The Moment BRITANNIA Got Away

14 feb 2021
233 884 visualizzazioni

INEOS TEAM UK had a close call in the start of race 4 of the #PRADACupFinal.
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The 36th America's Cup presented by Prada will be contested by the winner of the 2017 America's Cup, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron represented by their team, Emirates Team New Zealand, and the winner of the Prada Cup, the challenger selection series which takes place in January-February in 2021.
#AmericasCup #AC36 #Auckland2021

  • I hate the foils, its not sailing.

    Scott TildenScott Tilden9 ore fa
  • O.K. that was awesome. I have no idea what I saw.

    king of beersking of beers22 ore fa
  • I don't understand this elitist "sport".

    Rapier SisterRapier SisterGiorno fa
  • Now they're putting such foils also under the Optimists.

    Paolo MarginiPaolo Margini6 giorni fa
  • So exactly how far back from the line do you wanna be?

    Creig MacCreig Mac7 giorni fa
  • Damn boat wanted to fly :- O How crazy is that!!

    Vinsu KarmaVinsu Karma8 giorni fa
  • Why is it that we allowed "modern technology" to ruin everything. Might as well add a couple of engines and control the whole mess with computers. Sailboat? What sailboat?? Hundreds of millions spent while nine million humans die every year from starvation??

    Jack RileyJack Riley10 giorni fa
  • I haven't followed any of this in years. When did these vessels become hydrofoils!!???? That's ...almost terrifying! Any body? Serious question.

    tom clinetom cline16 giorni fa
    • @Marc Wanagas Oh far out! Is it just the cats and these vessels or are they all foils now?

      tom clinetom cline14 giorni fa
    • Foiling in the Cup started with the AC72 catamarans in 2013.

      Marc WanagasMarc Wanagas14 giorni fa
  • The idea of a hull as a necessary integral to design is restrictive. What is implied by new developments is an aerial platform using the marine surface to keep the centre of gravity located and balanced.

    mark hughesmark hughes17 giorni fa
  • Не фига себе, яхта !

    Alex NetAlex Net18 giorni fa
  • Why do so many people hate Great Britain. They do so well for a small country. Small minded people.

    cat stevenscat stevens18 giorni fa
    • They usually do in response to the annoying uppity attitude of brits towards foreigners. But I agree, Britain did give a lot to the world

      Raffaele Di VoraRaffaele Di Vora7 giorni fa
  • When two tribes go to war one is all that you can score

    Frank GrantFrank Grant19 giorni fa
  • Amazing when they work properly, terrifying when something goes wrong..

    TRAINing the worldTRAINing the world20 giorni fa
  • What is the rule in case they had man off board? Would they need to abandon?

    GigagybeGigagybe20 giorni fa
  • Ma lo skipper del Britannia é Draghi?

    Gianluca IgliozziGianluca Igliozzi20 giorni fa
  • Ainslie must have learned that maneuver from Barker and Hutchinson.

    Coolhand850Coolhand85020 giorni fa
  • The Prada cup final is looking a little wop-sided...

    Criq deKuyperCriq deKuyper20 giorni fa
  • amateurs crew

    Marcello SerafiniMarcello Serafini20 giorni fa
  • how many times does Ineos have to take off before someone gets really hurt?

    Glenn ConnellGlenn Connell20 giorni fa
  • Ahahah 🤣🤣

    Francesco CongiuFrancesco Congiu20 giorni fa
  • Luna Rossa is fantastic 💚⚪❤

    Alessandro BargelliniAlessandro Bargellini20 giorni fa
  • What does this have to do with sailing? Bunch of formula 1 drivers on a sailboat! It shouldn't be crazier!

    Molon LabeMolon Labe20 giorni fa
  • She’s tough!!!

    Scott RowlisonScott Rowlison20 giorni fa
  • The pros make sailing the AC75 look easy. Except that it’s like balancing a bowling ball on a razor blade.

    gcm747gcm74720 giorni fa
    • Let me guess, you have a beard but can't change a tyre,, Stop fucking around with bowling balls and shave the beard off.

