Hugging My Dog's Brother for Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction

1 apr 2021
2 229 485 visualizzazioni

Hugging My Dog's Brother for Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction
Tucker's brother Gator was over for a play date. Gator is a super cuddle bug and he won't let Tucker stop him from cuddling Linda. But Tucker always wants to be the center of attention. This is how he reacts when Gator gets a hug!
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  • Gator taking it to far cheeter

    Dawn ShortallDawn ShortallOra fa
  • I feel bad for TUCKER!!!

    AwesomeAustyAwesomeAusty4 ore fa
  • Hator

    BLW0102BLW01028 ore fa
  • 1:10

    Nupur KariaNupur Karia9 ore fa
  • Ah.

    kumari sandarathnekumari sandarathne16 ore fa
  • Tucker is sooo caring

    mehreen khuranamehreen khurana18 ore fa
  • soo cuute

    Adelina ColtaAdelina Colta19 ore fa
  • I love tucker and gater

    Lilian MacdonaldLilian Macdonald20 ore fa
  • It's so adorable and funny the react

    Annie FangAnnie FangGiorno fa
  • BIG LOVE there 😍😍😍

    Mango & HollyMango & HollyGiorno fa
  • iMAC

    Apple IMac 5KApple IMac 5KGiorno fa
  • I have 2 golden retrievers and they are brothers. And they are crazy. 🤪

    Ethan Matthew MartinezEthan Matthew MartinezGiorno fa
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwww SOOOO CUTEEE broters mhm that it

    Daniela StampleyDaniela StampleyGiorno fa
  • so cute ❤️

    Nikeya WashingtonNikeya WashingtonGiorno fa
  • What age is tucker

    Vishnu RaoVishnu RaoGiorno fa
  • Hahahaha

    Fatima AtosFatima AtosGiorno fa
  • She mine not yours

    Fatima AtosFatima AtosGiorno fa
  • Gator: do cuddles pws Tucker : heck u gator what u doin to my mom you out of my linda

    Fatima AtosFatima AtosGiorno fa
  • I wish i ever got a dog like you😃😊😊🙂

    Lion HeartLion HeartGiorno fa
  • I want to be close to Lindas face too 😓

    DA VIDDA VIDGiorno fa
  • i love how tucker gets dog visits

    Project PlatinumProject PlatinumGiorno fa
  • 2:55 Linda said so brody

    Jayden McQuadeJayden McQuadeGiorno fa
  • I WUV IT❤️❤️

    ankush chopraankush chopraGiorno fa
  • Ugh they love you so much

    Maddie SnapsnapMaddie SnapsnapGiorno fa

    Norm FongNorm FongGiorno fa
  • The subtitles always melt my heart 🥺❤️

    Reema DasReema DasGiorno fa

    Russian blue CatRussian blue Cat2 giorni fa
  • Rip tucker in the chat 😂

    • Lol

      Allaine AquipelAllaine Aquipel2 giorni fa
  • i wanna hug both

    MineOofyMineOofy2 giorni fa
  • Definitely worth the 3 minutes

    VatsalaVatsala2 giorni fa
  • Can we just take a minute to appreciate how cute tucker looks in the thumbnail ❤️❤️

    Vasudha SharmaVasudha Sharma2 giorni fa
  • And they’re just play fighting dogs don’t feel jealous they don’t feel emotions at all.

    Harshil AjmeraHarshil Ajmera2 giorni fa
  • 2:27 oof

    King KionKing Kion2 giorni fa
  • You should not hug dogs at all as they are four legged creatures they can’t do hugs and that might make them fell anxious and insecure please share this and spread this

    Harshil AjmeraHarshil Ajmera2 giorni fa
    • @MineOofy it probably doesn’t but it might out of one out of 30 dogs could like hugs

      Harshil AjmeraHarshil Ajmera2 giorni fa
    • *loves

      MineOofyMineOofy2 giorni fa
    • my dog likes them

      MineOofyMineOofy2 giorni fa
  • Hello tucker budzyn im your fan from phillipines im 13 yrs old hello tucker budzyn stay safe always🥰🥰🥰I want to buy at your shop😥😥 Stay safe always tucker budzyn love you

    Adrian TalajoronAdrian Talajoron2 giorni fa
  • Pleaseeee post more

    Moonlight StarsMoonlight Stars2 giorni fa
  • please post!

