TOP 10 GOALS | 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

3 feb 2015
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So many amazing, memorable goals! users chose the 10 best goals at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. Which is your favourite?
Brazil 2014 match highlights:
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  • Who's watching in 2020?

    • Shiii you caught me

      Rachel LopezRachel Lopez12 ore fa
    • LOL Me

      JUAN IUS 2JUAN IUS 2Giorno fa
    • Me

      Alejandro Díaz BernateAlejandro Díaz BernateGiorno fa
    • Meeeeee

      Super FitzkidSuper Fitzkid2 giorni fa
    • Corinthians

      JarlisonJarlison2 giorni fa
  • Sdds

    Daniel SilvaDaniel SilvaOra fa
  • *DIEGO MARADONA - THE LEGEND OF WORLD FOOTBALL 30.10.1960 - 25.11.2020.*

    Greenstar TVGreenstar TVOra fa
  • Moving on to remember that, Brazil has 5 World Cups, while Germany has only 4, but even so, Americans have no World Cup, so the pranks end here.

    Sou Palmeiras!Sou Palmeiras!2 ore fa
  • 1:20 going over you're teammate diaspointing

    Salma MohammedSalma Mohammed2 ore fa
  • adios maradona :"c

    codlex XDcodlex XD3 ore fa
  • Who else is here after Maradona died? RIP

    Nehemiah WeldeabNehemiah Weldeab3 ore fa
  • Van Persie could live with that goal all entire of his life. Its magnificient.

    Mohd Fazly Abdul LahitMohd Fazly Abdul Lahit8 ore fa
  • Robin FLY ✈ persie 😍👌

    ArunArun14 ore fa
  • There was definitely something special about this World Cup

    louis rodriguezlouis rodriguezGiorno fa
  • Y el gol de mi gio dos santos vs holanda?

    Iker FuentesIker FuentesGiorno fa
  • Beautiful love u.

    UFC 238UFC 2382 giorni fa
  • Best days of my life...

    Demir ArmutluDemir Armutlu2 giorni fa
  • Palo de pinilla 😢😢 pudo a ver sido un golazo

    Jaime VergaraJaime Vergara2 giorni fa
  • me

    Kingsley AkanoKingsley Akano3 giorni fa
  • I love is song ❤

    WaNcHeRiiTo GeimingWaNcHeRiiTo Geiming4 giorni fa
  • Hola,soy el comentario en español que tanto buscabas :)

    ANGEL JRANGEL JR4 giorni fa
    • Holaaa

      gamestfwgamestfw2 giorni fa
  • James Rodriguez was the best player in the world in this world cup.

    Drew ShenbergerDrew Shenberger5 giorni fa
  • Mi Favorites Goals is of James Rodríguez

    Monica MoraMonica Mora6 giorni fa
  • That van persie header was one of the greatest headers of all time but James Rodriguez volley was just a beauty

    Khadija ZanfarKhadija Zanfar6 giorni fa
  • 03:48 *The Flying Dutchman*

    Ghaffar AGhaffar A6 giorni fa
  • Que diferencia un mundial en latinoamérica se siente mas alegría :")

    Daniel SuarezDaniel Suarez6 giorni fa
  • Golden Boy💛🖤

    Manan DoshiManan Doshi7 giorni fa
  • Music?

    Gabriel VlogsGabriel Vlogs7 giorni fa
  • Samos única seleção aí todas copas.We are the only national team in the world. Respect Brazil

    fx_ deivis_gamefx_ deivis_game8 giorni fa
    • Americanos nem tem copas do mundo. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHEUEHUEHEUEHEUE

      Sou Palmeiras!Sou Palmeiras!2 ore fa
  • El gol de james es un belleza

    yyhhh fghjiiyyhhh fghjii8 giorni fa
  • Before watching till the end, I thought the Flying Dutch goal had to be no.1

    Huyle HuyleHuyle Huyle8 giorni fa
  • 11.198❤️

    Giorgio MedolagoGiorgio Medolago9 giorni fa
  • Nostalgia

    Domi FailsDomi Fails9 giorni fa
  • Covid 19

    Mohammad AlsokhniMohammad Alsokhni9 giorni fa
  • I come from futre from 2020

    Mohammad AlsokhniMohammad Alsokhni9 giorni fa
  • Sin dudas el mejor mundial

    Un pibe cualquiera aaUn pibe cualquiera aa9 giorni fa
  • Why the f... is Messi 9th place better than Shakiri 10th place?

