$68 GUCCI Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

12 gen 2021
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HAPPY NEW YEAR and HIIII, How Are Ya??? Today we're doing the first makeup review of 2021!!!! It's time to test out Gucci's brand new Fluide De Beauté Natural Finish Fluid Foundation! It's Gucci's first foundation in years and I actually reviewed their first attempt at one on my channel years ago. They are back with a revamped line and I had to put it try it out. I also test their new mascara and do a 10 hour wear test. Will the products be Jeffree Star Approved™ or a flop?? Watch and find out. WANT MORE?
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  • Make a video of yourself trying to change a tire. That would be worth watching ya'll.

    Napalm TomahawkNapalm Tomahawk6 minuti fa
  • Why is he in wyoming i- 💀👀

    joãojoão13 minuti fa
  • Go to hell

    VerityVerity15 minuti fa
  • 🤢🤢🤮

    Jazmine NaceJazmine Nace17 minuti fa
  • youre disgusting, i hope you seek the peace you need.

    Verá VeeVerá Vee19 minuti fa
  • Makes me wonder what the real story is as to why his ex isn’t with him anymore......

    KiwiKiwi27 minuti fa

    Sierra BabcockSierra Babcock28 minuti fa
  • A fucking monster

    Sofi CifuvillaSofi Cifuvilla30 minuti fa
  • Making fun of people for being broke?? Don't forget where u came from.

    Mincepie MizpahMincepie Mizpah30 minuti fa
  • Wow I so glad I bought my js pallete off ebay Srry not srry

    Erica AnimatesErica Animates33 minuti fa
  • all the mean comments y'all leave just make him more money. so shut tf up

    Hannah FarleyHannah Farley38 minuti fa
  • this is a poor excuse for a human being

    Mr LandaMr Landa39 minuti fa

    Ocean lightsOcean lights45 minuti fa
  • Love you!!!!!! Ignore all the drama llamas 🦙

    Sarlly AndTwinsSarlly AndTwins56 minuti fa
  • Did you have kissed kayne west lately?

    i dont want to be a humani dont want to be a human57 minuti fa
  • yo what he do now

    ghosti's grimoireghosti's grimoireOra fa
  • Unsubscribed I’m sorry babe I been standing right next to u for a while and finding out what happen with trish that’s fucked cause I went thru the same thing I thought u were humble and nice but u the total opposite

    Brianna García 89Brianna García 89Ora fa
  • i bought all of your make up stuff

    davinder athwaldavinder athwalOra fa
  • Hi I’m adri, I am overweight, I have less than ten dollars in my bank account, i have many imperfections and use to support your brand. I’m sure there are MANY of us that supported you. Not anymore.

    Adri MAdri MOra fa
  • i know jeffreestar has been cancled and i know a little about it and i dont stand him but um can y'all tell me why he got cancled bc all the yt vids i watch about it doesnt give me alot of info

    Aliya NavaAliya NavaOra fa
  • Typical Rich Person Making Fun Of The Poor. Why Is Jeffree Still Relevant?

    Cassie TayCassie TayOra fa

    Delaney HallDelaney HallOra fa
  • the fact he still has a fanbase makes me SICK,

    Delaney HallDelaney HallOra fa
  • I wonder how many fans you have talked shit about because they don’t reach your standard. I looked up to you for a long time, seeing someone self made. Now I see possibly you sold your soul for that since it appears the mean, hateful and just evil things you have said cannot possibly come from someone who has one. I’ve tried to believe you were sorry for past things you have done. Making fun of someone’s appearance and mental health is that last straw for me.

    Adri MAdri MOra fa
  • I think the worse of this is how you made fun of someone with less money... like don’t you know that’s most of your customers????? So are we just mere plebeians to you???? Anyways, eat the rich.

    Regina MoonbeamRegina MoonbeamOra fa
  • Can we cancel this guy already?

    Tuppance RöserTuppance RöserOra fa
  • Mrs. West 🤣

    mmkay Kristiemmkay KristieOra fa
  • 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

    Moon ChildMoon Child2 ore fa
  • Omg Meatcanyon depicted this guy so dang well Go watch the first scene of the video called “Make up” by Meatcanyon and you’ll know what I’m talking about

    GlitchKid2007 -GlitchKid2007 -2 ore fa
  • WTF happened in the comment section?

