Champions League matches pay tribute to Diego Maradona with minute of silence

25 nov 2020
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Champions League matches throughout Europe paid tribute to Diego Armando Maradona with a minute of silence before kick off celebrating the life of the Argentinian legend.

  • 0:51 the empty stadium and his picture above it has some grim and beautiful tones

    Fernando GonzalezFernando Gonzalez6 giorni fa
  • Will mees you Sos leyenda Diego The best ever 👏👏👏

    gonzalo verdegonzalo verde13 giorni fa
  • It has been a month without Maradona... very sad

    Tiger PuppetTiger PuppetMese fa
  • I never saw him play but my dad did he said he was the best there is no One like him

    Carlos Gonsalez JrCarlos Gonsalez JrMese fa
  • 😆🤣😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😂😂😂 Dead Rat to Diego Maradona!!!! ⚰️

    Brayan PalominoBrayan PalominoMese fa
  • 굿바이 마라도나.. 편히 잠드시길

    느금마느금마Mese fa
  • Heard he was alright with the ball

    ZypticZypticMese fa
  • Pero q mala organizacion al menos hubiesen puesto el mejor gol de la historia con narracion incluida y musica del D10S

    walker chanswalker chansMese fa
  • Soy Uruguayo y me emociona tanto respeto de sus pares como si fuera un argentino más, que tu alma tenga paz Diego, murió el hombre y nació la eterna leyenda !!!

    Juan VieraJuan VieraMese fa
  • Que sensación de mierda loco. Se murió el Diego...sigo sin caer

    Juan MurguiondoJuan MurguiondoMese fa
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • La pelota, siempre al 10.

    Yoel cYoel cMese fa
  • Que año de mierda el covid y muere Maradona uno de los peores años para los Argentinos especialmente..qepd Diego gracias por representar a la Argentina en el mundo.. 😥🇦🇷👏

    Andrea kdAndrea kdMese fa
  • gracias diego

    Leonardo MontielLeonardo MontielMese fa
  • watch it it’s about maradona, like and share its facts.

    Soccer GuySoccer GuyMese fa
  • MARADONAs´s favourite lake to stay:

    Maria BichlerMaria BichlerMese fa
  • But the dislike? WTF???

    Makaveli TheDonMakaveli TheDonMese fa
  • Want a awesome Diego souvenir? I got mine here 👌📿🔥

    theodore deslertheodore deslerMese fa
  • Beautiful to see we as family in football and if one of those player die that day, we will do the same. We don’t look at your dark side but we cherish your contributions. Viva Maradona!!!

    Jerrod ThamJerrod ThamMese fa
  • Music dedicated to the legendary football player Diego Maradona.

    Rashad R.RRashad R.RMese fa
  • Your big heart and soul and determination made you the greatest and the legend you are..that's why you live in everyone's heart forever and for all generations. see you later big brother. rest in peace Diego Maradona..

    benbenMese fa
  • Thank you for everything.

    Wilesh SawantWilesh SawantMese fa
  • 2020 can't be any than this 😞

    Jitshreya ChoudhuryJitshreya ChoudhuryMese fa
  • Check my channel I made small tribute to Diego maradona

  • I just realized that they even being silent for a minute it's like 15-30 seconds

    aola wiliaola wiliMese fa
  • Diego Armando Maradona

    CANAL DO COVEIRO com Fernando BatistaCANAL DO COVEIRO com Fernando BatistaMese fa
  • "It doesnt matter what you have done with your life, it does matter what you done with our lives"

    Mrcoldy1988Mrcoldy1988Mese fa
  • RIP Diego the nice memory of the beautiful old football💔

    BsBsMese fa
  • Rip Diego Maradona Rip legenda 🖤🇦🇷⚽🖤

    Maciek SzewczykMaciek SzewczykMese fa
  • Of all the kids I met and played football with as I grew up, 85% of them wanted/dreamed/pretended to play as Maradona.