    YaniYani2 giorni fa
  • Good action

    Puppy TodayPuppy Today2 giorni fa
  • Why u don't go to pet shop

    Gracelin BennetGracelin Bennet2 giorni fa
  • So handsome tucker.. linda is so funny too!!

    Arlene LatorillaArlene Latorilla2 giorni fa
  • Okkkkkk soooo tucker is really jealous am I right 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

    tomleonhartITCtomleonhartITC2 giorni fa
  • Make a new video on tucker doing weird things part 3

    Ramit AggarwalRamit Aggarwal2 giorni fa
  • What editing app or software do you use ?

    ZG v1tr0ZG v1tr02 giorni fa
  • Gator: she my Linda Tucker: NO, SHE’s MINE Me: blablabla..... Tucker and Gator: ....

    Andi LopezAndi Lopez2 giorni fa
  • Hold on when tucker came she said wassup chucker

    Nevaeh MolinaNevaeh Molina2 giorni fa
  • Linda, why aren't you posting that much videos this year?

    E is for Everyone Epic,E is for Everyone Epic,2 giorni fa
  • i have chimken

    javas Brodojavas Brodo2 giorni fa
  • hi

    Weiwei LianWeiwei Lian2 giorni fa
  • It’s like having 2 boys fight over you.

    kleptomatic34kleptomatic342 giorni fa
  • She has tried to fake her death for tuckers reaction but she should do this then when he pushes her over she fakes tucker killed her

    Mummy ManMummy Man3 giorni fa
  • Pliz posts everyday LOVE YOU TUKER💋❤❤

    Eric Hubert MpoyoEric Hubert Mpoyo3 giorni fa
  • These dogs are very cute

    JoshuaKing94 PokémonJoshuaKing94 Pokémon3 giorni fa
  • Did you know that when dogs hug it means there gonna fight so don't hug your dogs

    Andrey ShcherbakovAndrey Shcherbakov3 giorni fa
  • When are you guys uploading again? Can't wait

    Solar MusicSolar Music3 giorni fa
  • *Tucker is a good boi*

    •ᴀʟxxᴇsɪᴀ ••ᴀʟxxᴇsɪᴀ •3 giorni fa
  • The Henlo always gets me

    Denise D’Souza BoucherDenise D’Souza Boucher3 giorni fa
  • Does anybody know what background music is in tucker's videos??

    Leo The Great HuskyLeo The Great Husky3 giorni fa
  • Everyone loves a good tucker video he’s so cute

    Sammy EvansSammy Evans3 giorni fa
  • Question for tucker How it be like If gator is tickets place

    Gopus Kid zoneGopus Kid zone3 giorni fa
  • 3 min video after 1 month so bad

  • His reaction was much milder compared to the one Linda tried with Riley. Guess tucker doesn't really mind gator 😂

    pikapikapikapika3 giorni fa
  • Hey, Linda! I have a question: What type of dog is Tucker? My family and I are looking for a new dog and Tucker is the sweetest! Thank you!

    HARRY POTTAH!!!!!!!HARRY POTTAH!!!!!!!3 giorni fa
  • My golden puppy Kiara likes to see Tucker on tv . She barks a lot after seeing his videos n when we keep other shows she tells us to keep tucker tv . We are in Troy Mi . Would love to see Tucker sometimes with our Kiara

    Kinnari ShahKinnari Shah3 giorni fa
  • Wow Tucker is jelous

    Yaley Sheen SantosYaley Sheen Santos3 giorni fa
  • How OLD is tucker

    Piper HopePiper Hope3 giorni fa
  • what’s the breed of the dogs?

    Human BeingHuman Being3 giorni fa
  • I love tucker he is a funny cute amazing dog 😀🐶🐶

    Arlete SantoArlete Santo3 giorni fa
  • Tucker is THE BEST Doggo on ITworlds !!

