17 feb 2021
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Video from Ep. 257 Logan Paul Is Leaving California... itworlds.info/round/aIGldrd-i7GMfWM/video&pbjreload=101
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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    Ana EditsAna Edits27 minuti fa
  • He’s gotta go to Aruba on the way

    Ollie RobertsOllie RobertsOra fa
  • To sav tax people call it fool n who saves it is called genius

    RambiRambi7 ore fa
  • I'll see you in Puerto Rico

    SansSans8 ore fa
  • Complete BS, it's the tax breaks you get when you live in Puerto Rico. Look it up yourselves

    Selwyn YildizSelwyn Yildiz9 ore fa
  • Dont move there we full

    Angel OrtizAngel Ortiz9 ore fa
  • "paying taxes. everybody is leaving, and for what? because, the potholes in the streets are not fixed, homeless people everywhere, unemployment covid not handled the right way" Puerto Rico: Crazy unemployment, extra homeless people after hurricanes and earthquakes in addition to the ones who were before, potholes everywhere.

    MikeMine2002MikeMine200212 ore fa
  • Let’s see if I get to see him here in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

    Javier De JesúsJavier De Jesús13 ore fa
  • Move to northern NSW/Gold Coast in Australia😉

    Joel KnottJoel Knott14 ore fa
  • I was in the same position 2 year's back,I moved and left all my friends behind, just the worst mistake ever....

    RaNdOM tRiPRaNdOM tRiP15 ore fa
  • Buen consejo mike

    Daniel ChiDaniel Chi17 ore fa
  • Ayyy u gonna like it here bro good luck

    Exo-PRExo-PR17 ore fa
  • Is this really the last episode of impaulsive

    JZJ Master - MinecraftJZJ Master - Minecraft17 ore fa
  • I should move to puerto rico I'm bored In california gaming is boring life is boring all I care about is trying to find my future girlfriend and covid is making my life boring like I need to probably change my tinder bio bro cuz I need some girls I got girls on tinder but it's still kind of boring

    trevcon 3trevcon 318 ore fa
  • as a Puerto Rican nobody wants him here

    marife perezmarife perezGiorno fa
  • Start vloging again

    xleapxxleapxGiorno fa
  • This is crazy, I just made the same decision after two weeks in Rincon, I’m out bitches 🇵🇷🤙🏼

    Hal MillerHal MillerGiorno fa
  • So funny Mike thinks he has talent and is someone without Logan

    vegas23vegas23Giorno fa
  • You are more than welcome! I know for a fact that you’re not moving but this is your home too. ❤️

    Flamenco Culebra, Puerto RicoFlamenco Culebra, Puerto RicoGiorno fa
  • Bien venido a la isla del encanto welcome to P.R🇵🇷

    Eliezer VargasEliezer VargasGiorno fa
  • wait this the last impaulsive video?

    Soren SabeySoren SabeyGiorno fa
  • Logan im going to puro reco april 8

    Derick SánchezDerick SánchezGiorno fa
  • The second he moves the Prieto Rico ima stop supporting and watching him, his presence hurts the natives there

    Darwin Cedillo JrDarwin Cedillo JrGiorno fa
  • God damn it... 2021 is officially a worse year than 2020 for all us Puerto Rican. Thanks for that Logan.....

    F RF RGiorno fa
  • Come do Dominican Republic

    Tony RodriguezTony RodriguezGiorno fa
  • Why

    Tony RodriguezTony RodriguezGiorno fa
  • Will Dani go too to Puerto Rico?

    César GarcíaCésar GarcíaGiorno fa
  • Love you Logan Paul will miss you in California!!!

    Trina PastoriusTrina PastoriusGiorno fa
  • Puerto Rico is just America but with another culture 🤷🏻

    NintendoFanBoy64NintendoFanBoy64Giorno fa
  • If he wants to move just because of Tax he should move to Madeira in Portugal the income Tax there is only 1 % as off I know xD

    Sebastian StarSebastian StarGiorno fa
  • George reminds me of me

    saul ibarrasaul ibarra2 giorni fa
  • Puerto Rico is beautiful but it is crime infested. The Homicides are brutal, watch Xposed Magazine if you doubt my words.

    masterdeeable11masterdeeable112 giorni fa
  • Taxes are rising because of biden. Good job america.

    Marty PittmanMarty Pittman2 giorni fa
  • George is the best

    Sudhanshu TidyalSudhanshu Tidyal2 giorni fa
  • Maturing and going through some changes.