    Santiago GlewSantiago GlewMese fa
  • Estoy segura q Diego nisiquiera en sueños pudo darse cuenta de cuánto lo amábamos todos

    Ⓛ④⑨⓪Ⓛ④⑨⓪Mese fa
  • Juegue Diego 😍😍

    Gino SchollGino SchollMese fa
  • Conte was so sad

    Dayan RamirezDayan RamirezMese fa
  • RIP legend 🙏🙏

    Sayedur JahidSayedur JahidMese fa
  • He deserves that, sad that people can't stay at stadium

    Mh ArgMh ArgMese fa
  • Maradona leyenda

    Pablo FredianiPablo FredianiMese fa
  • Simeone was holding back tears

    Roman RiquelmeRoman RiquelmeMese fa
  • Word cup 2022 Argentina Champion

    sR BrUTaLsR BrUTaLMese fa
  • This is how much maradona means to the world of football may he rest in peace ❤️

    Reyhan YTReyhan YTMese fa
  • He grew up in a place where his mother lied to give him what little food they had while she was starving by his side, to become the best footballer the world has ever seen. Also in the 80s, when being "rockstar" implied being offered (or forced by the mafia ...) with all the savage temptations that could exist at that time. Everyone needs to understand that before judging him, not to forget the bad, but to understand why it happened and to see better what he has achieved, as we do when we talk about someone at another time in history, contextualize. Maradona, thank you for every smile that you gave us, with the art you´ve displayed in all fields and with your heroic story, giving us hope as if life were a Disney movie, because your´s was a real life movie. You will always be the greatest representation of never giving up and fighting for what you want!

    Quinto Primera 2015Quinto Primera 2015Mese fa
  • Rest In Peace Maradona #fromindonesiawithlove #respect :')👏🇮🇩

    Sakhathallah BrotherSakhathallah BrotherMese fa
  • 1 min silence and we have the stupid artificial noises.

    alida flusalida flusMese fa
  • This man was gods gift and now returned to God..RIP

    Kamal PurKamal PurMese fa
  • Here's a tribute art to Sir Diego Maradona. Have a look :

    Anup PaulAnup PaulMese fa
  • 𝑹.𝑰.𝑷 𝑳𝒆𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒆 😢💔🕊

    Gxülo ZülfikarGxülo ZülfikarMese fa
  • Gracias

    DR Heavy MetalDR Heavy MetalMese fa
    • 😖😢😞💔🇦🇷

      alida flusalida flusMese fa
  • Still can't believe he died.

    Grigori WolnyGrigori WolnyMese fa
  • 😔🙏🏻❤️

    Juh SouzaJuh SouzaMese fa

    Massimo CampiMassimo CampiMese fa
  • Ναι ποιος ειναι...

    Nugo `Nugo `Mese fa
  • The people who disliked it accidentally disliked it. RIP Maradona

    Vipper KongVipper KongMese fa
  • Legends never die R.I.P Diego maradona

    Daston 99Daston 99Mese fa
  • Leyenda Maradona .😭

    Pablo RiosPablo RiosMese fa
  • Enorme pelusa.te fuiste y te llevaste un pezazo de mi corazon.te amo por siempre

    agustin Pelozoagustin PelozoMese fa
  • Tribute

    Box office nowBox office nowMese fa
  • THE REAL FOOTBALL DIED! now it's just business

    Giorgio ValsekGiorgio ValsekMese fa
  • No people in the stadium, football societies which moves money like banks, television rights, money money and money..and Diego Maradona died. The REAL FOOTBALL DIED! That's not more a sport, that's just business, go fack yourself directors, presidents, ceo, and all stuff

    Giorgio ValsekGiorgio ValsekMese fa
  • River plate Argentina love maradona

    Juanjose ZarateJuanjose ZarateMese fa
  • 0:40 Mitt Romney?

    Leo 7109Leo 7109Mese fa
  • 😖😢😞💔🇦🇷

    Sergio el ChechoSergio el ChechoMese fa
  • Its sad when golden memories becomes memories. Rip legend.🌷 every generation of football Will always proud of you. And some of them Will follow your style and spirit to get the best performance as a football players.🌷

    yuda lohingyuda lohingMese fa

    Franco The FlooydFranco The FlooydMese fa
  • Thanks all for the messages. im from argentina and get sad.. cant see playing un real life bless u all

    nicolas papaziannicolas papazianMese fa
  • Rip maradona

    Kong ananasKong ananasMese fa
  • Papu Gomez at the beggining...friend of Maradona. Maradona on Argentinian TV said, he watched his matches, because he had memories of his youth. Cholo Simeone, DT of Atletic Madrid, national team in USA 94, playing with Maradona. Angel Correa, as kid, National Argentina Youth World Cup. Being part of Maradon too. It's the first time I saw 1 minute of silence ... fully performed. In Argentina for sure, In latin america I bet too, and maybe around the world...everybody between 60 and 20.... Dreamed of "being maradona" at least one night....the best ever in a field. For sure....there are many excelent playes...but there was no doubt...he was the best since 1975 to 1997. 23 years later... only 1 ... or maybe 2...was closer to be like Diego was. Only one man...Pelé got more WorldCups.

