Choti Sarrdaarni | छोटी सरदारनी | Episode 330 | 20 November 2020

20 nov 2020
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A heated debate takes place between Sarabjeet and Manav when the latter decides to divorce his wife, Aditi. As a result, a shell-shocked Aditi, who is listening to their conversation, is deeply hurt and injures herself. Will this incident make Manav change his decision?
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Meher is coerced by her mother into marrying Sarabjeet, a widower with a 5 year-old child. But, much to her mother’s dislike, Meher is pregnant with her lover, Manav’s child. Can she stand up for her love and fight her own? This is the journey of a strong-willed woman who makes her own rules and stands by them, come what may. Naag se badh kar Naagin, Sher se badh kar Sherni aur Sardar se badh kar Choti Sarrdaarni! Watch the fiercely independent sardani take on the world and protect her family in Choti Sarrdaarni.
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  • Isou sowet manav 😍😍

    Zeeshan KhanZeeshan KhanGiorno fa
  • Please, subtitles!!!! Thank´s . From Argentina

    Claudia MarzoClaudia Marzo2 giorni fa
  • manav is best😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Nirmala GiriNirmala Giri3 giorni fa
  • Sary fsad k jhar mhr h

    Simran NoorSimran Noor4 giorni fa
  • With no subtitles i dont quiet understand everything but before vickram remember he was managing him never like aditi so why treat her so now over a baby you can take care of by yourself

    Tracy SmithTracy Smith5 giorni fa
    • If she finds out who you are will she stay and his mom find out who he is will she stay. Who will help him take care of a young sickly baby. Oh come on!!

      Tracy SmithTracy Smith5 giorni fa
  • How long I have to wait for English subtitles... When the show finish

    Shala ShalaShala Shala5 giorni fa
  • Love this show 📺 but I need English subtitles please 🙏

    Shala ShalaShala Shala5 giorni fa
  • plz give subtittle❤❤

    Sandhya BastolaSandhya Bastola5 giorni fa
  • Manav ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Aliya MAliya M6 giorni fa
  • Subtitles in English please🙏

    Carolina MacchiCarolina Macchi9 giorni fa
  • Pagal manav .

    vindhya atlavindhya atla9 giorni fa
  • This show should be titled choti sardar( who is manav) not choti sardarni

    Hello HelloHello Hello9 giorni fa
  • mare manav ko or taklif mat do

    Shorna AkterShorna Akter10 giorni fa
  • Manav😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Parmila TamangParmila Tamang10 giorni fa
    • Oooo

      Sameer AliSameer Ali9 giorni fa
  • Manav sahi he❣️❣️

    Parmila TamangParmila Tamang10 giorni fa
    • Manaz Kon hai

      Haniya Khan KakarHaniya Khan Kakar7 giorni fa
  • Love manav Kash Har kisi ko aisa piyar krne wala mile

    Ravi KaurRavi Kaur10 giorni fa
  • Yeh bewakoof manav ko kuch samjmain nhi aati h. Apna naam bhi sahi nhi h. Karan ko keisa naam dega

    Rm surasingheRm surasinghe10 giorni fa
  • Please, the subtitles in English !!! Thank you!!!

    soraya1222soraya122210 giorni fa
  • Ramdav pairs

    Radha UpertyRadha Uperty10 giorni fa
  • Vo larki klmohi bdkirdar mehr hai.. hrlen g

    Muhammad. HuzafaMuhammad. Huzafa11 giorni fa
  • Srabjet aur meher ghtiya nech aur khud ghrz kmeny hain .. i like manav

    Muhammad. HuzafaMuhammad. Huzafa11 giorni fa
  • I love manav

    Mohammed TharifMohammed Tharif11 giorni fa
  • I don't like choti saardaarni

    gita kcgita kc11 giorni fa
  • Manav should get his child but he should not leave Aditi 😭😭😭 Aditi is so sad she will suicide

    Sarish ZehraSarish Zehra11 giorni fa
  • Im begginning to get bored to watch dis serial bcos of dis stupid Manav!

    Fazilah KhanFazilah Khan11 giorni fa
    • @Denise Roberts why u so uptight. Its just a serial drama. And every one has their own opinion.