      A C RossA C Ross19 giorni fa
  • 🇬🇧🤘🤘🤘🇬🇧

    Stefano TessitoreStefano Tessitore20 giorni fa
  • If it were easy, everybody would do it.

    DRMETDRMET21 giorno fa
  • Makes me realize the impact American Majic took.

    Bruce ReviereBruce Reviere21 giorno fa
  • Ben was about a metre or two away from taking an unexpected dip.

    James BurttonJames Burtton21 giorno fa
    • Lost at sea, then they might have a chance.......someone had to say it.

      peter olsenpeter olsen20 giorni fa
  • as good as Ineos looked at the prelims they look out of it now and luna rossa has picked up a lot of speed and much better starts and tacks. I hope that NZ is watching and learning something.

    Dan FontaineDan Fontaine21 giorno fa
    • I'm sure NZ was watching and learning. It will be nearly impossible to beat them. I'd be happy if Luna Rossa managed to be a match for NZ. Fingers crossed for a good performance, so the regata won't be boring

      Matteo StoccheroMatteo Stocchero13 giorni fa
    • Dan - the stats of the racing says there is very little between them - either to windward and or downhill, what does seem to shine through is the smoothness of the Luna Rossa yacht - I am taking a punt bit Jimmy Spithill is pretty shrewd at match racing and as credentialled as Ainslie is - its from fleet racing which is entirely different. And without being on the boats it looks like the way the use of two helmsmen is starting to show. Subtle difference is one set of eyes is always out of the yacht - 4 races - 100 hundred minutes of sailing - lots of tack @15 a race+ - and so far not one mistake from Luna Rossa. Very composed sailling.

      Ian KELLYIan KELLY20 giorni fa
  • I prefer "Old School" America's Cup. I like to see a full spinnaker going downwind, with sail changes. I hated when they went to catamarans, and now these even more "techy" outrigger foils. I should have seen it coming when they started playing with the keels...

    Igor SchmidlappIgor Schmidlapp21 giorno fa
    • don't watch then. There are plenty of old classes doing regatas and archives of stuff on youtube....

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson9 giorni fa
    • I rarely click onto jacht racing videos, but wasn't americas cup always the "f1 of offshore races"? Pushing the limit of sailing? And foiling would be the next step of known wayw to reduce drag. But maybe i am wrong and its a push of them in the last years?

      Caotic MonkCaotic Monk20 giorni fa
  • engage Dolphin mode .. took the attention away from Luna Rossa falling off the foils at exactly the same moment tho :)

    Brendan QuaifeBrendan Quaife21 giorno fa
  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🇮🇹💪

    Livio RomanoLivio Romano21 giorno fa
  • 🇮🇹

    yepyep21 giorno fa
  • when Americans and Brits try to fly to beat Luna Rossa... lol

    AlexowAlexow21 giorno fa
  • This remind us how hard it is to control the beast

    NZSPNZSP21 giorno fa
  • 😂😂😂4️⃣❌0️⃣

    Ness 1Ness 121 giorno fa
  • good save!

    Christian GruberChristian Gruber21 giorno fa
  • Inglesiiiiiii? Sucate😂

    AndreAAndreA21 giorno fa

    Jigga MahJigga Mah21 giorno fa
  • Una volta si incontrarono un Inglese un americano ed un europeo italiano... Noi siamo l'Europa l'Italia ha plasmato l'Europa

    titaoittitaoit21 giorno fa
    • @Johnny thanks, we certainly need it 😂

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson20 giorni fa
    • @Roy Thompson I’m Italian and I completely agree with your opinion. It’s always a mistake to put labels on nations. Good luck for the next race.

      JohnnyJohnny21 giorno fa
    • @titaoit Not all UK citizens are as you describe so please be careful with your false sweeping statements. Since LR has won 4 races I am seeing the same arrogance by Italian supporters so it looks like it's not unique to UK. In some cases friendly banter has degenerated into insults (by British, Italians and NewZealanders), and I have always reported these to the moderators of the channel where needed. I personally was quick congratulate LR on thier wins despite wanting Ineos to win. Also, your reply is irrelevant to my comment. UK is part of Europe, it's a fact, indeed they were one of the nations that shaped the European Union as well as Europe. Anyway, good luck to both teams in the rest of the races ( Ineos need more of it than LR :) ) and I hope you enjoy them.

