10 lug 2020
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Does Bugha hit his sniper shots? Yessir. These are all of the BEST snipes of all time from Bugha in Fortnite. What was your favorite shot? Let us know in the comments!
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  • BROO bugha won the world cup he is the best player

    Trajectory FortTrajectory Fort2 mesi fa
  • wait fortnite is still alive?

    VeganricceVeganricce2 mesi fa
  • how do i join sentinels

    harsh Bharsh B2 mesi fa
  • Why dose buga have so much attitude after winning the world cup in the first clip in season 7 he had gone crazy in the by hitting the snipe and in second clip he hit the best snip and he had no reaction

    Muhammed Hussain DevlaliwalaMuhammed Hussain Devlaliwala2 mesi fa
  • Headshotted a guy in a large Bush by just randomly sniping and I wasn't steaming😥

    hybrid crankshybrid cranks2 mesi fa
  • The first clip in this episode? I hit that 2 days ago

    SamutyrSamutyr2 mesi fa
  • Like Lolito Fdez

    Esteban AlEsteban Al3 mesi fa
  • Who else came for the moisty palms from the air

    Alex PasatAlex Pasat3 mesi fa
  • 0:10 when you find a spider inside the shampoo bottle

  • I don’t get this Sentinels is a team There are more players in this team why don’t submit clips of other teammates to They are part of the team too

    Ammar RizwanAmmar Rizwan3 mesi fa
  • 4:35 F por mi dios niiaya el mejor de colombia

    El ErizoouEl Erizoou3 mesi fa
  • imagine still playing fortnite eww

    CyXeCyXe3 mesi fa
    • Denas Gurskis it’s a joke 🤬

      SkorpioSkorpio2 mesi fa
    • Wtf why you watching a fortnite related video then, also who would Bugha just quit a game after he won the world Cup for being known as the Best player in the world.

      Denas GurskisDenas Gurskis3 mesi fa
  • Best snipes but 3.00 minutes was a pump hmmm 🤔

    ________________________________________3 mesi fa
  • the last clip was insane

    XXxInfinite-ARxXXXXxInfinite-ARxXX3 mesi fa
  • I love bugha cause he’s so chill he even made a vid Called chill beats and something

    ZipFNZipFN3 mesi fa
  • Bugha killed unkhown that was clean

    Alejandro Bernales MaldonadoAlejandro Bernales Maldonado3 mesi fa
  • Man why did he do that to clix

    Wade SmithWade Smith3 mesi fa
  • 4:53 is the same clip as 3:01 lol they need better editors

    Baldos cooking coBaldos cooking co3 mesi fa
    • Baldos cooking co ok, thank god your joking

      Adrift GamingAdrift Gaming3 mesi fa
    • Obviously they are cracked

      Baldos cooking coBaldos cooking co3 mesi fa
    • I hope you were joking about better editors

      Adrift GamingAdrift Gaming3 mesi fa
  • How did he hit that no scope bro holly bro he hits those that talk about his noscopes

    jonah Hernandezjonah Hernandez3 mesi fa
  • 100 comment

    JylixJylix3 mesi fa
  • 2:58

    SchizoSchizo3 mesi fa
  • Hi

    HiHi3 mesi fa

    yo yoyo yo3 mesi fa
  • 3:45 @credible i was waiting for it

    guppyguppy3 mesi fa
    • guppy that incredible

      Braindead LolBraindead Lol3 mesi fa
  • You put the same clip in twice

    ClixyClixy3 mesi fa
  • Stop bumming bugha now that he won the World Cup

    Faze_keenjoshmanFaze_keenjoshman3 mesi fa
  • Bugha : guys my hands are cold 2.863928 seconds later *snipes someone* Me : wtf

    VybeVybe3 mesi fa
  • Yessir

    ItsHydrationItsHydration3 mesi fa
  • notice how in all the clips he had a sniper in his inventory. coincidence? I think not.

