Gramps the 11 Second Car - Build Part 7

26 lug 2014
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Part 7 of the Gramps Build!
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

  • With Al, Miles and Scotty, you guys found a damn good dream team to help with your builds. All of these guys just seem like genuinely good guys who have an immense amount of knowledge and experience between them. With these three guys in the same room, I think that virtually any car-related problem could be solved, no matter how severe. Been going back and rewatching some of these older build series and I learn new things every time.

    Kyle StewartKyle Stewart2 giorni fa
  • Great words from Turbo Yoda at the end. Really good choice in background music for that.

    Kristopher TruexKristopher Truex4 giorni fa
  • Ho1y shlt how am I just seeing this now! MCM you have a fan in the USA. Turbo Yoda and company you guys were amazing 7yrs ago and you're even more so now. To bad you guys will never see this post. God bless.

    Life in WashingtonLife in Washington19 giorni fa
  • It's almost 2021 and this still brings on a great big smile.

    LaughingLogic (Adam)LaughingLogic (Adam)20 giorni fa
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    Iliana HahnIliana HahnMese fa
  • Anyone have this pop up in their feed in Dec 2020?

    Stephen TurnerStephen TurnerMese fa
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    Jade AstumerJade AstumerMese fa
  • Why use stainless for the intercooler pipes? Wouldn’t aluminum be a lot more heat resistant?

    Dre's Racing ChannelDre's Racing ChannelMese fa
  • Watching this in 2020... How much weight had Alan lost?! He looks a completely different man nowadays!

    Ben VernonBen VernonMese fa
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    Troy HuynhTroy HuynhMese fa
  • getting around to watching the old episodes after watching MCM and Skid Factory. Al is someone who I'd like to have a cold beer with.

    Darrell BaughmanDarrell BaughmanMese fa
  • problem what I am having Honda prelude rpm up down up down I have to maintain RPM from accelerater how is look like that's why I make a video but I understand your situation cant give me your email so I'm requesting you to tell me help me how I can fix that Or if you have a time you can see the video on ITworlds just type( honda prelude tell me) green color Honda prelude I know what I'm saying is funny but I don't have any other options to show you

    • @Mohamed Haidar nothing happened brother or maybe I do wrong way I'll try it again at this morning

    • @Mohamed Haidar I asked many you do birthday don't reply but thank you your reply I will do what you say I will make a video and I hope I can send you I really appreciate

    • I think your problem could be your ignition sequence needs to be reset. Very simple fix, when the car is cold all you have go to do is hold the accelerator all the way down to the floor. while your foot is planted you want to start the car. You might hear a strange noise but that’s just the car re configuring Keep your foot down the whole time till the car turns off on it’s own and you’ll be set!

      Mohamed HaidarMohamed HaidarMese fa
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    Omar BuenoOmar BuenoMese fa

    wah panda1wah panda1Mese fa
  • 11 second car build my ass. This video is over an hour long. Horrible clickbait, you can tell how long it is before you even click the video. I can't even disconnect a battery in 11 seconds. You must think I'm stupid. Smh

    Anguish BarbarianAnguish BarbarianMese fa
  • Rockin a seattle shirt

    Cortez williamsCortez williamsMese fa
  • Good point on coilovers, most kids will probably understand that they ruined their handling in like 10 years by installing junk parts like Tein, i am one of the kids hahah :D

    Anton RAnton RMese fa
  • the music is definitely fire

    Rubin HesterRubin HesterMese fa
  • "nothing better than more stiffness" - that's what she said

    ZiUXtvZiUXtvMese fa
  • Perfect.

    Xau ThuXau ThuMese fa
  • Fuck i think i build better cars. Nissan's lol But i love watching you guys. Great work

    Sean HumeSean HumeMese fa
  • @Mighty Car Mods, what's the song @min @51:00? Sounds epic and I can't find it anywhere. Thanks & keep up the good work! Love the show!

    Mircea.AMircea.AMese fa
  • Rewatched, November 2020. We were young once. We still think we are. - Turbo Yoda Damn, that man's nickname fits. We will always love cars, doesn't matter what type it is.

    Tin_Man_TonTin_Man_TonMese fa
  • 2 million @ 11/22/2020 6:20 EST :D

    Red CharacterRed CharacterMese fa
  • Turbo yoda = legend

    FettyGoat GamingFettyGoat GamingMese fa
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    Teddy Hp.GTeddy Hp.GMese fa
  • Still a good watch, 6 years later.

    UnklianUnklian2 mesi fa
  • pog

    ErxyyEuErxyyEu2 mesi fa
  • I binge watch this build every few months, the hard work and passion for doing what you love is nothing short of amazing by the boys! - I can’t wait to do a similar build to my foz!

    Matthew PetersenMatthew Petersen2 mesi fa
  • Why did this pop up in my recommended 6 years later?

    Singh ZimaSingh Zima2 mesi fa
  • Those intercooler piping welds are some of the smoothest I've ever seen.

