TOP 10 GOALS | 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

3 feb 2015
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So many amazing, memorable goals! users chose the 10 best goals at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. Which is your favourite?
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  • My goals are just lit 😎

    James RodriguezJames Rodriguez5 ore fa
  • the world cup finals was something made in a fairy tale

    Rayan BoutrigRayan Boutrig9 ore fa
  • I still remember the goetze commentary even if it was from 7 years ago

    Math MagiciansMath Magicians14 ore fa
  • Nobody's talking about David Luiz free kick 😂😂😂

    Abhishek Anand 3497Abhishek Anand 349716 ore fa
  • Just telling this was 7 years ago now......

    Z AyxZ AyxGiorno fa
  • This WC2014 was insane. i still remember being kid and hyped this so much after a football game, i vent outside w/my friends and we act like we played in the world cup. What a time!

    12EXECC1212EXECC12Giorno fa
  • james was something else

    Najmi FadzilNajmi FadzilGiorno fa
  • Cahills should've been higher it takes so much skill to hit that cleanly on target

    Augster17Augster17Giorno fa
  • Messi's hairline ohhhhhhhh

    Augster17Augster17Giorno fa
  • background music is best

    Md Mijanur RahamanMd Mijanur Rahaman2 giorni fa
  • This time Argentina, was💥💥💥💥

    Ahmad Abdullah NazibAhmad Abdullah Nazib3 giorni fa
  • James really dirtied the defender and the goalie so bad 😂😂

    Enzo JnrEnzo Jnr3 giorni fa
  • 2014: messi's freekick took place 2018: Ronaldo's freekick took place Messi 🤝 Ronaldo

    Rubaet KhanRubaet Khan3 giorni fa
  • The best game of this World Cup Algeria vs Germany what a game‼️

    Abdeljalil BouhalAbdeljalil Bouhal3 giorni fa
  • James Rodrigues is a real talent!

    Debdatta GhoshDebdatta Ghosh4 giorni fa
  • That #9 goal by Messi was just absolutely beautiful. No words...

    SludgeSludge4 giorni fa
    • and James sheesh

      SludgeSludge4 giorni fa
    • Same with Cahill's wow..

      SludgeSludge4 giorni fa
  • For those who still search background music: Game Boy - Bob Bradley, Steve Dymond & Matt Sanchez

    Дмитрий КондратьевДмитрий Кондратьев4 giorni fa
  • 1:29

    1시간1시간4 giorni fa
  • Golaso de messi argentina debió ser campion

    Yener Dane Campos DelgadoYener Dane Campos Delgado4 giorni fa
  • I still think Mario Goetze had the best goal this world cup. His touch and control of the ball considering the immense pressure and stakes of the match are what make it so special.

    NikolaiNikolai5 giorni fa
  • Todos los hondureños aquí reportense. SHAQUIRI TE ODIO!

    Cinthia PrwllanaCinthia Prwllana5 giorni fa
  • Unforgettable world cup match Germany vs Brazil i feel like I'm in heaven on that time😂

    wanchan shyllawanchan shylla5 giorni fa
  • It was for me one of the best worlds that l have witnessed until today , the wolrd cup in brazil missed me

    Ramiro PortugalRamiro Portugal5 giorni fa
  • the best year ever best performence and weve seen the peak of lots of players like james david luiz oer el amazing

    painpain6 giorni fa
  • Anybody know the song in the beginning of the video

    Diego LabraDiego Labra6 giorni fa
  • Even van persie was very old that time but look at that he was flying

    PepegaPepega6 giorni fa
  • juanpa

    Villalobos Toro Juan EstebanVillalobos Toro Juan Esteban7 giorni fa
  • Ronaldo is no why

    Juraij Khan123Juraij Khan1237 giorni fa
  • Delgalization higher educate for gender 5G comming about legitimation

    Iwill ThesameIwill Thesame7 giorni fa
  • Robin goal is very ordinary lol

    Neys [EoDM]Neys [EoDM]7 giorni fa
  • How much did FIFA paid the referees on the final?? That was Argentina WC

    David DavidDavid David7 giorni fa
  • Best World Cup in the last decade

    Ashutosh GhoshAshutosh Ghosh8 giorni fa
  • Van Persie scored back ground sound: weee....xd

    Mehul RawatMehul Rawat8 giorni fa
  • that rodriguez goal was something

    j loj lo8 giorni fa
  • Six years on, I'm still searching for the background music track😭