    Color EyeColor Eye2 giorni fa
  • I see how Logan can lie so good

    Bismillah SultaniBismillah Sultani2 giorni fa
  • We need your daily vlogs again no metter where...puerto rico,irak,europe we just need daily vlogs again

    FearlessFearless2 giorni fa
  • Right after you build the new studio for the podcast nice

    Donlld ?Donlld ?2 giorni fa
  • Para los puertorriqueños que me leen, de verdad que quiero verlo cuando venga un huracán y se quede sin luz por 9 meses o más y tenga que estar usando planta. Cuando se le vaya el agua por días. Los mega crateres que hay que nunca son arreglados, el gobierno robandole al pueblo. Una cosa es ser turista y otra es vivir en la realidad de PR.

    Eneiris OcasioEneiris Ocasio2 giorni fa
  • Do a celeb wit deshea frost hes stuck there and wants a celeb wit a ITworldsr

    Andy GarciaAndy Garcia2 giorni fa
  • I bet this is a whole load of BS!! He's trying to finesse the internet again. I ain't gonna fall for it xD

    Infi SInfi S2 giorni fa
  • Puerto Rico should ban this guy

    Nicole BentleyNicole Bentley2 giorni fa
  • 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

    Oficial Dancing CatOficial Dancing Cat2 giorni fa
  • Yes I live in Puerto Rico

    Solnier SotoSolnier Soto2 giorni fa
  • Im from PR a friend here

    Miguel JomarMiguel Jomar2 giorni fa
  • I'm from mi moved to Southeast Texas about 8ys ago I love it here

    A WA W2 giorni fa
  • is moving to puerto rico not a drastic change lol?

    Luke A. RussellLuke A. Russell2 giorni fa
    • Nope it's a usa territory, I'm from Tennessee and go there summers to my friends house and it feels like when I visited Orlando, FL not gonna lie 🤣

      NatalieNatalieGiorno fa
  • Thank you puerto rico for taking the paul brothers with you and hopefully mike too 🙏 bless you all!

    Keenu KhangKeenu Khang3 giorni fa
  • Go to africa, and help people instead.

    LAMHLAMH3 giorni fa
  • Move to Hawaii instead

    beckybee1973ablebeckybee1973able3 giorni fa
  • Taxes. Don’t gotta watch the video now

    Sean SchwingoSean Schwingo3 giorni fa
  • I'm from Puerto Rico lol this is crazy

    Isadora PagánIsadora Pagán3 giorni fa
  • (」゚ロ゚)」ᴺᴼᴼᴼᴼᴼ~ I'mma miss your videos

    The KingThe King3 giorni fa
  • Let’s be real, no hate cause I love my boy Logan, no homo bull frick, but we all know he is moving because of tax purposes. I think it is the same for his brother

    Exotic_Hazzard00Exotic_Hazzard003 giorni fa
  • I hope he's aware of the not-so-glamorous side of living here... yeah beautiful beaches and great food, but also unstable electricity and water, terrible roads, a lot of crime and corruption, hurricanes and tropical storms, etc...

    GLORIAGLORIA3 giorni fa
    • My friend is from the west coast of PR I've been their plenty of times and it's night and day from the sanjuan area, the area she's from was far better than where I'm from here in Tennessee and I plan on moving their after spending last two summers over there

      NatalieNatalieGiorno fa
  • Lol i live in pr/puerto rico

    MlgMatthew 244MlgMatthew 2443 giorni fa
  • im from puerto rico and i can say even though it can be fun sometimes it’s also very dangerous because it’s basically a hood

    Joyce SerranoJoyce Serrano3 giorni fa
  • He’s prolly leaving cause Biden

    Exotic AssassinExotic Assassin3 giorni fa
  • Logan paul visita el caserio de bayamon (gone wrong)

    OfficialDuxzOfficialDuxz4 giorni fa
  • “ Thought it’ll be more third world. “ 😐

    Jeremy BorreroJeremy Borrero4 giorni fa
  • Move to the best state in Texas

    Javier ArellanoJavier Arellano4 giorni fa
  • Please government of Puerto Rico keep your eyes on this guy,,,, hope doesn't go there to inflate bad behavior there.... Ill be watching..

    Amelia GonzalezAmelia Gonzalez4 giorni fa
  • Logan Paul: making millions on NFT's, crypto and stocks. IRS: 🤤 Logan Paul: 🇵🇷🏃‍♂️

    J CJ C4 giorni fa
  • NOOO!!!!!!!!! DUDE MOVE TO RINCON P.R PONCE IS THE EARTHQUAKE EPICENTER and yessss Puerto Rico is the place to live

    MailM POSEIDONMailM POSEIDON4 giorni fa
  • I’m glad he said at @5:34 “And it was a Joke!”

