This volleyball save is INSANE! 😲 #Shorts

16 apr 2021
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  • Nice!

    Real HIFI HelpReal HIFI HelpOra fa
  • Brazilian volleyball is AMAZING and you can see why

    BellaBella3 ore fa
  • brasileiro é pika no fut rexxpeita

    EronEron4 ore fa
  • BRAZIL 👍

    Erik ÍtaloErik Ítalo5 ore fa
  • I thought this was click bait bruh

    Xerxes AnimsXerxes Anims5 ore fa
  • This type of save is in every other men's volleyball game...

    ScipioRomanusScipioRomanus5 ore fa
  • Alternative title: Haikyuu in real life

    Mike RileyMike Riley6 ore fa
  • Nice but Did they even win the point🤔

    firstlast AGAINfirstlast AGAIN8 ore fa
  • Wait you can kick the ball in vollayball??? 🤷‍♂️🙈🤷‍♂️

    Chris WongChris Wong8 ore fa
  • 2008, 2012 & 2016 Olympic Volleyball games were the best to watch

    MsKoki57MsKoki5711 ore fa
  • Holy molyyyyyy what a save

    Llama RivalLlama Rival12 ore fa
  • ✌🇮🇹💯⚽️

    Gianpiero PrivacyGianpiero Privacy12 ore fa
  • Oml- the Noya save It’s not impossible

    Sakurichii YTSakurichii YT15 ore fa
  • I thought u can only use your hands to play volley ball, never knew we could use our feet aswell

    benjamin franklinbenjamin franklin17 ore fa
  • So dumb they changed the rules to allow the ball to be kicked.

    Tom BryantTom Bryant18 ore fa
  • *nice*

    GLT AllexzGLT Allexz19 ore fa
  • Me : Hey I got to tell you I am seeing someone else. She : 👆

    Saurabh SharmaSaurabh Sharma19 ore fa
  • *this is Brazil*

  • Fabi ♥️♥️♥️

    CarolCarol22 ore fa
  • Its really not that insane.

    Governor Crotch GrabberGovernor Crotch GrabberGiorno fa
  • They should've changed the name to Kickball when they changed the rules, this is not volleyball.

    JiveAt5JiveAt5Giorno fa
  • Lol this is nothing. Did anyone saw that safe from emran in kiesgrube?

    Das Momentum OpferDas Momentum OpferGiorno fa
  • Me wondering why there isn't a 5 minute monologue about friendship and trust

    ØØGiorno fa
  • Tight beat

    Shawn PurpleShawn PurpleGiorno fa
  • And they lose the point anyway

    Tivadar KockaTivadar KockaGiorno fa
  • they allow using feet now? wow, I stopped playing v-ball when all the rule changes started, it wasn't the same clean game anymore, imho they ruined it

    EugeneEugeneGiorno fa
  • is foot counts in voleyball ?

    DemosKratosDemosKratosGiorno fa
  • Song?

    HerisHerisGiorno fa
  • I'll wait for the anime version

    wolfzertwolfzertGiorno fa
  • She's Brazilian so not that insane.

    najanedanajanedaGiorno fa
  • Hinata

    OxTrickerOxTrickerGiorno fa
  • people are impressed by the simplest of things.

    Cory MicelCory MicelGiorno fa
  • That's legal?

    Political MePolitical MeGiorno fa
  • Is that even legal? I thought you had to use your arms and hands in order to forward the ball

    Powerful PhilPowerful PhilGiorno fa
  • Valeu?

    Matheus LopesMatheus LopesGiorno fa
  • Respect 😂😂

    Shanice LaiShanice LaiGiorno fa
  • Jelena Blagojevic volleyball.

    JadrankoJadrankoGiorno fa
  • She's the main character.

    NoMercyNoMercyGiorno fa
  • had no idea you could use your feet. so strict about what's a lift but you can kick it?

    howdareyou41howdareyou41Giorno fa
  • We do this in our co-ed rec league. 🤷‍♂️

    Truth Seeker 85Truth Seeker 85Giorno fa
  • She might be participating in the wrong sport

    Frosted FlakezFrosted FlakezGiorno fa
  • Can you kick the ball in volleyball?

    CK37CK37Giorno fa
  • Yeye insane

    pacopepe campospacopepe camposGiorno fa
  • Brazil ended up losing the point

    BeastsBeastsGiorno fa
  • 👍👍👍👍👍 now that's totally rad and awesome. A wonderful save

    Shawn EldridgeShawn EldridgeGiorno fa
  • Brasil né meu bom!

    Nicolas AnelliNicolas AnelliGiorno fa
  • The Kid that play soccer be like in every match or at least me and my friends

    Yaboku AtsushiYaboku AtsushiGiorno fa
  • Nishinoya vibes

    London TurnageLondon Turnage2 giorni fa
  • I expected the ayayayayay

    Alonso Andrade Jr.Alonso Andrade Jr.2 giorni fa
  • I didn’t even know you were allowed to kick it.

