Discover: PIN to Drive

20 nov 2020
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Set a unique passcode for your Tesla to add an extra level of security.

  • Does it support 2FA?

    TelencephelonTelencephelon6 ore fa
  • But I want fingerprint on the door knob

    ncls. Designncls. Design7 ore fa
  • Coming soon: drive TO pin. #FSD

    Solving The Money ProblemSolving The Money Problem8 ore fa
  • "Meanwhile somewhere under a skyscraper our meme lord is scrolling youtube comments for a new innovation" .....!!

    Pranav KhanPranav Khan11 ore fa
  • It doesn't wanna drive if the card isn't positioned properly. Why would you possibly need PIN? this is just filler content.. it "eh" at best

    Blaž BohincBlaž Bohinc12 ore fa
  • Flat earth is not floating in space. Space is up like a TV on a ceiling. You can't enter the firmament in a rocket propelled hot air balloon dressed like a metalic phallic

    Matthew smithMatthew smith13 ore fa
  • How far could I have walked since you said the new tesla roadsters really fast!? You are slow. Space is fake, spacesex can only grt to first base lmao. Shills

    Matthew smithMatthew smith13 ore fa
  • You need upgraded version like fingerprint or retina scanner. It would be safer.

    Rizal Lare OsingRizal Lare Osing20 ore fa
  • Tesla. Overpriced and over here.

    tim simstim simsGiorno fa
  • It is easy to see the PIN by others in the car. This can be prevented if you randomize the pinpad order every time.

    Zsolt PinterZsolt PinterGiorno fa
  • simple yet effective feature

    DennisCW - Tesla Tech Money Cars & StuffDennisCW - Tesla Tech Money Cars & StuffGiorno fa
  • Citroën had this more than 20 years ago...

    César LópezCésar LópezGiorno fa
  • Don't go into the rat race of buying materialistic things. - Bible

    A Random IndianA Random IndianGiorno fa
  • When you realize the GM EV1 had PIN to Drive in the 90s...

    Alec_508Alec_508Giorno fa
  • Discover: automatic anti-theft chlorine gas deployment and door locking sequence, with optional grave digging for the body in your car for only 30 dollars more.

    Semi-Serious youtuberSemi-Serious youtuberGiorno fa
  • When did Tesla comes to India we are waiting Elon musk sir

    Pavan vignesh VigneshPavan vignesh VigneshGiorno fa
    • Sir

      Pavan vignesh VigneshPavan vignesh VigneshGiorno fa
    • @Ronsted what's the prices give me that information with Tesla models could you give me brief reply to me IAM very very thankful if you send this thank u

      Pavan vignesh VigneshPavan vignesh VigneshGiorno fa
    • 2021

      RonstedRonstedGiorno fa
  • I don't have money do you think my life is worth that?

    Swig farmSwig farmGiorno fa
  • They are shit tin cans - I cant wait hours to refuel

    Dark KnightDark Knight2 giorni fa
    • @Angad Singh Bruh, it's my opinion.

      Dark KnightDark KnightGiorno fa
    • Bruh. How often do you need to travel more than 360 miles in one sitting?? And it takes 1 hour max. Take a nap or go eat lunch or something

      Angad SinghAngad SinghGiorno fa
  • tesla build quality is a joke

    grandma ashleygrandma ashley2 giorni fa
  • It would be nice, If they add fingerprint sensor on the car.

    Kantee YenbutKantee Yenbut2 giorni fa
  • cool elon actually i wish i had your life your rich smart and not obese..

    Cool Guy DailyCool Guy Daily2 giorni fa
  • What happens when i forget the pin

    Daniel MoczkoDaniel Moczko2 giorni fa
    • you can use the app or log in with your tesla account

      RonstedRonsted9 ore fa
  • NO💰 money.! But still watching

    Seven TeenSeven Teen2 giorni fa
  • Apple of CARS

    Seven TeenSeven Teen2 giorni fa
  • Beats the point to enter pin in front of everyone.. 🤣now not just you.. Evryone in the car and the peeps peeping in from windows know your code and most Likely the code for all your account..🤣 @tesla put a finger print scanner in the steering.. To activate🤘🏻😁

    Lucifer MorningstarLucifer Morningstar2 giorni fa
  • We should have Face ID on the steering wheel and door to unlock for you

    FatGuyFatGuy3 giorni fa
  • Sorry but access to your vehicle has been suspended until your Certificate Of Vaccination ID is renewed. Please report to your nearest DNA database centre to re-register for your next month of government permission to live free.

    Julia PigworthyJulia Pigworthy3 giorni fa
  • 2021 Twist: You have been temporarily suspended from using your Tesla by Facebook due to your social media credit score being too low after posting an opinion about elections that has been fact checked and found to be the wrong opinion.

