Strange cats 🐾

2 apr 2021
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Lots and lots of strange cats!
No worries, they are ultra friendly :3
Cat is chat in french :D
The song is Mario paint- Gnat attack!

  • 1:36 amog us.

    Marie MurphyMarie MurphyOra fa
  • Said a scholar. Cat is liquid

    つのつのつのつのOra fa
  • 1:36 if someone gave me a cat that looked like this I'd cremate it

    Mugelbbub16Mugelbbub16Ora fa

    John DuquetteJohn DuquetteOra fa
  • I smell underrated YT 'round here

    -OutLoud_Friend--OutLoud_Friend-2 ore fa
  • This would be so damn cool as a game

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  • BEST

    Filip KňapFilip Kňap3 ore fa
  • Wait after FIVE friking times this was not uploaded a year ago The hek

    Scottish FoxScottish Fox3 ore fa
  • Do you ever just randomly start vibing with the cats

    A casual userA casual user3 ore fa
  • Pls help I can't STop WATCHING QwQ

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  • I love🥰❤️💕🥺😍

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  • 1:46 Calk

    Tαɱ ̷G̷a̷r̷Tαɱ ̷G̷a̷r̷4 ore fa
  • 1:42 scared the sht of me

    Tαɱ ̷G̷a̷r̷Tαɱ ̷G̷a̷r̷4 ore fa
  • When the imposter is sus😳😳😳 1:32

    Ellen BrunelleEllen Brunelle4 ore fa
  • Is this on an app because I would like to animate pls respond

    Bey TasticBey Tastic4 ore fa
  • Pokemon cats in a nutshell

    TwistedCodesTwistedCodes4 ore fa
  • Kekeflipnote, im curious.... Why dont you have 1 million or even more subscribers????Your animation and art is God LEVEL....its kind the amount of subscribers you have now is a disgrace compared to the work you do....Keep up the amazing work!!!!🥺💕💕💕

    Agatha McCleanAgatha McClean5 ore fa
  • 0:57 I love this

    Daniel HernandezDaniel Hernandez5 ore fa
  • 1:34 amogus

    LildeimosLildeimos6 ore fa
  • This might be the best video on ITworlds

    Maggie BrandyMaggie Brandy7 ore fa
  • gato de sinko peso = 0:02 0:04

    ЯedMλsteringЯedMλstering7 ore fa
  • Egg cat

    claudia venturaclaudia ventura7 ore fa

    paola quevedo marinipaola quevedo marini8 ore fa
  • the four cat breeds - chonk - stronk - liquid - { redacted }

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  • Its creepy cute

    Nattawut ThangtoNattawut Thangto8 ore fa
  • When you do a dark ritual on your cat: 1:39

    Megajasonexl JMegajasonexl J8 ore fa
  • I love the song lmao

    Matthias WalterMatthias Walter9 ore fa
  • I would like to adopt the second one :>

    Wolfiex Playz GachaWolfiex Playz Gacha9 ore fa
  • You just make me not scared of the cursed black cat images anymore....thank you

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  • 0:44 when a boss fight begins

    Amber PhillipsAmber Phillips9 ore fa
  • LOL

    New gamer thx 0New gamer thx 010 ore fa
  • 1:25 😐😐😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😎

  • And that’s where you say.. Cats are liquid

    Nøt KatsuNøt Katsu11 ore fa
  • 0:56 This ones my favorite, he's beautiful

    Shayla McbabyhandsShayla Mcbabyhands11 ore fa
  • 0:37 amogus

    KayraxyKayraxy12 ore fa
  • 1:35 the funniest thing uv ever seen

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  • 0:57 🤣🤣🤣

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    • Wait that cat is cute nwn

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  • Cathulhu

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  • Black is kinda sus 1:35

    superfaizhero go!superfaizhero go!13 ore fa
  • 1:12 ЪУЪ

    Дики loveДики love13 ore fa
  • When i fits i sits. Cats 2021"-.

    kaylaplayskaylaplays14 ore fa
  • Whats thw name of the song

    axel gamingaxel gaming17 ore fa
  • 0:33 L O N K K A T

    Spencer HowardSpencer Howard17 ore fa
  • It is fake

    Haisanov GulginaHaisanov Gulgina17 ore fa
  • I love them all They are Purrfect

    Mitya KasparovMitya Kasparov17 ore fa
  • Cats are such strange creatures. Also chonka

