16 nov 2020
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Youre welcome, Karl


    QuackityQuackity9 giorni fa

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    • quackity is very habibi

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    • Bazinga indeed

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    • bazinga

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  • What do you use to animate? :V

    Marley WildermuthMarley WildermuthOra fa
  • ive been playin this on repeat,, BAZINGA

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  • Hey sadist I kinda want u to be in da dweam smp...

    Gladys TantaoGladys Tantao2 ore fa
  • just me or was I really fascinated by dreams fork, he looks like he’s gonna stab the shit out of someone’s eyes and no one could do anything about it. 😰

    Human I think.Human I think.2 ore fa
  • Next video is wilber blowing up manburg bet

    kidsnaiper2010kidsnaiper20102 ore fa
  • SAD-ist directing in the background: *not funny, didn’t laugh,*

    theTTTmtheTTTm2 ore fa
  • im waiting for the next sad ist animation

    ryan tolentinoryan tolentino2 ore fa
  • Imagine having a super evil speech And one of your friends say BAZINGA!!!

    It's Me SbcIt's Me Sbc2 ore fa
  • is this a dream smp filler?

    kingcobrakingcobra3 ore fa
  • Is this a meme?

    Jenny Elaine ValerosJenny Elaine Valeros3 ore fa
  • Sadly

    Cool DudeCool Dude4 ore fa
  • SAD-ist are you a filipino

    Markjoeseph ConconMarkjoeseph Concon5 ore fa
  • I’m more of a French toast person myself

    Nikolas FolkNikolas Folk6 ore fa
  • Can you make an animation of Technoblade’s speech about the story of Theseus?

    Dongwoo KimDongwoo Kim6 ore fa
    • She's making an animations about the whole revolution :D

      Random PersonRandom Person3 ore fa
  • Me DAAAMMMM a good 70 hours spent on this animation

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  • I need pancakes

    fuzzyfoxfuzzyfox7 ore fa
  • Sad-ist on her way to 1M subs!!!

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  • Yeah this animation *ay ang pinaka maganda at maayos animation na nakita ko* thanks for making my day better...

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  • They try so hard to be in these it kinda ruins it, you should start choosing random stream clips (like this post) more often, or certain parts of the war where they’re not focusing on only making it into the animation💙

  • Like waffles 🧇 Comment pancake 🥞

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  • New war: Pancakes or Waffles

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  • What about french toast?

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  • PLEASE STOP IDK IF IT'S RIGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY! Bruh Where they find carl from Mrbeast to voice that kid

    Richard IsaacRichard Isaac10 ore fa
  • i like how at the end all of them are humans(kinda) and dream is just *b l o b*

    Tsun TsunTsun Tsun10 ore fa
  • Hi Kuya sad ist I am Filipino fan😃

    hanzel vhan Brazilhanzel vhan Brazil11 ore fa
  • Lodi Sad-ist do you live in the Philippines?

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  • Wait sad ist is a gurl?

    Jsierra10 use code littyJsierra10 use code litty12 ore fa
  • and then there’s drista

    lumpkin 69lumpkin 6913 ore fa
  • Schlatt is just clearing his throat

    xKanyex -xKanyex -13 ore fa
  • I am deeply sorry about you being late to the fundy song that finished a second ago

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  • *Drista was not amused* *sad-ist was not amused*

    jesi norelle roxasjesi norelle roxas13 ore fa
    • Both of em arent amused

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  • Me:"opens ITworlds " This rundom video in my face: exist Also me:well... That's what I needed and my day is now perfect

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  • You need potatoes

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  • i am just waiting for the revolution dream smp animatic ITS GONNA BE AWESOME

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  • Sad-ist do u speak filipino? :0

    Rowena Libo-onRowena Libo-on14 ore fa
  • Quackity do be spitting facts tho

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  • This was posted the day right after my bday. Gay.

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  • Where is the next animation

    shey craxtonshey craxton15 ore fa
  • Dre more like dr dre

    delicious potatodelicious potato15 ore fa
  • Nationalism at its finest lol.

