Building An Electric Streetfighter Motorcycle - Complete Build & Test Ride!

17 nov 2020
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In this video I build a custom electric streetfighter motorcycle. Plans for this project are available at the following link:
This aggressive looking streetfighter uses the same 24 kW (32 hp) drive train as the previous Cyber Trike project. Though equivalent to most 300cc street bikes in overall power, this little monster boasts a massive 250 ft-lb of max starting torque and over 100 ft-lb of mid-range torque, and only weighs 300 lbs. Top speed is limited to 115-150 kph depending on the system voltage, but it boasts more torque than most 1000cc bikes to produce white knuckle acceleration at legal speeds, so you can still have fun without the risk of getting a speeding ticket, or worse. In fact, unless you're a pro rider with great throttle control on one wheel then you'll probably want to use the controller program to lower the torque to 25-50% for the first few rides.
Specs and links for electrical components can be found below.
Bike specs:
Power: 12 kw/ 24 kWp, 32 hp gross
Motor: QS273 70H brushless hub motor
Battery: 74V/4.3 kWh Li-Po
Range: up to 100 km's
Top speed: ~115 kph (71 mph) @ 72V, 150 kph (93 mph) @ 120V
Max torque: 350 Nm (258 ft-lb)
Controller: Kelly KLS72601
Wheelbase: 55" (140 cm)
Rake angle: 26°
Trail: 4.9" (124.5 mm)
Turning radius: 72" (183 cm)
Weight: 300 lb (136 kg)
Front suspension travel: 5" (130 mm)
Rear suspension travel: 8" (203 mm)
Front tire: 120/70-17 Shinko 705
Rear tire: 180/55-17 Metzler Karoo Street
Electrical components:
72V motor
KLS72501 controller
72V/400A contactor
LiPoFe4 cells
24S (72V) LiFePo4 BMS
72V-12V Converter
12V horn
12V turn indicators
12V/18W LED bar lights
12V LED brake light
Sicass Racing handlebar switch
Music: 'Dark Epic Hybrid Rock' by Pegasus Music Studio
ROI breakdown:
Cost of electric bike build = ~$5000 total
Nominal battery capacity = 4.3 kWh
Life span of LiFePo4 cells = 3000-5000 cycles
Range per charge = ~80km @ 80% DOD (up to 100 km @ 100% DOD)
Grid energy cost = $0.12/kWh
Cost per charge (100 km) = 0.12 * 4.3 = $0.52
Cost per km for energy = 0.52 / 100 = $0.005
Avg price of gasoline in Canada = ~$1.00/ liter
Energy in 1L of gasoline = 8.9 kWh
Fuel economy of the most efficient petrol bikes = ~60 miles per gallon, or 25.5 km per liter
Cost per km for fuel = 1 / 25.5 = $0.04
Electric bike energy cost savings per km = $0.04 - $0.005 = $0.035
Savings per charge/cycle (80 km) = $0.035 * 80 km = $2.80
Payback period based on full cycle charges = $5000 / $2.80 =
1785 cycles
Savings per day based on driving an avg 40 km per day as a daily commuter = $2.80 / 2 = $1.40
Payback period = $5000 / $1.40 = 3572 days, or 10 years. 5 years if driven 80 km per day.
It's clear to see that an electric bike like this is a sound investment for nearly anyone who can build and ride (provided laws in your area allow it). Based on battery cycles - which is the most important thing because it will need to be replaced eventually and it is the most expensive component by far - this bike will pay for itself entirely nearly twice in fuel cost savings before the battery needs to be replaced, provided that it's maintained and charged properly (ie don't discharge below 80% DOD, don't store, operate or charge above or below the manufacturer's recommended temp., etc).
Most people only travel an avg of 45 km's per day back and forth to work or school, so as a daily commuter a person can expect a bike like this to pay for itself in 10 years or less. But the great thing is, the more you drive it, the shorter the payback period. Those who travel farther will get a better return on their investment.
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  • I'm getting a lot of comments about how to register a custom built vehicle, so I'll address it here as best as I can. The answer is, it depends where you live. It's definitely possible in most of North America, but not everywhere and it can be more difficult in some places than others. But to give you an idea, here's a link explaining the process in my home province Ontario (Canada): Specs for the bike are in the description as well as a detailed CBA outlining the return on my investment in this project. Plans are available for those who are interested at the following link: Time stamps: Building the chassis - 0:00 Making the fairing - 10:16 Installing the electric drive system - 18:28 Test ride - 26:28

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  • Okay, I'm torn. On the very positive side, I commend you for the effort skill, creativity and sheer dedication to the task (and filming) [clap, clap, clap, clap]. Yes (here it comes)... However, why go through all that effort and: 1) Risk damage to the very hands that made such a fantastic thing by not wearing gloves! 2) Use those Tokico brakes when they're not even suitable for 100hp; 3) Use dirt track tyres (unless your planning to go dirt tracking) and yes, kill the tyres with stupid burnouts on a torque monster; 4) Bleed the effing brake fluid all over the wheel and calipers; 5) Not use better brake lines when, again, brakes should be the second most important thing on this after the FRAME (yes, the frame, not the motor). Edit: I've now read the video description re rake, trail, etc. That's cool. (The rest still applies) Would genuinely like to know the answers to these questions, if you are bothered at all. Otherwise, I'll save you the "go fuck yourself" and you can ignore this.

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    • Thanks. Why would I ignore it? I'll tell you to go fuck yourself anyway if I think you earned it LOL. Not that an explanation is obligated, I feel it could help folks better understand my pov regarding these common complaints about a bike that only I am riding: 1 - I wore gloves, look more closely. I just got tired of taking them off and putting them back on to use the touch screen on the cam for every shot, so I'm not wearing them in a lot of scenes. Maybe I just have a death wish and don't gaf either....I did build and drive my own electric motorcycle, after all. I could have killed myself long before the test ride lol. You should have been more concerned about me wiring things up without rubber gloves - one mistake there would = instant death vs grating the skin off my palms. 2 - My bike is only 32 hp, not that hp has any impact on the brakes whatsoever anyway - kinetic energy is what matters. IE: the bike's mass and speed determines the amount of energy exerted on the braking system when braking. I'm not a sport bike brake buff, so I don't get uptight about the mild performance of one brand over another. If I see they worked fine on performance machines in the past and they're the right price, then they'll work fine on my daily commuter that I'm not redlining on a track every weekend. If they weren't suitable enough, then manufacturers wouldn't use them after they've been tested and DOT approved. 3 - They're 80/20 tires, not dirt track tires. They're hardly suitable for off road but just enough to get me to where I need on some of these roads here....hence the reason why you don't see me running slicks in a rural environment (notice the background?) 4 - Didn't bleed brake fluid all over the wheel - it's covered in rags. Showing how the bleeding process works is easier when the action isn't hidden in a tube (clear didn't help matters). I don't gaf about the caliper paint, like the front suspension they're used to begin with (NOT the pads) and were cleaned immediately after. It takes a bit of time for brake cleaner to cause damage - something you won't hear from the avg armchair expert. The old paint survived and will join the calipers in the scrap bin when they're replaced this summer, so no worries. 5 - The brake lines used are no different than the lines on any other machine. Same rubber dude. Just need to be tidied up...but then again, it was a rushed test ride one day before 2 ft of snow fell, so y'all will have to forgive me if I didn't achieve perfection in all areas.

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    • Thanks. Top speed is 150 kph (93 mph) and I get ~100 km's per charge. The battery that I used is a recycled 4 kWh LiFePo4 from a previous project. There's lots of room to triple the capacity with li-ion if a person wants, but what I've got serves my needs fine.

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