AC/DC - Realize (Official Audio)

11 nov 2020
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  • Nothing to beat some good old pumped up Rock music!! 🙏!!! Welcome back and keep playing

    Karthik MenonKarthik MenonOra fa
  • The fact that Tony Stark couldn't live to listen this song makes me really sad.

    Rock girlRock girl2 ore fa
  • Hallelujah they came back

  • I need to correct myself again. Rock on Stevie, Angus, Brian, Cliff and Phil. Sorry about that Cliff!

    Stacy GrossStacy Gross3 ore fa
    • Zéro. Nul. Le rap c'est mieux.

      Rock girlRock girl2 ore fa

    Silvio HenriqueSilvio Henrique4 ore fa

    Leandro MusiLeandro Musi4 ore fa
  • This song has an air of anxiety and tension that is hard to describe. It hypnotizes me ...

    Dariusz SzoplikDariusz Szoplik5 ore fa
  • This was what 2020 missing!

    mert alagözlümert alagözlü6 ore fa
  • Best album of 2020. Spun album over 120x and own over 30000 cds. I know my music. Anyone who doesn't like this is a wanker.

    StuartBell52StuartBell526 ore fa
  • I just realize that Rock is gonna get back on top of the Music Industry.

    Zachary AkermanZachary Akerman8 ore fa
  • Muy ochentas 😎😎😎⚡⚡⚡

    Ram JamRam Jam9 ore fa
  • 1.5k thumbs down from people who lost their hearing listening to AC/DC

    Rora EtienneRora Etienne9 ore fa

    Aneesh KatkamAneesh Katkam11 ore fa
  • Great tune to kick off this awesome new album! 💥⚡☄🎶🎸

    RNR80sRNR80s11 ore fa
  • Those blokes do Rock. Feels great to see that album come out in 2020. Respect!

    Danilo RangelDanilo Rangel12 ore fa
  • Awesome,, just Can't Believe That Nobody gave Some Copyrights To All this uploads :( Sad ...

    Classic RockClassic Rock12 ore fa
  • bravos le retour c'est genial top hards

    nainnain19nainnain1913 ore fa
  • Like a breath of fresh air

    345weehrs345weehrs17 ore fa
  • Just a massive riff with testicles stapled to it. Aussie!

    teresa tallteresa tall17 ore fa
  • Zéro. Nul. Le rap c'est mieux.

    Sinan ErgunSinan Ergun18 ore fa
  • ulaa ne diyosunuz ne bağırıyosunuz!!

    alaylı psikologalaylı psikolog19 ore fa
  • Endless rock coming back!

    Lazy BumsLazy Bums19 ore fa
  • ZZTop Never Dies ✌💀🍹🇺🇸

    Serkan AYKUTSerkan AYKUT19 ore fa
  • Nice power

    Jim LampertJim Lampert20 ore fa
  • Ac/dc is my kind of rock in roll YOOOOOOWWWWWYEEEEAAAHH!!!!!!

    matthewmooreundergroundmatthewmooreunderground22 ore fa
  • I want IRONMAN comeback on this track.. Period!

    Batman DentBatman DentGiorno fa
  • These guys are the monarch of rock and roll, they are infinite!! My grandbabies are going to be rocking with them and I'm glad I got to see the original. Lol

    Colleen ReavesColleen ReavesGiorno fa
  • O rock voltou caralho!!😈👹

    pollypollyGiorno fa
  • Best song on the album!!

    Wrath-of- BathWrath-of- BathGiorno fa
  • Buen disco,no esperaba otra cosa de los mejores.stevie young ,buen relevo de su tío.falta solamente la gira mundial y por supuesto que CHILE es una parada obligada para AC/DC

  • Ya

    Liam WinacottLiam WinacottGiorno fa
  • i hate that the volume on my headphones only go to 100

    Cory MahoneyCory MahoneyGiorno fa
  • Mainstream radio needs a strong dose of solid music like this. Really nice to hear new music such as this from these guys!

    Philip SuprisePhilip SupriseGiorno fa
  • dinamitaaaaaaa

    Luis AlvaradoLuis AlvaradoGiorno fa
  • Acdc,Australia makes great rock you knts

    Heath GrayHeath GrayGiorno fa
  • #1 👏🔝💪


    Cumulus TerraticusCumulus TerraticusGiorno fa
  • me voy matar con mi bardero Pablo por las calles de virginia

    byivan15byivan15Giorno fa
  • Muy buen disco. Brian poderoso y los coros muy bien .Nunca defraudan , están hechos unos chavales. Gracias Angus por tu perseverancia en unir al grupo.

