Owner Asks Dog Questions About Who Is a Good Boy And Whom Will They Cuddle - 1174073

10 feb 2021
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  • Cat has left the chat.

    Ali DumanAli Duman49 minuti fa
  • They actually understand what we say right? It's amazing to think, i want to have a dog friend.

    FatihFatih49 minuti fa
  • this one sparks joy

    WookieCookiesWookieCookiesOra fa
  • This dog is smarter than me tbh

    SlumberboySlumberboy2 ore fa
  • dog

    ramiroramiro2 ore fa
  • Aw! Watson loves Kinko so much! Could not stop being so amazed how he can hug!

    MegaGermanShepherdsMegaGermanShepherds2 ore fa
  • The cat be like I have no friends No one loves me

    HEXAGON GamingHEXAGON Gaming2 ore fa
  • Hate dogs hate people...

    Dirk DigglerDirk Diggler2 ore fa
  • Bruh dogs are to good for us

    Nicholas PotyokNicholas Potyok3 ore fa
  • Now that is one smart dog.

    Edward MillerEdward Miller3 ore fa
  • The cat is just there 😂 I love cats they’re such a b*****

    Unbothered AfUnbothered Af3 ore fa
  • Watson is perfect.

    Trent GentryTrent Gentry3 ore fa
  • Dislikes are from the cat and his friends.

    Sabid HossainSabid Hossain5 ore fa
  • My Heart EXPLODED

    Mc FreeMc Free5 ore fa
  • dogs are sweeter than the parents...trying to create stress for the dogs

    Christine ODonnellChristine ODonnell6 ore fa
  • 😭🥰🐶🤗 Watson is soo cuute. I'd squeeze hug him to no end

    darLingdarLing6 ore fa
  • I wanna know what the cat did to this Dog

    • Mari •• Mari •7 ore fa
  • Dog is probably trained to "hug" at the command of a silent dog whistle.

    capmidnitecapmidnite7 ore fa
  • When the camera panned to the Goldie I was like "OMG THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!"

    ManedWolfMonarchManedWolfMonarch7 ore fa
  • I can't help but just smile in adore how cute both of those dogs are!

    LolWholesomeLolWholesome8 ore fa
  • Never seen a dog hug someone like that before. That dog is pretty smart wow :o

    Yoti CoyoteYoti Coyote8 ore fa
  • In an apocalypse scenario Watson would be the ultimate survivor. Caring for others like he clearly cares for Eko. Harry on the other hand? Is the backstabber. Disassociate with him at all costs, else you'll be pawned off for cat food at any opportunity.

    Chase MorrChase Morr8 ore fa
  • mat watson from supermega???!!!

    Chickentastic256Chickentastic2568 ore fa
  • Poor Harry

    Sarah A.Sarah A.9 ore fa
  • Thats cute

    ¿?Spade Zero0?¿¿?Spade Zero0?¿9 ore fa
  • Rrrrrr so sweet ⚘⚘

    kevin magkevin mag9 ore fa
  • The dislikes are from Harry and his army😂😂😂

    Maira playsMaira plays10 ore fa
  • This is my fav clip of all time.....so far.❣

    Donna MagistroDonna Magistro10 ore fa
  • OMG WATSON 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Murdoq RuckusMurdoq Ruckus11 ore fa
  • that bark was satisfying

    The Death StarThe Death Star11 ore fa
  • My heart melted when that dog hugged the other one, poor cat though

    EdgeLord 69EdgeLord 6911 ore fa
  • ITworlds's like - "Oh, yeah, that the kind of video they''ll love to see in 10 years..."

    WolfensteinWolfenstein12 ore fa
  • Did you know Dogs had the same Capability to understand words as a 5 Year old Human Kid ? They are not as dumb as you think.

    Just another AtheistJust another Atheist12 ore fa
  • The cat is not a good boy, he is a cool fella. Look how gentle he is.

    Giorgi khutiashviliGiorgi khutiashvili13 ore fa
  • 0:16 cutest thing ive ever seen a doggo do

    The Cheese MonsterThe Cheese Monster13 ore fa
  • Kokichi does NOT lie

    Totally Rantaro AmamiTotally Rantaro Amami13 ore fa
  • My heart 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Flamebuster 259Flamebuster 25913 ore fa
  • 0:36 it's like he got offended and was like "of course I can understand you foolish human"

    Mike 903Mike 90313 ore fa
  • Why are you bringing me into this- *Harry*

    DeadpoolDeadpool13 ore fa
  • 0:38 he said ^I dont ^

    WapionWapion14 ore fa
  • Awwww my black heart is melting

    lesbiansaregoodandchlesbiansaregoodandch14 ore fa
  • So honest, beautiful and simple, only we know how to complicate the F out of everything.

    Adrian SavinAdrian Savin14 ore fa
  • How sweet.

    Zal MoxisZal Moxis14 ore fa
  • True love 💕

    CJSI5464CJSI546415 ore fa
  • Cutie cutie pie 😍😍😍

    Adline vinselaAdline vinsela15 ore fa
  • d'aaaawwwww

    Sage McKeandSage McKeand15 ore fa
  • Racist dog

    Ashish ShuklaAshish Shukla16 ore fa
  • What can I say. Dogs are better

    LTK faithyLTK faithy16 ore fa

    Ilona NowakowskaIlona Nowakowska16 ore fa
  • the cat looks dead inside while at the same time he looks like as if he wants to kill the owner

    Your Sugar DaddyYour Sugar Daddy16 ore fa
  • harry was like 'im getting paid for this right? '

    Anna PetrovaAnna Petrova16 ore fa
  • ❤😄👍

    Fernando CortezFernando Cortez17 ore fa
  • trained huh...

