2020 F1 Drivers: Their Biggest Heartbreaks

21 nov 2020
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Relive the most agonising moments to date from the F1 careers of the 2020 grid - podiums and race wins snatched away, controversial collisions and more...
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  • I think i’m crying

    David van BodegomDavid van Bodegom12 ore fa
  • The moment Vettel hit the barrier in Germany- that was when Ferrari decided he wasn’t worth holding onto I think.

    David BennettDavid Bennett17 ore fa
  • Lewis Helppp

    MustyegamingMustyegamingGiorno fa
  • O. K

    MustyegamingMustyegamingGiorno fa
  • Dude hamilot really killed albons race there , and it happend twice

    TheRuinedMidlanerTheRuinedMidlanerGiorno fa
  • its bwoken!its bwoken!

    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac藍戰士Kit Kit Chan IsaacGiorno fa
  • 15:37 I laughed my head off during the race

    Toxickk G4mer1Toxickk G4mer12 giorni fa
  • 15.37 I laughed my head off durin the gp

    Toxickk G4mer1Toxickk G4mer12 giorni fa

    Andre_Star 777Andre_Star 7772 giorni fa
  • If hamilton didn’t keep shunting albon out, albon would’ve had more podiums, and could’ve potentially kept his seat. Hamilton’s fault that hes out?

    Callum Chin-SeeCallum Chin-See2 giorni fa
  • Kvyat's is not for Kvyat, for Vettel....

    リhirリhir2 giorni fa
  • 0:45 2020 was so broken that lauda came back to life to give us some comfort...

    PiyushPiyush4 giorni fa
  • As of 2021 -update stroll, Turkish Grand Prix 2020, led 2nd most laps but bad strategy cost him -update Russell, win taken away from sakhir -update grosjean, crash of his life that ended his season, and never got to wear the helmet his kids made for him for his final race. - for all of you saying update Perez, hopefully it’s not just me who thinks losing a seat he has for almost a decade, a team he saved from bankruptcy is comparable to a podium.

    Abdur Rashid VAbdur Rashid V4 giorni fa
  • Surprised they didn’t show the time Russell raced the Mercedes in 2020

    Drew SantistevanDrew Santistevan5 giorni fa
  • Most drivers heartbreaks were in either the last 2 seasons meanwhile kimi's was way back in 2005 with v10 engines

    GeorgeGeorge5 giorni fa
  • 2 Weeks After, George Russel Biggest Heartbreaks he going to mercedes in 2021 because mercedes dont want to lost he.

    VixioVixio5 giorni fa
  • Kimi's heartbreak is wrong, it should be France 2002... He did an amazing race which no one remembers, because there were no flags out for oil on tack. So he slipped on the oil with only few laps left and Schumacher could pass him. You should have seen his face on the podium, because he just had lost his first win in Formula 1.

    LaoTzeLaoTze5 giorni fa
  • Vettel's choice hits differently

    tiger sauxtiger saux6 giorni fa
  • Me sees video thinks in head vettels season

    Che BarronChe Barron6 giorni fa
  • 3:15 san ganchao

    Rober TFRober TF6 giorni fa
  • Funny to see Hamilton creating many down moments for drivers by hitting them somewhat strstegicaly

    Diogo LimaDiogo Lima6 giorni fa
  • How about Nico Rosbergs steering not working at all when he was positioned P1. And Kimi losing power

    Yz LinYz Lin7 giorni fa
  • They posted this video a bit too early, who's here after George lost in Sakhir?

    example 2844example 28447 giorni fa
  • i dont know why but if you are on your home race there is more percentage of you retire than finishing the race

    Muhammad KevinMuhammad Kevin8 giorni fa
  • 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎

    劉財富劉財富9 giorni fa
  • 💯💯💥💥

    Arrows Racing TeamArrows Racing Team10 giorni fa
  • Its even worse when you can hear it in their voice

    그림럴그림럴10 giorni fa
  • Everyone: we have a heartbreak race . Pérez : my heartbreak is... leaven Racing Point .