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson21 giorno fa
    • @Roy Thompson l'Inghilterra si sente da sempre superiore e ci guarda in modo arrogante ciò dispiace parecchio. La superbia è un peccato capitale. Ben Aisle ha lo stesso difetto: arrogante e superbo... È solo uno sport ed è fuori luogo... Avrei festeggiato luna rossa anche se avesse perso. Chi non sa perdere non sa nemmeno vincere...

      titaoittitaoit21 giorno fa
    • United Kingdom is Europe (although not EU now because of Brexshit). 😂

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson21 giorno fa
  • Barca da cross... Ben è molto arrogante

    titaoittitaoit21 giorno fa
  • That rigging line gets in the way of the shot. If only the cameraman had the presence to step one foot to either side.

    Channel ZChannel Z21 giorno fa
    • @Stormtrooper 01 that goes with the 2 makeup artists, 1 masseur and 3 light engineers

      Emmanuel MeyerEmmanuel Meyer20 giorni fa
    • @Wesley Harris they have a full camera crew and 1 sound guy on board

      Stormtrooper 01Stormtrooper 0121 giorno fa
    • There are no cameramen on the boats. They are remote cameras, so only swivel but no lateral movement.

      Wesley HarrisWesley Harris21 giorno fa
  • Rita’s got a wild side, channel your emotions Rita😬

    J GJ G21 giorno fa
    • @J G thank you!

      GetoverhereGetoverhere6 giorni fa
    • @Getoverhere look at the name on the hull, the highlighted letters, it’s her nickname. (Oops only one t😬).

      J GJ G7 giorni fa
    • @J G why do you call Brittania like Rita?

      GetoverhereGetoverhere7 giorni fa
    • @Pete De Feo do you know who Rita is?.......... it’s Brittania🙄

      J GJ G19 giorni fa
    • Stop hurting people!!!!!

      Pete De FeoPete De Feo19 giorni fa
  • Ainslie trying to hard to mess up Luna only ends up messing himself.

    Bo HonkBo Honk21 giorno fa
  • I'm British and I hope it sinks. How can anyone support an organisation that makes tens of billions of $$$ for dumping chemical waste...?

    Lee McnamaraLee Mcnamara21 giorno fa
    • As to one other team getting money from on off the biggest polluters and abusers of human rights? An another using sweat shops and polluting our earth with chemical dyes?

      Steve KiberdSteve Kiberd19 giorni fa
    • Not for much longer, then you can go back to your knitting.

      peter olsenpeter olsen20 giorni fa
    • And Pradas T shirts are made in sweat shape in the Far East.

      jon masonjon mason21 giorno fa
  • what has happend to the uk team .. rubbish, great .. rubbish again

    london manlondon man21 giorno fa
    • We missed the great bit.

      peter olsenpeter olsen20 giorni fa
    • luna rossa start as worst team, not the worst sail, step by step they just start to co-operate and show you all what they can do, meanwhile they do this, believers start to fail, if you think about, life is the same.

      SibboloSibbolo21 giorno fa
  • Stepping back a this what we really want to see, crews struggling to tame these monstrous machines, or good sailing of manageable craft? My take is non-sailors prefer the former, sailors prefer the latter. Money talks.

    Vic SVic S21 giorno fa
    • @smithsway Perhaps you can tell me what those things hanging off the mast are? Could they possibly be sails? And if they are sails, would not the proper phrase for what they are doing is "sailing"? But please, don't be upset. I'm just expressing my opinion.

      WhatAboutTheBeeWhatAboutTheBee20 giorni fa
    • @smithsway The word is "you're" as in "you are", not the possesive "your". You may wish to correct your post. Every post, someone whines that AC "isn't showing the racing I want to see". Fine. Go elsewhere. No one cares the tiniest bit whether you like it or not. 12 meter racing, the staple of AC racing for a very long time, is still active. Perhaps you and others will enjoy that, there. Its simple to change what AC yachts will look like. Just win the Cup and become Defender, so you can decide the rules. That should only take about $100M and a foiling team. Why anyone would toss foiling out after winning and that investment, to go back to antiquarian racing is beyond me.

