HELLUVA BOSS - Murder Family // S1: Episode 1

31 ott 2020
13 080 709 visualizzazioni

When the I.M.P get hired to take out a heroic homicide survivor, things sure do happen.
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WARNING: for naked owl!
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    VivziepopVivziepop26 giorni fa
    • Hi

      MrChick42 GamingMrChick42 Gaming2 giorni fa
    • Honestly I like this more than hazbin hazbin is the better show but I just like this one more

      teal lumateal luma2 giorni fa
    • I only love Hazbin Hotel

      Denise HintonDenise Hinton3 giorni fa
    • Let's appreciate the speech to text

      RayRay CalitriRayRay Calitri3 giorni fa
    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

      Lisa BlankenshipLisa Blankenship3 giorni fa
  • LMFAO “cums in the mail”😭

    Laboola boola BoolaLaboola boola Boola22 secondi fa
  • Omg I love this I need morrreee

    Alexa ColeAlexa ColeMinuto fa
  • 9:26 she is holding blitz by the stock. Blitz can literally pull the trigger and kill her

    Troy SchmidtTroy Schmidt14 minuti fa
  • Why does millies husband sound like chaos from sky landers

    Jason The oneJason The one32 minuti fa

    Michael ZacariasMichael Zacarias32 minuti fa
  • When the next hazbin hotel animation

    Adam MartinezAdam Martinez34 minuti fa
  • 11:08 i was like holy shit!

    Cesar GuzmanCesar Guzman50 minuti fa
  • Dude I’mma love all the episodes of this series

    Wolf7dog777Wolf7dog77753 minuti fa
  • Why did you change millies voice?? I can’t stand her new one. It’s makes her sound like a unintelligent hillbilly as opposed to sweet. I loved her original voice. The new makes her feel like a whole new character, one that doesn’t mesh well with Moxie. The accent portrays her in a way that doesn’t seem like she’s moxies type; whereas in the pilot they felt made for each other. She was my fav character in the pilot. In this one she’s just plain obnoxious, Every time she spoke it was like nails down a chalkboard

    Gordon Ramsay’s Forehead WrinklesGordon Ramsay’s Forehead Wrinkles53 minuti fa
  • Bruh, thank God this is free

    Saget_suxSaget_sux57 minuti fa
  • Idk what this is but I love 🤚🏽

    Yahri HarrisonYahri Harrison58 minuti fa
  • 4:58 me when a teacher said I did something wrong and another kid did the same thing and it’s right

  • That was a good ending actually

    Lost in TimeLost in TimeOra fa
  • Cannibalism, neat twist

    Avery DisqueAvery DisqueOra fa
  • Quality ass content

    Bob RossBob RossOra fa
  • Millie’s voice ain’t it :/

    boop soupboop soupOra fa
  • That school was creepier than hell-

    ᴍᴇʟʟᴏᴡ ᴍᴏɴᴀ•ᴍᴇʟʟᴏᴡ ᴍᴏɴᴀ•Ora fa
  • Do u guys see the billboard at 5:03 *They just bought a fucking billboard*

    Risky BoyRisky BoyOra fa
  • This is just Hazbin Hotel in a different setting.

    Luiz MarinhoLuiz Marinho2 ore fa
  • Wait there already dead?

    Halloweeny UwUHalloweeny UwU2 ore fa
  • That kid in the corner looked like he was reliving some trauma

    Musical TrashMusical Trash2 ore fa
  • 3:05 when the kid ends saying "my mom was a hero" skip 10 seconds lol

    yoshi 64yoshi 642 ore fa
  • Imagine they made a demon called hell demon

    Damian NavarroDamian Navarro2 ore fa
  • 1:55 How the hell did that girl return to the class that quickly considering she went into orbit with that throw?

    Christopher FrenchamChristopher Frencham2 ore fa

    giorquegiorque2 ore fa
    • Does HazBin hotel have a yeeting scene 1:19

      Mask manMask man2 ore fa
    • True true

      Mask manMask man2 ore fa
  • why did vivzie changed the rich demon( don't know how to type his name) and millie's original voiced actors?

    Eddie Nunez-hernandezEddie Nunez-hernandez2 ore fa
  • 11:10 when i see a person I love but I'm jealous of

    Early OwlEarly Owl3 ore fa
  • Never thught id see a character with the same bra as me lol

    Crystal TilfordCrystal Tilford3 ore fa
  • Saludos vivziepop me gusto el capitulo de helluva boss pero qué pasa con los que prefieren a the hazbin hotel , es decir ... me agrada mucho tu canal , me gusta el humor de tus videos y la perfección de tus dibujos ... pero que a pasado con el resto de los suscriptores que han estado esperando desde hace tiempo a nuestro hotel preferido y mucho de nosotros nos molestamos un poco el hecho de que prefirieras helluva boss que hazbin hotel. Creí que el proyecto trataba del como charlie alcanzaba su meta en el hotel ; si acaso lo logra y consigue redimir a ángel , también seguimos a la espera de saber los verdaderos planes de alastor y demas datos que queremos saber . Eso fue un pequeño aporte a tu canal de tu servidora : coral dust , por favor leelo y dime lo que piensas sobre lo que dije .