    Mohamad ZarouraMohamad Zaroura13 giorni fa
  • Heartbreak leclerc losing the podium in turkey

    Messi ByrneMessi Byrne14 giorni fa
  • im sure georges heartbreaking moment now is losing a win on debut for merc in sakhir

    Oceann SpirittOceann Spiritt15 giorni fa
  • 0:44 toto wolf gets angry a lot. Also Kimi Raikkonen could have won the world championship I think.

    lamborghiniawsome54lamborghiniawsome5416 giorni fa
  • No one likes ocon

    nitro stopmotionsnitro stopmotions17 giorni fa
  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Falih Nawrizqka06Falih Nawrizqka0617 giorni fa
  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Falih Nawrizqka06Falih Nawrizqka0617 giorni fa
  • The resolute finger cytologically walk because triangle sporadically breathe regarding a well-made icebreaker. nasty, awake maria

    Michael MontaltoMichael Montalto18 giorni fa
  • 9:55 atok ajib pun ada kereta.. :)

    Guest 2001Guest 200119 giorni fa
  • Biggest Heartbreak in F1 history: Russel in the Mercedesa in Shakir 2020....

    Michi383Michi38320 giorni fa
  • There is always seb spinning

    iranna siranna s20 giorni fa
  • Russell will cry y y y y y y y y y

    LeoleonLeoleon20 giorni fa
  • ouuuucccchhhh

    Delmoro DanjiDelmoro Danji20 giorni fa
  • I wonder how many people lost their jobs in this video. Between bad calls or just straight up incompetence, it had to be quite a few careers lost. Couple of times I saw something that would have had you blackballed entirely.

    Herp DerpingtonHerp Derpington21 giorno fa
  • 0:17 from happy to sad in a few seconds

    JoshuaJoshua22 giorni fa
  • Sergio is so underrated... The has been able to squeak a win no matter what he's driven, constant underdog.

    joshawott31joshawott3123 giorni fa
  • I feel like Max's biggest heartbreak is the FP3 Crash in Monaco. It's Monaco and the pole was his to grab but a practice crash prevented it.

    Hugo NilssonHugo Nilsson23 giorni fa
  • The creepy chef connoly concern because monkey morphologically suspend times a striped increase. cool, daily christopher

    Nick BarnesNick Barnes24 giorni fa
  • How many times has Hamilton took the lead after someone else had a problem in this video

    jasper van herwijnenjasper van herwijnen25 giorni fa
  • In this video Lewis Hamilton looks like a villain

    yodef 682yodef 68226 giorni fa
  • Oh valencia my home circuit i remembre a lot that circuit

    Oscar crack400Oscar crack40026 giorni fa
  • This video is depressing asf!

    RogueVoidRogueVoid27 giorni fa
  • 2:45 the way he said "Battery"

    Shrey MishraShrey Mishra28 giorni fa
    • "Buttery"

      Falah MekkahFalah Mekkah27 giorni fa
  • 15:25 Pls Don’t Show me that

    EREN TABAREREN TABAR29 giorni fa
  • my name max verstappans name: max me when I was 6: hey that’s my name

    max gaming YTmax gaming YTMese fa
  • I'm sorry but the biggest hartbreaking moment from Seb is defently Hockenheim 2018

    Max RWEMax RWEMese fa
  • The dreary lake locally tug because bandana hemperly race to a sleepy india. obscene, delicious stamp

    Nick BarnesNick BarnesMese fa
  • Update; Stroll and Russell missing out a win. Grosjean suffering a horrific crash and losing out his last F1 race

    Franco ViejoFranco ViejoMese fa
  • 15:26 *pain*

    ga mmaga mmaMese fa
  • Sad🤧

    Ezra ArielEzra ArielMese fa
  • 0:53 - On _its_ own.

    The DoctorThe DoctorMese fa
  • F in the chat for George. All know what should be there

    Max VersthappeningMax VersthappeningMese fa
  • Erros acontece 15:11 Mano agora Max quere briga por um erro lamentavel 15:17

    Arthur GamerArthur GamerMese fa
  • ?cecee ceHi

    HUDAHUDAMese fa
  • It wasn’t a heartbreak moment from Sergio... it’s a victory basically... he’s on a better team now

    Elizabeth Del castilloElizabeth Del castilloMese fa
  • See... the Giovinazzi Spa thing... I knew what I always do in Real Racing 3 applies in real life... it’s just that in real life it happens more majorly

    Elizabeth Del castilloElizabeth Del castilloMese fa
  • 6:00

    Darius EdwinDarius EdwinMese fa
  • Lol perez's one doesn't really apply anymore. Losing the racing point seat was probably the best thing that could have happened to him.

    Stephen LynchStephen LynchMese fa
  • george russel's biggest heartbreak is getting signed with williams

    Kiran DhamdhereKiran DhamdhereMese fa
  • Despite being the most unsuccessful team for the best 2/3 years, Williams is still one of the most likeable and loveable teams.

    lukerslukersMese fa
  • 1:29 this is F1 2025

    Dwayne VenzonDwayne VenzonMese fa
  • What's music on background?

