Something is Taking Shape

12 nov 2020
675 302 visualizzazioni

Don’t miss your first look at the next generation #HondaCivic. Tune in on 11.17 at 8 p.m. EST for an extra special Honda Head2Head.
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  • Thank you, Honda!

    Michael Hubert LamlaMichael Hubert Lamla7 giorni fa
  • Today is the day!!!!!

    27WON27WON7 giorni fa
  • Is there anybody talking about CRX or what? I REALLY miss that car

    Jlm KalJlm Kal7 giorni fa
  • I like the design and appreciate what honda does for this new gen civic, the way of the design, the most eye catching one is the head and tail light design and i love it. But to be honest its look like inspired by audi b9 and the body style is pretty far and doesn't similar from the previous gen model, its great but doesn't look like HONDA for me and it gives me European vibe, you can fool somebody by change the honda badge into audi and nobody notice its a Japanese car. But even though, i you see the new 2021 CIVIC TYPE R my thoughts is this design is more like compatible for the new MITSUBISHI LANCER cuz its boxy and kind of similar with the EVO 7,8 or 9 . As i said its just my thoughts but good job HONDA👍

    faridz khofaridz kho7 giorni fa
  • Is there going to be a livestream on ITworlds?

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Honda Soichiro! Honda E won German car of the year! Please bring it to the US! We want a Honda EV here now!

    saitamahondasaitamahonda7 giorni fa
  • Music name please!!!!

    Daniels JansonsDaniels Jansons8 giorni fa
  • It feels like it is inspired by the caddy CT5, the window and tail light.

  • the best AUDI

    Ahmad Farhan Ahmad FirdausAhmad Farhan Ahmad Firdaus8 giorni fa
    • Dude its a honda

  • A 1.5L engine is way too small how come an NA miata has bigger displacement. Make it at least 1.8 for non Si models, and put the accord 2.0T in the Si!!! Also bring back the s2000!!

    Spicy ChickenSpicy Chicken8 giorni fa
  • Honda need to redesign it logo too. Its getting too outdated now.

    Signature_SSignature_S8 giorni fa
  • I hope the Honda Civic have the Accord and Insight dashboard im not a fan of the digital number speedometer.

    Dre WrightDre Wright8 giorni fa
  • I see a mix of lexus & audi, can't wait to see it 🤤

    Kytes93Kytes938 giorni fa
  • Hope Honda will not kill Civic with an inferior engine this time.

    Ramesh BondaRamesh Bonda8 giorni fa
  • Honda never misses a chance to copy BMW

    Mubeen NooraniMubeen Noorani8 giorni fa
    • @Ryan exactly

    • Umm, not even close

      RyanRyan7 giorni fa
    • How

  • อิหยังหวะ

    Thebluez ThThebluez Th9 giorni fa
  • PLEASE let the SI model have the accord sport 2.0T engine!

    sebastian blassebastian blas9 giorni fa
  • i hope no more PRAWN AND CHINESE EYES design on the car bodykits

    1TGF43T1TGFFGT143TR UEFHROWHEF09314341TGF43T1TGFFGT143TR UEFHROWHEF09314349 giorni fa
  • Someone piece it together lol

    Boosted LudeBoosted Lude9 giorni fa
  • 8th gen was THE best civic. Hope honda designers get their act together and deliver. 🤞🏼 - Big honda fanboy

    Mohan DeventhiranMohan Deventhiran10 giorni fa
    • lmao you mean that ugly egg shaped UFO commuter for old people? hell no the 8th gen is like the NC of Miatas. The worst one

      That fkn turkeyThat fkn turkey5 giorni fa
    • 8th gen kinda looks like a wannabe Prius, but ey to any Honda fan it doesn't really matter

      Evan CarleyEvan Carley7 giorni fa
  • Who here prefers the c shaped tail lights ?

    HaziqHaziq10 giorni fa
    • They look good, but not that good

      Eduardo SantiagoEduardo Santiago9 giorni fa
  • Até que enfim uma roda descente, desde o G8!!

    NoHandzNoHandz10 giorni fa
  • Very bad... It looks like a Fiat tipo. I was expecting a sport car. Not a family car...

    luca sebastianluca sebastian10 giorni fa
    • It's not a type R or an Si. And when has the civic ever been a sports car?? It was designed as a family car from day one LOL. They just make sports car variants

      Harvard FordHarvard Ford9 giorni fa
  • Very curious to see the hatchback!

    Kor VazzoKor Vazzo10 giorni fa
  • 🧐 I hope they don’t turn the civic to a crossover 😝

    Rex BigorniaRex Bigornia10 giorni fa
  • As long as it doesn't look stupid like the current Civic.