    Coral dustCoral dust3 ore fa
  • Helluva Boss ep2 Millie’s return to Alabama

    Southern Steel Metal detectingSouthern Steel Metal detecting3 ore fa
  • Barely even a minute in, and there’s already a sex scene. Welcome to helluva boss everyone!

    Mc SweesyMc Sweesy3 ore fa
    • Lie you met 1 minute and 2 second 1:02 see

      Mask manMask man2 ore fa
  • I just released that blitz is brand Rogers (it fits so well!)

    Sara LynchSara Lynch3 ore fa
  • I’m 10 years old watching this

    Kenya TateKenya Tate3 ore fa
  • I love it!

    BastetGoddessBastetGoddess4 ore fa
  • I heard if you say you fav youtubers name 3 times so, Vivziepop Vivziepop Vivziepop THis masterpeice is underrated

    Fnaf IsTheBestFnaf IsTheBest4 ore fa
  • Can you do episode 2 plz!

  • This is yes

    Yoshi_JDYoshi_JD4 ore fa
  • Love this episode and the animation is awesome!!! definitely going to support! 😍

    Sidney GreenSidney Green4 ore fa
  • I say, in my opinion, Blitzo needs some kind of power, other than the book, to show/tell that why HE is the boss of the company (and other than he started it)

    EnderkingPlays YTEnderkingPlays YT4 ore fa
  • I think we all can learn a few lessons from this, one: Don’t judge a book by its cover, but by its contents. 2: Nothing is as innocent as it seems.

    Matthew SanchezMatthew Sanchez4 ore fa
  • Will there be a season 1, ep 1 for hazbin hotel?

    Luka DjurasevicLuka Djurasevic5 ore fa
  • I love it

    Arron LinArron Lin5 ore fa
  • Little girl: “Wait! Mrs. Mayberry, remember what you taught us? Think before you act!” Me: Oh sweetie, she’s already made up her mind on what she’s going to do. ❤️

    HelperHelper5 ore fa
    • Lol she then thought about yeeting the girl too 1:22

      Mask manMask man2 ore fa
  • Thai pls😁

    a Cat หน้ารักa Cat หน้ารัก5 ore fa
  • I miss her old voice :((

    KiiboumaKiibouma5 ore fa
  • 3:13

    Juan SalazarJuan Salazar5 ore fa
  • Make another plsss

    Leela SunuwarLeela Sunuwar6 ore fa
  • I love Millie's look she's kewl this show is too good 👍

    Alexis RodriguezAlexis Rodriguez6 ore fa
  • Warning: this cartoon is not for children Me: that sign can't stop me because I can't read

    Livia LaMorteLivia LaMorte6 ore fa
  • I wish my boss was as cool as that, but I don't have to worry anymore cause I lost my job

    glurbyglurby6 ore fa
  • welp pt.2 is ganna be good the family will be in hell now

    ffionn foxffionn fox6 ore fa
  • 😈I wouldn't mind working for I.M.P.😈

    Paul CorsonPaul Corson7 ore fa
  • Can’t wait for episode 2 so far helluva boss is awesome!

    CooljaboyjayCooljaboyjay7 ore fa
  • Loona is easily my favorite character in this show. While Moxxie is my second favorite. Also, i love the animation. It feels like an amazing combination of Disney's Classic 2D animation & Anime.

    Zach ShadowkillZach Shadowkill7 ore fa
    • Lol you do know Loona is a furry right.

      Mask manMask man2 ore fa
  • the fact that this is still monetized brings me much joy

    The man behind the inkThe man behind the ink7 ore fa
  • Heel yeah!!

    Toray HayesToray Hayes7 ore fa
  • is no one gonna talk about how millie sounds different

    DexxesDexxes7 ore fa
  • “Have an a-hole in the living world? Come to I am Pee!”

    WinginWolfWinginWolf7 ore fa
  • ja,la maestra

    thenahuelpmythenahuelpmy7 ore fa
  • theres an alarm button for a client giving birth. MAKES SENSE

    RøzeKingRøzeKing7 ore fa
  • 9:15 he's a lil sus :0

    stray boungostray boungo7 ore fa
  • in 2:51 the Hero" looks like plankton from spongebob

    ThePigFromAnywhereThePigFromAnywhere8 ore fa
  • 5:10 and pause it and read the I.M.P billboard with the terrible spelling it is so funny

    BooPlush ProductionsBooPlush Productions8 ore fa
    • @Mask man huh

      BooPlush ProductionsBooPlush Productions2 ore fa
    • Ha ha ha you want to know why it spelled terrible it a voice mail the creator of the bill border wrote what he said in the voice mail.

      Mask manMask man2 ore fa
  • God damn Luna is tall

    Robo Taco23Robo Taco238 ore fa
    • 5:17 pause loona is like a half biltzo taller

      Mask manMask man2 ore fa
  • How cool animations aces !, which app do you use? can you tell me the name? yes?

