Try Not to Laugh Challenge #60 - Gauntlet w/ Our Crew!

22 dic 2020
1 732 110 visualizzazioni

Today we’re back in the Gauntlet hot seats and our CREW is up for the Try Not To Laugh challenge!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
Watch last year’s Gauntlet with our crew:
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Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Editor: Rock Coleman
Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
DP: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
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  • Everyone got so skinny damnnnn not me lol

    Hasti malekiHasti maleki12 ore fa
  • They need to get Lisa in TNTL more often!

    NytemareQueenNytemareQueenGiorno fa
  • 4:32 satisfaction button

    KokoKoko2 giorni fa

    Eleanor ChristmanEleanor Christman2 giorni fa
  • More Garrett on TNTL!!!

    Dunya MediaDunya Media3 giorni fa
  • That last one was was well played

    LogoshGamingLogoshGaming4 giorni fa
  • Not a lot of testosterone in that room. 😬

    Winston WhiteWinston White4 giorni fa
  • She did the fucking scene from glee hhhhahaga

    Leviathan LamotheLeviathan Lamothe5 giorni fa
  • Tommy should just be in try not to laugh every episode he’s so funny

    Zukinu12 Skinny PZukinu12 Skinny P5 giorni fa
  • yasmeen got them ALL

    quarantinauraquarantinaura6 giorni fa
  • Lisa looks like the mother of Kimmy.

    Anthony salamoneAnthony salamone6 giorni fa
  • This is such a good video!! The 17 minutes felt like two. So entertaining! Love ya guys❤️ being funny for 15years can be challenging but you did it! You did it! Fucking awesome people on this planet❤️

    Minde KindeMinde Kinde6 giorni fa
  • Tim got the majority of the cast with a metal cup going *GONG* He should be a regular cast member.

    Jack WilliamsJack Williams6 giorni fa
  • Why is nobody talking about yasmeen. That is some talent right there.

    ShmolKidShmolKid7 giorni fa
  • As soon as Rachel sang "the moment I wake up" I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING

    skystacy 25skystacy 257 giorni fa
  • Spencer MVP

    Daniel GashiDaniel Gashi7 giorni fa
  • Welp Kevin awakened something.

    Ace RainAce Rain7 giorni fa
  • I now ship Layne and Jackie

    Anita PadovanAnita Padovan7 giorni fa
  • i haven’t watched a smash video in moths and i come back to ian being blonde and damien has turned into bucky barns

    doug dimmadomedoug dimmadome7 giorni fa
  • This comment section is full of Lisa ***kissers. She wasnt that funny lads, keep it cool.

    Dilo CanoDilo Cano8 giorni fa
  • Nutrient rich nugget-😂

    Zoe HaleZoe Hale8 giorni fa
  • gauntlet but smosh vs crew i'd be dying

    Jadee PotJadee Pot8 giorni fa
  • I loved Spencer and Lisa

    TikTok CompilationsTikTok Compilations9 giorni fa
  • please tell me why I first heard of a mortal kombat movie from an ad on this video

    VorpalVorpal9 giorni fa
  • Lisa went from VP to MVP.

    Misael CapriaMisael Capria10 giorni fa
  • The fact that ones not wearing a bra and is dancing on youtube is wow.

    Samantha StavropoulosSamantha Stavropoulos10 giorni fa
  • Everything and everyone has changed so much. I miss the old crew. I miss SMOSH.

    Trixten 642Trixten 64210 giorni fa
  • wait... was the ketchup floating ontop of the napkin?

    Floom Boom O.oFloom Boom O.o10 giorni fa
  • Rachel Evans aH!!! Love her!!!

    Thot you would Never askThot you would Never ask11 giorni fa
  • First time I laugh so much through all the time of th video 🔥😂😂😂😂🔥

    my name is not your businessmy name is not your business11 giorni fa
  • Bruh my dad LITERALLY has a glass case full of model trains in our basement Garrett has made me feel seen

    BunnarchistBunnarchist11 giorni fa
  • Using their own jokes against them, Olivia's jacket, nudity... All brilliant.

    AJ EsturAJ Estur11 giorni fa
  • JFC Tommy's was so creative.

