I Don't Think My Rottweiler Realises She is A Dog

18 feb 2021
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  • Dogs like this have 100% chance of stealing your man.

    Aurko MitraAurko Mitra4 minuti fa
  • real title of video "i dont think i realize im a human"

    Omar the Atheist AzizOmar the Atheist Aziz8 minuti fa
  • Had my Rottweiler for 11 years b4 she passed. She was the smartest pet I’ve ever owned. They think they are human. They understand language like no other breed.

    LLLL32 minuti fa
  • i do not think that "YOU" realized that she is a Dog... :l

    Electronic BoxElectronic BoxOra fa
  • I want a girlfriend who looks at me the same this Rottweiler does 😆

    Chard OlogChard OlogOra fa
  • What guys think about me.

    Lisa MadisonLisa Madison2 ore fa
  • My dog does this too because she loves scratches.

    Skim BeebleSkim Beeble2 ore fa
  • And one thing led to another after that

    Basant KumarBasant Kumar2 ore fa
  • That love for their families is exactly what makes them so protective. Easily 1 of my favorite breeds

    Jackson DonerJackson Doner2 ore fa
  • Plot twist: The human is a dog

    Gabbelito_sGabbelito_s3 ore fa
  • She thot ure proposing to her😁

    MR. ARABICMR. ARABIC3 ore fa
  • When you realize you're attracked by animals...

    bobduvarbobduvar4 ore fa
  • Awwww....I wanted that clip to be longer! So adorable.

    Gina MooreheadGina Moorehead4 ore fa
  • Rule 34

    mossy artmossy art6 ore fa
  • She wants to give you some🤣😂😂🤣😂

    Zing Loa71Zing Loa717 ore fa
  • They fuckin

    James FosterJames Foster8 ore fa
  • What’s the name of the song ? Sounds like it might be good

    Tillyjusta MuthambiTillyjusta Muthambi9 ore fa
  • Thank you for not clipping its tail and ears.

    ᜃᜆᜒᜉᜓᜈ ᜈ ᜑᜒᜋᜐᜒᜃᜃᜆᜒᜉᜓᜈ ᜈ ᜑᜒᜋᜐᜒᜃ9 ore fa
  • Her: he’s probably cheating on me Him:

    matthew natividadmatthew natividad9 ore fa
  • 0:11 Dog sticks tongue down human's throat.

    Jonathan HenryJonathan Henry10 ore fa
  • Ok he's definitely been in quarantine too long 😂😂

    Killy KatKilly Kat10 ore fa
  • its all fun and games till the dog starts to speak.

    Kemani LabordeKemani Laborde10 ore fa
  • Or man thinks he's a dog?

    miatap21miatap2110 ore fa
  • Not that unusual, my collie does this.

    Laura WalkerLaura Walker10 ore fa
  • Human : treats dog like human Dog : treats human like dog ITworlds : interesting

    Johan ChaJohan Cha11 ore fa
  • Rottweilers are the biggest babies. I love them. It is so funny how they love to sit on your lap no matter how big they get.

    L BL B11 ore fa
  • Move over people animals are the new humans.

    Lazy JesusLazy Jesus11 ore fa
  • Twitter (sick animals f cckers) furries approve this video ....

    yataro okayamayataro okayama11 ore fa
  • Very creepy

    Richard LionheartRichard Lionheart11 ore fa
  • I think they got healthy sex life together!

    Marco PaziniMarco Pazini11 ore fa
  • It never happened, it stays between us

    Shaunn RadebeShaunn Radebe12 ore fa
  • Dogs: most domesticatd animals human like ! Godly !

    George Washington BushGeorge Washington Bush12 ore fa
  • I don't your dog realises she's a Rottweiler!

    Mauro CandiagoMauro Candiago13 ore fa
  • This comment is for anyone who is thinking of getting a pet for emotional reason. Please deal with people more , try and tolerate people more.