      WhatAboutTheBeeWhatAboutTheBee20 giorni fa
    • @WhatAboutTheBee "Antiquarian sailing" . Or perhaps he's talking about "sailing" and your talking about something else... foiling. The are both valid but very different. As the Americas Cup is a yacht race there is room for both and he is just voicing an opinion.

      smithswaysmithsway20 giorni fa
    • Nascar mentality...small track going as fast as possible, easy to follow for non-sailors...

      Vic SVic S21 giorno fa
    • It will evolve to Radio-Controlled America's Cup. All motorized, no crew/grinders, just a guy sitting in a game chair somewhere, looking at a display... It's becoming the drag racing of sailing as it is...

      Igor SchmidlappIgor Schmidlapp21 giorno fa
  • "Got Away" in the title implies that the UK are in charge and in the lead! In this context that is clearly wrong. This is either bad English or click bait. Probably both. In reality it appears that Ineos just weren't on the top of their game on the day. (As much as I'd like them to be!)

    Tony BrockTony Brock21 giorno fa
    • @neil baker 'It got away from them' it didn't 'get away'.... 😂

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson21 giorno fa
    • The boat got out of control, i.e. it got away. It's not that hard Tony.

      neil bakerneil baker21 giorno fa
  • Fly me To The Moon 🎤🎵🎶🎼🎻🎷🎹🎺🎸

    antonio martiniantonio martini21 giorno fa
  • Certainly a great demonstration of technology, but a race? Not so much. It is beautiful to watch, but seems a bit pointless.

    Roger AndersonRoger Anderson21 giorno fa
    • Such is life.

      peter olsenpeter olsen20 giorni fa
    • @Sol Invictus Hard to argue with your statement....the results rather speak in support of what you say. By the by....I LOVE your country, my wife and I did a 60 mile hike in Tuscany a few years back, hotel to was the best vacation ever....if I was younger, we would move.

      Roger AndersonRoger Anderson21 giorno fa
    • Exactly my thoughts this morning. Even if Ineos were winning I probably wouldn't carry on watching. No sail changes, no spinnakers, you can't see the crew for helmets and goggles, boring course... Back to the rugby then !

      Simon HughesSimon Hughes21 giorno fa
    • Not even technology, Ineos have 5 time the budget of Luna Rossa and more time to work on the boat after the Round Robin, still money and time didn't sort it out. Italians spended better their less resources and used even better their less time to improve the boat.

      Sol InvictusSol Invictus21 giorno fa
  • Britannia bye bye. ......... we have a PARTY. 😊😀😁😂😃😄😅

    antonio martiniantonio martini21 giorno fa
    • @Raffaele Di Vora Thanks 👍

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson7 giorni fa
    • @Roy Thompson I want to point out, that I agree with you, it's always a small minority causing this kind of musunderstandings. That was the spirit of my original comment, but maybe it doesn't come across, I can't judge well since english is not my language

      Raffaele Di VoraRaffaele Di Vora7 giorni fa
    • @Roy Thompson Just take a look in any F1 forum, for example, the bias towards british teams and drivers is almost intolerable there

      Raffaele Di VoraRaffaele Di Vora7 giorni fa
    • @Raffaele Di Vora Thanks for the 'apology'.... usually arrogant attitude of Brits? You are adding to the insult despite your veiled apology. It is a minority of our countrymen, yours and mine, that cause such a bad impresisón. I live in mainland Europe and do not perceive the bad feing feelings towards Brits that you biasedly say. Anyway, good luck to both teams in the Match.