    JFomoJFomo11 giorni fa
  • The Power Of Dreams

    ศุภรัชต์ เจียมอมรรัตน์ศุภรัชต์ เจียมอมรรัตน์11 giorni fa
  • I really like the Tail lights of 10th gen which makes it so much better compared to other manufacturer like Elantra and Corolla Altis. And if this is how 11th gen civic looks like then I personally think 7th gen Elantra is better in terms of looks.

    Hunter ZamoraHunter Zamora11 giorni fa
    • Agree. I think they should've had kept tail lights and just update front lights. New ones seem fine but it is the brightness that makes up for it. the design looks simple and no originallity in it compared to audi let's say. Honda completely changed things we loved about the 10th gen instead of updating and redesigning their flaws... I hope Type R wont look as shitty as this does. No surprise, it's not my type. Honda just keep changing the audiences... They went from arlien 9th gen to modern/sporty 10th gen with fake vents and now they are going with old-ish design but up to date equipement idk

      Klemen KovačičKlemen Kovačič10 giorni fa
  • nahhhh 10th gen for everrr

    Nwaneka CNwaneka C11 giorni fa
  • E o Brasil daqui uns 2 anos vê ele 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

    Luiz FernandoLuiz Fernando11 giorni fa
  • I love my 2018 Civic Hatchback; can't wait to see how they improve upon it further!

    Almost YouTube FamousAlmost YouTube Famous11 giorni fa

    SoulfulAccord97SoulfulAccord9711 giorni fa
  • Honda traz esse carro pro brasil pelo amor de deus

    João RafaelJoão Rafael11 giorni fa
  • 0:13 Nice Jetta/A5 tail lights.

    Yussnan84Yussnan8411 giorni fa
    • looks way better than the current civic and accord taillights imo

      SunnyD88SunnyD8811 giorni fa
  • Thanks it's exciting to this model be back as a Sedan, I don't like the Coupe It's great that HONDA do this and the WR-V will be in México

    OMAR GarciaOMAR Garcia11 giorni fa
  • No matter what it looks like I won't be purchasing one since they're no longer offered in coupes. I'll just keep my 99 ex coupe forever I guess.

    nyreppin1nyreppin112 giorni fa

    Marco CarnevaliMarco Carnevali12 giorni fa
  • 0.25 ✓✓✓

    Faruk ŞenFaruk Şen12 giorni fa
  • Tail light looks like Toyota vios.

    Dindo FlogioDindo Flogio12 giorni fa
    • really unoriginal from them

      Klemen KovačičKlemen Kovačič10 giorni fa
  • Damn car! It doesn't have that amazing full glass headlight design like the Civic 2006/7 >:/

    No Commentary GameplayNo Commentary Gameplay12 giorni fa
  • Geliyor gelmekte olan👌♥️

    Gürkan KöroğluGürkan Köroğlu12 giorni fa
  • Love the way Honda has been going with their design the last few years here. This looks like a smaller Accord on the sides. Front is good/okay but the back tail-lights are way too tame/boring looking from what other renders are pointing to.

    ttheboytwottheboytwo12 giorni fa
  • super excited

    Yousuf AnwarYousuf Anwar12 giorni fa
  • The rear end seems suspiciously VW'y.

    Steve OswaldSteve Oswald12 giorni fa
    • As in, boring and safe design. Too bad.

      D FD F9 giorni fa
    • Audi A4 😰

      DriveRiDriveRi12 giorni fa
  • I wish they can put the 2.0 turbo on the si with at least 220HP 😊 I would love that!

    Brian VtecBrian Vtec12 giorni fa
    • @Arthur Londero I’m sure they are going to keep the 1.5t for the regular models for fuel economy reasons but will see.

      Brian VtecBrian Vtec9 giorni fa
    • i wish they can put the 2.0T on regular civics too

      Arthur LonderoArthur Londero10 giorni fa
  • New Civic Hatchbacks being built in the USA! 👊

    bingeMAFIAbingeMAFIA12 giorni fa
  • Whoa! It looks like a mini new Acura TLX.

    trialtrial12 giorni fa
  • Wow! Dual visible exhaust pipes on the prototype! However, the patent images don't seem to show them. :(

    trialtrial12 giorni fa
  • The design already got leaked.

    Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
  • Can’t wait!

    N0RT2G0RD4UN0RT2G0RD4U12 giorni fa
  • Honda CIVIC♥️

    type Rtype R12 giorni fa
  • ficou top

    marcelo rodrigues perdigãomarcelo rodrigues perdigão12 giorni fa
  • Playback at 0.25x. Thank me later.