    AJ EsturAJ Estur11 giorni fa
  • When Tommy came over first: "Umm... I know he's mostly known here by now but any video with Tommy is a welcome one."

    AJ EsturAJ Estur11 giorni fa
  • Ok but where is Courtney’s sweater from-

    Sweetie PastelSweetie Pastel12 giorni fa
  • OMFG! I need more crew!!!

    ErysErys12 giorni fa
  • Its the Unholy Trinity appearance for me

    Kaiah LeatherwoodKaiah Leatherwood13 giorni fa
  • I want a newmom 😂

    philippaphilippa13 giorni fa
  • I just came back to this for Spencer’s bit tbh

    The Truth Is Out ThereThe Truth Is Out There13 giorni fa
  • haha funny but i still don't understand what tommy does

    tomás rojastomás rojas14 giorni fa
  • Lisa has The Office vibes and I'm here for it

    Donna BeltránDonna Beltrán14 giorni fa
  • Please bring back Lisa in another TNTL 😂

    Jeremy RyanJeremy Ryan14 giorni fa
  • i wanted spencer to do the wap

    Bruno FernandezBruno Fernandez15 giorni fa
  • Yasmeen had a sick scream though 😂

    Gaius MurrandGaius Murrand15 giorni fa
  • As soon as I saw the pompoms I already knew where this was going

    Dara HelenaDara Helena16 giorni fa
  • Jackie is timelessly beautiful. She could wear a style from any decade, her hair in any way she wanted, makeup however bold, and she would just look stunning. ❤️

    WhitWhit17 giorni fa
  • ian's face at 6:35 "did i hire meth heads...???"

    Elizabeth R.Elizabeth R.18 giorni fa
  • Mark raub slimmed down. anyone else notice that? Good on him

    RaabbbiitRaabbbiit18 giorni fa
  • 15:58 I come back here once in a while just to see Ian’s cracked out howling laugh. 🤣

    Requiem for a MemeRequiem for a Meme19 giorni fa
  • how people that work at the Capitol wear masks: 00:33 how people that attack the Capitol wear masks: 00:28

    Requiem for a MemeRequiem for a Meme19 giorni fa
  • The employee review was the best

    Mister moss manMister moss man19 giorni fa
  • Spencer just made my whole fucking year. The absolute madlad

    ultimateninjaboiultimateninjaboi20 giorni fa
  • Ok but y'all Matt Raub looks GOOD!!!! Man is FIT!

    lildewlildew20 giorni fa
  • I'm trying to decide right now if either Spencer, Lisa, or Kevin topped the hindenburg joke😂😂😂😂, this was amazing

    Taylor SloleyTaylor Sloley20 giorni fa
  • is literally NO ONE gonna comment ab the glee bit- wow the glee reboot looks different here, i love how they casted brittany, santana, and quinn :))

    arlo pparlo pp21 giorno fa
  • Stop with those damn harmonicas

    Morten AsphaugMorten Asphaug21 giorno fa
  • Olivia and Noah are probably STOKED they weren't in this episode

    Andrew QuartararoAndrew Quartararo21 giorno fa
  • Get rid of those damn harmonicas

    Morten AsphaugMorten Asphaug22 giorni fa
  • Why is Jackie’s tongue blue?

    Anne BertrandAnne Bertrand22 giorni fa
  • Is no one going to talk about Rachel and her Glee reference!?

    Lilangel_IzzieLilangel_Izzie22 giorni fa
  • I love how Keith just bursts out laughing before some of the skits even start

    zteddy32zteddy3222 giorni fa
  • I've got humor like Keith honestly. All it takes is someone awkwardly rolling in in a chair.

    WitnessMeWitnessMe22 giorni fa
  • Not gonna lie, how fast Layne put that table up is very impressive. When I put up tables like that for 4-H, I needed me, a friend, and my foot cuz my hands are too weak to pop those hinges into place.

    WitnessMeWitnessMe22 giorni fa
  • I feel like everyone in the office has a work crush on Jackie and honestly... so would I.

