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25 apr 2021
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  • I can’t complain.

    Studio1220Studio12203 minuti fa
  • The knife game but now updated with lasers

    nosab es mi nombrenosab es mi nombre3 minuti fa
  • The dude is not scared of the laser

    Sukarni AhmatSukarni Ahmat18 minuti fa
  • How come the flame goes off? You can make fire with various method but put it off, there just couple of ways - water or blanket.

    Dry IceDry Ice23 minuti fa
  • i like how the machine can dêtct fingers so the worker puts their fingers in the laser path to time the machine

    Justin LuongJustin Luong25 minuti fa
  • I didn't know Superman designs pants

    Darflex SwolezDarflex Swolez26 minuti fa
  • This is giving me anxiety

    Liam OgdenLiam Ogden27 minuti fa
  • 타이밍 노치면 좃되누

    잼민몬잼민몬34 minuti fa
  • Я за его руки переживала сильнее чем за свою жизнь

    Tomchik kTomchik k36 minuti fa
  • monkaS

    ItzVeonixItzVeonix46 minuti fa
  • Nob

    Pecinta FilmPecinta Film48 minuti fa
  • not dangerous at all

    •greenblossom••greenblossom•49 minuti fa
  • Meanwhile in china:

    Katana SpiceKatana Spice59 minuti fa
  • fast ways to get a tattoo done.

    having fun yet?having fun yet?Ora fa
  • So risky 😭

    Ankush MahajanAnkush MahajanOra fa
  • Am I the only one that think of the laser torching his hand

    freeze sitefreeze siteOra fa
  • Everything about this is so fucking stupid.

    b33thr33kayb33thr33kayOra fa
  • That's amazing

    Shaquailla WilsonShaquailla WilsonOra fa
  • Laser power

    Belizaire GardyBelizaire GardyOra fa
  • The underage children laborers of most USAmerican or should I say western brands like Nike and Apple in China and other underprivileged countries that's why Americans (US) can't touch China for their atrocities bcoz they benefited from it as well.

    GNMGNM2 ore fa
  • Как в том фильме.... "...Суй палец..."😂😂😂

  • Cuidado pra não perder a mão.

    Maria Eduarda Moreira Dias MoreiraMaria Eduarda Moreira Dias Moreira2 ore fa
  • Wrong movement you got new tattoo.

    Alung BoyAlung Boy2 ore fa
  • Stormship troopers tattoo anyone?

    Paul PenkertPaul Penkert2 ore fa
  • Kumaha mun kana leungeun...

    azka zeanazka zean2 ore fa
  • How does the person know where to put his hands? Is he just very used to it? Or those green and red colours tell him?

    S BS B2 ore fa
  • And somebody saw what to this person hasn't one finger , suspect or not?

    MARC1MARC12 ore fa
  • XD

    VI JEIVI JEI2 ore fa
  • I dont get the people who wear that shit

    Heiehis IheigeiHeiehis Iheigei2 ore fa
  • his middle finger was stumped 😲

    Mhd Hafis ZakwanMhd Hafis Zakwan3 ore fa
  • What happen if the rays are unfortunately fall on his hands 😱

    Dharan SaiDharan Sai3 ore fa
  • When you make a mistake and all the sudden you lift half your hand up

    DudeUnperfectDudeUnperfect3 ore fa
  • Nobody really knows more about what they are doing and still be judging

    JanekJanek3 ore fa
  • Anying gw ngeri kelaser tangannya

    Bang BrewBang Brew3 ore fa
  • なにこれ?笑

    あにぃきぃ。あにぃきぃ。3 ore fa
  • Yeah I'll pass id rather go look for metals in the landfill bare foot.

    Cap AlotCap Alot3 ore fa
  • Ce pega no dedo

    Paulo Colvara FilhoPaulo Colvara Filho3 ore fa
  • why they dont use protective gloves?

    Mayur MelgeMayur Melge3 ore fa
  • The person doing this is daf

    Ricky MachinRicky Machin3 ore fa
  • Chutiya bnane ki technique😂🤣🤣

    Amit KumarAmit Kumar3 ore fa
  • Idiots. Those just look like bleach stains.

    CVF17CVF173 ore fa
  • What a crazy job

    Danial RizahudeenDanial Rizahudeen4 ore fa
  • You can't do mistakes because you have one life

    MoonNightMoonNight4 ore fa
  • Plot twist: he's a fire bender

    Jim Vincent CelestreJim Vincent Celestre4 ore fa
  • This looks dangerous

    Samuel UnknownSamuel Unknown4 ore fa
  • Tira essa mão do meio, que agonia

    Samuel UchoaSamuel Uchoa4 ore fa
  • Bi eline gelse lazer cizbiz olur eli

  • Mind your fingers

    Stuart HagleyStuart Hagley4 ore fa
  • I see you got burned 🔥 once before.

