Top 10 Youngest ATP No.1 Singles Players!

19 feb 2021
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  • Marat would make a handsome mountie.

    Martin HallMartin HallGiorno fa
  • Marcelo Rios - Pure art. Pure genius.

    Sergio SimbulaSergio SimbulaGiorno fa
  • 😱 Roddick in the thumbnail

    MrPiccoloFanMrPiccoloFanGiorno fa
  • Rios speaks very good english

    Esta SubtituladoEsta Subtitulado2 giorni fa
  • Awesome video! The titles are a little fast tho, I had to constantly pause the video to read them through. Maybe I should read more too...

    Gabriel DelgadoGabriel Delgado3 giorni fa
  • Nadal best ❤️❤️❤️

    Mer KalpeshMer Kalpesh3 giorni fa
  • Unfortunately Rios didn't make it better in grand slam.

    Sibling catSibling cat3 giorni fa
  • Marcelio Rios Got the Best Hair Ever among All tennis player in History. Well except Sharapova.

    Reaction Go!Reaction Go!3 giorni fa
    • yeh it wasn't a wig like Agassi 🥴🤦

      RR3-Movistar*MonstersRR3-Movistar*Monsters12 ore fa
  • One of the rare top list without featuring Federer and Djokovic

    Venkatesh SameerVenkatesh Sameer3 giorni fa
    • `Late bloomers, lol!

      Marilyn WassermanMarilyn Wasserman3 giorni fa
  • Rafter seems a twin brother of Dominic Thiem hahahaha

    Bruno MendesBruno Mendes3 giorni fa
  • Nadal vontra lapenti puufff

    Gamers khrist_aranGamers khrist_aran4 giorni fa
  • Rios N#1 ctm

    Gamers khrist_aranGamers khrist_aran4 giorni fa
  • This record will probably last longer than Nadal's 13 French Open win. With the way athlete conditioning has advanced now, I just don't see how early 20's player, much less teenager can top the ranking, probably even grand slams.

    lolipedofinlolipedofin4 giorni fa
  • Safin had so much maturity at his young age. What a character!

    ViniXOViniXO4 giorni fa
  • World no1 at age 22 or less... because of the big 3, two generations have been deprived of it. I think we have to have for kids born in the 2020 to see that again. Or maybe born in 2030, who knows...

    Lung ChanLung Chan4 giorni fa
  • Muchos se enojan cuando dicen q rios no gano ningun grande, pero tampoco hay q desmerecer llegar al numero 1, claro ejemplo, nadal, ya tenia 5 grandes y aun asi tuvo q esperar para ser numero 1

    Eduardo GuiaEduardo Guia5 giorni fa
  • 08:06 The way Roddick shows his respect to Sampras.

    chi chung hochi chung ho5 giorni fa
  • Roddick is my favourite.

    Look The TopLook The Top5 giorni fa
  • Guga!

    Rafael AraujoRafael Araujo5 giorni fa
  • Wait can I watch live streams of all atp matches

    Anant GoreAnant Gore5 giorni fa
  • What about females?

    tuhlunkssstuhlunksss5 giorni fa
  • Rios is confident as fuck LOL

    Nicolás GamartNicolás Gamart5 giorni fa
  • Faltó el número uno argentino!!!... Ah, no... Pará che. Jajajajajajajajaja.

    rene oaarene oaa5 giorni fa
  • Ríos orgullo latinoamericano !!!!

    pedro fuentealba neirapedro fuentealba neira6 giorni fa

    Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
  • Only if bernie had motivation :(

    The fail 27The fail 276 giorni fa
  • Rios' style really reminds me of nadal's

    Daniel ;Daniel ;6 giorni fa
  • Why are so many Rios fans here ??

    Luca TVLuca TV6 giorni fa
    • Cause your not Chilean weon! 🤪🤫😉💪🇨🇱🇦🇺🇹🇭🏆

      RR3-Movistar*MonstersRR3-Movistar*Monsters5 giorni fa
  • Federer and Djokavic are not on the list, and Nadal barely made into this top 10 list, so being youngest world #1 does not mean a whole lot.

