iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

13 ott 2020
1 008 194 visualizzazioni

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max
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  • Let me correct: ▪11 Pro Max storage: ▪64/256/512GB ▪4k@60fps Rear video recording! ▪16 Million display colors

    DrTechDrTechMese fa
    • I’m a 11 pro user and I will be switching to iPhone 12 pro Max very soon, thank you for the great video you did great comparing without speaking and also the music is soothingly smooth.

      Gti DriverGti DriverMese fa
    • Bro it prise has droped to 50,000 inr

      Neel. sutharNeel. sutharMese fa
    • There‘s a mistake when it comes to the optical zoom‼️

      Digital PhilosophyDigital PhilosophyMese fa
    • i’m not buying no phone for 1000 that don’t come with a charger or headphones.

      arayarecaraarayarecaraMese fa
    • iPhone 11 Pro Max started with iOS 13.

      Marijo MandićMarijo MandićMese fa
  • Awesome thanks ill be keeping my 11 pro max

    Scott VanderzandenScott Vanderzanden4 ore fa
  • Just brought a iPhone 11 Pro Max ❤️ no need for the 12 honestly

    Laquisha Torres whiteLaquisha Torres white19 ore fa
  • The best gaming iPhone 11 pro max or iPhone 12 pro max?? Suggest please

    Muhd Haris Nor AlezuldeenMuhd Haris Nor AlezuldeenGiorno fa
  • I’m sticking with the 11. Bigger battery. My wife has the 12 Pro Max and mine outlasts hers by at least 8 hours if not more. It was a good upgrade for her coming from an iPhone 8 Plus. But if you already own an 11 Pro Max, save your money and wait for the 13 or 14.😀

    Richard JacksonRichard Jackson4 giorni fa
  • I am very Good with my ROG 3

  • I’ll stick with my iPhone 11 Pro Max there’s not much difference between the 2

    Egypt Salimah SaleikEgypt Salimah Saleik8 giorni fa
  • So should i buy the 11 pro max or the 12 pro max?

    clutcherclutcher9 giorni fa
  • Upgrade if you want 5g no more

    Abo SoudAbo Soud9 giorni fa
  • Most of Iphone 11 pro max user said that don't need change bcoz not much different, I wonder what will they say after they see how far LIDAR can make change. 🤔🤔

    H AH A10 giorni fa
  • The iPhone is made in china garbage

    BB10 giorni fa
  • I’ll keep my iPhone 11pro max as I don’t see enough of difference 🙄 and I bought it 2 months ago 🤪

    Maha ShakeelMaha Shakeel10 giorni fa
  • Buenas, has podido comparar el brillo al maximo de IPhone 12 Pro Max con un IPhone 11 Pro Max? Veo que el IPhone 12 Pro Max sin el True tone ni brillo automático se ve menos intensidad de brillo que el IPhone 11 Pro Max. Muchas gracias

    David RodaDavid Roda11 giorni fa
  • That’s song tho!! 🔥

    Iggy ReyesIggy Reyes11 giorni fa
  • c’è anche da 512gb il pro max pagliaccio

    djdom miniquedjdom minique11 giorni fa
  • I definitely love iphone 11 pro max good for travel because of the battery capacity

    Tan LaguiabTan Laguiab11 giorni fa
  • IPhone 11 Pro Max gang cuz Chile I’m staying

    Ashley SimoneAshley Simone11 giorni fa
  • Anyone know this song?

    Ellie BarrettEllie Barrett11 giorni fa
  • Here to complete the 1000 comment

    lone lcholone lcho12 giorni fa
  • iPhone 11 pro max 👌🏼 fuck 12 pro max Battery 3687 < 3969 👌🏼😎

    Bozkurt MilitanBozkurt Militan12 giorni fa
  • iPhone 11 pro max much better than iPhone 12 pro max

    Nasrin SultaniNasrin Sultani12 giorni fa
  • Not that much difference

    Dylan KitDylan Kit12 giorni fa
  • What song is that?

    Mark Van AlstyneMark Van Alstyne12 giorni fa
  • Good video comparison.... except the music

    Haseeb AhmedHaseeb Ahmed13 giorni fa
  • Most of the upgrade are minor. Not worth it.

    Quiet TutorialsQuiet Tutorials13 giorni fa
  • i have a 6s rn should i get 11 pro max or 12 pro max

    yhhyhh13 giorni fa
  • I'm on an iphone 7 lol...camera sucks. was gonna get 12 pro max but that size scares me. In the store the photos looked better on 11 pro max than they did on 12 & 12 pro...so thinking I'll get 11 pro max

    baiyinadotcombaiyinadotcom13 giorni fa
  • I’ve got the “Pixel Max Book”

    Toney's ReviewsToney's Reviews13 giorni fa
  • I'm upgrading from an 8 Plus so there is a BIG difference for me haha

    Julian SifuentesJulian Sifuentes14 giorni fa
  • worthless

    XoLeRaSXoLeRaS14 giorni fa
  • Sorry - misread the numbers - dur....

    Pete MillerPete Miller14 giorni fa
  • is there really 16x more colors on the iphone 11 display then the iphone 12?

