Goalkeeper Training: Long-Range strikes with Hart, Pickford, Forster & Butland | Inside Training

5 ott 2017
4 732 722 visualizzazioni

England goalkeepers Joe Hart, Jordan Pickford, Fraser Forster and Jack Butland train positioning and long-range shots to simulate wingers cutting inside, with Pickford taking up the role of the winger.
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  • I'm not even a goalkeeper and I absolutely love these videos!!

    Duong Hiep HaDuong Hiep HaOra fa
  • Куры

    Azamat KanybekAzamat Kanybek10 giorni fa
  • really great goalkeppier tranning

    rasmus sabbarirasmus sabbari11 giorni fa
  • itworlds.info/round/c6yvY6yuhK6GmpY/video

    OYUN akademisiOYUN akademisi14 giorni fa
  • the coach sounds like wayne rooney

    Rasswanth NatesanRasswanth Natesan16 giorni fa
  • Some people may not realize, but this is brutal.

    Gabina CoffeeGabina Coffee22 giorni fa
  • 3:42 how did that not go in

    Blaze_HashBlaze_Hash25 giorni fa
  • It's different feeling ❤️

    Dipu DebbarmaDipu Debbarma26 giorni fa
  • For me, Joe Hart is a legend

    Guilherme de MacedoGuilherme de Macedo28 giorni fa
  • I would love to train with these guys at least once in my lifetime😔

    Jeriel MoralesJeriel MoralesMese fa
  • I thought Pickford played rugby union.

    just send me locationjust send me locationMese fa
  • Pickford is a dead man walking

    lfcwillilfcwilliMese fa
  • Saya orang Indonesia

    Alga SaputraAlga SaputraMese fa
  • Now forster Hart and butland can't get a look in at their clubs and pickford is not much better

    derek ecclesderek eccles2 mesi fa
  • I'm a goalkeeper and I love watching these videos.

    Nohemie RenaudNohemie Renaud2 mesi fa
  • I'm a goalkeeper once. Training is not easy very painful and very tired

    Gabriel AtienzaGabriel Atienza2 mesi fa
  • Brahhh

    Neliorca '_'Neliorca '_'2 mesi fa
  • البقره وما كادوا ان يذبحوها

    عبدالرحمن البلوصيعبدالرحمن البلوصي2 mesi fa
  • 2:05 wow Pickford

    Angelo PalumboAngelo Palumbo2 mesi fa
  • What is the name of those Black gloves Jack Butland is wearing?

    Jesper SørensenJesper Sørensen3 mesi fa
    • I’m not sure but it could be the Nike vapour grip black

      Joey CollinsJoey Collins2 mesi fa
  • 3:55 the way Pickford hit that is so satisfying

    Em JEm J3 mesi fa
  • Jack is underated ykno

    Theginger1 AdamTheginger1 Adam3 mesi fa
  • Very bad goal keepee

    Recai DemirRecai Demir3 mesi fa
  • Butland is trash now.lol

    I G NI G N3 mesi fa
  • What they are practicing at 3:07 is what Pickford did in this game itworlds.info/round/Z4SqetWgqNmbm4g/video

    07feb200807feb20083 mesi fa
  • I'm a goalkeeper

    Louise RobinsonLouise Robinson3 mesi fa
  • Who’s watching this in lockdown 👺👺

    Neek The 3rdNeek The 3rd3 mesi fa
  • After this trainingsession, the coach became the new attacker of the team.

  • Pirlo should be here

    GA PutraGA Putra3 mesi fa
  • I love goal keeping

    Your MomYour Mom3 mesi fa
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    Floy BensonFloy Benson3 mesi fa
  • Great video come check out my training itworlds.info/round/ipaWoph6jJ2dhpo/video

    Jaden ChauhanJaden Chauhan4 mesi fa
  • He is the shortest one but he is the number one

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne4 mesi fa
  • Are we all just gonna ignore how jack took it like an absolute man at 4:20?

    Alejandro MatosAlejandro Matos4 mesi fa
  • Butlands last set 😳❤👌🏼

    VS20VS204 mesi fa
  • How is Butland not premier league quality?!

    VS20VS204 mesi fa
  • 🇮🇳😍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    EM BOSS.5000EM BOSS.50004 mesi fa
  • 😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

    EM BOSS.5000EM BOSS.50004 mesi fa
  • Wow Celseh

    JoooJooo4 mesi fa
  • matt christiansen

    olin cantave etienneolin cantave etienne4 mesi fa
  • I'm not a goalie and I think it's the coolest position

    James DowdyJames Dowdy4 mesi fa
  • my headphone are going to destroy

    Danial GamingDanial Gaming4 mesi fa
  • Soy de colombia I'm colombian

    Diego CorrealDiego Correal4 mesi fa
  • Their feet are quick, their hands are solid...holy moly this is what I wish I could achieve as a goalkeeper. Stunning work.

    Sam MarvinSam Marvin4 mesi fa
  • And then the Mundial comes xdd

    Grecki Bóg DomestosGrecki Bóg Domestos4 mesi fa
  • This just make me have even mor respect for goalkeeper

    Joshua PottingerJoshua Pottinger5 mesi fa
  • هههههه

    AHMED AndAHMED And5 mesi fa
  • why u need 4 goalies?