    Keith LeeKeith Lee6 giorni fa
    • Longevity is much more impressive cause to seen how long you could stay on top with hundreds of factors

      Reaction Go!Reaction Go!3 giorni fa
    • yep, a late bloomer like roger and novak makes them more dominant passing the 300 th weeks of number 1

      Logan00710Logan007104 giorni fa
  • Didn't know Rios was #1, didn't know Rios was so short.

    Keith LeeKeith Lee6 giorni fa
  • Interesting top 10 in the fact it started with one of the most beautiful games to watch in Marcelo Rios to the ugliest in Hewitt. His form is awful. Sheer grit got Hewitt his results.

    Robert Hurley JrRobert Hurley Jr6 giorni fa
  • Rafter & Federer have similar style.

    Anuj TomarAnuj Tomar6 giorni fa
  • Where is Federer ?

    Pawan SidharthPawan Sidharth6 giorni fa
    • Resting enjoying his millions

      Mauricio Alejandro Elgueta PerezMauricio Alejandro Elgueta Perez6 giorni fa
  • Vilas should be here.

    charlie172011charlie1720116 giorni fa
  • When did Federrer gets his?

    Daniel HerreraDaniel Herrera7 giorni fa
    • 22½. Secured it when he defeated Ferrero at the 2004 AO semifinals.

      charlie172011charlie1720116 giorni fa
  • Why so much more time given to Rios, Roddick, Safin and Hewitt, possibly the least memorable world no. 1s?

    Michele ZMichele Z7 giorni fa
    • Because the way they played was fantastic, besides you don't get to see them playing anymore currently, do you? They are paying tribute to those players that brought so much joy to their respective countries.

      Matias DimterMatias Dimter7 giorni fa
  • America was indeed a superpower back then...

    nathan seyoumnathan seyoum7 giorni fa
  • 7:24 Did Roddick just play a Federer backhand?!! Then again in 9:03 ?!!!

    leiya107leiya1077 giorni fa
    • ;) looks like it

      Peter HintzePeter Hintze6 giorni fa
  • Full slams racquet into the crowd all good, fast forward 2020 US open.....ball hit me, disqualified.

    I BI B7 giorni fa
  • Patrick Rafter, the most humble and gentle guy ever! Always with a smile, even if he lost. Respect

    Christos CholevasChristos Cholevas7 giorni fa
  • Such a shame Rios never won a slam, particularly when the opponent in his only final was a cheater.

    Joel ByrdJoel Byrd7 giorni fa
    • @Jason Georgiadis don’t be too sad. Rios was disrespectful to other players and made awful comments about some of the female players. Karma perhaps.

      G DogG Dog3 giorni fa
    • @Joel Byrd ah what a shame... Really must have sucked for Rios

      Jason GeorgiadisJason Georgiadis6 giorni fa
    • @Jason Georgiadis Rios lost his only GS final to Petr Korda. A few months after the loss, Korda was given a suspension for doping. He never returned to professional tennis again.

      Joel ByrdJoel Byrd6 giorni fa
    • Huh, can you tell me what happened?

      Jason GeorgiadisJason Georgiadis6 giorni fa
  • Just goes to show that being a "late bloomer" like Roger and Djokovic does not mean you will have a bad career. :D

    thorium222thorium2227 giorni fa
    • @charlie172011 djokovic 24 and 2 months

      Logan00710Logan007104 giorni fa
    • Federer became world No.1 when he was 22½. Not late at all.

      charlie172011charlie1720116 giorni fa
  • There's only one Lleyton Hewitt!

    simi9222simi92227 giorni fa
    • There's only 1 Marcelo Rio's. What do you get when you mix a Chilean & a Aussie together? ...The Artist (me) 🎨🖌️🇨🇱🇦🇺💪🏆😎

      RR3-Movistar*MonstersRR3-Movistar*Monsters5 giorni fa
  • 'Marcelo Ríos' - the only #1 player in the history of Open Era tennis who never won a Grand Slam title in his entire career. That tells you what a 'dark period' that was in men's tennis.