    Pete MillerPete Miller14 giorni fa
  • The iPhone 11 Pro Max have 64, 256 y 512 Gb

    Capitan Falcon 654Capitan Falcon 65414 giorni fa
  • Battery sucks

    GelGel14 giorni fa
  • you forgot 512gb for iphone 11 pro max

  • 11 Pro Max comes in 512GB

    BrickarysBrickarys14 giorni fa
  • really main diff I could see that would interst anyone is base model bumps to 128GB storage which is good and 5G coverage as that will be the next best thing assuming you keep your device for the next few years

    Logan CallahanLogan Callahan15 giorni fa
  • I wanna buy the 12 pro max cuz it’s the newest. Although I don’t like the throwback design. And it doesn’t come with the charger. And iPhone 11 Pro Max has charger and I like the midnight green color. What should it get?

    Yazeed AlshammariYazeed Alshammari15 giorni fa
  • It bugged me when they failed to mention the 11 Pro Max ALSO comes with 512 GB of storage, which is the version I have, although I still wish I had the gold version, but silver is nice too.

    Keelo Da GreatKeelo Da Great15 giorni fa
  • Great easy to follow with all the side by side facts thanks for taking the time to make it 👍👍👍

    Dale HawkesDale Hawkes15 giorni fa
  • In the glass is a difference

    Ricardo R. O.Ricardo R. O.15 giorni fa
  • Keeping my 11 pro max and just wait for the 13. I don’t think upgrading to 12 is a huge jump.

    CarmsCarms15 giorni fa
  • I have 11 pro max 512 gb

    JiddiJiddi15 giorni fa
  • As someone who is coming from a 6s, the 12 pro max is good for me

    GavGav15 giorni fa
  • Song: Acejax ft danilyon - by my side [NCS Release]

    RawrrRawrr15 giorni fa
    • Thank you!

      Adam GonzalezAdam Gonzalez12 giorni fa
  • Song name plz?

    MADIMADI15 giorni fa
    • Acejax ft danilyon - by my side [NCS Release]

      RawrrRawrr15 giorni fa
  • me watching in my Samsung S6 edge 😭😭😭

    Audaz GamingAudaz Gaming15 giorni fa
  • My 12 is not bad it’s new

    Bibin K JoyBibin K Joy15 giorni fa
    • Super duper new I brought it today

      Bibin K JoyBibin K Joy15 giorni fa
  • And 11 pro max have a 512 gb 😤😤😤😤

    tiera yusritiera yusri15 giorni fa
  • Actually iphone 11 pro max is 6gb ram and 12 pro max 8gb ram

    tiera yusritiera yusri15 giorni fa
  • 11 pro max dosnt have 128gega choice instead have 64,256,512

    Debar QaradaghyDebar Qaradaghy15 giorni fa
  • I still hold iPhone 11 Pro Max until the 120hz has released.

    見波良辰見波良辰15 giorni fa
  • Watching on my I phone 11 pro max , and thinking it’s best to keep for an other year and then hopefully will get new without notch 😍 under display front cam who agree hit Like 😉

    Shaz CheemaShaz Cheema15 giorni fa
  • Any info on the song playing?

    Duane CusterDuane Custer15 giorni fa
    • Acejax ft danilyon - by my side [NCS Release]

      RawrrRawrr15 giorni fa
  • There's no 128 GB for the pro max it's 64/256/512

    Jérémy BJérémy B16 giorni fa
  • The 11 has better battery than the 12??

    Johannes_.vJohannes_.v16 giorni fa
  • i’m upgrading because it’ll lower my phone bill lol

    Natalie BertschNatalie Bertsch16 giorni fa
  • This doesn’t do the differences between the phones enough justice

    Jeremiah moralesJeremiah morales16 giorni fa
  • Actually the 12 pro max has a stronger type of glass ceramic. Much stronger than the 11

    moby1kanobmoby1kanob16 giorni fa
  • Questioning credibility after it listed the 11 pro max with only 64,128, 256 gb..I’m using a 512 gb 11 pro max right now...so what else could be wrong.?..

    JAFG58JAFG5816 giorni fa
  • Only switch cause 5g

    Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln16 giorni fa
  • I’m using iPhone X now, I just preordered the 12 pro max. I’m excited.

    Dark OsirisDark Osiris16 giorni fa
  • In other words if you have an IPhone 11 Pro Max hold onto it until the next iPhone releases.

    studivanstudivan17 giorni fa
  • They should’ve stopped at the iPhone 11 Pro Max ... why? The 3 cameras should’ve been the big final drop ... but releasing another phone with 3 cameras ain’t exciting because ... um you just did it 😂😂😂 ......

    Jasmin StoneJasmin Stone17 giorni fa
  • K...and here I am still on my 8plus, and will most likely keep it until end of next year LOL.. On that note, I don’t know why anybody would want to upgrade from an 11 to a 12 when considering both the cost and practically unnoticeable changes 🤔🤷‍♂️

    DisneyDudeDisneyDude17 giorni fa
  • Excellent work! To the point!