    Toaster_TimeToaster_Time19 ore fa
  • Black cats are scary

    Mandalorian GirlMandalorian Girl19 ore fa
  • ♡♡♡

    Marcelo MirandaMarcelo Miranda19 ore fa
  • The ghoststoppers are the most part of the animals in 3rd century fox news has a tummy bug that is a good thing to do it in the pool and I have a dinosaur has a tummy bug and I have a dinosaur like a pro life doll clothes and a despacito and plesiosauruses and l e I have a dinosaur like a pro and a despacito and plesiosauruses and l e I have a dinosaur like a pro and a despacito and plesiosauruses and l e I have

    Rachelle LouiseRachelle Louise22 ore fa
  • This proof that cat is a *L I Q U I D*

    Yuima H.S.Yuima H.S.22 ore fa
  • 😹😹😹😹

    Trang Linh Sally NguyễnTrang Linh Sally Nguyễn22 ore fa
  • can you send your email I have some good cat images for your strange cat videos! piz

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  • r\bossfight: Catatyer the end the all 1:39

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  • I'm not strange

    SomaliSomaliGiorno fa
  • #part 2

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  • Cats are milk water and other liquids

    Luis ツLuis ツGiorno fa

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  • 1:36 That movement was unexpected lmao

    Rama DrianRama DrianGiorno fa
  • 1:39 that looks like a cool cat

    Joseph FinchJoseph FinchGiorno fa
  • This reminded me of how my bf teased me in french and thought that calling me a pussy (because scary storm) was a Chatte I had to explain to him that calling someone a cat in french does not make sense lol. I speak canadian french, this king of curses.

    MarlyjadeMarlyjadeGiorno fa
  • I loved the cat as milk :3

    MiCo LeNgEoMiCo LeNgEoGiorno fa
  • c'est cursed mais très réaliste... j'en suis sur

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  • I don’t think if that is cat

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  • The black one looks like my cat ..

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  • The original is better for me...

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  • bingus

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  • so this video is only 2 minutes long but when i watched it in full screen and just began watching it without doing anything else.. it felt like eternity.

    Random fish guyRandom fish guyGiorno fa
  • Lots look like new Pokémon

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  • 1:27 is my favorite

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  • Please make strange cats part 2

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  • So cute

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  • 1:34 ...sus

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  • I love how at 1:22 the cat does a WORKOUT.

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  • 1:51 so cute 💝

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  • 🐱🐱🐱

    Reyyan ArslanReyyan ArslanGiorno fa
  • Now you owe us a whole show with all these characters

    Rochelle SilvaRochelle SilvaGiorno fa
  • 0:02 SINKO PESO

    migókc 64migókc 64Giorno fa
  • I think cats are invaders from space

    イカスミ太郎「dumb squid」イカスミ太郎「dumb squid」Giorno fa
  • Nice

    Rocío Daniela Tobares VergaraRocío Daniela Tobares VergaraGiorno fa
  • 3 new kind of can cats 1.Flying like nothing happend 2.A cat that didn't had legs 3.A cat with 8 legs and 10 eyes witches a Octo cat🤣

    Ashley PlaymoodAshley PlaymoodGiorno fa
  • OMG 😨

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  • Muscular cats...

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  • Bruh

    Ahmed MalakiAhmed MalakiGiorno fa
  • probably the most wholesome video i've ever seen.. i cannot stop watching theese lol

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  • There not strange there just cute in the other way

    Totally·Not·ClumsyTotally·Not·ClumsyGiorno fa
  • Getting out of bed: 0:29 Going to school: 0:57 Waiting in class: 0:38 Running back home: 0:27

    Zulalina AmdanZulalina AmdanGiorno fa
  • 1:35 its cat like AMONG US

    Anthony EdbertAnthony EdbertGiorno fa
  • i feel threatened

    Mister EstergaardMister EstergaardGiorno fa
  • 1:39like Hollw kight

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  • What the

    MelaniMitchnizØ YTMelaniMitchnizØ YTGiorno fa
  • My cat Luis (she already ded) She is outside oh the cage I put her back in the cage When i look back... She is ouside of da cage

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  • pixel 😍

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  • I am the blacknkat with toung out

    Gibert ElenaGibert ElenaGiorno fa
  • 1:28 the girlfriend: Yet her dad:

    ¿Your new gf's a thot?¿Your new gf's a thot?Giorno fa
  • This video is the definition of blursed.

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  • Amogus 1:35

    ayau the foxayau the foxGiorno fa
  • Theese r alien cats- 🐈‍⬛ 🐈

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