    Diana RiverjacksonDiana Riverjackson2 ore fa
  • @jeffreestar what do you do with the extra foundation that’s not your color?

    Haley AnneHaley Anne2 ore fa
  • *y’all can we PLEASE cancel him for good now? 🙄🤚*

    mob psychmob psych2 ore fa
  • This looks so low budget for u jeffree

    Truth HurtsTruth Hurts2 ore fa
  • Jeff baby gorl, this high school gossip game ain't it , Sir you are 20 years too late you should of stopped this mean girl shit when you got the diploma...enjoy your piles of money tho! at least you can be lonely with all those balenciaga bags you "threw in the trash"

    JessicaJessica2 ore fa
  • Being that self absorbed has to be exhausting.

    GoldilocksGoldilocks2 ore fa
  • jeffree is trash

    playa5.a igplaya5.a ig3 ore fa
  • hi you are a bad person DEPLATFORM JEFFREE!!!!

    Fernando Lozano SánchezFernando Lozano Sánchez3 ore fa
  • his money, makeup and fake personality can’t mask his evilness

    smelly bacon buttysmelly bacon butty3 ore fa
  • Jeffree, you set a bad precedence for an impressionable younger audience. While they definitely SHOULDN'T be watching your videos, you have a responsibility on this platform. If you're all about selling makeup and continuing to build your brand, then why would you cause harm to others which reflects poorly on your brand as well? You have a business empire and employees who depend on their jobs, so why let them down too? Everything Jay said was awful. Something that sticks out to me is the whole Trish rents her house comment. Okay, who cares? Jeffree, your employees at your shipping facility probably rent their houses. Alot of your "fans" probably live in apartments, rent houses, duplexes, townhomes, efficiency apartments, etc. Why is that to be looked down on? People are out here trying to survive so why is that something to be laughed at? You think it's funny that people are poorer than you? You think it's funny that single moms/dads are working two jobs to try to make sure the bills are paid and there's food on the table? People look to influencers such as yourself for inspiration. Kinda like, if he can do it, I can do it. Because that's EXACTLY what you touched on in your series with Shane. How no one accepted you, that you were poor, that you never knew your father, etc. We all felt for you and could relate to you on some level or another. But this whole mean girls clique thing is outdated, hateful and should have been left in 2006 along with the bad hair. Jeffree, grow up. You set a really bad example and you're putting your employees at risk of losing their jobs. Hopefully they're smart and find elsewhere to work before you inevitably go bankrupt. One day, if you're not careful, you'll have to sell ALL those Birkins. It's sad that you care more about money and handbags than do you about people. You sell your soul or something??? Because this is some evil end times shit. *GROW UP.*

    Chelsea R.M.Chelsea R.M.3 ore fa
  • Wyoming is the best. I miss it so much

    Jodanna CroweJodanna Crowe3 ore fa
  • Please stop burping on camera your attitude is disgusting enough

    Janice SJanice S3 ore fa
  • and a hit 🍃 oop careful it’s illegal in wyoming 💀

    Amber HobbsAmber Hobbs3 ore fa
  • Maybe this is why Nathan left your toxic ass. YOU CANT KEEP USING MONEY TO TRAP PEOPLE

    would you like a scone?would you like a scone?3 ore fa
  • disgusting

    FormerTwinkFormerTwink3 ore fa
  • He is so fake I can’t stand him

    viiDiabloviiDiablo4 ore fa
  • Get Shane back

    Andrea FigueroaAndrea Figueroa4 ore fa
  • Not gonna lie where’s the new beauty room?? Oh well listening to your beautiful voice makes my day.

    Sara PalczynskiSara Palczynski4 ore fa
  • Disgusting

    BlaineBlaine4 ore fa
  • What do you actually think about us fans that got you to where your at, it’s our hard earned money we spent on your products. Without us you would be nothing.

    Kat KKat K4 ore fa
  • Not happy because needs to go away THE HOUSE Trisha Paytas won’t quit running her gums about you and Shane. Just so you know I’m Team J all THE WAY! I’ve missed YOU!!

    Sara PalczynskiSara Palczynski4 ore fa
    • Jeffree Star hates you if you're poorer than him THE HOUSE. Wait till Jeffree turns on Shane and Ryland THE HOUSE.

      Chelsea R.M.Chelsea R.M.3 ore fa
  • You can have all the money in the world but you will never be rich inside. Breaks my heart how much of a bully you really are.