    Julia PigworthyJulia Pigworthy3 giorni fa
    • @Angad Singh I'm not even American, so not a Republican. My sarcastic post was a warning about giving online companies the power to enable or disable our cars remotely.

      Julia PigworthyJulia PigworthyGiorno fa
    • Ooh a salty Republican! Love to see it

      Angad SinghAngad SinghGiorno fa
  • Was this an Apple commercial?

    NiXEyNiXEy3 giorni fa
  • Even Tesla copying Casey Neistat style lol

    Persian CarpetPersian Carpet3 giorni fa
  • Keyless Drive 2

    J. B.J. B.3 giorni fa
  • A face recognition would be great for lazy people

    Rathna AmmaRathna Amma3 giorni fa
  • So… everyone in the car can see what PIN you are entering to unlock the car.

    MerigoldMerigold3 giorni fa
  • It is best to have a fingerprint scanner on the driving wheel as well. I'd like to see carjackers give up their job because to steal a car these days, you now need more expertise than a regular job XD

    MrDosonhaiMrDosonhai3 giorni fa
  • the pin is 1988, when elon musk moved to canada?

    David MimayDavid Mimay3 giorni fa
  • Hardware → Software

    Kshithij SKshithij S3 giorni fa
  • TSLA lets GOOOOOO!! Can't wait to get one, greeting from Munich, Germany 🚀

    Lifestyle4DividendsLifestyle4Dividends3 giorni fa
  • It could be interesting for car sharing I guess?

    Julian FischerJulian Fischer3 giorni fa
  • But what if the passengers can remember the PIN?

    Tran Le Quang Hung HungTran Le Quang Hung Hung3 giorni fa
  • Guys, I know his password now

    THEMaNIsWOrTHitTHEMaNIsWOrTHit3 giorni fa
  • Hi can I have tesla I want to sell it and give the money to my family and die. Thank you Im from ph btw

    we rewe re3 giorni fa
  • This is why I hate Tesla, it’s not a car, it’s a computer/phone with wheels

    Rodrigo NovaisRodrigo Novais3 giorni fa
    • And how that bad? Tesla is a very high performance car. Its biggest con is the recharge time but it doesn't matter to 99% of users because they can recharge overnight

      Angad SinghAngad SinghGiorno fa
  • Me with bad memories heavy sweating Tesla: you have 2 attempts left before the car drives itself to the nearest police station

    Jonathan InterloperJonathan Interloper3 giorni fa
  • Tesla in 30 years from now: A.I hunting you down because you stole the Declaration of Independence? No worries! You can activate *”Nuke launch codes”* from the settings menu anytime.

    Bsheer GamerBsheer Gamer3 giorni fa
  • So happy I got my first car after investing in was a dream come through

    Chris AnthonyChris Anthony3 giorni fa
    • @Chris Anthony am 63 years can i trade with micheal from germany...and what are the detail needed

      Dominic AaronDominic Aaron3 giorni fa
    • @Michelle Hertz *+ 1 2 0 6 9 2 8 0 6 5 9*

      Chris AnthonyChris Anthony3 giorni fa
    • @Michelle Hertz I guess you contact him on whatsapp for more details👇👇

      Chris AnthonyChris Anthony3 giorni fa
    • @Michelle Hertz Yes the trade will be monitored by you and you can make withdrawal once you ready ...all needed is your information and valid ID

      Chris AnthonyChris Anthony3 giorni fa
    • @Michelle Hertz i started my investment with $2500 and earn $12k After 14 days....but you can start with $1000

      Chris AnthonyChris Anthony3 giorni fa
  • Thank you for the video and the update. I have full self-driving how do I get the beta tester for you?

    MartyMarty3 giorni fa
  • add fingerprint to the 2021 cars and/or face reconision

    Preston CantleyPreston Cantley3 giorni fa
  • Nov 23, 2020 - On the verge of thanksgiving 2020 - Just ticker-taped on CNN news channel: GM has just removed financial backing from the lobbying movement trying to roll back US States’ ability to set their own (usually MORE STRICT) emissions standards. Toyota and Fiat Chrysler were also doing this, and likely will follow suit. California and others, remain free to commit to better emissions standards, and to work to an improved and greener future for all. Beacons, is what these states are. This lobbyist movement, directing money from vested conventional auto-makers into the T***p government, was ALWAYS ‘cash for laws’ ! They were funding the now-doomed T***p administration’s work to bring about these legal changes at Federal Level. Dirty, nasty fumes and particulates, were something these companies ACTIVELY SOUGHT to propagate and make worse. Shame on them, defunding it now it’s an obvious no-hope endeavour, as President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris are accepted as reality as GSA civil servant caves-in on November 23rd 2020. Shame on them all, but they lost this ‘hail mary’ defiance of the needs of the planet and it’s entire population of animals, plants, and humans.

    sleekitwansleekitwan4 giorni fa
  • i thought it said *Pin To Taskbar*

    [DotNERFzero][DotNERFzero]4 giorni fa
  • all of the dislikes on this video are from carjackers lmao

    Lil Miss Itaewon 릴 미스 이태원Lil Miss Itaewon 릴 미스 이태원4 giorni fa
  • Why no face ID on this Car?