    Sumon KakatiSumon Kakati12 giorni fa
    • @luca sebastian huhn?

      Sukrith Varma YedlaSukrith Varma Yedla8 giorni fa
    • @luca sebastian wellcum

      Sumon KakatiSumon Kakati10 giorni fa
    • I saw the naked woman! Thanks!

      luca sebastianluca sebastian10 giorni fa
  • Don’t forget that Hectors running 3 of these with spoon engines 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Hondacollector1Hondacollector112 giorni fa

      PhoeniXPhoeniX12 giorni fa
    • What kind of exhaust?

      UberTechUberTech12 giorni fa
  • At first sight, brake lights look like focus', they look great though. And c column looks wonderful again. I love it by only this debut, dont let us down on 17th of nov.

    serkan marangozserkan marangoz12 giorni fa
    • Focus? Nah they look like Lexus tails

      Abdiel MurguiaAbdiel Murguia12 giorni fa
  • Bring back the CRX and S2K!

    Ext0rti0nist.Ext0rti0nist.12 giorni fa
    • @Jlm Kal perhaps

      Ext0rti0nist.Ext0rti0nist.7 giorni fa
    • They will never but i hope to do one day

      Jlm KalJlm Kal7 giorni fa
  • Looks to be much improved design over the 10th gen. Would be nice to get a traditional hatchback design when it comes time for its redesign.

    SteveSteve12 giorni fa
    • What looks improved? it looks generic to other cars, no originallity. VW, Audi... What it looks better is updated light system, especailly front light. But idk... this car looks simple to me. It looks like a generic Sedan from Mercedez or sth

      Klemen KovačičKlemen Kovačič10 giorni fa
    • They won’t have a traditional hatchback design. Same shape as the last hatchback, but with a window on the c pillar that makes it look kinda crosstour-like in my opinion. Search up 2022 Honda Civic patent designs to see for yourself.

      Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
  • Love Honda civic

    Ahmed Jatt VlogsAhmed Jatt Vlogs12 giorni fa
  • I feel like it's gn be a mini accord

    Wings of KFCWings of KFC12 giorni fa
    • @D F refinement is the name of the game for the 11th gen. The 10th gen was futuristic and boy racer. This will sexy, sleek, while lacking some of the awkwardness from the 10th gen. Of course the new elantra is more stylistically dramatic, but I can't help but feel people will not be drawn to it as much as they'll be drawn to the new civic. The civic is gonna remain the number 1 selling compact in the US and the best selling passenger car in Canada.

      KyronKyron7 giorni fa
    • Bad? No. Boring? Yes The current generation Civic was dramatic and exciting and made Corolla’s look like a fleet car. Everything I’ve seen of the next generation looks like it just blends into the background with other cars. Still better than a Corolla. But love it or hate it, the new Hyundai Elantra looks to steal the uniqueness factor away from the Civic.

      D FD F9 giorni fa
    • @Aizaz Khan I personally would rather have the civic be a civic than just a smaller accord.

      Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
    • how is that a bad thing?

      Aizaz KhanAizaz Khan12 giorni fa
  • Looks good, based on what I can see. I dearly hope there's an all-electric version~

    PikminimanPikminiman12 giorni fa
    • @Bran S : I sure hope so. Honda, as the largest internal combustion engine manufacturer on the planet, is particularly screwed if they do not immediately start making very big moves toward all-electric vehicles. The Honda E is gorgeous, but it lacks the range it needs for the U.S. market (hence Europe-only). It's also troubling how inefficient the Honda E is. I dearly want Honda to survive this decade, and currently their chances look grim.

      PikminimanPikminiman12 giorni fa
    • Honestly I doubt it. Maybe a hybrid at best but Honda does not really care about electrics. But Honda is going to bring a platform in the mid 2020s which can have a civic sized vehicle riding on it.

      Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
  • Can't wait to see what it looks like. I have the 10th gen 2020 civic Si and I love it!! Please don't ever get rid of your manual transmission cars. The si and the type R should always be manual. Its why it's a sports car.

    Mr CivicSiMr CivicSi12 giorni fa
    • You don’t need to wait.

      Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
  • OH MY GOD !!!

    Tony HongTony Hong12 giorni fa
  • It has the 2015 Toyota Corolla Tail Lights design. Kinda ugly. The rest of the car is looking great.