    Tara RoseTara Rose4 ore fa
  • We stan trishaaaa ❣️❣️❣️❣️

    Rv BRv B4 ore fa
    • While I don't stan Trish, I totally have her back on this. What they did was fucked up. Past fucked up.

      Chelsea R.M.Chelsea R.M.3 ore fa
  • Yeah it looks really bad on you your skin looks a little rough “ Dead roadkill”

    Ellie GabrielEllie Gabriel4 ore fa
  • Yeah I hate it

    Ellie GabrielEllie Gabriel4 ore fa
  • does Maddie still work for Jeffree?

    MelonTrades6MelonTrades64 ore fa
    • Nah, she left his ass to clean up his own dog crap for himself.

      Chelsea R.M.Chelsea R.M.3 ore fa
  • jeffree star isn't even jeffree star approved since he hates himself. it's dead obvious.

    Silvia FoxworthSilvia Foxworth4 ore fa
    • Hahahahahahaha or nah

      Rv BRv B4 ore fa
  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Maisa KhouryMaisa Khoury4 ore fa
  • I wish he did more reviews so we could relate to his just turned into another rich dude

    Anastasia LondriganAnastasia Londrigan4 ore fa
  • Ew a 50 year old man acting like a child. Gross. Shane hanging out with you makes a lot more sense now. 😂🤢🤮

    Ambient-arrayAmbient-array5 ore fa
    • 😂😂😂😂

      i dont want to be a humani dont want to be a human49 minuti fa
  • U shld not be treating ppl like animals

    mads boldajimads boldaji5 ore fa
  • vomit emoji

    ZtmschnZtmschn5 ore fa
  • oh babe. Trisha was the wrong one. *Not u attacking the most relatable youtuber on the things we relate to her on.*

    VaniyeVaniye5 ore fa
  • He’s deleting comments just had mine deleted as he told Trisha to jump off a balcony

    Jordan GriggJordan Grigg5 ore fa
  • He’s deleting comments just had mine deleted as he told Trisha to jump off a balcony

    Jordan GriggJordan Grigg5 ore fa
  • james charles is way better

    joejoe5 ore fa
  • Just watched the video of your wig guy going off....so disgusting. I've been your fan for a while but I have to unsubscribe now. I had my "friends" do this same mean girl crap to me and the pain that came with it, no one should ever have to feel that. Shame on you and Jay. And shame on Shane and Ryland for not backing a true friend....just to be "popular"

    Jennifer JonesJennifer Jones5 ore fa
  • Girl I dunno why you have any amount of fans

    Dian VarugheseDian Varughese5 ore fa
  • Whats trish talk?

    Nadia WazieNadia Wazie5 ore fa
  • Youre a terrible person and you DESERVE to be lonely and unhappy for the rest of your life. You and shane both.

    SnortoBorto OwOSnortoBorto OwO5 ore fa
  • Me seeing jeffery star me saying"what in the natural world is that repolsive thing" My friend saying "that is jeffery star" Me saying" he is an abomination"

    Tosch AbnerTosch Abner5 ore fa
  • You’ll be using dollar tree products once you are in hell

    Mouidy CookiesMouidy Cookies5 ore fa
  • Where yo eyebrows girl 😭

    Mouidy CookiesMouidy Cookies5 ore fa
  • You don’t deserve your money I wish you were homeless

    Mouidy CookiesMouidy Cookies5 ore fa
  • Disgusting trash human

    Makaron SpaghettiMakaron Spaghetti5 ore fa
  • Goooorl pick a struggle.

    Mercy ElleMercy Elle6 ore fa
  • You may be named Jeffree Star but you weren't and will never be a star! So sad to see petty people having money and think they own the world or that they can behave however they want without backlashes! Eat the rich!!!

    Anna NoctuaAnna Noctua6 ore fa
  • "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:19-21, KJV ". . . Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Matthew 19:23-24, KJV "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Mark 8:36-37, KJV

    ClaustrophobicCarrotClaustrophobicCarrot6 ore fa
    • 1 Timothy 6:10 reads: For the *love* of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

      Chelsea R.M.Chelsea R.M.2 ore fa
  • Please learn to Unsubscribe and Cancel.