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson7 giorni fa
    • @Roy Thompson It is an arrogant comment and I would like to Apologize on behalf of the vast majority of my countrymen who are not as toxic as this. However, I would also remark that "you reap what you sow", outside England there is diffuse resentment towards the usually arrogant attitude of Brits, so frustrated people pick that up and take it as excuse to behave horribly

      Raffaele Di VoraRaffaele Di Vora7 giorni fa
  • A Brexit moment, truly. 😅

    Cxar71Cxar7121 giorno fa
    • @Christian Fournier Again, it was just a joke. I'm not celebrating, just enjoying the ride as it's unfolding at the moment. And although 4-0 is certainly better than 0-4, I'd sign right now, on the spot, for a humble 7-6. 😉

      Cxar71Cxar7121 giorno fa
    • @Christian Fournier you should look on a map. UK is in Europe, it always has been and always will be, but not in the EU. A minority of the country (United Kingdom as a whole, not England) voted in favour of leaving the EU and very quickly realised they had made a mistake.. So don't tell me what my country wants, not even they're know. They are like sheep, or worse, lemmings 😂 And whilst I am British, I live in continental Europe and many of my European friends and family are sad at the loss of UK from the EU. Anyway, back to the racing hopefully on Thursday, let's just try to enjoy that.

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson21 giorno fa
    • @Cxar71 & Roy_Thompson = To Cxar, I’m sorry I ruined your joke. But this is a sporting contest, & Brexit is not at its place in it : too serious a matter. Besides, I’m ill at ease with all these Italians already boasting about victory : Ineos could still find a technical device giving them an insuperable superiority in the next regattas (remember AC34). And, even if the match were almost won, it would not be fair to boast overly about victory. There is a quotation which I like ; it is from a French diplomat during the negotiation of the Peace of Utrecht (with the Dutch envoys, which were overly boastful of the Allied military successes) : “On voit que vous n’avez pas l’habitude de vaincre” ! A bit of restraint in celebrations would do no harm ... This said, “Forza Luna Rossa” ! To Roy_Thompson= For centuries, Britain has both been in and out of Europe ; just watch the “Yes Minister” sketch about the EU : it nails it down pat. But now, “the times are a-changing” ; continent-sized blocs are in the making, have been for 3/4 of a century. A country has to choose its bloc, and England has chosen the Anglosphere, for the better or worse. England must live with its choice : the fence is now too wide for straddling! If you feel European, it is a commendable thought ; but your country does not feel the same, and neither do the Continentals : family feelings for an estranged brother are conflicting, but resentment at his departure is the dominating sentiment. ___ .

      Christian FournierChristian Fournier21 giorno fa
    • @Christian Fournier Look at a map. The UK is a part of Europe, so Europe will be in the Match ... 😂 (UK now not part of the EU).

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson21 giorno fa
    • @Christian Fournier Chill, mate. It was only a joke... Ineos, which is British, was on the brink of exiting the competition, like American Magic did a few weeks ago... alright, now that I had to explain it, you ruined the fun for me, thank you! But I have to be honest, I do root for Luna Rossa... I'm Italian, should I feel guilty about that? 🤔

      Cxar71Cxar7121 giorno fa
  • einen Wheelie können sie, die Briten ... 😂

    Thomas B.Thomas B.21 giorno fa
  • Barker's disease

    Tor BlixaTor Blixa21 giorno fa
  • ITUK had better boat handling before to offset a slower boat, now LR have sorted their crewing LR need to find something else, but What?

    D HD H21 giorno fa
  • Che botta, meno male che tutti sono OK

    carlo pallicarlo palli21 giorno fa
  • Would have been a softer landing than any of the other boats due to that thick "keel" on it.

    fredio54fredio5421 giorno fa
  • Luna rossa: "We are going to win" Ineos: " I belive i can flyyyy!"

    Lenieda XLenieda X21 giorno fa
  • When Jimmy is around competitors try the only way of getting by, flying :-D

    antonio mihovilovicantonio mihovilovic21 giorno fa
  • Watch Ineos make a comeback!

    Theo SmithTheo Smith21 giorno fa
    • @Roy Thompson yes I saw that, I still think LR has equal or more speed. Bottom line UK need to get their act together to have a chance

      Sergio SciarrettaSergio Sciarretta21 giorno fa
    • @Sergio Sciarretta Look at mozzy sails review and you will see that Ineos actually were faster and pointing better. However, they lost too much ground every time in tacks/gybes.