    Lucas E. HondaLucas E. Honda12 giorni fa
    • Wait till the 17th. Leaks suggest it’s not nearly as big as corolla rear

      FREE GUCCIFREE GUCCI12 giorni fa
    • more like Audi A3 tail light design

      SteveSteve12 giorni fa
  • As the owner of a 10th gen Civic I would like to see this new 11th gen in person and see how it drives and feels compared to the old one. The 10th gen chassis is fine, but the exterior needs a bit of modernizing and the interior badly needs an update. I'm hoping they keep the K20C2 with the 6MT.

    Ozark AviationOzark Aviation12 giorni fa
    • yea. I mean exterior wouldnt even be bad if there wasnt anything fake about it like fake vents... Also interior is the biggest weakest point of the car.

      Klemen KovačičKlemen Kovačič10 giorni fa
  • Where is the electric Civic? Design looks very bad like a jetta. 6th,8th, 10th gen were the best civics, were ahead of their time for design , this looks like a vw. Too bad.

    Rıza KayanRıza Kayan12 giorni fa
    • @Bran S they closed England and Turkey factories for electrification. So where is the Civic.

      Rıza KayanRıza Kayan12 giorni fa
    • IKR. Also if you want an electric civic, you gotta wait 5 more years for Honda to bring out that EV platform for North America.

      Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
  • Can't wait to see how the next-gen 2022 Type R will look like!

    One Random GuyOne Random Guy12 giorni fa
    • @Klemen Kovačič no civic generation is really that similar to one another

      Eduardo SantiagoEduardo Santiago9 giorni fa
    • well im kinda scared seeing how civic looks as of now it doesnt resemble 10th gen even a lil bit

      Klemen KovačičKlemen Kovačič10 giorni fa
  • Love civics! Great cars and always had their own look, you know it’s a civic when you see them, but this. It’s nice but kinda looking like a TLX?! Can’t wait to see more and what the specs are like!

    Taradiddle ProductionsTaradiddle Productions12 giorni fa
  • looks like a Jetta

    ThatWasherNerdThatWasherNerd12 giorni fa
  • They finally fixed those stupid looking tail lights.

    Hard Rock Support ServicesHard Rock Support Services12 giorni fa
  • I kinda feel bad purchasing an 19 Civic Sport Touring Hatchback but I'm actually Interested in getting the TLX A-Spec next fall.

    Lavonte ALavonte A12 giorni fa
  • Lets goooo 🔥

    HondaDrag ForLifeDelSolHondaDrag ForLifeDelSol12 giorni fa
  • Civic already in history

    PespeszPespesz12 giorni fa
  • I’ve been driving Civics since 1975..... back when people came up to me with puzzled looks ..... they’d ask me if it had some kind of motorcycle engine in it.........I got to where I’d just nod and say.... yeah....... ha

    Don SailingDon Sailing12 giorni fa
  • Can’t wait to see the new Si and Type R

    BASITH PHBASITH PH12 giorni fa
    • Cornelis van der Heijden The Si was only discontinued for 2021 because they were winding down production on 10th gens. It’s been confirmed to return with the 11th gen

      MacDaddyDevMacDaddyDev12 giorni fa
    • @Cornelis van der Heijden said who?

      BASITH PHBASITH PH12 giorni fa
    • @Cornelis van der Heijden they do ,comfimed by Honda Japan at their conference press. And already have Spyshot Type R prototype .

      SEVENIGHT ProductionSEVENIGHT Production12 giorni fa
    • @Cornelis van der Heijden they are lol. Besides have you not seen the CTR spy photos?

      Damian YDamian Y12 giorni fa
  • Best car ever

    Dylan MooneyDylan Mooney12 giorni fa
  • FK8増産しろ

    ONYXONYX12 giorni fa
  • Please no more fake vents

    Tyrone Shin BonesTyrone Shin Bones12 giorni fa
  • Looks like a waterdown Accord. GIVE THE TLX TO RRST OF THE WORLD

    J HsiehJ Hsieh12 giorni fa
    • @Cornelis van der Heijden It does look like a water downed accord.

      Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Ahmad Ehab El.HusseinyAhmad Ehab El.Husseiny12 giorni fa
  • Don't let us down Honda! But judging by what we just saw I think it looks pretty good so far. 11/17 here we come!

    GumhoptopGumhoptop12 giorni fa
    • @PhoeniXHow is a Civic useless

      YourTypical AsianYourTypical Asian10 giorni fa

      PhoeniXPhoeniX12 giorni fa
    • Honda never lets down.

      Agata ZapińskaAgata Zapińska12 giorni fa
    • @Bran S oh

      Chris J. LongChris J. Long12 giorni fa
    • @Chris J. Long Yeah the patents reveal the design. It’s literally just a mini-accord.

      Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
  • New Civic needed fast!