    Rising ForceRising Force6 ore fa
  • For all the hater comments on here (which I love, fuck this villain) we all need to be disliking the video as well

    Courtney -Courtney -6 ore fa
  • He may not care what his fans think now but at the end of the day he is only where he is in life because of his fans and at this rate he's not gonna have any left! He literally talked about how he came from/had nothing but has the audacity to make fun of people for not being as 'rich' as him, it's messed up! He's living proof that money isn't everything, it turns people into vile creatures!

    Kayleigh RossKayleigh Ross6 ore fa
  • I’ve just watched Trisha’s video. UNSUBSCRIBED.

    Shelley KShelley K6 ore fa
  • Ew the fact that I use to look up to you and Shane makes me sick to my stomach it’s like the feeling of hooking with someone and then regretting it and when someone bring it up you cringe🤢

    Windy FloresWindy Flores6 ore fa
  • You’re a nasty person Jeffery.

    Jesse EstanesJesse Estanes6 ore fa
  • Sending all my love to Trish ❤️❤️❤️🥰 i hope she knows we love her

    Chappie ChappieChappie Chappie6 ore fa
  • I thought we don’t look at prices 😬

    Danielle GillhamDanielle Gillham6 ore fa
  • Go to hell ❤️

    Danielle GillhamDanielle Gillham6 ore fa
  • beutyful

    Kaylie BucknerKaylie Buckner6 ore fa
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    Adam AutumnAdam Autumn6 ore fa
  • Thank you Jeffree for your amazing make up! I personally am not good at applying cosmetics on my face but I absolutely love your travel bags and I am a happy owner of your Androgynous Palette! 💜💛🧡💖oxox

    Khajiit Knight CommanderKhajiit Knight Commander6 ore fa
  • Aren’t you getting tired of being exposed and canceled Jeffembo?

    Fake pastor bacon chicken Eating manFake pastor bacon chicken Eating man6 ore fa
  • Boooo 👎👎

    papi jayapapi jaya6 ore fa
  • You’re canceled!

    MakaylaMakayla6 ore fa
  • Why does he still have so many subscribers?

    Patricia SmithPatricia Smith7 ore fa
    • @Chelsea R.M. also hoping Trisha turns around and sues for them for using her name in palette.

      Patricia SmithPatricia Smith2 ore fa
    • Honestly, who knows... I don't understand it either.

      Chelsea R.M.Chelsea R.M.2 ore fa
  • I like your vlog !

    Marites NuludMarites Nulud7 ore fa
    • That's cool. Do you like the way he treats people?

      Chelsea R.M.Chelsea R.M.2 ore fa
  • hey skeletor 🥰 thanks for uploading another horrible video ‼️😝 stan loona besties 🤍

    • ashie •• ashie •7 ore fa
  • This alien 👽 creature is so fake. Whoever likes him must be a very disturbing and selfish individual. Red flag if you have more then 2 cats or 2 dogs then you shouldn't be trusted. When someones only friends are a bunch of furry creatures run for the hills

    Irene RendonIrene Rendon7 ore fa
  • Hey Jeff is this the part where you completely ignore everything that’s going on and pretend like it never happened and keep posting until someone says something on Twitter until you need to make another awkward apology video in your Gucci suit? Lmfao you’re a joke dude.

    Kaitlyn GuidiciKaitlyn Guidici7 ore fa
    • Dislike this video. It’s obvious more ppl watching dislike this than like it. We need to reflect that in the numbers

      Courtney -Courtney -6 ore fa
  • And the truth finally comes out. So happy this man is finally being exposed for who he is. I’ve waited YEARS. Money can’t buy happiness. Got it. Lesson learned

    Kaitlyn GuidiciKaitlyn Guidici7 ore fa
    • Saaaaaame and so true

      Rv BRv B4 ore fa
  • Makeup cant hide your rotten soul. Apologize to Trish, and be honest about your toxicity. I regret giving you a penny of my money.

    Nicole GrayNicole Gray7 ore fa
  • Are you tired of lying and hurting other people all the time I would be.

    anthony solisanthony solis7 ore fa
    • It's one of those things where we're like, "How do you sleep at night?" Unfortunately, Jeffree probably sleeps quite comfortably because he doesn't have a soul to be stirred or anxious for any wrongdoings. He feels nothing because he's empty which is why he's always trying to fill that void with STUFF. Birkins, cars, clothes, his staff/brand/business ventures. He only cares about stuff because it brings him temporary happiness. That's all he cares about.

      Chelsea R.M.Chelsea R.M.2 ore fa