    C O L DC O L D17 ore fa
  • Haha this was so sweet :D

    NameNobodyNameNobody17 ore fa
  • This dog is a dog person

    Entertainment ExplorersEntertainment Explorers17 ore fa
  • Animals are so amazing.

    The Gamers StateThe Gamers State17 ore fa
  • This dog is a bad example for kids....

    srianshsriansh18 ore fa
  • @wat.ki0 in tiktok

    Valentino MissiValentino Missi18 ore fa
  • Oh my dawg, that is so precious (!!!)

    EveyEvieEveyEveyEvieEvey18 ore fa
  • Lmao, frustratingly cute.

    jordan5221jordan522119 ore fa
  • 💝💝💝💝

    Lorenza RossiLorenza Rossi19 ore fa
  • let´s Face it......we just don´t deserve dogs

    flolito14flolito1419 ore fa
  • Linda

    avtans abheekavtans abheek19 ore fa
  • What cold hearted bastard would give this a thumbs down?

    Mr. DynamiteMr. Dynamite19 ore fa
    • Cat people

      Mackenzie CollieMackenzie Collie17 ore fa
  • Stop training your dogs to do theatre.

    Ricky AnthonyRicky Anthony19 ore fa
  • 0:52 it kinda looks like he put the other dogs head in their mouth

    Rebecca MerrillRebecca Merrill20 ore fa
  • The cat in the corner:yeah well I don’t like you anyway Dog!😂

    Wolfsong 27Wolfsong 2720 ore fa
  • Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment....,,,

    5 Minute Craft Ex5 Minute Craft Ex20 ore fa
    • Lol get a life

      just an Issac Newton who has internet accessjust an Issac Newton who has internet access3 ore fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Kevin MaurerKevin Maurer20 ore fa
  • I don't know but I think he's trying to put his brother in a chokehold.

    Skully SkullsSkully Skulls21 ora fa
  • now compare this dog to a chihuahua

    Garry HostGarry Host21 ora fa
  • poor harry 😂

    The libraryThe library21 ora fa
  • Is "whom" correct because "with" is implied?

    Sven Hagerup GulliksenSven Hagerup Gulliksen21 ora fa
  • Fuck youuuuuuuu hyper-intelligent dog, making me question the possibility of consciousness being reincarnated

    Dylan CapperDylan Capper21 ora fa
    • Because I would cuddle Hudson too

      Dylan CapperDylan Capper21 ora fa
  • Kiko: Bro, this is embarrassing. Get off me !!!

    Mohit KapoorMohit Kapoor21 ora fa
  • thats bonkers

    chad wileychad wiley22 ore fa
  • Her : we are just friends!! She and her "friend" :

    Timmy LTimmy L22 ore fa
  • This is soooo cute!

    Turning NullTurning Null23 ore fa
  • Meanwhile....my two dogs get in death fights with one having two scars on her head. Great video!

    Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious23 ore fa
  • Why this video has 600 diesslikes 😅🤦

    Sandron realSandron real23 ore fa
  • Hehe

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus23 ore fa
  • My cat Garfill is not happy with this video, he’s a law student in the top university in the elf realm. Wish him luck so he can stop

    Allif HasnanAllif Hasnan23 ore fa
  • The cat felt SO left out. 😶

    Celisar1Celisar1Giorno fa

    sibobrata kundusibobrata kunduGiorno fa
  • Kitty be like what ever dude I don't like you either

    migna viniamigna viniaGiorno fa
  • Dogs sure love to hug. That is why my dog always puts her paws on me. Like all day...

    VVGiorno fa
  • harry's face be like: let me out of this shit hooman

    mai failmai failGiorno fa
    • did you copy this?

      R JR J52 minuti fa
  • Cat: What ever....

    Quinton du PlessisQuinton du PlessisGiorno fa
  • *Cat sneaks in line* "Day 20 they still suspect nothing"

    David ryanDavid ryanGiorno fa
  • Why do animal vids get so many views

    Random PersonRandom PersonGiorno fa
    • Dogs specifically

      Mackenzie CollieMackenzie Collie17 ore fa
  • Racism is real

    Colson XuColson XuGiorno fa
  • Big bubba Watson has a walnut sized brain, but its the heart that counts.

    Grá lóiséasGrá lóiséasGiorno fa
  • kitty doesn´t give a shit

    AvengeVoltaireAvengeVoltaireGiorno fa
  • damn poor cat

    Firsa InsaniFirsa InsaniGiorno fa
  • Are they both boys or girl and boy or gust girls IM CONFUSEDDD

    sonia hallsonia hallGiorno fa
  • Aww

    Jon blablablaJon blablablaGiorno fa
  • I could watch this all day

    Sons Of LibertySons Of LibertyGiorno fa
  • Wow im in tears i love dogs amazing video thanks for sharing.

    Jr CastilloJr CastilloGiorno fa
  • Damn, not even dogs like cats... and they’re supposed to love everything

    Chas BruceChas BruceGiorno fa
  • This is the cutest thing ever

    Expired TylernolExpired TylernolGiorno fa