    Ning3nNing3n2 mesi fa
  • Question - Is that flexi-driver a manufactured tool if so could you please let us know who makes that little bit of genius, or is that a homemade piece of clever wit? Either way i can only imagine its' super useful and Im building or buying one lol! Cheers

    Dirk DigglerDirk Diggler2 mesi fa
  • Oh wow this is nostalgic I cant believe iv been watching for over 6 years

    AntonAnton2 mesi fa
  • Why did this pop up in my recommended

    JarodJarod2 mesi fa
  • Turbo Yoda is awesome and very inspiring. I have been tinkering with cars and jeeps for over 15 years now but have got down and haven't wanted to turn wrenches for a while until I heard what he said and now I think I'll get back to building my r50 mini cooper and my dr-z400sm soon. Thanks Turbo Yoda.

    Joshua CheekJoshua Cheek2 mesi fa
  • Was this filmed and Queensland or nsw

    Simon PlantSimon Plant2 mesi fa
  • Whats wrong with having a single ecu for everything tho?. The argument that oh if you don't need certain inputs u don't need that unit ? lol you just don't run a wire?I think its preference rather than one is better than the other.Also I feel one is going to cost a crapload more.

    Filip ;;Filip ;;2 mesi fa
  • Gives me motivation to get my Alfa 159 back on the road

    OrangeNinjaOrangeNinja2 mesi fa
  • Turbo Yoda is the mechanic where if you leave it with him it’s in safe hands , you can see some maaaad skills from this video , Best video MCM has ever made

    Jewish EWokJewish EWok3 mesi fa
  • Super tramps is awesome but I loved the more squarebody look if the original gramps!

    John JonesJohn Jones3 mesi fa
  • Requesting clearance Clarence.

    robisfantasticrobisfantastic3 mesi fa
  • Turbo Yoda is a champion and moog is gross for biting that nasty thing!

    ErrlGlerbsIVErrlGlerbsIV3 mesi fa
  • Can you guys please tell me the name of the song at 50:26 I thought it was by Moog but I can’t find it Edit: After doing more research, all the music Moog and Marty use is made by Moog himself. The song I’m looking for was never officially released sadly.

    Chris UrenaChris Urena4 mesi fa
  • I LOVE Turbo Yoda! He truly seems like a great guy and such an unreal mechanic and fabricator

    RJ MaguireRJ Maguire4 mesi fa
  • Turbo Yoda is awesome to watch work. Nice end dialogue too. Kudos!

    X-PUKKA-XX-PUKKA-X4 mesi fa
  • Isn’t the reason that sti is pink is because it’s the colour of the Japanese cherry blossom or something?

    Robo StoryRobo Story5 mesi fa
  • Rewatching this has made me so happy that you guys talked turbo yoda and woody into starting the skid factory!

    SuhMuhDudesSuhMuhDudes5 mesi fa
  • The fact that this was 6 years ago is mad. I remember watching this as it came out I remember they did something where the videos were almost daily.

    NippyMotoNippyMoto5 mesi fa
  • man this series is a lot longer than 11 seconds

    HmmHmm6 mesi fa
  • Mighty Car Mods do you guys have a link to the bead roller you guys were using for the cool piping or how you guys made it?

    RickJamesRickJames7 mesi fa
  • Does turbo yoda have a spoken book series? Or some sort of sleep hypnosis tapes? There’s defo a market for that.

    Colinio AColinio A8 mesi fa
  • Turbo Yoda! He is amazing, RESPECT!!!

    Norbert TormaNorbert Torma8 mesi fa
  • Rewatching this series under the clampdown. A very cool build all round. I agree with what Jacob Voss said 5 years ago about All's monologue. Older car enthusiests are cool and have a lot to pass on.

    TheCSHecklerTheCSHeckler8 mesi fa
  • best gramps ever.

    starmauserstarmauser9 mesi fa
  • Is that a mac running windows? 55:47

    NotAvailableNotAvailable10 mesi fa
  • Thanks to Yoda for taking the time to let people know anybody can do this stuff, you just have to want to.

    LelandLeland10 mesi fa
  • The shear amount of wiring for this car to be "Halteched" was mindboggling. I think Turbo Yoda is capable of anything including neuro surgery. I enjoy the show and Turbo Yoda, to me at least, is one of the huge reasons why.

    John WernerJohn Werner10 mesi fa
  • 45:10 Turbo Yoda is the tallest of them all. I'm not surprised.

    johnybravo80johnybravo8010 mesi fa
  • Umm hi top marks for this series @Mighty Car Mods but how is nobody talking about the 1200k bicycle ride Moog and Tuning Fork made from Sydney?!

    JohnBensonJohnBenson11 mesi fa
  • The 58:25 conversation show'd that Martin had zero clue when it came to variable camshafts and what they do yet his head kept nodding/saying yes every 2 seconds with a slight smile/blank look in his eyes while everything said went in one ear and out the other... On the other end of the spectrum, turbo yoda watches everything, is silent and you know that anything said that he needs to learn, instantly gets banked in the internal hard drive

    supafrancissupafrancis11 mesi fa
  • can I ask why an air pod was used and then has to be taken off each year for rego inspection

    peter barberpeter barberAnno fa
  • Turbo Yoda ❤

    RakkeRakkeAnno fa
  • I wonder if Alan would consider adopting a 22 year old American man

    Nick GauthierNick GauthierAnno fa
  • 38.59 'not that we are goin need to take the engine out or anything'

    Brady BBrady BAnno fa
  • That welding! Pornography man! Great work!!!!!!