    The Endor VeteranThe Endor Veteran16 ore fa
  • WAIT is the reason sad-ist's profile picture has a mask that looks like Dreams but sad is because SAD-IST IS DREAMS YOUNGER SISTER Plot twist ship it, its cannon Poggers

    Cole 778Cole 77817 ore fa
    • Im pretty sure someone mentioned she had it for 4 years, so if thats true its even before dream blew up so i doubt it

      Darkawolf XDarkawolf X8 ore fa
  • SAD-ist please answer: what soundtrack you use in this video?

    Dark AresDark Ares17 ore fa
  • I would love if someone make the whole smp war as a series

    I AM REDI AM RED17 ore fa
  • Petition for Sad-ist to join the Dream SMP

    Eddy lolEddy lol18 ore fa
  • this is better than the NETFLIX Death note movie

    Tanya khrystelle AnchetaTanya khrystelle Ancheta18 ore fa
  • this is art but we need baboy

    Abdullah AlHabibAbdullah AlHabib18 ore fa
  • Hear me out: French toast.

    JezziboltJezzibolt18 ore fa
  • bazinga? baboy

    Abdullah AlHabibAbdullah AlHabib18 ore fa
  • I just know that sad-ist is a Filipino soooo....pwede kaba gumawa ng animation na related sa pilipinas?🤔🤔😲😲😝🈯

    Deltroy CasipeDeltroy Casipe19 ore fa
  • Waffles are better

    Hope4 SnickersHope4 Snickers19 ore fa
  • Can't wait for the next war animatic! Take your time sadist, we need QUALITY content.

    Just PierseJust Pierse19 ore fa
  • Anyone know what is the background music

    Vibhor WandhareVibhor Wandhare19 ore fa
  • I am starting to believe you are dresda

    Detective HobsonDetective Hobson19 ore fa
  • Can you try to make one of these with Filip A Clip

    ThatRandomGuy_YTThatRandomGuy_YT20 ore fa
  • What is the music

    James AlexanderJames Alexander20 ore fa

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  • w0t??

    MidoriMattMidoriMatt20 ore fa

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  • Can anyone explain to me what the heck that was?

    Jemsy AustineJemsy Austine21 ora fa
  • pilipino ka no

    Maribeth SantosMaribeth Santos21 ora fa
  • Sad ist is a filipino yahoooo

    Nhirely Daniel SimangenNhirely Daniel Simangen21 ora fa
  • Now I can imagine all the effort SAD-ist puts in every videos that she makes,I think she deserves a good rest for all of the joy she gave /0 ) \0

    Heartbroken AshanHeartbroken Ashan21 ora fa
  • Pls do the L,manburg explosion

    Dustin FerdinandDustin Ferdinand21 ora fa
  • Sad-ist sana alam mo kung ano sinasabi ko pero I'm a big fan :) and have a good time ya know Alam ko na pilipino ka

    Ethan Nicholas LaputEthan Nicholas Laput22 ore fa
  • Yay Karl got his wish! hay i love your work and wanted to recomend a video idea, Now i dont know if you know Heathers the musical or the movie but to me the musical is better but there is a song called "I am damaged" and i think it would be cool to have the moment when Wilbur and Philza were at the button! Again love your work! 👍🏻👏🏻

    Melissa GreathouseMelissa Greathouse22 ore fa
  • karl saying please stop was animated so well please i cant-

    DerpDeAmazeDerpDeAmaze23 ore fa
  • Why does schlatt and karl look so cute at the end-

    •『Sikey』 ••『Sikey』 •Giorno fa
  • Imagine that in 2 years SAD-ist creates an animation that says "the final war" but its actually another animation of roleplay [hctiw ti dluow eb] extended with gogy building a house but he never gets to see that there is a war

    Ciro León CholCiro León CholGiorno fa
    • Lol 🤣

      PishonPishonGiorno fa
  • 0:18

    ??Giorno fa
  • Hey Sad-ist you might not see this but check out Late-August work the title is Innocence || Dream smp animatic it a mazing it so good check him out it so good

    Ultra KingUltra KingGiorno fa
  • was the girl with the mask and the check board u, or drista?

