianoDiana Soriano2 giorni fa
  • No=yes

    Ana DamjanskaAna Damjanska2 giorni fa
  • Daniel remembers everything he’s pretending to lose his memory

    Victoria CraftsVictoria Crafts2 giorni fa
    • Ik

      Peace myusbdPeace myusbd7 ore fa
    • I don't know what happened

      Paul SerjeantPaul SerjeantGiorno fa
  • Daniel i an sorry 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Shabanna Hamid KhanShabanna Hamid Khan2 giorni fa
  • idk

    Suna HajdiniSuna Hajdini2 giorni fa
  • Daniel got hypnotized by game masters sister/girl game master now she taken her brother staff. And I guess game master body disappeared

    Spring SolivenSpring Soliven2 giorni fa
  • Daniel is pretending to lost his memory

    Batul HarunaBatul Haruna2 giorni fa
  • Daniel is faking it

    Riley PowersRiley Powers2 giorni fa
  • How can Daniel know that he was a real h

    Anderson LedwardAnderson Ledward2 giorni fa
    • Haker

      Anderson LedwardAnderson Ledward2 giorni fa
  • Mr x hit him with his cane before his sister took it while y’all were looking away

    Alelhi PerezAlelhi Perez2 giorni fa
  • he is faking his memory lost

    salma jamasalma jama2 giorni fa
  • Yes

    yinaury placenciayinaury placencia2 giorni fa
  • Dianel lost he's memory becuse Mr.x stick i saw last night i saw your video becuse i was whatching it in order

    Aysha sheza Fathima hazaAysha sheza Fathima haza2 giorni fa
  • The guy that said Mr.e he's the one that was Rebecca's ex best friend Alice boyfriend

    Eduardo ColioEduardo Colio2 giorni fa
  • he got hit by mr.x caneeeeeeee

    DeNyssia RoriexDeNyssia Roriex2 giorni fa