    Mario OlveraMario Olvera3 mesi fa
    • Not really that funny

      Nacim BenzineNacim Benzine3 mesi fa
  • Credible is a geometry dash youtuber his channel is Chris credible

    GeoWarriorGeoWarrior3 mesi fa
  • i kind of wish that you guys put ang in this because he scored shes so nice

  • Bugha is just cracked

    Terr0r XlTerr0r Xl4 mesi fa
  • The best snipe was still that one in the world cup

    Chiu Jia YiChiu Jia Yi4 mesi fa
  • Bro I love bugha

    Jeanene MarshallJeanene Marshall4 mesi fa
  • You guys showed the same clip twice but I mean cmon it’s Bugha so every snipe is special

    Bagel GoatBagel Goat4 mesi fa
  • I think he is the new Jarvis on pc

    CxsmlyCxsmly4 mesi fa
  • Normal players fighting bugha who doesn’t have a gun Bugha gets a gun Players=☠️☠️☠️

    Pranav ReddyPranav Reddy4 mesi fa
  • all people from sentinels should challenge a FaZe member for domination

    Flying bird phantomsFlying bird phantoms4 mesi fa
  • this team be riding off bugha 😂

    zeph!zeph!4 mesi fa
  • They showed one of the snipes twice. Who edited this 😂😅

    Henry RuggieriHenry Ruggieri4 mesi fa
  • what's the keyboard called (not the apex pro)

    Luca BellondiLuca Bellondi4 mesi fa
  • when did i ask for his best snipes

    Esma1xEsma1x4 mesi fa
    • Well Shut up ur irrelevant ur one and there are thousands of other people loving Lol Lmao

      AliAli2 mesi fa
  • Yo can I join Sentinals am pretty good can I?

    LubeLube4 mesi fa
  • 5:27 Bugha saved his team from storm surge with that snipe.

    Ben's and Bailey's World of Fun!Ben's and Bailey's World of Fun!4 mesi fa
    • Lol it was unknown too

      Tribe soltrixTribe soltrix3 mesi fa
    • it won them the game too taking height

      fukqfukq4 mesi fa
  • Олды

    strey ,strey ,4 mesi fa
  • Ооылылыл

    strey ,strey ,4 mesi fa
  • Imagine putting the same clip twice

    SplitooSplitoo4 mesi fa
  • you put two of the same clips in there

    rippityrippity4 mesi fa
  • Question: Name one player better then bugha? Answer: 🤔 umm, umm yeah no one 🤣

    Fast ZippyFast Zippy4 mesi fa
    • A lot of people

      wtfstretchwtfstretch3 mesi fa
    • Benjyfishy

      Jonah CannonJonah Cannon3 mesi fa
    • @Kunar Tiger scoped better than clix

      FlxnttFlxntt4 mesi fa
    • Clix

      Kunar TigerKunar Tiger4 mesi fa
    • Mongraal or UnknownArmy

      Armando Leon Velazquez JrArmando Leon Velazquez Jr4 mesi fa
  • here before 60 comments

    kirxzyykirxzyy4 mesi fa
    • @kirxzyy he's annoying 🙄 😒

      ?Peeka ¿?Peeka ¿2 mesi fa
    • @?Peeka ¿ NO NEED TO BE TOXIC

      kirxzyykirxzyy2 mesi fa
    • Stfu

      ?Peeka ¿?Peeka ¿2 mesi fa
  • Imagine disliking

    NL4Life 7NL4Life 74 mesi fa
  • “DON’T lie wh🅞 elSe is A FAN of “ BUGHA AND SENTINELS " BEfORE 2020 🎁 “¡ᴍ ᴀᗰ ᔕᴜʙ¡ɴɢ ₮🅞 ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ᑎᴇ ᴡᕼᴏ Lɪᴋᴇᔕ ᗩᑎᴅ ᔕᴜʙᔕ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”✈️ No C A P 🛍️

    Nigan and Charlyn VlogsNigan and Charlyn Vlogs4 mesi fa
  • Why r all the SEN yt vids abt bugha

    FramessFramess4 mesi fa
  • .........