    Belgica PerezBelgica Perez8 ore fa
  • How did such an angel like Moxxie and Millie end up in hell

    Sam JohnsonSam Johnson8 ore fa
    • They dint. Imps are born in hell

      Feck KathleenFeck Kathleen8 ore fa

    Kramer BrevingKramer Breving8 ore fa
  • How soon we can watch your diligence 😏 I don't tell them

    Smalll_BoySmalll_Boy8 ore fa
  • 1:02

    holy duckyholy ducky9 ore fa
  • Video: this is only for adults ITworlds: this is a cartoon so it’s for kids

    Brian LapierreBrian Lapierre9 ore fa
  • Um i thought this was for kids

    Toray HayesToray Hayes9 ore fa
  • 12:39 why is blitz looking at millie like that?

    No1atallNo1atall9 ore fa
  • 11:11 I died from that. 😂

    Robert ListerRobert Lister9 ore fa
  • 12:23 aw i thing i love this ship Oh,No ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    treaovr Minecrafttreaovr Minecraft9 ore fa
  • Is nobody gonna talk about how when Blitzo missed the shot and it zoomed out how there was a wheelchair with a pot of ashes (forgot what it was) at the dinner table with them?

    Your Average WaifuYour Average Waifu9 ore fa
  • O

    Ileana BarronIleana Barron9 ore fa
  • Gotta say this is pretty weak compared to the pilot and even the hazbin pilot

    3Dwaffle 3Dwaffle3Dwaffle 3Dwaffle9 ore fa
  • I would like to send my friend to hell😈😈

    Mysosig1sgoneMysosig1sgone9 ore fa
  • I liked that dude I love watching people die

    Sylvia JacksonSylvia Jackson10 ore fa
  • did it just swear ?!!?

    Fabio VranesFabio Vranes10 ore fa

      Fabio VranesFabio Vranes8 ore fa
    • @Fabio Vranes didn't you read the warning at the start of the video??

      E AnnebellE Annebell8 ore fa
    • I just thought is a kids cartoon

      Fabio VranesFabio Vranes8 ore fa
    • @E Annebell oh yeah

      Fabio VranesFabio Vranes8 ore fa
    • @Fabio Vranes you know theres such thing as a adult cartoon right?

      E AnnebellE Annebell8 ore fa
  • Comments are back!!

    doire aintudoire aintu10 ore fa
  • this is honestly the funniest shit I ever seen XD

    Rc guyRc guy10 ore fa
  • "From the moment of birth you're already a parasite leeching off your mother's tits" now that my guy is a great graduation quote

    Iuliana Madalina NemesIuliana Madalina Nemes10 ore fa
    • Ok this is the first episode I watched and I'm in love

      doire aintudoire aintu10 ore fa
  • 5:08 nice sign Blitzo

    King TreededeKing Treedede10 ore fa
  • I thought this shoe was on Hulu but it isn’t I would pay Hulu only to watch this singular show

    mr beastmr beast10 ore fa
  • GTA police be like: 12:40

    Cooper ClimbCooper Climb10 ore fa
  • I wish I could subtitle this for my friends to watch, it's such an amazing show...

    Luis Felipe ZambrimLuis Felipe Zambrim10 ore fa
  • "More coffee" "Spoiled my pants" "Horny client" "Deranged client" "Client giving birth" "Ghost" "Stolas" So how often do these happen?

    Queen BeezerQueen Beezer10 ore fa
    • How often does "Client Giving Birth" happen?

      Muffet The Spider QueenMuffet The Spider Queen2 ore fa
    • i'd imagine stolas happens a lot

      DonutBox_ResidentDonutBox_Resident8 ore fa
  • 0:03 and then the fire nation attacked.

    GamerChromosomeGamerChromosome10 ore fa
  • Loooove this it's so good buuut I'm still not digging Mollie's new voice ((I've watched this several times by now)) and I just cant get over it. It just seems like such a forced, fake "southern" accent. Still love the show though and look forward to the new episodes of this and Hazbin!

    Shelby SharpShelby Sharp11 ore fa
  • Moxie sounds like invader zim

    Roblox NOOBRoblox NOOB11 ore fa
  • we all know that kid that creates a homocide incident

    NatimationArtsNatimationArts11 ore fa
  • The beauty mark one Martha's face is always changing placr

    Alexs WorldAlexs World11 ore fa
  • The way the police exploded the house at the end... Jesus.

    Bacon-lover101 / DavidBacon-lover101 / David11 ore fa
  • Ha..... Killin

    Alex ZemoAlex Zemo11 ore fa
  • I need a lore master for a question

    A BystanderA Bystander11 ore fa
  • Oof lol

    -no no dont touch ma carry cream--no no dont touch ma carry cream-11 ore fa
  • Ok this is the first episode I watched and I'm in love

    Katelyn HardeeKatelyn Hardee12 ore fa
  • That family has a really nice lamp

    I am PsychopathI am Psychopath12 ore fa