      Fazilah KhanFazilah Khan9 giorni fa
    • How is he stupid its the man child allover the world people is saying fathers do not stand up to their response now hear is one who want to be part of his child life and this make him stupid talk sense

      Denise RobertsDenise Roberts10 giorni fa
    • Yes

      Rm surasingheRm surasinghe10 giorni fa
    • Yes

      Sarish ZehraSarish Zehra11 giorni fa
  • I support manav

    Labonno AkterLabonno Akter11 giorni fa
  • Manav gatiya he karan kushime sarabmaher pas rehethihe ye gatiya manav muje nahi pasand he sach me

    suneth prasannasuneth prasanna11 giorni fa
    • Muje bhi

      Rm surasingheRm surasinghe10 giorni fa
  • Mujhe Aditi pe tarash aana lagi hein😣

    Subedi PusparajSubedi Pusparaj11 giorni fa
  • Felling sad To ManaV😢

    Basanta NeupaneBasanta Neupane11 giorni fa
  • I hope that manav and aditi be together I mean she is love with manav and let karan be with them to manav and aditi and karan and manav mom happy family

    Vegito SaiyanVegito Saiyan11 giorni fa
    • Truuuuuu

      Muskan AbdulrazakMuskan Abdulrazak3 giorni fa
  • Maanav you are so intelligent

    Anita DeviAnita Devi11 giorni fa
    • @gita kc intelligence 😂😂

      Pragati AcharyaPragati Acharya9 giorni fa
    • Not intelligent

      gita kcgita kc11 giorni fa
  • Such a bad scene the beginning

    Candy SCandy S12 giorni fa
  • I like how Manav is behaving, how he is treating Sarabh n meher. Like it. He should teach them a lesson

    Spread LoveSpread Love12 giorni fa
    • @Spread Love oh ok 👍

      Vegito SaiyanVegito Saiyan11 giorni fa
    • @Vegito Saiyan i know that, i meant to say that i like how is is behaving , it means i like how he is strong, strongly standing for it, not listening to Sarabh's excuses, it means he still wants his child. Hope its clear

      Spread LoveSpread Love11 giorni fa
    • He just wants his child not to hurt or treating them

      Vegito SaiyanVegito Saiyan11 giorni fa
    • Why

      Ladhia RajabLadhia Rajab11 giorni fa
  • I hate Meher just because she is not with Manav anymore doesn't mean he isn't Karan's dad. Again and again she is saying meri Karan instead of hamara Karan. That shows how selfish she is.

    shahnaz wazilshahnaz wazil12 giorni fa
    • Ndio wakwake na siku zote mtoto wa mama

      Ladhia RajabLadhia Rajab11 giorni fa
  • I love Manav

    Faz MGFaz MG12 giorni fa
  • I feel so sad for manav

    queen Neyruuz aliqueen Neyruuz ali12 giorni fa
  • The episode starts with, Scene 1 Sarab says if you hurt my sister.. I.. Manav says what will you do? Will you kill me.. You have spoken way too much. Everything has changed and so has my decision. I thought I will take Karan and go somewhere with Aditi and mom. But you threatened me. No one can threaten me. So now you listen, your sister and my relationship is over. Right from this moment. she isn’t my wife anymore, I am not her husband. Aditi comes and hears all this. Adiit says you will leave me for that chunri girl? Manav says I have nothing to do with her. I don’t even know here. Aditi says why did you marry me then? He says I was under pressure. Aditi says we were tied for life. He says it’s not your mistake. Non of it is your fault. You’re a nice and educated girl. You can find a better guy. I can’t give you any happiness. It’s better for us to part ways. Aditi says you can live without me but I can’t live without you. Aditi pcks a knife to slit her wrist. Meher says Aditi no.. Sarab says Guddi no.. Manav says please stop Aditi. Aditi slits her wrist. She faints. Everyone is shocked. They all run to her. Sarab and Meher tie a cloth around the cut. Meher calls doctor. Sarab says are you crazy? Sarab takes Aditi inside. Manav also runs in. Harleen says what happeend to Aditi? Bring first-aid box. Harleen shoves Manav and says how dare you. Aditi says please leave me alone. I don’t want to live. Sarab says are you crazy? God give you my life as well. Manav gives her water. Aditi says I don’t want it. Give it to your chunri girl not me. She took all my happiness. Who is that girl. Manav says there’s no such girl and I don’t love her. Harleen grabs his collar and says lower your voice. If you don’t have anyone then why is she in this condition? Whose chunri was that in your coat? Tell me her blo*dy name. SArab says di leave him please. Sarab says sorry Vikram. Sarab says stop it di. Control yourself. Harleen says look at our sister’s condition. Harleen says shame on you Mr. Dewan. I never thought you can do this. You will divorce my sister? I will call police and file a case of provoking suicide. Robbie call the lawyer and police. Sarab says stop di. What are you doing? This is our family matter and we will solve it in the house. Harleen sits with Aditi. Sarab says let’s talk what I called you here for Mr. Dewan. Sarab says to Aditi I will solve your problem forever. He takes Meher and Aditi in the room. Robbie says in heart I need to keep all news of Gill masnions. Scene 2 Amrita is out. Kulwant is there as well. Kulawnt calls Amrita. Amrita picks. Kulwant says where are you? I looked in the entire house. Amrita says I came to Yuvi’s school. To submit his fees. Kulwant says I could also go with you. Amrita says I will talk to you later. Amrita gives her puch to someone in a rickshaw. Kulwant says this is the pouch with Amrita’s chains. Manav says to Sarab you must have seen how Harleen accused me by holding my collar. What Aditi did, I blame myself for it. But as much as I am responsible you both are too. Mr and Mrs. Gill. You shouldn’t have forced to keep Karan and I wouldn’t have threatened to leave Aditi. I am embarrassed in front of my mom because of you two. In Aditi’s eyes as well. Harleen published my character certificate all because of you two. My fate is bad and I got punished. Was it my mistake that I was an orphan? Was it my fault that I fell in love with Meher? I loved her so much. Her mother tried to kill me. I lost my memory. Then I got it back. Where was my mistake in all this? Why am I being punished when I had no mistake. Luck kept testing me. Meher says it’s testing all three of us Vikram ji. Manav looks at her. He recalls kissing Karan. Meher recalls kissing Karan as well. Sarab recalls playing with Karan. Meher says if I got married to someone who didn’t accept Karan what would I do? Where would Karan do? Sarab says I know Karan when Meher was pregnant with him for 2 weeks only. I never thought he was not my blood. Like Meher became Param’s mother right when she saw him. I became the father of Karan right when I got to know him. He needed my name. Karan has made me a father again. I spent every moment with him. How can someone take my life from me? How can I give my life to somoene. He’s our life. Please don’t take him away from us. Please. You want to take him away what difference would you make? Manav says I have no one but Karan. I will give him every good thing in life. I will educate him. Sarab says I can do all that as well. Whwt different can you do? Manav says my name. His real father’s name. His name is Karanjit Singh Gill, son of Karan ji singh Gill. He’s my blood and he has your name? It should be my name with his. Episode ends. Precap-Sarab says here’s the file. Sign it. These are Karan’s custody papers. You wanted this right. Sign it. Manav takes the pen to sign it. Meher is shocked.