    Nikolaos KatsimitrosNikolaos Katsimitros17 giorni fa
  • I have the 11 Pro Max and I preordered the 12 Pro Max yesterday bc I could 💁🏼‍♀️

    Joel MillerJoel Miller18 giorni fa
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max has 64, 256 and 512 gb memory, idiot!!!

    Андрей ДомрачевАндрей Домрачев18 giorni fa
  • I preordered mine today, hopefully 5g is awesome.

    jensen toddjensen todd18 giorni fa
  • Only problem I paid cash $1099.00 for my iPhone 11 max pro it only cost 599.00 for the new 12 pro max so yep 👍🏽 Apple here I come

    Mark BrownMark Brown18 giorni fa
  • I’m upgrading from xs max, I’m excited

    Wendy HernandezWendy Hernandez18 giorni fa
  • If you go buy a new phone go to your local Walmart the verzion/AT&T/sprint reps will take care of you the phones are always cheaper

    daquavion Pattondaquavion Patton19 giorni fa
  • Brilliant video. Straight to the point. Thank you.

    NASA 1NASA 119 giorni fa
  • Yup I’ll stick with my 11pro max!! I’d go with this one if i didn’t have the 11max

    Bonita CocoBonita Coco19 giorni fa
  • I just have the 11 pro and I’m trying to decide if I should bother trading mine in for the 12 pro max

    robert millerrobert miller19 giorni fa
  • I’ll wait for the iPhone 13

    Saiyan KingSaiyan King19 giorni fa
  • There is absolutely NO reason to switch from 11 Pro Max!

    Max MeierMax Meier19 giorni fa
  • Where tf is the difference in appearance?!?!

    Puti GerrardPuti Gerrard19 giorni fa
  • Honestly, I see hardly any difference. I mean is the iPhone 12 pro max 📱 worth the hype and money? 💵

    Alyssa JonesAlyssa Jones19 giorni fa
  • Love the comparison ♥️

    Syairul IslamSyairul Islam19 giorni fa
  • *What was the name of that song*

    ༄ɪɴd᭄𒆜ᴋhatari Inรคคn𒆜࿐༄ɪɴd᭄𒆜ᴋhatari Inรคคn𒆜࿐19 giorni fa
  • ok im using iphone 6 rn , which one should i buy ? 11 pro max or 12 pro max ? HELP ME

    Shafeqah ShahidiShafeqah Shahidi19 giorni fa
  • Sorry iPhone I’m sitting this one out. My $1,100 11 pro max made my pockets pretty light. This iphone 12 pro max just isn’t worth the money to me. Maybe 13 but if I want a square iPhone again I’ll dig threw my junk drawer and grab my old iPhone se

    Brando BruntBrando Brunt20 giorni fa
  • Ok everyone not wanting to upgrade from 11pro to 12pro 👀 ...damn y’all can afford one each year to say that? 😂 Mybad little me here with my iPhone 7 barely upgrading and probably won’t upgrade in years when I get the 12 max😆

    Melissa AlejandroMelissa Alejandro20 giorni fa
  • The 12 spent ave a USB cable . Ur basically gonna through all ur Apple changes and have to buy a specific one for this phone

    Jaime JaimeJaime Jaime20 giorni fa
  • I don’t know why people said the iPhone 11 Pro max din’t have 5G because I have one whit at&t company and I have 5G signal networ, can some one explain me?

    Edri 81Edri 8120 giorni fa
  • taylor swift you need to calm down

    Tamy TamyTamy Tamy20 giorni fa
  • I have the iPhone 8 Plus (since release) and haven’t upgraded since. I want a new phone now and I just don’t know what I should get. Should I just go for the iPhone 12 max?

    FedoraHatGuysFedoraHatGuys20 giorni fa
  • Fucken music!!!

    josorzo11josorzo1121 giorno fa
  • Yess stuck iphone 11 pro max ..

    amoii queenamoii queen21 giorno fa
  • I’ve a question, I’ve got an 11 pro max 512, when the phone gets warm the screen brightness gets darker, apple say they know nothing about it, I turn it off & put it in my truck fridge, turn it back on & the screen is back to normal, on hot days it can go really dark, any ideas please.

    karl smithkarl smith21 giorno fa
  • I have an 8 plus and am finally looking to upgrade. I don’t mind the size of the 11 Pro max but I def don’t want the 12 Max. Should I settle with the 12?

    Le PongLe Pong21 giorno fa
  • Iphone 8 plus user what should i go iphone 11 promax or iphone 12?

    Haina TvHaina Tv21 giorno fa
  • Я одна здесь русская😂

    •Sonyatka• ;-;•Sonyatka• ;-;21 giorno fa
  • how about covid20 pro max?

    robin sarmientorobin sarmiento21 giorno fa
  • Arif

    Selam 13Selam 1322 giorni fa
  • 💩💩💩💩💩

    Lio LolLio Lol22 giorni fa
  • Me watching this with my huawei y7 👁️👄👁️

    RamiRami22 giorni fa
  • I see no difference 😑

    rachida aitourarachida aitoura23 giorni fa
  • Thanks to Cyber_champion on iG.. Fixed my iPhone 11 Pro perfectly.. Absolutely The Best!

    AD NATHANAD NATHAN23 giorni fa