27 ott 2020
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Credits : @412motorsport | @pterodactyltactics
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  • The tires are THICC

    Ultimate GamerUltimate Gamer16 minuti fa
  • Cool

    Mathew MalokaMathew Maloka37 minuti fa
  • I was waiting for car to dissappear into 1956

    Mairy HingeMairy HingeOra fa
  • Way to ruin a car

    DarkAngelDarkAngel2 ore fa
  • Sweet I got my twin turbo setup 😃 But I cant remove my air filters 😢

    Swirl GamingzzSwirl Gamingzz2 ore fa
  • Wow

    Mergim IphoneMergim Iphone2 ore fa
  • What the actual fuck is that?

    Stan BrouwersStan Brouwers2 ore fa
  • Hope everything was snug lol from the looks of it those taillights flying off as soon as it goes 100+ mph

    Ahmed RaoufAhmed Raouf3 ore fa
  • Crazyyyyyyyy

    so vlog pereraso vlog perera3 ore fa
  • Ls swap plz

    Jose TorresJose Torres3 ore fa
  • Porque

    joaco diez Tayarajoaco diez Tayara4 ore fa
  • 1000コメゲット

    愛と平和を守る男それはもぱるでぇーっす愛と平和を守る男それはもぱるでぇーっす4 ore fa
  • Yeah and they did not drive it

    Mill CityMill City5 ore fa
  • Is this cyberpunk 2077 car? Xd

    TASKTASK5 ore fa
  • aaa yes i see you exhaust pipes come with wheels

    Ethan SturgeEthan Sturge5 ore fa
  • I counted six fucking exhausts

  • Fuck that shit, where is LAUNCH???

    Егор ЧеркасовЕгор Черкасов6 ore fa
  • Wtf venderlo😈😈 11888 pesos

    Ivis josafat Quezada gallegosIvis josafat Quezada gallegos6 ore fa
  • At this point slap some wings on it and you got a plane

    Riven JRiven J7 ore fa
  • This is louder than me raging on fortnite

    LorNzo Da KiDDLorNzo Da KiDD7 ore fa
  • All that power and you can't even pass by 80 for 30minutes. Shame.

    Spitfire LastSpitfire Last7 ore fa
  • I porque el bugati tiene más 1200 🤔

    EL PANCER 1EL PANCER 17 ore fa
  • K feo

  • Officer: Do you know why i stop you me: because i let you

    abdirhman aliabdirhman ali8 ore fa
  • Fuderam o carro

  • 0:46 To 0:50 Car Got Cournovirus

    Evil GamingEvil Gaming10 ore fa
  • Lol

    spenser jessospenser jesso10 ore fa
  • Wooooooow

    In Jesus name Rom. 1:16In Jesus name Rom. 1:1611 ore fa

    Julian ArturoJulian Arturo11 ore fa
  • Badass

    BlackOrangestreetROX PIBlackOrangestreetROX PI11 ore fa
  • It’s so stock

    Skizzy ClipsSkizzy Clips11 ore fa
  • What in the hell did u do?

    The Lightning God Games MusicThe Lightning God Games Music12 ore fa
  • No not the expensive car poor man must have cost him a million jillion dollars who else feels bad for him.

    Laila Al-mamouriLaila Al-mamouri13 ore fa
  • cool

    AKAYABOI .AKAYABOI .13 ore fa
  • How you dare? Greta says 🤣🤣🤣

    David GCDavid GC14 ore fa
  • Drive.

    Quinton KirkQuinton Kirk14 ore fa
  • Ese auto no es nada con el R8 de alfredo velenzuela

    Josefina carpiosJosefina carpios14 ore fa
  • Does it have a plate

    ChickenManxD563 GamesChickenManxD563 Games15 ore fa
  • Esta re Bueno

    Felix SilvaFelix Silva16 ore fa
  • Dude who puts mods on a supercar. Not just does it take the fun out of it, but you could already win any race with it being all stock.

    yankee with no brimyankee with no brim16 ore fa
  • That huracan hace 6 exahust '-'

    Juandel MejiaJuandel Mejia16 ore fa
  • What the what happened

    Jason QuarcoopomeJason Quarcoopome16 ore fa
  • يعمي سيارت باتمان

    hano zahano za16 ore fa
  • Looks like shit

    monotone marvinmonotone marvin17 ore fa
  • Why that model isn't meant to be fast should've just bought a faster car

    monotone marvinmonotone marvin17 ore fa
  • Drag race?

    Адриано ПанамскиАдриано Панамски17 ore fa
  • No filters bro that’s a bold move with that kind of setup not good and defo not recommended

    Xua AlbitoXua Albito17 ore fa
  • This is cool but what about driving around or ripping it on a straight away.

    MassSuperSkunk85MassSuperSkunk8517 ore fa
  • وله

    OX_z OX_zOX_z OX_z18 ore fa
  • U know those exhausts spit fire right ? Camera man got ballz

    HaZzarD NetworkHaZzarD Network18 ore fa
  • Alex choi? Is tgat you?

    Jonathan JacobJonathan Jacob18 ore fa
  • Seu doido

    kelmy bomkelmy bom19 ore fa
  • at this point its literally a racecar

    Nissan Silvia S15Nissan Silvia S1519 ore fa
  • How many holes in the back..