    Mallard CutterMallard Cutter3 giorni fa
  • sometimes i think that linda is the best tuckers guardian but tucker is so lucky to have linda and linda too 😇😇😇

    Parvana RdivyaParvana Rdivya3 giorni fa
  • Hi

    Senthil Kumar RSenthil Kumar R3 giorni fa
  • Hi......Why don't you post videos on What's For Din' anymore?........BTW I just baked ur recipe for choco chip muffins and it came out to be perfect!!!.......Its the best recipe of choco chip muffins on youtube......Pls start posting on what's for din'!

    Aanya AroraAanya Arora3 giorni fa
  • Hi

    Andrew PinoAndrew Pino3 giorni fa
  • Does anyone know how sad it's going to be when tucker leaves us?

    The Kid GamingThe Kid Gaming3 giorni fa
  • It's sad they'll die soon..

    Dragon Lord36Dragon Lord363 giorni fa
  • Hi

    Mikhail PolishchukMikhail Polishchuk3 giorni fa
  • Adorable

    Little Triple blue ghostLittle Triple blue ghost3 giorni fa
  • I have seen all of them

    Kevin CarterKevin Carter3 giorni fa
  • I love your videos

    Kevin CarterKevin Carter3 giorni fa
  • xd tucker's brother fell luv with lindsy

    Yamiil The Neon MarshmelloYamiil The Neon Marshmello3 giorni fa
  • This is my favorite video toooo cute can't wait for the next video

    Selena MichaudSelena Michaud4 giorni fa
  • DOGGIE FIGHT OVER LINDA!!!1!11!!1111!!!!!!11111!11

    XxUnicornxx GirlxXxUnicornxx Girlx4 giorni fa
  • so is gator

    Travis WhitmerTravis Whitmer4 giorni fa
  • tucker is so cute

    Travis WhitmerTravis Whitmer4 giorni fa
  • How old is Tucker?

    Lex SholesLex Sholes4 giorni fa
  • Lung

    MelaniMitchnizØ YTMelaniMitchnizØ YT4 giorni fa
  • You guys should do a collar with @gonetothesnowdogs !!!!!

    Gabe SzypaGabe Szypa4 giorni fa
  • I have a golden retriever too

    Amanda WikströmAmanda Wikström4 giorni fa
  • What breed is Tucker?

    siri bnsiri bn4 giorni fa
  • For those of you who care, the difference between a Labrador and a golden retriever is golden retriever are just Labradors covered in floof, and you can get hair literally everywhere, yesterday at 3:00 am my golden retriever, Riley hair went into my mouth q

    Aries YTAries YT4 giorni fa
  • Haha dag

    Kalina ClarkKalina Clark4 giorni fa
  • we need more of mini tucker

    AlternateCheemsAlternateCheems4 giorni fa
  • Hello from germany. I love the videos from you and tucker linda please make more videos.

    Oezgun Halil BalyemezOezgun Halil Balyemez4 giorni fa
  • Yall I feel so sowwy for tucker🥺💜

    Miss FarrellyMiss Farrelly4 giorni fa
  • I love how this is posted in April fools

    Abby GrcAbby Grc4 giorni fa
  • So cute

    chitra subramunyumchitra subramunyum4 giorni fa
  • next video make tucker to beat dad ok

    Saatvik NettemSaatvik Nettem4 giorni fa
  • this is what hapends when you have lots of big dogs lol i love these kind of videos

    Electxl RBLXElectxl RBLX4 giorni fa
  • Henlo, new sub here! I'm new to Tucker's story, but I think you won the lotto when you found your adorable drooling bundle of hekkin borf snorfs. You two are hilarious 😂❤️🐕

    Molly MeepMolly Meep4 giorni fa
  • Dang you got boys fighting over you!😂

    Babysitting Tips and tricksBabysitting Tips and tricks4 giorni fa
  • I love Tucker

    Robert FlynnRobert Flynn4 giorni fa