    Alejandro PachecoAlejandro PachecoMese fa
  • Triste

    Daniel MacariniDaniel MacariniMese fa
  • I'm Chilean, and Diego will stay forever with us as the only one. Thank you for your football, D10S.

    Chilean HussarChilean HussarMese fa
  • I will never forget all my private and Non - Private loss of this Shit year 2020 😤⛏

    Nur die SGENur die SGEMese fa
  • Eae sou brasileiro

    juan Souzajuan SouzaMese fa

    CachoCachoMese fa
  • Not even presidents are saluted like this man. He put the worlds troubles to the side and United humanity if only for a brief time an ETERNAL legacy Rest In Peace champion

    Sonic SPEEDSonic SPEEDMese fa
  • All our respect from Scotland.

    Gustavo AlGustavo AlMese fa
  • El pibe de oro... I hope you are doing well in heaven

    Aarav ReddyAarav ReddyMese fa
  • 60 seconds for 60 years of Diego Maradona

    Samid ChowdhurySamid ChowdhuryMese fa
  • in football he is the greatest of all time

    Yankuba TourayYankuba TourayMese fa
  • #Respect 🙏

    Christian DueñasChristian DueñasMese fa
  • Que emocionante ver esto y entender la magnitud que tuvo Diego para todos. Bellisimo.

    Carolina Castro EntenzaCarolina Castro EntenzaMese fa
  • Wow modric with beard looks different

    El cura anti spammerEl cura anti spammerMese fa

    Severin SchausbergerSeverin SchausbergerMese fa
  • 2020 just got even worse

    muhudin playsmuhudin playsMese fa
  • Modrić🇭🇷... RIP Maradona

    L VL VMese fa
  • Who are these 88 morons to put unlike to this video😡

    Chaitali AichChaitali AichMese fa
  • Every country and it's own league does this minute of silence . Just amazing gesture the world love him

    Lian GuiteLian GuiteMese fa
  • RIP football...

    nila rondanila rondaMese fa
  • "I don't care what you did with your life, i care what you did to mine"

    Afriza RahmanAfriza RahmanMese fa
  • Arriba con otra leyenda. Kobe and Maradona. 🙏🏼

    StillhdzStillhdzMese fa
  • Meus respeitoso voto de condolências ao povo argentino e a família de Maradona...o cara era mito do futebol 😢😢😢😢🇦🇷

    Nilton CésarNilton CésarMese fa
  • El más grande

    Robin HoodRobin HoodMese fa
  • Diego quedaste para siempre en el corazón de la gente que te aprecia.😥

    Maria ElenaMaria ElenaMese fa
  • Yo aún no me creo que el diego se haya ido loco no puedo .

    natsu reingsnatsu reingsMese fa

    Bruno AccomoBruno AccomoMese fa
  • *Gracias, Diego.* "La pelota no se mancha..."

    NahuelNahuelMese fa
  • Modric looks like he is about to cry 😔

    Nina Reviews ThingsNina Reviews ThingsMese fa
  • Sos y siempre seras eterno Dieguito🇦🇷💙

    Michelle BonardoMichelle BonardoMese fa
  • Diego is dead but in our hearts he is the legend of argentina and the idol of stars of tomorow

  • He was he is and he will for ever the king 👑 of the soccer.

    Coco KoalaCoco KoalaMese fa
    • @eyduck Which is your country?

      Fabio MaioranoFabio MaioranoMese fa
    • @Fabio Maiorano yes

      eyduckeyduckMese fa
    • In your country is Maradona considered the greatest of all times?

      Fabio MaioranoFabio MaioranoMese fa
  • Legends never die RIP D10S

    Jhguhgghg 666Jhguhgghg 666Mese fa
  • Now after his death, we see how influential Maradona really was...RIP Maradona

    Gamerloaders & Co.Gamerloaders & Co.Mese fa
  • We will miss you Diego Maradona

    Lovemore MhuriyengweLovemore MhuriyengweMese fa
  • To be honest, I am not fan of Maradona but as a football fan I am sad that he passed away. Rest In Peace Legend!

    Kaung Htet KyawKaung Htet KyawMese fa