    Márton LukácsMárton Lukács5 mesi fa
  • Haha and England still cant win any trophy :))))

    Thịnh TrầnThịnh Trần5 mesi fa
    • @Danny Burrows Vietnam for sure. England always overrated :)))

      Thịnh TrầnThịnh Trần5 mesi fa
    • Who do you support then

      Danny BurrowsDanny Burrows5 mesi fa
  • To be goal keeper for ur national teams absolutely not easest cuz u need work hard and and love ur destiny as goalkeeper

    śoùfìñòs Elhowariśoùfìñòs Elhowari5 mesi fa
  • İ watch theese to try to learn speedynes

    Dərslik TVDərslik TV5 mesi fa

    El MetaEl Meta5 mesi fa
  • Im a goalie and this helps me quite a lot thanks guys

    Hot-Shot BurnHot-Shot Burn5 mesi fa
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    DanishGoalkeepingDanishGoalkeeping5 mesi fa
  • Goalkeeping is like a whole different sport

    John SwallowJohn Swallow5 mesi fa
    • It’s kinda like handball and basketball. Related but no so

      Cristcha EsarehgCristcha Esarehg23 giorni fa
    • @Miro Hero Well yes but actually yes

      SillySealSillySealMese fa
    • Well yes but actually no

      Miro HeroMiro Hero3 mesi fa
  • Hart best ever

    Daniel GłówczyńskiDaniel Główczyński6 mesi fa
  • Now it’s Pickford Heaton Pope and Henderson

    YobyYoby6 mesi fa
  • Anyone know what those pink gloves were

    Laurence BigdongLaurence Bigdong6 mesi fa
  • I’m a goalkeeper

    Adiyan MalikAdiyan Malik6 mesi fa
  • jack butland last go is insane

    gaming matogaming mato6 mesi fa
  • 4:45 that’s gonna hurt

    Darren MckeownDarren Mckeown6 mesi fa
  • 世界的な選手も沢山いるからハマれば強いんだろうなー 楽しみやぁ!

    みそ煮込みみそ煮込み7 mesi fa
  • Ireland is better than u bruh...

    Patrick CallaghanPatrick Callaghan7 mesi fa
    • Funny

      Laurence BigdongLaurence Bigdong6 mesi fa
  • How England has evolved. Three of these aren’t even playing at a high level anymore. Now they have Henderson and Pope who are incredible.

    HippopaHippopa7 mesi fa
  • I was clenched up through this entire video

    Kronosis 27Kronosis 277 mesi fa
  • Pickford arrogant and big headed.

    Jim WatsonJim Watson7 mesi fa
  • ASMR

    Guardian De Los Tres PalosGuardian De Los Tres Palos8 mesi fa
  • Small goalkeeper channel trying to grow go and have a look thanks

    GKLifeGKLife8 mesi fa
  • Not worth Pickford training

    rosiejordarosiejorda8 mesi fa
  • Greget bgt ya kiper nya latihan nya bola kenceng masih aja dapet

    muhammad hanif hafidhmuhammad hanif hafidh8 mesi fa
  • Original ASMR sound

    꺽다리꺽다리8 mesi fa
  • I from brazil

    vini boyvini boy8 mesi fa
  • Có cả Pickford các bạn nè

    Thieu Bao Nguyen MinhThieu Bao Nguyen Minh8 mesi fa
  • 3:43 oooohhh

    J FJ F8 mesi fa
  • still wont go far anyway.

    toto4d123toto4d1238 mesi fa
  • I being goalkeeper

    Sam DoneganSam Donegan9 mesi fa
  • I don’t know why I find the sound of the gloves when they catch it so satisfying

    CaitlinmorrisxxCaitlinmorrisxx9 mesi fa
  • I’m a goalie and I have seen great saves but this... WOW

    I have A big foreheadI have A big forehead9 mesi fa

    ELIS FrippELIS Fripp9 mesi fa
  • Great saves you should come check out mine itworlds.info/round/ipaWoph6jJ2dhpo/video

    Jaden ChauhanJaden Chauhan9 mesi fa
  • Dean Henderson coming in and takin pickford spot in the Euros

    vT XaNvT XaN9 mesi fa
  • Whose Forster does he mean mean foster

    Ca11umCa11um9 mesi fa
  • Pickford Kickpower... amazing

    배준탁배준탁9 mesi fa
  • Pickford is the best

    Emirhan sssEmirhan sss10 mesi fa
  • Hart is most best

    André felipeAndré felipe10 mesi fa
  • Dive dive and dive, its doesnt hurt your shoulder?

    wake bwake b10 mesi fa
  • Pickford is the best goal keeper.we love you Pickford

    nenita torresnenita torres10 mesi fa
  • Foster is such an underrated goalkeeper! This keeper had legendary games in his career! my favourite out of this video.

    Luca BalossinoLuca Balossino10 mesi fa
  • No offense but England have probably the worst gk generation of the last 20 years

    Lance ChimeseLance Chimese10 mesi fa
  • Last set from butland was special 👌🏻

    YouthyfaginYouthyfagin10 mesi fa
  • wow

    Jose ManuelJose Manuel11 mesi fa
  • Butland and Pickford are the best

    Mateo GolajMateo Golaj11 mesi fa
  • Poland is better

    Filip RepetowskiFilip Repetowski11 mesi fa
  • No ones gonna talk about Fraser Forster’s skills no ? Just Pickford ?

    CelticNews ThisMonthCelticNews ThisMonth11 mesi fa
  • me to, i love Pickford

    Μορφω Παζ.Μορφω Παζ.11 mesi fa
  • Sound Is so annoying

    ErikErik11 mesi fa
  • That sound when ball hits the gloves 😍

    burhan ahmadburhan ahmad11 mesi fa
  • Yeet

    Yoda NevenYoda Neven11 mesi fa
  • I just realized that joe hart is left footed

    Ali IlaanAli IlaanAnno fa
  • Like if Pickford is the best at freekicks

    It’s flame ilyas btwIt’s flame ilyas btwAnno fa