    ApolloApollo4 mesi fa
  • Sorry

    Raphael LandimRaphael Landim4 mesi fa
  • 6:51🥵🥵

    مجهول ْمجهول ْ4 mesi fa
  • pls look at my clan video for SENTINELS

    Keinfach hdKeinfach hd4 mesi fa
  • You played a clip twice

    ASIM ShaikhASIM Shaikh4 mesi fa
  • Bugha HITS THOSE

    TumTum4 mesi fa
  • old bugha>current bugha

    HelixQuitYTHelixQuitYT4 mesi fa
  • yeeeeeeeeeessiiiiir

    IsWasauskyIsWasausky4 mesi fa
  • I dont know what to say so HI

    ya boiya boi4 mesi fa
  • yessir

    Faolan HillFaolan Hill4 mesi fa
  • Sentnells i love

    Raphael LandimRaphael Landim4 mesi fa

    Imaan SinghImaan Singh4 mesi fa
    • Lmao fax

      AestheticAesthetic2 mesi fa
    • While that’s true that meme is over saturated and overused

      Kairyuu CruzKairyuu Cruz3 mesi fa
    • Mango o

      Grandben5Grandben53 mesi fa
    • Landybobo oof 😂

      David DiazDavid Diaz3 mesi fa
    • PL Neon ur mom keep asking about ur chin

      LandyboboLandybobo3 mesi fa
  • 2nd

    FlinchFlinch4 mesi fa
  • IM PRO 443 disk space in D and E :D C has 86

    DuckyDucky4 mesi fa

    Sir PugaSir Puga4 mesi fa
  • Love ur Vids stay safe

    Shreyas KumarShreyas Kumar4 mesi fa
  • I hope I can play like that one day

    Ya_boi_darebearYa_boi_darebear4 mesi fa
  • 5TH!!!!!

    Ryder RussellRyder Russell4 mesi fa
  • Yessir

    Toppats_SansToppats_Sans4 mesi fa
  • Faze clan!!!!!

    Raphael LandimRaphael Landim4 mesi fa
    • Sentnells i love

      Raphael LandimRaphael Landim4 mesi fa
  • first

    Niko FNNiko FN4 mesi fa
  • i already know the moisty palms snipe is going to be in here

    ReoReo4 mesi fa
    • Ikr

      Idhaant FNIdhaant FN3 mesi fa
    • My palms are very moisty

      Just De LemonJust De Lemon3 mesi fa
    • The unknown snipe tho

      BlenderBlender3 mesi fa
    • Yessir

      InsightOnKBMInsightOnKBM4 mesi fa
    • The 3rd one ☝️

      ApolloApollo4 mesi fa
  • ❤️

    CarrotCarrot4 mesi fa
  • That 8s why he won the world cup let's go bugha

    slymoniumslymonium4 mesi fa
    • That's

      slymoniumslymonium4 mesi fa
  • btw first

    itsDarkzzitsDarkzz4 mesi fa
    • itsDarkzz btw nobody cares

      Jonah CannonJonah Cannon3 mesi fa
  • What is fortnite without Bugah? 🤔🤔

    Cróc ‘Cróc ‘4 mesi fa
    • zubairr World Cup did not change what they were doing. The had weekly updates up in till chapter 2.

      Adrift GamingAdrift Gaming3 mesi fa
    • zubairr that’s not true then the game would have no more updates. Then still care

      ClennizClenniz4 mesi fa
    • Clenniz no shit, but epic stop supporting fortnite basically after World Cup.

      zubairrzubairr4 mesi fa
    • zubairr how, if the World Cup did not happen, the game would be better? What is your logic. The World Cup was one of the best esports events and was the first esports events of its kind. It changed many peoples lives and is important to esport history

      ClennizClenniz4 mesi fa
    • Rade Dark amazing, World Cup is reason game isn’t fun anymore,

      zubairrzubairr4 mesi fa
  • I'm the first like

    Ar RaptorAr Raptor4 mesi fa
  • Bugahs kinda lit doe

    R0bOR0bO4 mesi fa
  • Best esports team🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    NotGentlebagNotGentlebag4 mesi fa
  • 9nth like

    itsDarkzzitsDarkzz4 mesi fa
  • First😂😂😂

    veinlessveinless4 mesi fa
    • vein less I was 1st

      JosiahJosiah4 mesi fa
  • GG

    Carl9s 11Carl9s 114 mesi fa
  • 1

    Ruca BughaRuca Bugha4 mesi fa
  • 1st

    ManiacManiac4 mesi fa
    • Maniac I was 1st

      JosiahJosiah4 mesi fa
  • Lol first

    Salt City ShreddersSalt City Shredders4 mesi fa
  • First

    Shreyas KumarShreyas Kumar4 mesi fa
    • SSP Tech Guy I was 1st

      JosiahJosiah4 mesi fa
  • Yo

    Meat TMeat T4 mesi fa
  • 1st

    JosiahJosiah4 mesi fa