    Abhishek SourabhAbhishek Sourabh9 giorni fa
    • @Дмитрий КондратьевFinally!!!!!! Thanks a lot🙏

      Abhishek SourabhAbhishek Sourabh4 giorni fa
    • Game Boy - Bob Bradley, Steve Dymond & Matt Sanchez

      Дмитрий КондратьевДмитрий Кондратьев4 giorni fa
    • 7 years

      Neutral➊Neutral➊5 giorni fa
  • 5 things I remember the World Cup for 1: Germany vs Brazil 7:1 victory 2:Neymar injury 3:James Rodriguez 4: David Luik free kick 5: Costa rica

    Predator 21Predator 219 giorni fa
    • The best World Cup hands down

      DaveDave9 giorni fa
  • MESSI 10

    2 biT2 biT9 giorni fa
  • Music?

    ZimrohZimroh9 giorni fa
  • Name of the background music?

    Himanshu YadavHimanshu Yadav9 giorni fa
  • That Van persie's rainbow 🌈 header should be placed first 😇

    Shahjas MuhammedShahjas Muhammed9 giorni fa
    • who even goes for that type of goal fricking nuts

      DaveDave9 giorni fa
  • They really rated David Villa’s goal over Messi’s freekick like that?

    --9 giorni fa
  • Götze's goal was lame doe. Just a chest control and a kick to the right xd.

    Octavio CalcadaOctavio Calcada10 giorni fa
  • Messi last minute clutch winner vs Iran is bigger than Cr7 whole world cup career

    029_Zahid Mustafa029_Zahid Mustafa10 giorni fa
  • Idk why but David Villa goal looks hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    SquidwardSquidward10 giorni fa
  • What is the name of the music?

    Wings AlissaWings Alissa10 giorni fa
    • That is

      Thiago Alessio León Del CastilloThiago Alessio León Del Castillo10 giorni fa
    • Esa es

      Thiago Alessio León Del CastilloThiago Alessio León Del Castillo10 giorni fa
    • Piłka Moja Kochanka Cyber Marian Feat. Adam Fido & Wojtek Szumański

      Thiago Alessio León Del CastilloThiago Alessio León Del Castillo10 giorni fa
  • James

    Fazil HasanovFazil Hasanov11 giorni fa
  • The flying Dutch🤍

    shaayaanshaayaan11 giorni fa
  • What an emotional time... I'd say this world cup was amongst the greatest in terms of the goals that were scored after 2000, everybody seemed to have been taken note on how to impress with their shots Götze's goal was so heartwearming, Germany teared up in that moment, finally winning it again after 24 years and vs Argentina aswell They (Klose and Löw) told him to show the world that he is better than messi And the player's wives and girlfriends were allowed to stay after the quarterfinals 😂

    stoniedastonieda11 giorni fa
  • Best world cup ever

    Vp FootballVp Football11 giorni fa
  • Now we know where Water Sugarmelon high came from...

    Max PaxMax Pax11 giorni fa
  • 1:04 These Bosnia defenders XD

    DzbaneyroDzbaneyro12 giorni fa
  • Back when football was "The Beautiful Game" and it wasn't all about money...

    VTLVTL12 giorni fa
  • 4:06 estava fora de jogo

    Carlos OliveiraCarlos Oliveira12 giorni fa
    • @Saúl cxg estava estava

      Carlos OliveiraCarlos Oliveira11 giorni fa
    • No

      Saúl cxgSaúl cxg12 giorni fa
  • What a year!!!

    leobergetleoberget12 giorni fa
  • james rodriguez in 2014 was a star

    quickmatzap65quickmatzap6512 giorni fa
  • Shakiri and choupo-moting ste the only 2 people that couldn't do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke but can for Liverpool and bayern

    smg_legend 1smg_legend 113 giorni fa

  • How was villas goal better than messis

    OMEGA OpOMEGA Op14 giorni fa
    • The heel flick i think

      J̶o̶a̶q̶u̶i̶n̶J̶o̶a̶q̶u̶i̶n̶13 giorni fa

    SoccerPitch HDSoccerPitch HD14 giorni fa
  • Ou est ronaldo

    El hadji DiopEl hadji Diop14 giorni fa
  • wew

    andrean ilhamandrean ilham14 giorni fa

    Arif Abdullah YükselArif Abdullah Yüksel15 giorni fa
  • noice

    GAMER_BOYGAMER_BOY15 giorni fa
  • Algún Colombiano que puso este video en 2021 solo para ver el primer puesto James Rodríguez?