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson21 giorno fa
    • Aside of 'patriotism' and being sportively biased, I genuinely think that LR has a clear edge windward (tighter angle and speed) in all conditions so far. Britannia team really need to cut down on mistakes to hope..

      Sergio SciarrettaSergio Sciarretta21 giorno fa
  • Ahh ahh 🤣 😂... Britannia stiamo piangendo dalle risate 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

    Raimondo FranceschinoRaimondo Franceschino21 giorno fa
    • Beh oddio, gli americani si sono ribaltati. Almeno gli inglesi vanno meglio

  • Ha preso una bella botta con il boma in testa, fortuna che aveva il casco.

    Angela SalatinoAngela Salatino21 giorno fa
    • Giles ha rischiato di cadere in acqua ed addio gara!! *Giles risked falling into the water and goodbye to the race* !!

      Jo BlackJo Black21 giorno fa
  • So nice to see INEOS Team loosing

    Simon RanoSimon Rano21 giorno fa
    • what a very nasty thing to say..... although not sure what loosing is...getting loose???

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson19 giorni fa
    • Loosing ?? That is a looser statement

      mega monkeymega monkey21 giorno fa
    • Why? You have an opinion expand

      jon masonjon mason21 giorno fa
    • Dont say this, behind every team there are years of work, money, hope in a great race of sir Ben next days, nothing is lost. Hope for them, we must respect.

      adriano bonaldoadriano bonaldo21 giorno fa
    • nice one

      katatoniokatatonio21 giorno fa
  • 2 days a go I thought 7 to 4 in Rita's favor. Hmm now It might be 7 to 2 in Prada's favor. Still great to watch....

    DarrenDarren21 giorno fa
    • @Roy Thompson that’s what working from home is good for.

      Cream CheeseCream Cheese21 giorno fa
    • @Cream Cheese not much chance of them doing many mods since they are not classified as essential workers and will be in full lockdown 72hrs. Maybe they can do their lockdown in the boatshed (seriously), order pizza and curry takeaways, sleeping in the office and working.???.

      Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson21 giorno fa
    • @adriano bonaldo The virus keeps leaking out of hotel quarantine....same as Australia. There is little to no community transmission in both countries.

      AUmarcusAUmarcus21 giorno fa
    • @Cream Cheese Uhmm.. NZ was Covid Free nation.

      adriano bonaldoadriano bonaldo21 giorno fa
    • yes level 3 lock down from 14th Feb midnight for three days.....maybe no racing till thursday

      kermetskermets21 giorno fa
  • One word....shit!!

    Tony WillansTony Willans21 giorno fa
  • ineos is 4 zip...

    Andrew DillonAndrew Dillon21 giorno fa
  • mainsail got stuck

    neotokyo666neotokyo66621 giorno fa
    • Looked to me someone pushed a button for the flaps when they pulled the wing out. And did it twice so she climbed HARD and left the water, the momentum she shed going airborne had her land even harder, the only way to recover is to pull the sail back and let the air go, otherwise you climb out AND fall over.

      Glen McGillivrayGlen McGillivray21 giorno fa
    • just a gust I think. It seems limited control in variable wind & while tuned for max speed. When you get behind you gotta take chances so ... caution to the wind !

      Terence Mac SweeneyTerence Mac Sweeney21 giorno fa
  • FAST Boats or SLOW Aircraft ?

    Peter FrohweinPeter Frohwein21 giorno fa
    • @Deecon YT Exactly. When the AC was comprised of 12 meter yachts, *that* was sailing. They really let the rules get away from them. But that's how technology advances too. Can't have it both ways. But catamarans and these monstrosities should be a different class entirely. JMNSHO.

      Steve WilsonSteve Wilson5 giorni fa
    • @J Eriksson Peeing dog sailg boat. The ugliest thing I've seen in my whole life :- S

      Vinsu KarmaVinsu Karma8 giorni fa
    • Ugly boats no matter what

      J ErikssonJ Eriksson20 giorni fa
    • Definitely not sail boats anymore.

      Deecon YTDeecon YT20 giorni fa
    • @Redcharcoalaz Both dull to watch. Sailors reduced to sail tech managers.

      h dh d20 giorni fa