    Bijan MehrpourBijan Mehrpour7 giorni fa
    • @Bijan Mehrpour you do know that Reaching World No.1 is the result of gathering points of various tournaments right? Not by Grandslam tittles

      Reaction Go!Reaction Go!3 giorni fa
    • But imagine being wawrinka and winning 3 slams but only getting a career high of 3

      Pantallica5FDPPantallica5FDP4 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • Ao was stolen from rios korda juice doped at that time, nobody beat him; it also has more merit because many points are needed and the slam gives you those points for which he had to win several tournaments including the australian final and as you say the dark era of tennis whit sampras agassi kuerten rafter ivanisevic hewitt safin kafelnikov moya pure numbers one shows your lack of information in this sport

      Mauricio Alejandro Elgueta PerezMauricio Alejandro Elgueta Perez6 giorni fa
    • ​@Romans 8:9 You got a point. I just think Rios brought shame to the #1 ranking. There should be a rule that says that unless you win at least one GS, you cannot be called the #1 ranked player in the world.

      Bijan MehrpourBijan Mehrpour6 giorni fa
  • Nadal: 5 grand slams, 12 masters 1000 to become number 1 Hewitt: 1 grand slam Safin: 1 grand slam Rios: 0 grands slams You also need luck to play in a good era to beat records

    ThiagoThiago7 giorni fa
    • @TheSupineSmokey13 Yes really

      Oliver McCallOliver McCall7 giorni fa
    • @TheSupineSmokey13 why?

      ThiagoThiago7 giorni fa
    • Not really

      TheSupineSmokey13TheSupineSmokey137 giorni fa
  • Most of the youngest number 1 are from the beginning of 2000 century

    ThiagoThiago7 giorni fa
    • Just between the reign of Sampras and Federer there was a small time period with everybody fighting for that top spot...

      Funkytrip73Funkytrip73Giorno fa
  • Most of the youngest number 1 are from the beginning of 2000 century

    ThiagoThiago7 giorni fa
    • Cause the No. 1 kept switching until Federer

      Oliver McCallOliver McCall7 giorni fa
  • Thank you for uploading a great tennis video again. I've been watching and learning a lot over and over again. Thank you ^^ It is very helpful for our beginner tennis club in Korea.

    Princess of tennisPrincess of tennis7 giorni fa

    Laureano LavignaLaureano Lavigna7 giorni fa
    • Jajajajajajajaja.

      rene oaarene oaa5 giorni fa
    • @Matias Dimter Actually Vilas was World No.1 in late '74 and early '75, but the ATP decided not to publish the ranking those weeks and now they are counted as Connors weeks, even though he had fewer points. Same thing happened to Borg and Ashe during this period, I think.

      charlie172011charlie1720116 giorni fa
    • Why? The rankings proved that Nastase was number 1, not Vilas.

      Matias DimterMatias Dimter7 giorni fa
  • Thumbnail op 😂😂

    Sports XDSports XD7 giorni fa
  • Why haven't I ever heard of Marcelo Rios? Everyone else on this list is a certified legend.

    CatendCatend7 giorni fa
    • Don’t worry I don’t know him either. I started Following tennis in 2007. Because of this Video i know his name, style play, record and his hair.

      Reaction Go!Reaction Go!3 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • @Oliver McCall Nope, Rios has won more than Nalbandian.

      Matias DimterMatias Dimter7 giorni fa
    • Marcelo Rios had a short career, injuries led him to retire at the age of 28. He's widely famous for his gameplay and being the only N°1 player that never won a Slam. You could look him up on ITworlds if you want to see how he played.

      Matias DimterMatias Dimter7 giorni fa
    • @Oliver McCall I knew was gonna get this reply lol. Rios is more accomplished. Nalbandian is second.

      mmm6325mmm63257 giorni fa
  • 12:00 De Minaurs just as good as Hewitt he just needs muscle and a packer serve

    I love Mr and Mrs Big CarI love Mr and Mrs Big Car7 giorni fa
    • @Romans 8:9 yeah but I mean de minaur would probably have to beat Nadal or Djokovic if he wanted to win a grand slam

      Hugo MooreHugo Moore3 giorni fa
    • Lol right. I stay to hear his speech to see how similar he is with De Minaur

      Reaction Go!Reaction Go!3 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • @Hugo Moore Eh, I disagree that its harder. Hewitt had to beat Sampras to win his first GS. That late 90s, early 00s era was way stacked.

      Romans 8:9Romans 8:96 giorni fa
    • @Hugo Moore I agree, I think people under-rate just how good Hewitt was.