    Paradox NewbieParadox Newbie19 ore fa
  • Пыль из под задних колес сразу в турбину... не слишком умно

    Юрій СавчукЮрій Савчук19 ore fa
  • His car is good, then you go and mess it up.

    dio xdio x20 ore fa
  • It's batcar

    Dente FrancescoDente Francesco20 ore fa
  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😬😬😬😬

    Gleison SousaGleison Sousa20 ore fa
  • Officer: pulls u over he says sir ur car is to loud Driver: no sir it's stock just got it from the dealer Officer: wait a second u have a exhaust and twin turbo Driver: gets a ticket Next day Officer:pulls the same car again he says I'm done man ur arrested

    NFS zinc gamerzNFS zinc gamerz20 ore fa
  • Sick build man. Next Video is driving

    Lukas PrienLukas Prien20 ore fa
  • Open intakes.....behind a very sticky tire

    RojiPuma 69RojiPuma 6921 ora fa
  • Hay un poco de auto en tu motor

    Valentino Ruiz MorenoValentino Ruiz Moreno21 ora fa
  • 😭😭💋💋😜🌡️😜😜

    Sylvie BlancSylvie Blanc22 ore fa
  • Trop belle

    Sylvie BlancSylvie Blanc22 ore fa
  • Nah mobil spt ni msih aman d pake d jkt atopun d indonesia dgn kondisi jlnn macet dn banjir stinggi pinggang dewasa. Klo banjir cpet dingin mesin nya. Klopun kena macet panjang dn cukup lma gk overheat krn body blkng terbuka lebar

    robert christiansenrobert christiansen22 ore fa
  • That’s cute

    chad burgesschad burgess22 ore fa
  • Ricer

    Beast's lairBeast's lair22 ore fa
  • I love those welds!

    805FabLLC805FabLLC23 ore fa
  • Those exhausts needs sum support

    CatfishSiloCatfishSilo23 ore fa
  • Hat das Teil kein Getriebe?! Oder warum wird nur im Leerlauf Gas gegeben?

    corsab2007corsab200723 ore fa
  • Nhìn ngầu thế

    Bình bất bạiBình bất bại23 ore fa
  • What happens if it rains is the real question

    Art VeseliArt VeseliGiorno fa
  • brilliant engineers + unlimited money = this right here

    Jalawi AlotaibiJalawi AlotaibiGiorno fa
  • So its for show then? We'll rev it a few times but don't spin the tires it might not handle that. This car is so sum puss soy boy can get women to look at him lol

    Jacob LamastusJacob LamastusGiorno fa
  • Count how many exhaust it have

    Useless kidUseless kidGiorno fa
  • Bat mobile

    HA-PKHA-PKGiorno fa

  • Sounds wayyyyyy better than from the factory

    Zach MeadleyZach MeadleyGiorno fa
  • Slower than a VW Up compound

    Estevao S BrasilEstevao S BrasilGiorno fa
  • Why wasn't this the Bat mobile..

    Timoci CamaTimoci CamaGiorno fa
  • Show it by driving

  • Ajib lah

    Fahmi RamadaniFahmi RamadaniGiorno fa

    Mario LagosMario LagosGiorno fa
  • that's Alex chois

    Get shrekt m8Get shrekt m8Giorno fa
  • Although it cant lose bugatti

    AD,s VlogsAD,s VlogsGiorno fa
  • I love it

    Anishek ParidaAnishek ParidaGiorno fa
  • Haha, that cost more than my life!

    Save 15% or more on car insurance with GeicoSave 15% or more on car insurance with GeicoGiorno fa
  • If your a car person you’ve seen this on every social media platform

    Bilpam JokBilpam JokGiorno fa
    • @monotone marvin it's indeed hideous, but it is impressive

      Coleman HColeman H17 ore fa
    • And it's still ugly

      monotone marvinmonotone marvin17 ore fa
  • Nice bro

    Fazilah HanafiFazilah HanafiGiorno fa
  • Stock 630 hp ok you added 370 hp for 85k like

    Th3DESTROYER 777Th3DESTROYER 777Giorno fa
  • That is the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever seen

    huds1600 huds1600huds1600 huds1600Giorno fa
  • @juca

    luis oscar ledesma gomezluis oscar ledesma gomezGiorno fa
  • That is dope man that officer gonna have trouble catching that dude down the road lol

    BigBoysBigBoysGiorno fa
    • But his buddy he called on the radio up the road won’t.

      JP GarageJP Garage18 ore fa
  • Just wait till you get that person texting and driving behind you ☠️☠️

    Zx6rNJAZx6rNJAGiorno fa
  • Dear non car people with fast cars, if you see a lambo missing it’s rear bumpers and the such don’t race it 😂😂

    MarkyMarkyGiorno fa
    • @Bappaditya Nath lmfao I bet you didn’t, for one because the engine in a gtr is in the front, not middle like a lambo... so if you actually have a gtr and no rear bar you’re just a tosser 😂😂😂

      MarkyMarky2 ore fa
    • I did. And I don't regret racing it cz I had a GT-R with no rear end.

      Bappaditya NathBappaditya Nath3 ore fa
  • Ufff ese coche

    Ariel PiedraAriel PiedraGiorno fa
  • I just watched a 1500 hp mustang and it makes that thing look slow

    Ivzz3Ivzz3Giorno fa
  • It looks like it had an very bad accident

    No NameNo NameGiorno fa
  • Looks like shorn SpongeBob

    Dead AlDead AlGiorno fa
  • Parece de brinquedo

    matheus hiroshimatheus hiroshiGiorno fa