    KraugerKrauger4 giorni fa
  • Yaayyy loving the shift from cars to phones on wheels.

    Coal MationsCoal Mations4 giorni fa
  • Can we have the option to enable scambled key pad for pin to drive for people either doing taxi or picks up people alot for work?

    kevin yeungkevin yeung4 giorni fa
    • Ain't no one using a Tesla to be a taxi lol

      Angad SinghAngad SinghGiorno fa
  • I just got notification of this video after 3 days. smh

    The Jury GamingThe Jury Gaming4 giorni fa
  • Piece of sh*# of a car true garage🤢

    Origins Of SageOrigins Of Sage4 giorni fa
  • damn....

    Dodleydom7Dodleydom74 giorni fa
  • I hope there will be a “forgot password?” button... Because I can’t even remember my phone password

    TimTim4 giorni fa
  • I thought the lady in the passenger seat was sofie dossi when I was watching this for the first time

    Lucky 7Lucky 74 giorni fa
  • No u

    BespiGTBespiGT4 giorni fa
  • What about touch Id?

    Simply RebornXSimply RebornX4 giorni fa
  • I think there’s a key for that 🌚

    DuaneDuane4 giorni fa
  • What the hell is this? Old phone security is news in 2020 on a Tesla?

    Michael EnglundMichael Englund4 giorni fa
  • Where's reCAPTCHA? Can robot steal my car?

    DIAGObyDIAGOby4 giorni fa
    • Only if they also have your key.

      Eastman WebbEastman Webb3 giorni fa
  • My PIN number will be the same as the price of the car, 69420

    J3t_thr0wJ3t_thr0w4 giorni fa
  • I thought Elon Musk didn’t like to advertise. Didn’t he say the product should be all the advertisement they need?

    AppleProGamer74AppleProGamer744 giorni fa
    • You both have good points! I didn’t think about it being voluntary

      AppleProGamer74AppleProGamer74Giorno fa
    • How are these ads??? This is a way of announcing new content on their channels.

      Angad SinghAngad SinghGiorno fa
    • they don't use these videos as paid ads, people just watch them voluntarily

      RonstedRonstedGiorno fa
  • ay its 420k views pog

    daehwhipdaehwhip4 giorni fa
  • If i want to work in your company, what i must doing? I so want to work in gigafactory berlin. I ready doing any job. Repeat ANY job))) i live in russia. I have an electric bike and i wiil not be late. Your cars just cool)))

    idn'tcr whtyouthnkidn'tcr whtyouthnk4 giorni fa
  • Or Fingerprint to Drive

    R AhilanR Ahilan4 giorni fa
  • Back in the day we had things called Keys..

    Luke DavisLuke Davis4 giorni fa
    • keys can be stolen

      RonstedRonstedGiorno fa
  • PIN is visible by everyone. Why not use the buttons on the steering wheel, like in the game consoles? For example, "Left, Right, Right, Up" could be a lock combination.

    11th Dimension11th Dimension4 giorni fa
  • 23.11.2020 10:32 „EIN MONAT VOR CRASH“ Elon Musk gesteht Beinahe-Pleite von Tesla ein

    Kay Uwe BöhmKay Uwe Böhm4 giorni fa
  • Next video - “Here’s why are Tesla we are putting 42,000 satellites into the sky beaming 5g at you & ruining the night sky for astronomers!”

    Redline RacingRedline Racing4 giorni fa
    • For God's sake, 5G is not the least bit harmful. And Starlink isn't even 5G!!!

      Angad SinghAngad SinghGiorno fa
    • @Ronsted the ignorance that you posses is the very thing that will further damage your future. Your families future. Your friends future. Ignorance is the real killer. Conspiracy ? Ok. The real conspiracy is the mainstream. You are clearly in a slump & your bone idleness is going to keep you in your dark gloomy hole. Good luck.

      Redline RacingRedline Racing3 giorni fa
    • @Redline Racing nah, im good thanks. I don't want to get autism from reading all your conspiracy theories.

      RonstedRonsted3 giorni fa
    • The victors write the history books. May that never leave your mind. You want the truth? You think you can handle it? Okay. *Europa - The Last Battle* *NWO : Communism By The Back Door* *The Greatest Battle Never Told* *Hellstorm* *EndGame* Watch them. Open your eyes. Understand the true evil presence in our current world. The year is 2020 the global move to push the human race into a state of constant slavery is in complete motion. Day by day the tainted globalists & the cancerous media destroy your mind & control the masses. I cannot digress from the point that is the victors write the history books, this world isn’t what you are taught it is. The masses of lies have ruined our nations, ruined our people & ruined our societies. Global government is in the making. The truth cannot & will not be hidden. The victors write the history books. You all live lives of experiences that alter your ego, you are not your ego. You are a human. A human. Not a citizen. Human Not Citizen. There is a truth to everything. Corrupt the young, control the media & profit from everything in between. You people need to awaken.