    WitnessMeWitnessMe22 giorni fa
  • I’ve never seen Ian laugh this hard 😂

    Maggie PortilloMaggie Portillo22 giorni fa
  • "...Gobble me..." "...Swallow me..." "...Drip down the side of me..." Bruh

    Jason GildersleeveJason Gildersleeve22 giorni fa
  • The cast looks like a young foo fighters

    Owen trainorOwen trainor23 giorni fa
  • 14:53 does anyone else hear linda from bobs burgers?

    Melissa ThornMelissa Thorn23 giorni fa
  • Lisa's employee reviews had me in stitches! 🤣

    ChazzyChazzy23 giorni fa
  • Is it just me or did they line up the Amish cast by attractiveness? Closer to the camera the better looking.

    Paul BadicsPaul Badics24 giorni fa
  • we simply require more greg

    Sara KirklandSara Kirkland25 giorni fa
  • Watching the debut of the Sassy Leg Navy was probably the greatest moment of my life. What's next? Sassy Leg Marines?

    Éros JacksonÉros Jackson25 giorni fa
  • My God, loving the say a little pray for you glee scene ✨

    Ixchel HiralesIxchel Hirales25 giorni fa
  • Shayne’s hair really said: Dwight Shrute

    Fulcrum 28Fulcrum 2826 giorni fa
  • Ok but that employee review bit was one of the best recent bits so far

    NateJNateJ26 giorni fa
  • So much cringe 😬

    Trent StewartTrent Stewart26 giorni fa
    • I love it tho

      Trent StewartTrent Stewart26 giorni fa
  • I've never seen a more genuine laugh from Ian then during Spencer's joke

    Tony The TunaTony The Tuna26 giorni fa
  • employee reviews had me dying lmaooooooooo please do more stuff like this, it's really fun to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. The reviews alone have the potential to become an entire sketch or even a quarterly series, like reviews usually are.

    archangelgtgarchangelgtg27 giorni fa
  • This is why the crew episodes are my favorite

    Caitlyn NevinCaitlyn Nevin27 giorni fa

    Kaden OkanekoKaden Okaneko28 giorni fa
  • honestly this content is so much better than any skits

    IMRA instrumental music rhythm archiveIMRA instrumental music rhythm archive28 giorni fa
  • I come back after a decade and I don’t know who these ppl are

    Aaron RamosAaron Ramos28 giorni fa
  • Ah, 1:02 - 2:35 just made my day, thank you Tommy Bowe

    Crescent WaffleCrescent Waffle28 giorni fa

    Emily FergusonEmily Ferguson28 giorni fa
  • matt with the sassy lady squad did it for me. brought me back to shane

    Lindsey WestLindsey West28 giorni fa
  • I mean this as nicely as possible Matt lost weight and he's an inspiration for me he's so funny and amazing

    Xander WheelisXander Wheelis28 giorni fa
  • Enemy stand user spotted! 🤣🤣👌👌

    Julia BassettJulia Bassett28 giorni fa
  • some of the crew are funnier then the cast

    justen barberjusten barber28 giorni fa
  • Can’t hear what hotdog guy says at the end to jackie

    Niklas SteensenNiklas Steensen28 giorni fa
  • I like how Spencer just had WAP lyrics 😂

    Sameerah AlmanaahiSameerah Almanaahi28 giorni fa
  • this video is amazing and all but.. *they didnt put a jojo music when it was a jojo reference*

    Sasha CvetkovSasha Cvetkov28 giorni fa
  • Is it bad that I continuously skip to the end to see Spencer’s bit

    Life of JadynLife of Jadyn28 giorni fa
  • Jackie is indeed perfect

    Afrotaku 02Afrotaku 0228 giorni fa
  • 7:38 a nightmare

    TapTap29 giorni fa
  • I woke up from a 14 year coma where’s Anthony

    I am meme godI am meme godMese fa
  • This is how many times Tommy said mom in the first part of the video👇

    Nichole StanleyNichole StanleyMese fa
  • i don't know how i missed this video but omg,, i love you all so much. it's very clear that you all love working together, & that really amazing. so to everyone at smosh, whether you're behind the camera or in front of it, thank you. thank you fro all that you do.

    Cailyn leeCailyn leeMese fa
  • I’m mainly here for Shayne and Damien♥️

    Megan WoodMegan WoodMese fa

    Charleston DodsonCharleston DodsonMese fa

    Kree McCormickKree McCormickMese fa