    Alejo GrandioAlejo GrandioGiorno fa
  • ACDC After Covid Devil Comes 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥

    NickNickGiorno fa
  • Yasssss!!!!🤘🤘

    jatpack3jatpack3Giorno fa
  • Legends! my all time favourites!

    Cristina PanteaCristina PanteaGiorno fa
    • I feel like a teenager checking out the razors edge for the first time except I’m 40 the music still fuckin awesome tho

      soiung toiuesoiung toiueGiorno fa
  • Lo mejor que pudo dar este año...

    Lucas Di FedoLucas Di FedoGiorno fa
    • Fuck reggaeton all my homies listen to ACDC

      soiung toiuesoiung toiueGiorno fa
  • :)

    Grzegorz KowalskiGrzegorz KowalskiGiorno fa
  • bad-ass

    Ken McmasterKen McmasterGiorno fa
  • Maybe my favorite on the album

    Scott WillScott WillGiorno fa
  • Maybe ACDC sounds like ACDC because they have stayed true to there self and there fans .I love it.been jamming them all my life

    roger frostroger frostGiorno fa
  • People thinks that Brian will retired to sing, but hell no he didn't.

    kitingfulkitingfulGiorno fa
  • WooooooW niiiiiiice muuuuusiiic \o_ \o/ \,,,/

    Vitor DalaquaVitor DalaquaGiorno fa
  • One of psychedelic psytrance music experience

    Jericho RussellJericho RussellGiorno fa
  • Whatever music ac/dc brings out is gonna be fantastic..

    janice watsonjanice watsonGiorno fa
  • Never been a huge AC/DC fan but I had the Razors Edge tape when it came out. This impresses the hell out of me. Just, wow. I thought they were all done.

    MoxieMike66MoxieMike66Giorno fa
    • Hello there handsome 👋❤️ I would love to hear more from you dough

      Wixya KwakyeWixya KwakyeGiorno fa

    manfred wirtzmanfred wirtzGiorno fa
  • AC/DC do what they do & God they do it well - what a story that band have had since 1974 - when I was 6 - now I'm 52 & still rockin along to one of the greatest bands ever - still miss Bon Scott

    Stephen WStephen WGiorno fa
  • better and better, like good wine !!!

    2263jojo2263jojoGiorno fa
  • Solid album!

    Dino GrecoDino GrecoGiorno fa
  • Cooler than Me, Cooler than you, Cooler than the Future Generation!!!!! Kicking 2020 right in the Ass@!!!

    Arturo RamirezArturo RamirezGiorno fa
  • Fuck reggaeton all my homies listen to ACDC

    Leonardo VargasLeonardo Vargas2 giorni fa
  • I feel like a teenager checking out the razors edge for the first time except I’m 40 the music still fuckin awesome tho

    Wade ChubbWade Chubb2 giorni fa
  • .

    Stefan DubrojaStefan Dubroja2 giorni fa
    • F*** me, this is crazy... dont know how to put it in words..

      Stefan DubrojaStefan Dubroja2 giorni fa
    • Extraordinary, god bless

      Stefan DubrojaStefan Dubroja2 giorni fa
    • one comment, one like, unfortunately i cant give this album a 100.000 views, and likes..

      Stefan DubrojaStefan Dubroja2 giorni fa
  • Yo viendo que existe 1.5 mil personas estupidas

    diego ramosdiego ramos2 giorni fa
  • High Quality

    Zachary SmithZachary Smith2 giorni fa

    Your momma saysYour momma says2 giorni fa
  • You guys still sound awesome ...keep on rocking the planet ...everyone will follow

    Roadracer TravelRoadracer Travel2 giorni fa
  • They are back

    Leonardo VargasLeonardo Vargas2 giorni fa
  • AC/DC, Just a rock and roll band, nothing more, nothing less.... Sometimes you just wanna rock.

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon2 giorni fa
  • I thought they were done. I am pleasantly shocked and excited they are back. AC/DC forever!

    P MusicP Music2 giorni fa
    • Trop bien ta video comme tjrs

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon2 giorni fa
  • And that's Ac Dc, don't change.

    joel pjoel p2 giorni fa
  • Great finally together Again. Nice song also.