      Redline RacingRedline Racing3 giorni fa
    • that's spacex lol.. also why are you using the internet to tell people they shouldn't be allowed to use internet

      RonstedRonsted4 giorni fa
  • But how will it remain a secret when you've company in your car?!

    Siddharth PandeySiddharth Pandey4 giorni fa
  • First: even from the street anybody can see you typing that PIN Second: face id would be a huge advantage however still not guaranteeing nothing Third: the most of people use same code for phone, card, etc... soooo...

    VZVRYVZVRY4 giorni fa
  • next is google authenticator

    Robert PaternosterRobert Paternoster4 giorni fa

    CGI FutureCGI Future4 giorni fa
  • Elon’s Pin: 6969

    DilanDilan4 giorni fa
  • Sir Elon Musk showing future of the transportation .

    Navneet RanjanNavneet Ranjan4 giorni fa
  • Next video heavy atack Mode actived

    ZgamerTYZgamerTY4 giorni fa
  • Next video : finger recognition for the machine gun on the roof!

    Lewis SmithLewis Smith4 giorni fa
  • Now i know that guys pin... Muahaha

    kevin j.kevin j.4 giorni fa
  • Face recognition would be so cool!

    Luvv AgrawalLuvv Agrawal4 giorni fa
  • 1988 is the pin

    Lima Lapan kaliLima Lapan kali4 giorni fa
  • Me tryna stealing Tesla That shit activates Me: presses power button and volume low at the same time Car *resets*

    Faran AhmadFaran Ahmad4 giorni fa
  • Imo you should update the number pad, have the numbers randomized after every entry, this way people can’t figure out pins by movements/ positions through sight. This also distributes where pressure points are on the screen, that’ll further reduce accumulated blemishes/dips in the screen that could be interpreted by someone, not to mention finger print positions.

    ShantyShanty4 giorni fa
    • Regarding your second point, the location of the keypad on the screen changes randomly each time it is displayed.

      Eastman WebbEastman Webb3 giorni fa
  • Me: Forgets pin Tesla: theif detected, generating vaccum

    Mayank PrasadMayank Prasad4 giorni fa
  • Where is fingerprint and faceID

    Travel by කූටරේTravel by කූටරේ4 giorni fa
  • black people in the ad to be woke, even though blacks aren't even their market for this car 😂

    John AmesJohn Ames5 giorni fa
    • What the fuck do you mean? Are you trying to say black people can't afford expensive cars?

      Angad SinghAngad SinghGiorno fa
  • Next up, Tesla Face ID

    Shark XShark X5 giorni fa
  • Also Fingerprint or something similar to FaceID wouldn't be so bad. 😉

    Ayon GeminiAyon Gemini5 giorni fa
  • I'm from India we don't even have Tesla. Why it's recommended to me ??

    Tanishq kethwasTanishq kethwas5 giorni fa
  • Due to the into, I thought I was watching MKBHD for a moment!

    W8n4SingularityW8n4Singularity5 giorni fa
  • That’s awesome

    Savage Kid ProductionsSavage Kid Productions5 giorni fa
  • imagine late to work, and your excuse is : "Im late to work today, because i forgot my password for my car"

    Muhammad MusliminMuhammad Muslimin5 giorni fa
  • Ilove you Tesla electric car 😍 I from Indonesia..😁

  • if ya'll ever find this car, remember that it's password is 1988

    Gw BaekGw Baek5 giorni fa
  • Gonna be breaking into a tesla like an iphone now

    MackaMacka5 giorni fa
    • The PIN is only a 2nd factor. You would still need the key.

      Eastman WebbEastman Webb3 giorni fa
  • Isn't this what keys are for...

    ginsengjinginsengjin5 giorni fa
    • This is 2FA. Anyone could steal your keys

      RonstedRonsted5 giorni fa
  • They should've added a fingerprint sensor at the steering

    Green GreenGreen Green5 giorni fa
  • They should also activate the false password mode: If thieves ask you for the password while they steal your car, you give them that false password, and let them drive the vehicle but only for a limited time (or drive to the nearest police station)

    Antú Ocampos RamosAntú Ocampos Ramos5 giorni fa
    • As part of "false password mode" the car could pretend to only have 3 miles of charge remaining and then cut off, plus it won’t allow itself to be charged until the real password is entered.

      Eastman WebbEastman Webb3 giorni fa