    Raul AlexRaul Alex10 giorni fa
  • Y el de charles wn

    piñeratepaso xelñaczonpiñeratepaso xelñaczon10 giorni fa
  • If Messi had won the World Cup, he would have been the number one player among all-time soccer players.

    한이상한이상10 giorni fa
  • If Messi had won the World Cup, he would have been the number one player among all-time soccer players.

    한이상한이상10 giorni fa
  • 4:16 number 1

    Raphael BeckRaphael Beck10 giorni fa
  • I reckon Messi’s Bosnia goal was an own goal look at the slight touch from the defender at around 1:20 he is stretching towards the goal and the shot hits the post and just goes in

    Fraser BissetFraser Bisset11 giorni fa
  • I'm here to see James Rodriguez goal A true masterpiece

    bensaad abdessamedbensaad abdessamed11 giorni fa
  • No jermaine Jones? The disrespect

    Oliver BIckelOliver BIckel11 giorni fa
  • favorite world cup from me

    Dark LuffyDark Luffy11 giorni fa
  • Justo en el corazón 2:50

    Moises OrozcoMoises Orozco11 giorni fa
  • James left foot ball control is astonishing to put it mildly

    Kenneth CarvalhoKenneth Carvalho11 giorni fa
  • Oh Brazil 2014! What a world cup! Messi James Germany 7-1 Brazil

    On The Way Of LifeOn The Way Of Life11 giorni fa
    • Moving on to remember that, Brazil has 5 World Cups, while Germany has only 4, but even so, Americans have no World Cup, so the pranks end here.

      Sou Palmeiras!Sou Palmeiras!2 ore fa
  • the best world.⚽❤️

    YerryYerry11 giorni fa
  • Messi deserve the cup

    ajay attadaajay attada12 giorni fa
  • The fact that the first 2 could have been easily saved is a disgrace to the world cup. Goalies that bad shouldnt be able to play in the biggest competition in the world

    James ShoneJames Shone13 giorni fa
  • 1 Dvid Luis

    Katarzyna MierzwaKatarzyna Mierzwa13 giorni fa
  • El de gol Van Persie es mucho mejor, tiene un grado de dificultad mayor al de James

    JohnnyJohnny13 giorni fa
  • A Poland

    piłka nożna to moje życiepiłka nożna to moje życie14 giorni fa
  • 2:53 this still hurts.🥺

    Avreet SinghAvreet Singh16 giorni fa
  • Feels like yesterday :( So nostalgic

    Visca BarçaVisca Barça17 giorni fa
  • Messi goal against Iron also one of best. I thought it was 1st. But didn't it at all.

    Jamal JaheerJamal Jaheer17 giorni fa
  • Era gol de Yepes pana :(

    Juan StooJuan Stoo18 giorni fa
  • Jajajajaj esos weyes 1:19

    Arturo BermúdezArturo Bermúdez18 giorni fa
  • Agree or not.... This was the one of the best FIFA world cup.

    Nina RoxasNina Roxas18 giorni fa
  • Every club wanted James after that world cup😂

    Akash AgarwalAkash Agarwal19 giorni fa
  • I see Messi faced Nigeria again

    Rebecca AyehRebecca Ayeh20 giorni fa
  • this was the best world cup ever

    Yuji BiedrońYuji Biedroń20 giorni fa
  • Van Persie's goal was sth special tbh

    Nour NourNour Nour21 giorno fa
  • Messi's performance everyone though Messi was going to win TV he world cup he got there but did not finish

    • But hes still a spectacular player

  • un clásico

    ANGEL XANGEL X22 giorni fa
  • Ilove you to me friend and tanks me friend s and nice alex 🦋💖🦋 Rudwan. 🦋💛💛💜💜💖💖🦋

    rudwan Abdorudwan Abdo22 giorni fa
  • This World Cup is nostalgia. If only Argentina won, that would have been perfect for me

    David BarrockDavid Barrock22 giorni fa
  • Que le dieron a James?

    *Jonathan Bohne**Jonathan Bohne*22 giorni fa
  • Nigeria SHOULD build a STATUE of MESSI,he always owns THEM since the youth WORLD CUP.😩

    Eric kingEric king23 giorni fa
  • Gotze no tendria que haber nacido.