      Tippy MagooTippy Magoo7 giorni fa
  • Andy Roddick, man what the hell happened to him? Instead of the fab 3, we would have the fab 4

    I love Mr and Mrs Big CarI love Mr and Mrs Big Car7 giorni fa
    • The big Three happens

      Reaction Go!Reaction Go!3 giorni fa
  • 3:24 the day the greatest player ever was born

    I love Mr and Mrs Big CarI love Mr and Mrs Big Car7 giorni fa
  • I specifically remember this period because a lot players became no. 1 including kuerten and Carlos ferroro. That all changed when Roger found his groove.

    Nishant RawatNishant Rawat7 giorni fa
    • @Thiagothe circumstances are different nobody dominated the circuit like Roger did creating that need for Rafa to win as many slams and masters as he did., Lots of people won multiple masters titles back then surface specialists were still a thing .Before Murray ,Federer,Nadal,and dominated so much that they were winning 40 Masters of 50 played at one point

      TheSupineSmokey13TheSupineSmokey134 giorni fa
    • @TheSupineSmokey13 C'mon do you think is the same thing be number with 0 or only 1 grand slam and on the other era you need 5 grand slams and 12 masters 1000, Nadal, Federer and Djokovic time is much more difficult than the end of 90's and beginning of 2000's

      ThiagoThiago7 giorni fa
    • @Thiago Not really you're comparing guys who peaked now to then. They may have not done as well .the game has changed the surfaces had not become as uniform as they are now granted it was the beginning of it

      TheSupineSmokey13TheSupineSmokey137 giorni fa
    • You need luck to play in a good era to beat records, imagine Nadal or Djokovic playing on the end of 90's and beginning of 2000's probably they would beat more records than playing now

      ThiagoThiago7 giorni fa
  • Imagine winning 5 slams and 12 masters and still not number 1... thats crazy

    Rob WellmonRob Wellmon7 giorni fa
    • yeah... feel sorry for Rafa...he gives so much of himself to the game and is mostly #2... and stays so stoic about it... may be because of his strict regimental training under his strange uncle -coach - who seems to spare no chance to ridicule his protege.. in one scene he even punches the 2005/6 rolandGarros birthday cake in the boy's face... funny guy really... but he is also the 1st one to jump jump and celebrate the grand slams that he wins...

      jaya pjaya p11 ore fa
    • @Maksymilian Mańk I think Stan Wawrinka

      Tigran Radhika GunadiTigran Radhika Gunadi5 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • enjoy with friends and family

      Friends And FamilyFriends And Family7 giorni fa
    • @Bitan Mandal enjoy with friends and family

      Friends And FamilyFriends And Family7 giorni fa
  • The raspy knot intriguinly fill because europe ordinarily challenge anenst a steep ray. elderly, hysterical relish

    ayrton ongayrton ong7 giorni fa
  • El nivel de inglés de Marcelo Rios me ha dejado flipando

    RubenHernandezMusicRubenHernandezMusic7 giorni fa
    • Escucha la anécdota del gato Gaudio, ahí explica por qué...

      JuanJuan6 giorni fa
  • 2:14 yeet

    Jackson TaberJackson Taber8 giorni fa
  • 2:50 Folks forget about Sigourney Weaver’s sports reporting side career.

    Jess TurnerJess Turner8 giorni fa
  • Hewitt was considered a wonderkid until Roger came along and made him look mediocre. But Hewitt, Roddick and Safin did what young players are supposed, beat the old legends like Sampras and Agassi to win slams. Nowadays the younger(below *32* ! ) players are a mess...

    Dr. Mr. Person GuyDr. Mr. Person Guy8 giorni fa
    • @Romans 8:9 what’s misleading is you saying he “only went 2001 without winning a slam”. He went 2001 and 2002 without winning a single tournament, until USO 02.

      Dr. Mr. Person GuyDr. Mr. Person Guy6 giorni fa
    • @Dr. Mr. Person Guy Thats a misleading comment, that means he only went 2001 without winning a slam and he lost back to back finals at uso 2000,2001. That's not struggling either.

      Romans 8:9Romans 8:96 giorni fa
    • @Romans 8:9 again, just because he was able to win once that doesn’t mean he wasn’t struggling. USO 02 was the only tournament he won since 2000.