    Arthur GreenfieldArthur Greenfield2 giorni fa
    • Hello there handsome 👋❤️ I would love to hear more from you dough

      Wixya KwakyeWixya KwakyeGiorno fa
  • They have always been an unapologetic one trick pony band. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just rock on.

    lee battlee batt2 giorni fa
  • You are too old just stop before its too late.

    da1vinci1edida1vinci1edi2 giorni fa
    • Bruh, you don't need to be in your twenties to make awesome music, if anything they have more experience than newer musicians

      Whipped cream guyWhipped cream guy2 giorni fa
  • Realize 2020 AC DC realise assez décès en 2020....

    hubert bouquethubert bouquet2 giorni fa
  • Le top

    bant ampbant amp2 giorni fa
  • Sensacional😎👌

    Omar ColungaOmar Colunga2 giorni fa
  • not bad

    Lena JarzyńskaLena Jarzyńska2 giorni fa
  • Yeahhhhhhhhhh 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    TeyjoTeyjo2 giorni fa

    Trish MagillTrish Magill2 giorni fa
  • Grandes!!!!!!!

    Cruzado XianCruzado Xian2 giorni fa
  • hhehhehhehehh

    roberto baptistaroberto baptista2 giorni fa
  • Just two words....simply amazing!

    Yvo HeatonYvo Heaton2 giorni fa
  • I thought their bassist, Williams, retired? Glad to see the boys are back in town.

    Robert RossRobert Ross2 giorni fa
  • How does anyone feel about AC/DC music in the fortnite event?

    Myst_DealZMyst_DealZ2 giorni fa

    John SmithJohn Smith2 giorni fa
  • 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🎸 Legends...

    ElMo 1ElMo 12 giorni fa
  • Bow down to the kings 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🎸🎸🎸

    Star_Spade XVStar_Spade XV2 giorni fa
  • Fuck yes

    james Rockjames Rock2 giorni fa
  • If your hair isn't standing on the back of your neck & you aren't feeling chills listening to this , you aren't worth it.

    Kevin RavindranKevin Ravindran2 giorni fa
  • AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, Marilyn Manson, the Killers, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day (that sucked) all made new albums

    Darth VaderDarth Vader2 giorni fa
  • Looks like it's time to rock again.

    İbrahim TERZİİbrahim TERZİ2 giorni fa

    F8LF8L2 giorni fa
  • This is cool Uganda

    ICY Counter-Strike and League Of LegendsICY Counter-Strike and League Of Legends2 giorni fa
  • This band is a legend 🙌

    Riya YadavRiya Yadav2 giorni fa
  • Ac dc saved 2020

    Jozef HatertJozef Hatert2 giorni fa
  • Effen skinny jean wearing punks give this a thumbs down. . This is rock n roll kids. These guy's ROCK harder in their sleep then the 1500 thumbs down sissies.

    iroc341iroc3412 giorni fa
  • Didn't realize you had new album awesome news for rock and roll music.

    Mike W. FisherMike W. Fisher2 giorni fa
  • I am 58!.I explain to my child that ACDC has people who are older than me. She is surprised. Old people still rock!!!!

    Shashi KadapaShashi Kadapa2 giorni fa
    • Hello there handsome 👋❤️ I would love to hear more from you dough

      Wixya KwakyeWixya KwakyeGiorno fa
  • 🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎤🎵🎶🎼

    Reb RanReb Ran3 giorni fa
  • Just went #1 faster than any in history!

    albacore101albacore1013 giorni fa
  • Everything looks amazing ??

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 giorni fa
  • My 3 sons... 8 yr old: my favorite song is Realize, Shot in the Dark, Demon Fire, and Wild Rep- 11 yr old: But that's more than one song...?!? 8 yr old: ...and No Man's Land. 10 yr old: I can't stand AC/DC Two Days Later... 8 yr old: Dad, play Realize... 11 yr old: No, play Through the Mists of Time... 10 yr old: You always want that. Play Code Red or Witch's Spell. Those are my favorite.... 8 yr old: (singing in the background) Rock n roll ain't noise pollution... The infection spread quick in our household. LOL

    Buckey EBuckey E3 giorni fa
    • Awesome story 👏. Love it !

      Bob WittBob Witt26 minuti fa
    • My favorite track after 120x listening through cd is Witch's Spell.

      StuartBell52StuartBell526 ore fa
    • @Buckey E hahaha your kids are awesome. AC/DC was my dads favorite band and he blasted that, Metallica, Black Sabbath Led Zeppelin, Clutch, Motorhead and a ton of other metal 24/7 around the house and in the car so that is my favorite type of music!

      Elephant Rider 414Elephant Rider 4148 ore fa
    • @Elephant Rider 414 yes. It's not uncommon for my youngest to wander the house making a "tiss, tiss, tiss" noise for the start of back in black. The eldest tried to converse with his mom about which lead singer was better and rattled off several songs from each.

      Buckey EBuckey E15 ore fa
    • Sounds like you have great kids.

      Charles RCharles RGiorno fa