    Kiley KeoghKiley KeoghGiorno fa
    • It was Sad-ist

      ZimrimZimrim23 ore fa
  • GET SAD-ist TO 1 MILL

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  • I live this so much.

    Scarlett YScarlett YGiorno fa

    ɪsᴀʙᴇʟʟᴇɪsᴀʙᴇʟʟᴇGiorno fa
  • Pilipino ka b

    -_Dreamer_XD_--_Dreamer_XD_-Giorno fa
  • Petition to see if we can get this song “Puppet on a string” in a smp animatic? Cuz legit few realize the true power dream has over the server he is on no side wishing neither to win only on the side of chaos rarely joining the server but casts a shadow when he does as they will listen he add people just to bring more chaos their his puppets Song! itworlds.info/round/d4eWfLeCptGLkJY/video

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  • I’m big

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  • Lyrics: *throat clearing* OOOH, I LOVE WAFFLES! I, need, PANCAKES! NO! PLEASE STOP! I don't know if it's right for this country... WHAaaAAaAaaaaat?!? . . . BAZINGAAA! *clap* nice nice nice there's no way that doesn't make it in

    Skunk GangSkunk GangGiorno fa
  • I love this so much! What video is this from?

    Sophia NayarSophia NayarGiorno fa
  • I love this

    MintyMintyGiorno fa
  • BAZINGA , Amen

    Chilled_ llamaChilled_ llamaGiorno fa

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  • Quackity???????????????????????????

    gam8ng with iciegam8ng with icieGiorno fa

    Alexandra DowAlexandra DowGiorno fa
  • did this actually happen?

    Froze Namir adamsFroze Namir adamsGiorno fa
    • @Raga Bintang ok i will watch the vod

      Froze Namir adamsFroze Namir adams37 minuti fa
    • @Froze Namir adams Yeah, its on Minecraft lol

      Raga BintangRaga Bintang56 minuti fa
    • @Raga Bintang like in minecraft?

      Froze Namir adamsFroze Namir adamsOra fa
    • Yes, it was a bit on Karl's stream.

      Raga BintangRaga Bintang23 ore fa
  • i know this is off topic but i just realized sad-ist is a filipino and-

    Icy HarpIcy HarpGiorno fa
  • This is the best thing ever. bazinga

    Object Show FanObject Show FanGiorno fa
  • How did I miss this

    mikea hiooimikea hiooiGiorno fa
  • I love how they all have a goal to be in a Sad-ist animation now. It’s like a milestone or something now lol

    LionHeart45LionHeart45Giorno fa
  • Its like Quackity doesnt know whats happening then he says "Bazinga!"

    WattyMeelonWattyMeelonGiorno fa
  • Finale war animatic?????

    Landon McArthurLandon McArthurGiorno fa
    • @Zimrimim not trying to pressure her, she's just got the best animatics and I'm excited to see it

      Landon McArthurLandon McArthur20 ore fa
    • Give them time asshole, they have a outside life

      ZimrimZimrim23 ore fa

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiGiorno fa
  • What

    excel 21excel 21Giorno fa
  • This has got to be the funniest thing ive ever seen

    Zephra MartinZephra MartinGiorno fa
  • PANCAKES🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞

    yesmeandgeorgenotfoundyesmeandgeorgenotfoundGiorno fa
  • Drista’s look of disappointment at the end though 😂

    TrashpandaTrashpandaGiorno fa
    • That wasnt Drista, it was Sad-ist

      ZimrimZimrim23 ore fa
  • Drista is like: -Emmm...fair enough

    pipikoswastakenpipikoswastakenGiorno fa
    • Ohh my bad

      pipikoswastakenpipikoswastaken16 ore fa
    • That wasnt Drista, it was Sad-ist

      ZimrimZimrim23 ore fa