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    • You know what** I love you 🥰🥰

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    • @Shukri Hassan Abdi wc sis

    • Thanks alot dear

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    • @INVISIBLE ANGEL plz keep doing it.....👍👍😊

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  • Bichara manav sahi to bol rahe So sad fro him 😭😭

    Omica BasnetOmica Basnet12 giorni fa
  • Karanjeet singh gill 😘😘😘❤️

    Maria MohamedMaria Mohamed12 giorni fa
  • Sab sach batadena chahiye sab log samj lege kab batao ge manav ka atit hena atit se aj kya kya lena dena please bata do sab

    Omica BasnetOmica Basnet12 giorni fa
  • neither manav, meher or sarab are to blame. all this? is as a result of kulwant kaur's cruelty. hence this mess.

    soul soulsoul soul12 giorni fa
    • Yani.. qismat ka khel 🥺

      Dreamer ZHDreamer ZH12 giorni fa
    • Yes u r right

      Sakina YusufSakina Yusuf12 giorni fa
  • Meher,Sarab and Manav don't have the fault three of them are victims of the cruelity of Kulwant she is the only one to blame because sometimes the destiny gives by itself but this time she cause all of this mess

    Nilria MuñozNilria Muñoz12 giorni fa
    • You are right

      Ladhia RajabLadhia Rajab11 giorni fa
  • Manav tu sob de sakti hain karan ko,lakin janam dene bali maa nehi de sakti.

    nilima mitranilima mitra12 giorni fa
    • Sarab too can give karan everything but not his biological father.

      Hello HelloHello Hello9 giorni fa
    • its truth 👍👍

      think Positivethink Positive10 giorni fa
  • مجے سبسکرائبرز نہں چاہے مجےبس پیار چاہے کوہی پیار کرنے ولا ہوگا💖💖💖💖💖💖,/,./,

    Hasina RahimHasina Rahim12 giorni fa
  • Let manav be a father to his son

    amaya williamsamaya williams12 giorni fa
  • Let’s be honest, manav has handled his whole situation that isn’t his fault profoundly. So much injustice for one person. Poor aditi too😭

    Kadijatu Mv KargboKadijatu Mv Kargbo12 giorni fa
  • I like manav bkwas sarbeejeet ur mehar

    Zikra MalikZikra Malik12 giorni fa
  • Pls manav or meher ko milaa do🥺🥺..mehnav🥰🥰

    ria Hossainria Hossain12 giorni fa
    • Nooo

      Sakina YusufSakina Yusuf12 giorni fa
  • Sarbjeet veer ji 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Kuldeep KaurKuldeep Kaur12 giorni fa
  • Subtitle plss