    Ramiro Junquera SengenesRamiro Junquera Sengenes23 giorni fa
  • 2014 wc game ball was the best i have ever seen in my life❤️

    amandeep singhamandeep singh23 giorni fa
  • Bro james goal is amazing

    Daniela MunozDaniela Munoz23 giorni fa
  • Soy yo o hay algo especial en esta copa :,v

    jhoanmotro2395jhoanmotro239524 giorni fa
  • era gol de yepes

    David Santiago Serrano DiazDavid Santiago Serrano Diaz24 giorni fa
    • siiii

      David Santiago Serrano DiazDavid Santiago Serrano Diaz24 giorni fa
  • One of the best world cups. Most match were exciting and competitive. I certainly didn't get the vibe with the 2018

    Anime N MusicAnime N Music24 giorni fa
  • 1:29 best pass of the 2014 world cup🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Aiden HAiden H25 giorni fa
  • Brazil cheating v Croatia is funny.

    》AuTuMnOwL 《》AuTuMnOwL 《25 giorni fa
  • Por este mundial, y por su carrera, James es el mejor jugador de la historia del fútbol colombiano. Ningún otro jugador nuestro está cerca de sus logros.

    maurcdmaurcd25 giorni fa
  • Messi vs iran??????

    Babu RaoBabu Rao26 giorni fa
  • Esto me lo vi en vivo hace 5 años

    Ana Cleofe FlorezAna Cleofe Florez26 giorni fa
  • Pucha ay solo comentarios en ingles 🙁

    Ana Cleofe FlorezAna Cleofe Florez26 giorni fa
    • Hola! para mi el mejor mundial q hubo. Todos los partidos buenisimos.

      johnc bluejohnc blue10 giorni fa
  • El gol de Shaqiri debería estar mas arriba en el top. El gol de Gotze y el primer gol de James deberían estar unos puestos atras.

    Fernando MolinaFernando Molina27 giorni fa
  • i love Messi 😍😘🥰 i love Argentina 👌✌️🙏 i love number 10 👍👍👍

    Gembul GantengGembul Ganteng27 giorni fa
  • James Rodriguez is a boring player

    Ro QuRo Qu27 giorni fa
  • Ronaldo was non existant?

    PROSLY TVPROSLY TV27 giorni fa
    • Portugal non existant

      johnc bluejohnc blue10 giorni fa
  • un epañol colombiano aqui

    jeronimotuberjeronimotuber27 giorni fa
  • Who song is this in the background

    Paul SchneiderPaul Schneider27 giorni fa

    dogedoge27 giorni fa
  • everything about this world cup was just great. - Insane goals - A really entertaining and close final - Germany destroying brazil 7-1. - James Rodriguez playing some of the best football i’ve ever seen. Overall just a beauty of a world cup, so much better than 2018.

    James GiannisJames Giannis28 giorni fa
  • song?

    Simo SimoSimo Simo29 giorni fa
  • It wasnt just the 7:1 game or the magnecifent goals. It also was the special atmosphere of brazil and the love of football in that country

    Elias RtaimaElias Rtaima29 giorni fa
  • im from Denmark, but i not think fair Japan first goal vs Denmark not on this list

    fujikim1fujikim129 giorni fa
  • me

    bonjourbonjourMese fa
  • Perisic vs Mexico? Perisic vs Cameroon?

    Croatian MontanaCroatian MontanaMese fa
  • 2020

    Isaac 11Isaac 11Mese fa
  • Me

    Samridhi AroraSamridhi AroraMese fa
  • Fvbhcbfddd

    Tom GrantTom GrantMese fa
  • Nostalgy 😪

    Rodrigo Hidalgo CórdovaRodrigo Hidalgo CórdovaMese fa
  • Song??

    Pablint_Play'sPablint_Play'sMese fa
  • After World Cup 1998 this was the best World Cup so far ! Spectacular one 😍

    vullne7vullne7Mese fa
  • James fracaso por ser muy sobrqdo

    diego manriquezdiego manriquezMese fa
  • Y no aparece ningún gol de Perú?ah no pará..

    NeKroos 518NeKroos 518Mese fa
  • inolvidable dia

    juangabriel martinezmarinjuangabriel martinezmarinMese fa