      Dr. Mr. Person GuyDr. Mr. Person Guy6 giorni fa
    • @Dr. Mr. Person Guy Sorry but Sampras proving he could win a slam at 31 doesn't mean he was "struggling". In fact he proved he could still beat Agassi while Agassi was still one of the top players on the tour in the early 2000s. Agassi knocked off no 1 ranked Hewitt in the SF of USO 02 while Pete dusted Roddick in straight sets en route to the final. Indeed Agassi had his best years on the tour in late 90s, early 00s. Could the younger players beat Pete and Agassi on any given day? Yes. Doesn't mean either were "struggling".

      Romans 8:9Romans 8:96 giorni fa
    • @Romans 8:9 it “doesn’t make sense” because he won a slam and retired? You realize that doesn’t at all mean he wasn’t struggling and losing before that? He was getting beaten by Hewitt, Safin and Roger in slams, and he decided to end his career on a high note.

      Dr. Mr. Person GuyDr. Mr. Person Guy6 giorni fa
  • Hi could you do another video Top 10 oldest ATP no.1's

    Matthew SherwenMatthew Sherwen8 giorni fa
    • @4Miikka That became World No.1 for the first time.

      charlie172011charlie1720116 giorni fa
    • Wait for the retiring of Rafa, Roger and Nole bro

      4Miikka4Miikka7 giorni fa
  • Нормас! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!

    Max KarunMax Karun8 giorni fa
  • Top 10 longest match

    war gamingwar gaming8 giorni fa
  • Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)*

    Yanis AgodorYanis Agodor8 giorni fa
    • Amen.

      Romans 8:9Romans 8:96 giorni fa
  • Who is the lady interviewing Marcelo Rios ?

    JérômeJérôme8 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • @Andrei M. wow such a voice

      JérômeJérôme7 giorni fa
    • It was a lady?

      Matias DimterMatias Dimter7 giorni fa
    • Mary Carillo

      Andrei M.Andrei M.8 giorni fa
  • Сраный циципас все испортил

    Егор ГордеевЕгор Гордеев8 giorni fa
  • Please do the top ten oldest to debut becoming 🌎#️⃣1️⃣.

    Chikamso Ukuwa-EkeleChikamso Ukuwa-Ekele8 giorni fa
  • Hewitt, Safin and Roddick, they were all incredible in their 19-20 and 21 and then disappeared

    şeytanın avukatışeytanın avukatı8 giorni fa
    • Pretty sure roddick was top 10 almost 10 years in a row and still got to 4 other slam finals including 09 Wimbledon which he was close to winning. Definitely Hewitt and Safin started fading away tho

      Pantallica5FDPPantallica5FDP4 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • @simi9222 What do you mean "wrong"? Hewitt's ranking in 2010 isn't relevant. He largely disappeared from later stages of grand slams in his early 20s. Indeed his last grand slam final was 2005, when he was still only 23. 2006 was his last "good" year.

      Romans 8:9Romans 8:96 giorni fa
    • one word: Federer

      charlie172011charlie1720116 giorni fa
    • @simi9222 Safin had his knees destroyed by 2005, and had other recurrent injuries in years before. Hewitt had several injuries that slowed him down and took away his momentum, until 2006 (by then, he was finished). Roddick destroyed himself by changing his style and technique of play, mainly by his coaches. Also, hindered by injuries.

      Alexander KingsAlexander Kings7 giorni fa
  • In case u don’t want to actually watch the video, here is the list: 10) Rios 9) Nadal 8) Connors 7) Sampras 6) Courier 5) Borg 4) Roddick 3) McEnroe 2) Safin 1) Hewitt

    ML LifestyleML Lifestyle8 giorni fa
    • Update: 2022: 1. Jannik Sinner 😉

      Sergio SimbulaSergio SimbulaGiorno fa
    • enjoy with friends and family

      Friends And FamilyFriends And Family7 giorni fa
    • Thank you

      Highlights For you 2Highlights For you 27 giorni fa
  • 01:46 casually fixing his hair before hitting an incredible volley

    Pedro Monte KlingPedro Monte Kling8 giorni fa
    • yeah and that was dirty ass volley ( mean that in a nice way)

      vince arifovskivince arifovski5 giorni fa
    • LOL 😅

      Ghassen HammasGhassen Hammas8 giorni fa
  • Hated or admired, Marcelo Ríos definitely was one of the most talented tennis players of his era.