    L XL X4 giorni fa
  • There is a reason why if you swap the A & E in "taxes" you get Texas ;)

    JanekJanek4 giorni fa
  • Please don’t come. We don’t want you!!!!!

    emily poemily po4 giorni fa
  • I hate this so much why leave eachother what the fuck

    carson murraycarson murray4 giorni fa
  • I moved from San Francisco to Tijuana i was tryna experience something new, best wishes logan

    KingosiKingosi4 giorni fa
  • Oh yeah and Logan you have to speak some Spanish if you’re going to go to Puerto Rico because if you’re going to live there you Gotta know Spanish

    Snowy?Snowy?4 giorni fa
  • -_- imagine the drama in Puerto Rico

    Snowy?Snowy?4 giorni fa
    • If you’re going to roast me in the comments I’m Puerto Rican and my dad was born there

      Snowy?Snowy?4 giorni fa
  • Yeah pretty easy to fall in love with the small wealthy areas of Puerto Rico. You should actually visit Puerto Rico and see how 99% of Puerto Ricans live... lol...

    Beh KettlerBeh Kettler4 giorni fa
  • If you want to move there, say our fucking country's name right.

    JolierWTFJolierWTF4 giorni fa
  • So Mike contradicts him self by saying a new chapter u grown stronger

    Harrison WoodsHarrison Woods4 giorni fa
  • No one tell Logan ppl die in PR also

    Slim Glizzy Jr.Slim Glizzy Jr.4 giorni fa
  • LA looks like hell but I agree with Mike, if your doing something purely for financial gain you shouldn’t be doing it at all

    Joe ColeJoe Cole4 giorni fa
  • Where is Evan moving?

    Juan JoséJuan José4 giorni fa
  • You are moving because of taxes funny how they vote for Biden who wants to raise tax then your rich ass moves to Puerto Rico to avoid the taxes smh

    Tyrone BiggumsTyrone Biggums4 giorni fa
  • Listen to Logan now talking about taxes that's the mind of a grown man he's changed!!!

    Matthew McCrellisMatthew McCrellis4 giorni fa
  • Terrible decision. Nice place to vacation, but foolish due to circumstances.

    John SpagnolaJohn Spagnola4 giorni fa
  • Could Logan come visit Australia

    Milad._.i7Milad._.i74 giorni fa
  • I see him leaving the island after a month. I mean, you will get scared in 0.1 seconds after moving in. It’s not my fault that you don’t know how to dodge “pew pew”. And why do I say it, you may ask? Porque yo vengo de Puerto Rico brother. El no va a durar un car@jo y medio😂😂😂

    S0L1T4RY_S4V4G3S0L1T4RY_S4V4G34 giorni fa
  • The only reason your moving is because the president you voted for is messing up your bank account by taxing you too much!!!!! I hate you! Ppl like you ruined America

    Alex GonzalesAlex Gonzales4 giorni fa
  • He’ll be spending 186 days a year there

    Paul BancroftPaul Bancroft4 giorni fa
  • Mike wants Logan to stay so he can still leach off him

    Ben JonesBen Jones4 giorni fa
  • Y don’t u go to nyc

    gurjeet kumargurjeet kumar4 giorni fa

    Emmanuel RíosEmmanuel Ríos5 giorni fa
  • Cuando encuentren la casa se jodio 😂😂😂😂😂

    miamia5 giorni fa
  • Yeah, clearly he wants to go to Puerto Rico because it looks nice, TOTALLY not because he doesn't want to get taxed to death.

    The Right MindThe Right Mind5 giorni fa
  • Cant believe it's took you guys this long to figure out California sucks!!

    Derrick GrahamDerrick Graham5 giorni fa
  • I live in Puerto Rico bits cool thai his living in there

    Island BricksIsland Bricks5 giorni fa
  • Sucia here we come! See you there!

    Charles DenhamCharles Denham5 giorni fa

  • Taxes are dangerous

    R NR N5 giorni fa
  • Guessing he took Ayahuasca, good for you. California seems like the most desensitized place, go find humans who can still feel true empathy and care about actual things.

    GagasaurioGagasaurio5 giorni fa
  • let him take the hurricanes

    Gabe likes MemesGabe likes Memes5 giorni fa
  • Do the 3rd thinning plz i loved them!!!!

    Night SpiderNight Spider5 giorni fa
  • Logan Paul goes for the tax rates to Puerto Rico. He really cares only about himself. Poor people will suffer even more because of him.

    Natalie ZementbeisserNatalie Zementbeisser5 giorni fa
  • what’s happening with evan ??

    Monty ChiversMonty Chivers5 giorni fa
  • Also wanna move. Can’t be happy anymore with the state boutta be taking half of my money😭

    Kieran MurthyKieran Murthy5 giorni fa