    Fezz569Fezz56912 giorni fa
  • Yes Civic..

    Michael UmMichael Um12 giorni fa
  • Hopefully this new Civic doesn't look like it was designed by a 14 year old boy like the current one.

    AlphaTrion92AlphaTrion9212 giorni fa
  • Honda I've personally loved the 10th Gen civic , you gave it the sporty look civic has been known for ( except the 9th gen) , please keep the tradition of Civic alive and do NOT pls Do not remove the manual transmission and Keep offering the Type R with only Manual... In my mind the 10th gen civic LOOKS AMAZING even for today... It was so ahead of it's time... Please keep the sportiness of 10th gen in the 11th gen as well....

    Yash GabraYash Gabra12 giorni fa
    • Sorry look with garbage performance

      Random StuffRandom Stuff8 giorni fa
    • "Amazing" yea it looks awesome. But then again, all is just literally fake, which is kinda a shame. Exhaust could be louder ofc. Interiror needs work. you cant put red seats with blue car cmon... Also featuers.... it lacks it a lot. Tho it drives nicely, yes.

      Klemen KovačičKlemen Kovačič10 giorni fa
    • its gone bro no more manual on civic from here on.

      tactical yawgtactical yawg12 giorni fa
    • @Steve Oswald if I was 18 I would

      Yash GabraYash Gabra12 giorni fa

      PhoeniXPhoeniX12 giorni fa
  • かなり格好良さそうですね。

    チベットの犬子さんチベットの犬子さん12 giorni fa

    rästikrästik12 giorni fa
    • In your dreams

      Sumon KakatiSumon Kakati12 giorni fa
  • When is the Honda fit going to get an update

    Frederick CharleyFrederick Charley12 giorni fa
    • no honda fit for us americans

      Dirty Asian MafiaDirty Asian Mafia12 giorni fa
    • @Vito Aditya Simanjuntak It’s discontinued for the North American market.

      Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
    • @Cornelis van der Heijden Just hybrid.

      Bran SBran S12 giorni fa
    • @Damian Y oh............I'm so slow 😂😂

      Frederick CharleyFrederick Charley12 giorni fa
    • @Frederick Charley it's already on the internet for a while now...?

      Damian YDamian Y12 giorni fa
  • Ooooo yeaah

    Detrix PcDetrix Pc12 giorni fa
  • Honda civic 2022

    Aqil Qushaiyyi MohamadAqil Qushaiyyi Mohamad12 giorni fa
  • The Civic is the most dependable car on the market. With regular oil changes, they'll easily do 300,000 miles.

    Election Thief In ChiefElection Thief In Chief12 giorni fa
    • 55k km mine, no problem yet. Tuned 1.5 turbo.

      Rıza KayanRıza Kayan12 giorni fa
    • @Cornelis van der Heijden I know someone with 120k KMs on a 1.5 turbo and she hasn’t had any issues

      f181234f18123412 giorni fa
    • Civics usually outlast the owners who get bored to death.

      Hard Rock Support ServicesHard Rock Support Services12 giorni fa
    • The old ones, yes. The new ones, probability won’t. Gas leaks into the oil pan. 😔

      John ConnorJohn Connor12 giorni fa
  • Please don't be a 4cylinder turbo. But at least a V6 N/A or V6 Turbo at least maybe 5 Cylinder

    Antonio BabbAntonio Babb12 giorni fa

      Arthur LonderoArthur Londero10 giorni fa
    • @Teddy yea until engine blow up

      Georges GkiolasGeorges Gkiolas11 giorni fa
    • Want a V6? Get a Mustang not a freaking Honda Civic

      TeddyTeddy12 giorni fa
    • Why would they put a V6 in civic?

      f181234f18123412 giorni fa
    • lol wtf

      Joel IbarraJoel Ibarra12 giorni fa
  • Hopefully you restyle the Accord from head to toe. Get rid of that ugly C pillar and crab claws on the back while you're at it. and bring back some naturally aspirated engine choices 😅😅🤭 P.s. it desperately needs it😇

    • 2019 accord 1.5t, i wish I got the hybrid, not only for the hybrid features but it fascinates me its not a "Turbo"ed up engine. It's just a 2.0L. Got sport and eco mode, hybrid functionality, and its only a hair more expensive.

      Steven KSteven K8 giorni fa
    • @Jaylan Pittmon I feel the same.. I feel the 1.5 engine is held back by the cvt.

      Copy NinjaCopy Ninja12 giorni fa
  • Hi honda 👋

    qu33nie 08qu33nie 0812 giorni fa
  • Ohhh yeah baby!

    Iovu IonIovu Ion12 giorni fa