    Matias DimterMatias Dimter8 giorni fa
    • @Nicolas CONSALVO the truth hurts but in your case you seem like a proud bum 🥴 here's a tip don't hate the player hate the game Boi!😎

      RR3-Movistar*MonstersRR3-Movistar*Monsters5 giorni fa
    • @RR3-Movistar*Monsters Great to know you can guess others life :)

      Nicolas CONSALVONicolas CONSALVO5 giorni fa
    • @Se He was not very nice. I remember him giving up games because he was bored, disrespecting Wimbledon and all the grass cycle saying that grass is for the cows, trash talking against lower ranked players by saying that they are bad, and stuff like that. Maybe his personality was a mix between Nick Kyrgios and Gastón Gaudio. A genius of tennis but not very sportsman.

      EdEd5 giorni fa
    • As a Chilean who lives in Australia both Rio's & Hewitt did us proud 🇨🇱🇦🇺💪🏆😎

      RR3-Movistar*MonstersRR3-Movistar*Monsters5 giorni fa
    • @david your mum's a clown 🤡 😜

      RR3-Movistar*MonstersRR3-Movistar*Monsters5 giorni fa
  • Connors, Borg, Rios, Sampras, Safin Hewitt, Roddick...and then come the Big 3 guys to stay on the ranking top forever

    ArsenArsen8 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • @Mike Banning but Nadal is starting to have problems with his age, he is not playing so many tournaments, he is starting to have too much injuries, and loosing matches where he can win the match with tsisipas

      ThiagoThiago6 giorni fa
    • @George Mavrides I don't think so, Djokovic is still playing very well

      ThiagoThiago6 giorni fa
    • @Mike Banning But Novak is gonna break all time ranking record soon, 314 weeks are coming

      ArsenArsen7 giorni fa
    • Nadal is assured to remain at Top longer than Djokovic.His French Open looks secure for another decade he is not slowing down,thats 2000 pts guarantee every year,he also gets minimum 1000pts on the other Clay Masters in May,he is very consistent there aswell.Rafa always reach the needed atp points 9000+ yearly to remain No.2 all the time he has been doing it since 2005.He never went outside of the Top10 Since 2005.Djokovic wont maintain his aura of being an AO-Wimbeldon-US Open threat every year,he might out this year or next year 35 is tough to win on fast surface,its hard to have a ressurgence like Federer at 35 or 36.

      Mike BanningMike Banning7 giorni fa
  • Who cannot figure out which player is the player the video is talking about

    Pika SupPika Sup8 giorni fa
  • 2:24 i think agassi needs a bigger shirt

    ChoroGilChoroGil8 giorni fa
    • @Vansh Agarwal Yeah people did like 30 years ago

      ChoroGilChoroGilGiorno fa
    • Some people like a loose fit. Roddick did too

      Vansh AgarwalVansh Agarwal6 giorni fa
  • BWEEEH!!!

    Bugatti VeyronBugatti Veyron8 giorni fa
  • I thought when Delpo won us open 09 when he was only 20 would make number 1 shame he was injury prone otherwise I think he would of been on this list

    Jonathan TerrettJonathan Terrett8 giorni fa
    • Sadly he never be no.1

      Reaction Go!Reaction Go!3 giorni fa
    • Vilas, another argentine, should have been on the list though.

      charlie172011charlie1720116 giorni fa
  • Who ever is reading this, I hope you Become a millionaire then lose it all because of bad spending habits and failure to pay taxes.

    FpsAutistFpsAutist8 giorni fa
  • Jannik Sinner will be up there soon

    Oliver McCallOliver McCall8 giorni fa
  • Roddick’s the most underrated player ever

    Matteo SammartanoMatteo Sammartano8 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • No he was a one dimensional player

      Darshan GDarshan G6 giorni fa
    • @charlie172011 right. I knew something wasn't correct in the way I said it. French is my mother language, so...

      WeyrdSonRecordsWeyrdSonRecords6 giorni fa
    • @WeyrdSonRecords *most overused

      charlie172011charlie1720116 giorni fa
    • Weak era

      Friends And FamilyFriends And Family7 giorni fa
  • Ríos 🇨🇱👌

    Víctor Felipe Cobo BravoVíctor Felipe Cobo Bravo8 giorni fa
    • @freakingoutheneighborhood you actually thinks that marcelo rios is a chinese name?