    Evidencespeaks4uEvidencespeaks4u4 ore fa
  • Can i laser my hand?will it give me good scars?

    tread nokashtread nokash5 ore fa
  • Everyone gangsta untill it burn your hand

    Necrosis SNecrosis S5 ore fa
  • I’m sitting here saying watch your fucking hand dude

    GigaforlifeGigaforlife5 ore fa
  • Abe ek na ek din gadbad ho jayegi aur hath jala loge. Safety use karo be

    M BM B5 ore fa
  • this man has such bravery he lets his mom count to 0

    Valeriu CrismaruValeriu Crismaru5 ore fa
  • Me waiting for it to cut his hand

    Z4ido l زيدZ4ido l زيد5 ore fa
  • If they work like this in Germany the factory will close even before its opened !...very ..very unsafe !!!

    Martin AlievMartin Aliev5 ore fa
  • 저러다가 손등에 문신 생길라

    한지한지5 ore fa
  • What’s precision ? Lasers not burning those hands 🙌

    Munji nescafeMunji nescafe6 ore fa
  • everyone gangsta until you get yourself burnt by the laser. ☠️

  • 怖・・・手に当たったら怪我すんのかな

    伊藤智也伊藤智也6 ore fa
  • มืออะมือ

    คุคุ จังจังคุคุ จังจัง6 ore fa
  • He or she has a bit of finger chopped off already, wonder why...

    gemma Molinsgemma Molins6 ore fa
  • Ngeri coy

    Bari SanjayaBari Sanjaya7 ore fa
  • If that was me I would definitely not have hands 🙌

  • bắn vô trúng tay thì sao nhỉ

    LovingYouLovingYou7 ore fa

    Lucy HeartfiliaLucy Heartfilia7 ore fa
  • Thats not jeans thats just designer underwear

    Anubhav TharmattAnubhav Tharmatt7 ore fa
  • Why isn't he wearing gloves? The confidence of this man

    Shravan RajShravan Raj7 ore fa
  • This person probably makes 50 cents a week.

    Full OnionFull Onion7 ore fa
  • How does this guy still have 5 fingers on each hand?

    Super StonedSuper Stoned7 ore fa
  • What happens if you mess up and it hits your hand bruh

    Rasya HarlianandaRasya Harliananda8 ore fa
  • First day of work Me: alright this should be east Manager: (with one hand) we take safety seriously here Me: alright show me the job Manager: (shows the job) Yeah, don't make the same mistake I did. Me: 😶😳

    Wizkalifia LeeWizkalifia Lee8 ore fa
  • Oh his hands..

    Arti SrivastavaArti Srivastava8 ore fa
  • I don't care what others say about how safe it is but i really think it's scary as hell😱😬

    Sagun GurungSagun Gurung8 ore fa
  • Now that's some dangerous shit 😂😂

  • That's really dangerous what are they thinking

    Heko MaruHeko Maru8 ore fa
  • Why

    ksksjxhcbeuiaksksjxhcbeuia8 ore fa
  • I would suffer from an acute case of stigmata If I were performing that task.

  • Пальчики берегите!

    Ольга ПосохинаОльга Посохина8 ore fa
  • That work is so dangerous...

    Bharat RathodBharat Rathod8 ore fa
  • I bet they feel really satisfied as they bring home minimum wage & risking themselves all in the name of *_....."fashion"?_*

    Miss AmazonMiss Amazon8 ore fa
  • That be why the tip of their finger is missing on left hand.

    TheDrum2010TheDrum20108 ore fa
  • yuck

    mekoremekore8 ore fa
  • Oh my God those hands went crazy

    Ishita MalgonkarIshita Malgonkar8 ore fa
  • Sahi hai boss

    MR. BaraiyaMR. Baraiya9 ore fa
  • His hand- HIS HANDDDD

    Atlas&Tamara GachaAtlas&Tamara Gacha9 ore fa
  • 저거 레이저 손에다 쏘면 어떻게 됌?

    Boo BooBoo Boo9 ore fa
  • Uh hell naw

    CharshiiCharshii9 ore fa
  • Imagine this is your job and u accidentally touched the laser- IT WOULD BE OVER,

    LemzieLemzie9 ore fa
  • Owwwwch

    Dee MacDee Mac9 ore fa
  • What if you hit your hand?

    Aidil PutraAidil Putra9 ore fa
  • Imagine that sensor failing and burning your hand in less than a sec

    Kevin GonzalezKevin Gonzalez9 ore fa
  • Image working that unsafe

    Sm00lySm00ly9 ore fa
  • Sir u dont need ur fingers?

    Nada alNada al10 ore fa
  • Is no one going to mention the missing fingertip?!

    LaurieLaurie10 ore fa
  • If it attack his hand:

    표규리표규리10 ore fa
  • Someone Saw the missed finger?

    Mariano OlivaMariano Oliva10 ore fa
  • Am scared AF for her bare hands 😱

    Daryl PingolDaryl Pingol10 ore fa