    Erick ColbyErick ColbyMese fa
  • Don’t care what anyone says Hamilton at the very least nudged Albion off the track

    Hannah TaylorHannah TaylorMese fa
  • Carlos russia 2015

    oci 99oci 99Mese fa
  • Albon calling Hamilton a sore loser is a joke. Just like when he spun all on his own at Imola and tried to blame it on a Mclaren. No wonder he has been kicked out of RBR.

    Avinash MAvinash MMese fa
  • Albon: I will get a podium finally. Hamilton: Not today my boy.

    Sumit SarkarSumit SarkarMese fa
  • Plot twist: checo's biggest heartbreak actually albon's

    pogot logotpogot logotMese fa
  • The tasteful mallet perioperaively continue because limit internally lock opposite a gamy push. scary, furry furtive kimberly

    magic spellmagic spellMese fa
  • Vettell in Germany? C'mon!

    themasqueradingcow91themasqueradingcow91Mese fa
  • I think Vettel’s biggest heartbrake is wrecking at home 2018

    UnkownShadow94UnkownShadow94Mese fa
  • Well i can say one more thing whrn Grosjan opens a file the file name is NIKI LAUDA. EXE

    Csaba TrostovszkyCsaba TrostovszkyMese fa
  • Why does Grosjean's footage look like it was filmed 1999?

    SheldonSheldonMese fa
  • Verstappen remaining true to himself. Pushes his opponent off the track, before insulting him and reversing the fault. This guy is a disgrace.

    VolanneVolanneMese fa
  • Correction: Vettels Biggest HeartBreak was Lap 52, Germany 2018 the day he gave away the WDC and Constructors Title to Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes Boys

    Curtis HunterCurtis HunterMese fa
  • Vettel twice! Why be so mean? :)

    Anirban SamantaAnirban SamantaMese fa
  • Heartbrake Albon loses seat in 2021

    StretchGlory 9StretchGlory 9Mese fa
  • Germany 2019 still makes my eyes wet

    Julian LangJulian LangMese fa
  • Hamilton is a big a...... i don't like him. Driving like a idiot with no respect.

    Passi MotionlessPassi MotionlessMese fa
    • We think the same way

      Peter’s PlaytimePeter’s PlaytimeMese fa
  • Mugello crash for lance stroll

    yashwanth gowdayashwanth gowdaMese fa
  • Thi

    Uma ChaduvulaUma ChaduvulaMese fa
    • Ha

      Uma ChaduvulaUma ChaduvulaMese fa
  • Lando: *loosing power right at the end when he was set to finish P5* Crofty: Charles LeClerc wins the Belgian Grand prix!

    MaryMaryMese fa
  • "This guy is such a sore loser!" Lewis Hamilton in a nutshell ladies and gentleman.

    GoblinGoblinMese fa
    • You sure about that

      thomasbrewer 1332thomasbrewer 1332Mese fa
  • 2020 you say? Clickbait is more appropriate. Not much here from 2020.

    LethalChickenLethalChickenMese fa
  • I would rather say that Sainz's heartbreak moment was in Monza in 2020

    Flavio Pompeo MennaFlavio Pompeo MennaMese fa
  • Leclerc's robbed victory was rewarded with such a dramatic one. I'm sure George's will be the same

    윤성민윤성민Mese fa
  • Millones de dólares ganan y no te ponen una traducción

    Fabricio MartinezFabricio MartinezMese fa
  • Russell's biggest heartbreak was Sakhir. He gave up a win in Sakhir vs a point which was lost in Imola Sakhir was much worse

    Dhruv PuriDhruv PuriMese fa
  • Grosjean:almost getting killed in a haas car what got set fire

    Paul BeaumontPaul BeaumontMese fa
    • he deserved that

      29 PESOS29 PESOSMese fa
  • Should have been Russell at Mercedes

    Jasey Like noodlesJasey Like noodles2 mesi fa
    • The video was made before it

      DY DonkyeeDY Donkyee29 giorni fa
  • 0:23 Soluter

    Team GumatasTeam Gumatas2 mesi fa
  • music at 8:45?

    Ansh BhatiaAnsh Bhatia2 mesi fa
  • If I was Albon, Hamilton would’ve been smacked as soon as that wave was over

    Charley DuffellCharley Duffell2 mesi fa
  • Part 2: Fittipaldi: Schumacher and Mazepin are in the haas Aitken: i dont know

    Vinícius ApolinarioVinícius Apolinario2 mesi fa