    Vijay SharmaVijay Sharma13 ore fa
  • He fuckin his dog for sure

    hot dogehot doge13 ore fa
  • White people have a sick obsession with animals

    Roast ChickenRoast Chicken15 ore fa
  • The comments on these videos are fun to read. They actually become better entertainment than the video itself. Have a great day!

    Dan RozelleDan Rozelle16 ore fa
  • I can't take it I love big baby dogs

    Lindy MandeliniLindy Mandelini16 ore fa
  • Somewhere on Whooftude, This human thinks he's a dogo!

    Boy from the mountainsBoy from the mountains16 ore fa
  • Dogs are one of the greatest gifts from god bc they can teach you how to love unconditionally,be fair, be disciplined, keep a schedule, and show you your never physically alone in this world. At a really bad time in my life after a motorcycle accident with nobody but my service American bulldog (dozer) I took allot of my misunderstandings frustration and anger for life out on him and no matter how bad I may have acted towards him he never turned away from me and only tried to comfort me and give me love. I knew the mental state I was in was not healthy for him mentally or physically and I found him a good home to be a service dog for a in need child. I still think about him everyday bc he taught me so much way more then I taught him. I am elevated past that glory to god and I’ve learned new ways to be a good owner. Never give up on your pooch bc they will never give up on you. They will push themselves in danger to take care of you and love you. We as humans don’t deserve that kind of love and loyalty from anything

    Diamond SkyDiamond Sky17 ore fa
  • Whether if it's a dog or any animal I truly do believe they understand a lot more than we realize. That's what makes them so much more special.

    Sheldon KSheldon K18 ore fa
  • Pov - his wife is testing his loyalty

    I'm a potatoI'm a potato18 ore fa
  • 10 second video of a dog over one million views. 25 k thumbs up. Why try hard to make a video people. LOL

    displayfireworks2008displayfireworks200818 ore fa
  • 👀💪🌹🙏💜

    Mr. Rose's Life, Entertainment and MoreMr. Rose's Life, Entertainment and More18 ore fa
  • relationship goals

    Feral MinaFeral Mina19 ore fa
  • Wieso hat das über 1 Mio aufrufe....

    Max MustermannMax Mustermann21 ora fa
  • My Rottweiler does that when I come home. We have a landing near the front door and he sits like that so we can hug. It melts your heart!!!

    FlashFronk PreppingFlashFronk Prepping21 ora fa
  • Is it just me, or this seems a bit creepy...

    Siamese FlowerSiamese Flower21 ora fa
  • what da dog doin😳

    ׁׁ21 ora fa
  • Last night, I put my dog in the bedroom, she came with her toy. I Called her out of the room, I told her to drop the toy, and we went back in. I close the door, put her in her bed, Cover her with a blanked and I go to bed. As soon as I am covered, she gets out of bed, wiggles out of her blanket, opens the door, gets her toy, comes back in the bedroom, closes the door and back in her bed. I am not sure if I have a dog, or a toddler

    John DemetriouJohn Demetriou21 ora fa
  • DreadCannibalDreadCannibal22 ore fa
  • She’s trying to get freaky

    BuddyrebelBuddyrebel22 ore fa
  • Seal - Kiss from a Rose

    DamascusDamascus23 ore fa
  • Same with my rott.😀

    Lenovo K3Lenovo K323 ore fa
  • Plot twist : she thinks he thinks himself as a dog !

  • Mine too❤🤗 Thinks himself as a human just like us

    Munna- The Indian DogMunna- The Indian Dog23 ore fa
  • ㅠㅠ

    Ying CrackerYing CrackerGiorno fa
  • Can't wait to see the result in 9 months

    Jremy JremyJremy JremyGiorno fa
  • My dog did something similar to this, I thought we had a cute moment, just me and my best bro. It turned out that he just wanted my steak that was on the table behind me.

    Corazón C.Corazón C.Giorno fa
  • Beautiful dogs ❤ Nice bond

    Brax fanBrax fanGiorno fa
  • 0:09 Your lovemaking has an orgasm

    Vaibhav_niteshVaibhav_niteshGiorno fa
  • All nice and good until you get an actual girlfriend....