    PhilPhil2 giorni fa
  • i don't understand the rules of this game lol

    Pwenko JammyPwenko Jammy2 giorni fa
  • Wait... Is this legal in volleyball?!

    LuciferBlackknightLuciferBlackknight2 giorni fa
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!

    gabby leegabby lee2 giorni fa

    Gleyce AraujoGleyce Araujo2 giorni fa
  • Isn't that illegal?

    Dillan EdwardsDillan Edwards2 giorni fa
  • Make more content like this. Music. Sudden camera change. This works!

    PatternSonPatternSon2 giorni fa
  • POV: when you don't know what haikyuu is but you're watching this video anyway

    Tom FooleryTom Foolery2 giorni fa
  • Simply awsm

    Uthaya KumarUthaya Kumar2 giorni fa
  • That's the time WHEN other team realised that there are not the main characters

  • She said NOT TODAY 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Amber LyneAmber Lyne2 giorni fa
  • Well, it's Brazil who's playing🤷‍♂️

    Stefan KucseraStefan Kucsera2 giorni fa
  • Lol... She's stronger than the diva Neymar. 🤣

    Hmoobthoj FrenchnraugHmoobthoj Frenchnraug2 giorni fa
  • Anyone else have no idea that you're allowed to kick the ball?

    Joker SmithJoker Smith2 giorni fa
  • Haikyuu fans stand up😂😂😂

    Captain HooplaCaptain Hoopla2 giorni fa
  • I just clicked the video to see any Haikyuu comments.

    MalithMalith2 giorni fa
  • omg.

    PumilatePumilate2 giorni fa
  • Plot twist, they lost the point anyway? ^^

    Jack TorranceJack Torrance2 giorni fa
  • Si ma cristo, non é che abbia fatto poi chissà cosa

    Sono IoSono Io2 giorni fa
  • Great hussle but u can kick in volleyball?

    G BG B2 giorni fa

    R BRICER BRICE2 giorni fa
  • When you press the right button during a QTE event

    HarmonySwordHarmonySword2 giorni fa
  • Wow! That’s some athlete.

    I’m NormalI’m Normal2 giorni fa
  • Is it legal to hit the ball with your feet or legs in volleyball?

    MrRedragon64MrRedragon642 giorni fa
  • Totally not me just learning you can use your feet....

    Cody GooldCody Goold2 giorni fa
  • Who's that girl

    thenameis nepalthenameis nepal2 giorni fa
  • Didnt know you could use foot as well

  • Are y'all sure that she should be playing volleyball in the Olympics or football in the next world cup 😆 good save tho.

    Shania FraserShania Fraser2 giorni fa
  • It was literally just now that I realized you can use your feet!! Whaaaaaaaat?!

    ejknight88ejknight882 giorni fa
  • *She’s a runner she a track star*

    I like TurtlesI like Turtles2 giorni fa
  • The whole story of this player, Fabi Alvim, is amazing.

    Letícia PaisLetícia Pais2 giorni fa
  • Should be called fat cow kicks ball

  • And they still lost the point!

    Bender 2999Bender 29992 giorni fa
  • Volleyball players: we did it! Sepak takraw players:

    ニートニートニートニート2 giorni fa
  • Caramba, Brasil tá arrasando 😮😯

    Sarah EmanuellySarah Emanuelly2 giorni fa
  • The Olympics is now doing shorts? Bruh moment.

    DanymokDanymok2 giorni fa
  • She must play soccer in the off season

    Tom CatTom Cat3 giorni fa
  • Brazil is fantastic i from Brasil

    Gabriel R'Gabriel R'3 giorni fa
  • Great video, aside from the music

    mmjahinkmmjahink3 giorni fa
  • Danggg

    Kayla GrahnKayla Grahn3 giorni fa
  • Not exactly rolling thunderrrrr!!!!

    Test Valley CarpentryTest Valley Carpentry3 giorni fa
  • I dare you to look at the top comment's replys. Btw u might not come out alive

    Naruto NSTNaruto NST3 giorni fa
  • she saved the ball worth more than anyone's soul.

    Dave E. BellecaDave E. Belleca3 giorni fa
  • Is it ok to kick a ball?

    Jay JungJay Jung3 giorni fa
    • No it's illegal.

      Xavier HardingXavier Harding2 giorni fa
    • Yes

      sammy boisammy boi3 giorni fa
  • Wow

    kevin magkevin mag3 giorni fa
  • How can she use her feet is that allowed

    NiightDJNiightDJ3 giorni fa
    • yes

      ジPichiezジPichiez2 giorni fa
  • _Brasilian_ volleyball player..

    staffan144staffan1443 giorni fa
  • Please tell me they scored on that point

    fightrrrrrfightrrrrr3 giorni fa
  • FIFA just joined the chat

    Annie DAnnie D3 giorni fa
  • Ngl I didn't think that was legal

    Cash MastersCash Masters3 giorni fa
  • She pulled a Daichi.

    AnushkaAnushka3 giorni fa