      Jm DvmJm Dvm4 giorni fa
    • @freakingoutheneighborhood Chinese Rivers ;)

      Matias DimterMatias Dimter7 giorni fa
    • @freakingoutheneighborhood más chileno que los porotos

      Víctor Felipe Cobo BravoVíctor Felipe Cobo Bravo8 giorni fa
    • isn't he chinese?

      freakingoutheneighborhoodfreakingoutheneighborhood8 giorni fa
  • Too bad a lot of these guys weren’t well known, they might have been good

    Eshaan SimhaEshaan Simha8 giorni fa
  • The thumbnail tho😂

    Aarush ParekhAarush Parekh8 giorni fa
    • somebody just told him they backed over his dog by accident.

      your motheryour mother8 giorni fa
  • Marcelos Ríos biggest south american player of the history

    Benjamín tBenjamín t8 giorni fa
    • Fernando Gonzalez (the bomber) 🚀

      RR3-Movistar*MonstersRR3-Movistar*Monsters5 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • Vilas.

      charlie172011charlie1720116 giorni fa
    • @liam rees of course he's joking! But Rios is known in Chile as El Chino.

      Michele ZMichele Z7 giorni fa
    • Nalbandian, on his day, could and did beat anyone, including Federer and Nadal back to back.

      Michele ZMichele Z7 giorni fa
  • That thumbnail LOL

    JT FayJT Fay8 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • Crazy 😎😂😂

      Gursift SinghGursift Singh6 giorni fa
    • enjoy with friends and family

      Friends And FamilyFriends And Family7 giorni fa
    • Weak era chump

      Friends And FamilyFriends And Family7 giorni fa
    • @Jensen HARGREAVES uhh kinda both. It's my brother's comment and I didn't know he posted it so I was kinda congratulating him and kinda making fun of him for clout chasing lol

      Fernando FFernando F7 giorni fa

    HalfViper 6HalfViper 68 giorni fa
  • Imagine not being an atp player smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Rohit JainRohit Jain8 giorni fa
    • Couldn’t be me 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

      Zachary OkwuosaZachary Okwuosa8 giorni fa
  • Who wins: Medvedev or Djokovic

    Nikhil JoshiNikhil Joshi8 giorni fa
    • @Nikola Rajković I think it was easy

      Αλέξης ΑραμπατζήςΑλέξης Αραμπατζής6 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • @Nikola Rajković Because he's Serbian

      Oliver McCallOliver McCall8 giorni fa
    • medvedev is the 🐐 so he will win!!! 😎👍🇷🇺

      Bugatti VeyronBugatti Veyron8 giorni fa
    • @Nikola Rajković because we’re not from Serbia and can see he’s a twat 😂😂

      Adam CangAdam Cang8 giorni fa
  • Big 3 on top?

    JustinSLeeJustinSLee8 giorni fa

      Yusuf Kaşıkçı ÖlçümYusuf Kaşıkçı Ölçüm6 giorni fa
    • @yomismo74 the problem of Nadal was to face Federer on his peak, probably if Nadal had played on the beginning of 2000's he would be number much more earlier

      ThiagoThiago7 giorni fa
    • @yomismo74 Nadal was fine in hard courts then, won 4 Masters Series and 2 more titles. The thing was the courts were a lot faster and had many specialists. He couldn't beat them in those conditions.

      Alexander KingsAlexander Kings8 giorni fa
    • @yomismo74 i knew this. 🤦🏼

      JustinSLeeJustinSLee8 giorni fa
    • Not at all. Of the three only Nadal is on the list. Nadal was really precocious but he needed 5 GS before reaching number one (his results on hardcourts weren't that amazing the first years). Nole had great results when he was very young, but he was clearly the third player in the world till 2011 and back then he was 23-24. And Roger was not that precocious, he showed his big talent from time to time but he was not a consistent player (a lot of people expected him to be one of those players who waste their big talent without winning Grand Slams), he got his first GS when he was going to reach 22. He was 22 and six month when he reached number one

      yomismo74yomismo748 giorni fa
  • First commenttttr

    Aditya PatankarAditya Patankar8 giorni fa