    YokoYokoAnno fa
  • Marty buy 2 fiar uno s weld them up 2fronts make it 4 wheel drive

    Clayton HumanClayton HumanAnno fa
  • This was 5 years ago which is an insanely hard to believe as I remember watching this series as it came out week by week.

    NippyMotoNippyMotoAnno fa
  • Oh wow Marty is running Windows 7 in a VM

    Michael NugentMichael NugentAnno fa
  • Turbo yoda is the boss

    Michael CurrieMichael CurrieAnno fa
  • Short and simple, isn't that what she said last night??

    Josh SwartJosh SwartAnno fa
  • Turbo Yoda is a legend.

    Attila .GodolleyAttila .GodolleyAnno fa
  • Do you see how genuine everyone’s smiles were when Gramps fired up? I think that’s the most I’ve ever seen Turbo Yoda smile...

    Eric LockEric LockAnno fa
  • I couldn't help but smile the whole time turbo yoda was talking at the end. Miles and Al are just Legends.

    nooranik21nooranik21Anno fa
  • "Not that we're going to need to take the engine out." Cursed it right there.

    nooranik21nooranik21Anno fa
  • 00:53 haha buddy gets annoyed when he gets cut off from talking haha lol surprises it was left in goes to Show ya how some people just have no idea how they affect other ppl and just focused on them selves

    • Lmao iv rewatch3d that like 10 times

  • I don't understand how turbo yoda is so patience Jajaja Marty can be annoying sometimes 😂

    WarCry389WarCry3892 anni fa
  • Lost your safety glasses ?

    Walt HansenWalt Hansen2 anni fa
  • I need the song that starts playing at 29:02 It's effin dope and I can't find it anywhere :'( 'I guess it doesn't matter, cuz we're never gonna go anywhere'

  • Al standing on a box when pictured next to beanstalk Scotty Tuning Fork, lol.

    Alex VeldhuisAlex Veldhuis2 anni fa
  • Great wisdom Turbo Yoda!!

    Esequiel QuemaEsequiel Quema2 anni fa
  • hmm, is that skyline in the background the same as the one in the skid factory?? when it had its v6 in it? :D

    urbanrider 197urbanrider 1972 anni fa
  • Justa' few wires...

    Shane HansonShane Hanson2 anni fa
  • Mitsubishi alternator on a Subaru motor lol

    alec mathewsalec mathews2 anni fa
  • came back for yoda speech,

    Marcus. TMarcus. T2 anni fa

    coreysteadycoreysteady2 anni fa
  • I've changed his name to complete car care Yodda.....

    Robert GibsonRobert Gibson2 anni fa
  • Turbo Yodda is awesome!!! I'm impressed....

    Robert GibsonRobert Gibson2 anni fa
  • Turbo Yoda always looks at the camera with the most intense eyes.

    Thomas LageThomas Lage2 anni fa
  • That moment when the skyline on the hoist is the one they put an ls1 in on the skid factory

    MAdLaD2011MAdLaD20112 anni fa
  • 4:13 no no no its because of heaT reduction!!!! lol BLACK

    Eric DoeEric Doe2 anni fa
  • Man that was a mind boosting build. It’s inspirational to see people do the very best they can with what they have got, and make magic. Turbo Yoda 🍺

    Dave PedroDave Pedro2 anni fa
  • Just fucking greatness!!!

    Tim RuiterTim Ruiter2 anni fa
  • Rewatching this series, 38:54 “Not that we’re going to have to take the engine out.” Left me sad af

    Otto DocentemOtto Docentem2 anni fa
  • Well done guys great conversion cheers

    Paul TaylorPaul Taylor2 anni fa
  • That last speil by Turbo Yoda.....epic

    joey243winjoey243win2 anni fa
  • turbo yoda rockssss love him!!! you guys do great a job much fun to watch you!!!!

    ArthurArthur2 anni fa
  • i would kill to be taken under yoda's wing to just have 1/10th of his knowledge would be amazing!! he is truly seems like the most genuine guy ...

    James RamsdenJames Ramsden2 anni fa
  • Turbo yoda is a legend.

    Marc CampbellMarc Campbell2 anni fa
  • I just don't believe that no solder business, the heat thing, I can't see anywhere in the car getting to the temp needed to melt solder, which starts at about 180C and to get good flow you probably need nearer 280C and from a mechanical point of view I cant't see a crimped joint, however good it is, being as mechanical strong as a solder joint. Pretty sure if solder was good enough for NASA to get to the moon and to use on the shuttle and all the satellites that are floating around in space sending this signal as we speak then it will be good enough for a car.

    diecast jamdiecast jam2 anni fa
  • Is it not customary to clean the car before you sell it in Australia? 🤔

    HQR S30HQR S302 anni fa