    Santiago HolguinSantiago Holguin15 giorni fa
    • Yo

      iAngelol12iAngelol1214 giorni fa
  • Türk olanlar sayımızı gösterelim 👇👇

    Pes KralPes Kral15 giorni fa
  • Cuando casi le ganamos a Brasil de manera epica :'/

    iMeMeYT!iMeMeYT!15 giorni fa
  • i love the fifa World Cup of 2018

    Anthony Zelada GarcíaAnthony Zelada García15 giorni fa
  • wow

    David ParraDavid Parra16 giorni fa
  • 2014>2018

    glu is daddyglu is daddy16 giorni fa
  • Reason that i remember this cup: Honduras

    UnizekeUnizeke16 giorni fa
  • Things that hit different -Lionel Messi in this World Cup -James Rodriguez -7-1 Brazil-Germany -Higuain disallowed goal in the Final (He is still celebrating thinking that it was a goal) -Van Persie wonder goal

    MinecraftAddictionzMinecraftAddictionz16 giorni fa
  • Era gol de Yepes.

    Ricardo García GiraldoRicardo García Giraldo17 giorni fa
  • 1:33 come on Jedinak what is this marking

    AllTheSith66AllTheSith6617 giorni fa
  • Music?

    AllTheSith66AllTheSith6617 giorni fa
  • How Messi's goal against Iran is not there??

    Shubhendu Prasad MandalShubhendu Prasad Mandal18 giorni fa
  • Should Van Persie's goal be Offside? Looks like it but still extraordinary

    jefferson cristobaljefferson cristobal18 giorni fa
  • I know that Australia sucks at soccer (I am Australian) but why is no one talking about Cahill's gorgeous goal

    Flynn the rangaFlynn the ranga18 giorni fa
  • I’m a huge fan of Messi but Shakiris should’ve been higher than those tbh

    D _D _18 giorni fa
  • Beautiful world cup!

    Killymate'sKillymate's19 giorni fa
  • who else whatching this in 2021

    Brendan GilsenanBrendan Gilsenan20 giorni fa
  • Best part was seeing David Luiz crying.

    J BJ B20 giorni fa
  • El mejor gol de ese mundial fue el de robin van persie ( no creo que veamos otro igual ) el de james estubo bueno pero es algo que se hace muy seguido

    Rodrigo MalquivesRodrigo Malquives20 giorni fa
    • "muy seguido" jajaja

      DanielYTDanielYT11 giorni fa
  • Est wc ever

    anon789 01anon789 0120 giorni fa
  • muslera conceded best goal of 2010 and 2014 world cups from vanbronckhorst and james

    Tolga ÇELİKÖZTolga ÇELİKÖZ20 giorni fa
  • after this the rise of england!!

    Callum CorriganCallum Corrigan20 giorni fa
  • i swear tho messi i mean argentina always get nigerea

    Callum CorriganCallum Corrigan20 giorni fa
  • Bekar football

    MEGASOYMEGASOY21 giorno fa
  • Name of the background music anyone?

    Samir JimenezSamir Jimenez21 giorno fa
  • What is the name of this music ?

    mhmd awadmhmd awad22 giorni fa
  • Messi > Ronaldo

    OscaritoPlaysOscaritoPlays22 giorni fa
  • no ronaldo..u kidddding me!!

    Manan GoenkaManan Goenka22 giorni fa
  • David luiz... What he was, and what he is now

    10 sided cube10 sided cube22 giorni fa
  • goetze zwaar underrated

    Bram van der Heijden | LLNBram van der Heijden | LLN23 giorni fa
  • Robben vs Spain

    Ilham IkhlasIlham Ikhlas23 giorni fa
  • amigo con el gol de gotze te fuiste al choto

    FACUNDO blancoFACUNDO blanco24 giorni fa
  • Jaja y el 10 es un gol contra Honduras! Siempre mi selección a hacer el ridículo!

    alem reyalem rey24 giorni fa
  • It still hurts to watch that goal by Gotze. 💔

    SantiagoSantiago25 giorni fa
  • the last is the best🔥

    MK ITACHIMK ITACHI25 giorni fa
  • Falto el De Bryan Ruis de Costa Rica de Cabesaso.

    Adal Jesús V.VAdal Jesús V.V25 giorni fa
  • this year was the best of my life

    rarelyrarely26 giorni fa