    CouchRestingBuddhaCouchRestingBuddhaGiorno fa
  • yoooo that video cut off for a reason lol

    seeeLAH1seeeLAH1Giorno fa
  • Oh...oh sorry I feel as though I've intruded I'll see myself out

    Jacob ChalklerJacob ChalklerGiorno fa
  • Dog: We can make this work. Kiss me.

    SmoothSoulBrothaSmoothSoulBrothaGiorno fa
  • They had sex before

    Schrodingers CatSchrodingers CatGiorno fa
  • What song is that?

    DanCorpDanCorpGiorno fa
  • The song is Outlaw's farewell part 2

    abrayan makondeabrayan makondeGiorno fa

    RatusRatusGiorno fa
  • A lot of dogs are like that lmao

    TrojanPieceTrojanPieceGiorno fa
  • At least she's most trusteble girlfriend in the world 😂

    Akkiiiking xAkkiiiking xGiorno fa
  • "what are you doing step human?"

    TsuneroTsuneroGiorno fa
  • This is not your old lady. Its your dog.

    Fon HollohanFon HollohanGiorno fa
  • I have a pit that acts and does the exact same thing

    sularetal987sularetal987Giorno fa
  • Your girlfriends hot

    Harry StylesHarry StylesGiorno fa
  • I’m getting a Rottie this year love em.

    Pac ManPac ManGiorno fa
  • "I dont think my Rottweiler realises she is a dog.'' And that is your defence for having relations with your dog?

    Oliver ThinksOliver ThinksGiorno fa
  • that time i got reincarnated as a dog

    Ocire OcireOcire OcireGiorno fa
  • *****BEAUTIFUL***** (And thank you for NOT cutting her tail).

    Tressa ArashebenTressa ArashebenGiorno fa
  • That's the way it should be ..

    Fine Tune CB ShopFine Tune CB ShopGiorno fa
  • Disgusting

    rose ezerose ezeGiorno fa
  • Lola: dude, sit down...I have something to tell you. I DON'T LIKE THE NEW DOGFOOD YOU JUST GOT ME...please change it!

    India HawkinsIndia HawkinsGiorno fa
  • Hmm that poor dog...

    Skylarkist ExpertSkylarkist ExpertGiorno fa
  • Congratulations for 1 million views.

    vijay v survevijay v surveGiorno fa
  • Weird man

    WecxWecxGiorno fa
  • I was cringing hoping you dont kiss her like a human 🤦🏽‍♀️😬

    anatipa takaanatipa takaGiorno fa
  • Dude maybe.....you don't realise you are a Rottweiler .

    The S WordThe S WordGiorno fa
  • i dont think you realise its a dog

    RinkeRinkeGiorno fa
  • Actually, I think she thinks yall are married😭

    Beautiful leavesBeautiful leavesGiorno fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🤝🤝🤝

    Udo HarnandoUdo HarnandoGiorno fa
  • Both of you ❤️ Each other.

    Karl BerryKarl BerryGiorno fa
  • Now matter how much you love your dog kissing his mouth is just disgusting. That tongue licked his ass for fucks sake

    ThePizzaGuyThePizzaGuyGiorno fa
  • AllSin IsEqualAllSin IsEqualGiorno fa
  • Don't you dare hurt her❤️😘

    Shounak GupteShounak GupteGiorno fa
  • males are called Dog and females are called Bitch. I don't know why people use Dog with 'She'.

    mayank sharmamayank sharmaGiorno fa
  • Bitches are great !!

  • I truly believe my dog thinks she's human she understands if I say no, stop, get off my bed, or come here.

    Travissa BizzellTravissa BizzellGiorno fa
  • This is gonna be in your recommendation

    Hokage MusicHokage MusicGiorno fa
  • Ahh another image to turn into ANIME

    Rey Michael S. ZornosaRey Michael S. ZornosaGiorno fa
  • My Nico would do the same thing. My angel ❤️

    Rafaela ForgiariniRafaela ForgiariniGiorno fa