    Moyosore JohnsonMoyosore Johnson12 giorni fa
  • Kulwand kooor heheheh young lag rhi acha style he

    paGal larkipaGal larki12 giorni fa
    • It's Kulwant Kaur

      Simran KaurSimran Kaur12 giorni fa
  • Heeehehhe

    paGal larkipaGal larki12 giorni fa
  • manav sahi hai

    Bismilla 786Bismilla 78612 giorni fa
  • Phr manav ko hee ghlt bna dia kasoor kia h bechary ka.. Sara kasoor mehar ka h dy dy usy uska bachaa. Surb jeet ny koi ehsan nhi kia karan ko apna nam dy k..kisi ny majbor tu nhi kia tha.. ahb surab or mehar negative lag rhy hai

    kiran Khankiran Khan12 giorni fa
  • Manav sahi hai

    Areeba SajilAreeba Sajil12 giorni fa
  • I feel so sad for manav😭😭

    Khan AhmedKhan Ahmed12 giorni fa
  • Acha hoa Aditi na kia ab Vikram apna bacha or Chala ga meher bhi is like nahi apna bacha ko dosra baap dea rahi hay Vikram ko deada bcha or ko perma ki wajh sa insecure ho Jai ga

    simple artsimple art12 giorni fa
    • Yeh bacha meher Aur manav ka hai ???

      Haniya Khan KakarHaniya Khan Kakar7 giorni fa
    • Yeh bacha me her Aur manav ka hai ???

      Haniya Khan KakarHaniya Khan Kakar7 giorni fa
  • Poor manav

    Areeba amirAreeba amir13 giorni fa
  • Jb Aditi ne nas cut ki tb mu deakh rahe the banda hospital ly jay

    Rumman FaisalRumman Faisal13 giorni fa
    • Eheheh

      paGal larkipaGal larki12 giorni fa
  • Vikram dewan k pas khud ka nam nhe h Yr phle khud ko Manav to Btaye sab ko phr apna naam dena Karan ko...😁

    Zoha CreationZoha Creation13 giorni fa
  • Manav is a good actor super

    Fun FinFun Fin13 giorni fa

    beautiful # Funny #Nicebeautiful # Funny #Nice13 giorni fa
  • Sarab and Meher baqwas actor

    Fun FinFun Fin13 giorni fa
  • Sarab Jeet over actor bqwas acting

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  • Par aik tarika se manoof bhi theek ha

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  • Manav sahi ha

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  • 🇲🇷

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  • No manoof is not doing not right

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    • Manav just want his child 😔😔

      Vegito SaiyanVegito Saiyan11 giorni fa
  • Jhoota Sarabjeet meri umar v lag jaye phir mar ke dikhaye

    Naghma FardoosNaghma Fardoos13 giorni fa
  • Hammad super man

    Hamad11 ButtHamad11 Butt13 giorni fa
    • @asif ali 😂

      Alishba nadeemAlishba nadeem12 giorni fa
    • Who is hammad🤔

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  • Manav k sath q kr ry ye asy dono zalim mehar or sarab

    Kaka GujjarKaka Gujjar13 giorni fa
  • manav you are brilliant actor... never fails to amaze you...

    Noor FreozNoor Freoz13 giorni fa
    • Me toooo

      DifFicuLt HayaTDifFicuLt HayaT13 giorni fa
  • Manav ke saath bohat galta hoya ha man manav ke saath hoon

    Abu DayanAbu Dayan13 giorni fa
  • Bollywood Queen Ekta Kapoor celebrated diwali party video dhake aur like karein aur meray channel ko subscribe karein .

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  • Manav sahi kr rha ha kon kon agree ha

    Abu DayanAbu Dayan13 giorni fa
    • @Simran Kaur and me nah sahihe

      Ladhia RajabLadhia Rajab11 giorni fa
    • Me nahi I disagree

      Simran KaurSimran Kaur12 giorni fa
  • Hsyh

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  • Manav bohat ghalat ker raha hai

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    • @Abu Dayan chalo jo bhi Ho jeet achai ki hi hoti hai akhir mae

      Hira BatoolHira Batool13 giorni fa
    • @Hira Batool han laken sarap or mahar b to galat kr rhe han os ke saath

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    • Laikin wo aditi kae sath bura ker raha hai

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    • Bichary ka bacha q ni dy ray dono

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    • No vo bilkul sahi kr rha ha he is right

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  • Im 3rd

    Maryam AltafMaryam Altaf13 giorni fa
  • Awesome❤️But me Fan of Hammad Khatri. He’s hearing impaired ITworldsr. No one know him. His channel name Hammad Khatri Jai Hind🇮🇳

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  • Waiting next episode

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