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Do you like Blind Guardian? Would you like to play BRIGHT EYES, BARD'S SONG...? Here's a TUTORIAL on HOW TO PLAY LIKE BLIND GUARDIAN.... More or less.
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    ARATAARATA11 giorni fa
    • 😂😂😂😂😂lmao

      Angelo BissantiAngelo BissantiGiorno fa
    • Verräter hald!!

      Thomas MatheislThomas MatheislGiorno fa

      Giulio S.Giulio S.2 giorni fa
    • @Giulio S. Ma allora é proprio un comBlotto e noncielodikono!

      NikonistiNikonisti2 giorni fa
    • @Nikonisti con i sottotitoli respiri la tua anidride carbonica... ...Pare.

      Giulio S.Giulio S.2 giorni fa
  • haha, this was fantastic! :D

    PlacidDragonPlacidDragon6 minuti fa
  • oh that was so good!!!!! I love BG but man, you rocked it using trade tricks and that was sublime! Plus, you are super funny! Just got a new sub my man! Bravissimo!

    M3Studios OfficialM3Studios Official26 minuti fa
  • from all beates you woul choose "love me do" ????from all of queen - invisible man??? C`mon, make smth interesting - past and future secret...

    Чуй СгорыЧуй СгорыOra fa
  • cool. it was so long ago i heard B G Great

    thomas bergqvistthomas bergqvist2 ore fa
  • i see ... you should have used the NES from the 80´s, noob...just kidding ...

    thomas bergqvistthomas bergqvist2 ore fa
  • This is f$%kem amazing lol

    Bass FiendBass Fiend2 ore fa
  • Hahahaha!! I haven't laughed this hard in a while! Sounds just like the real thing 100% (Liked and subbed)

    Roger WinrightRoger Winright2 ore fa
  • Biggest scam of my life. You said NO TALENT and it's everywhere in this vid. Sub to curse you, hopefully eternally.

    Conrad PhạmConrad Phạm4 ore fa
  • Inklings (splatoon) version of Blind Guardian!!!!

    Aaron van den BoschAaron van den Bosch6 ore fa
  • come rovinare un pezzo che fa cagare già di suo...questo è talento.

    Q-HertzQ-Hertz7 ore fa
  • Just stumbled on your channel, this was highly entertaining, you deserve a cookie...err...sub!

    Metallian81Metallian8116 ore fa
  • This is sooooo funy!!! Lol!! Greetings from Basque Country!

    Nemósine AV OcioNemósine AV Ocio17 ore fa
  • Genius!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Orb ExtreemeOrb Extreeme17 ore fa
  • I have been a Blind Guardian Fan for the longest time and i enjoyed this video WAY more than i probably should have xD Great Job, dude, i love this! :)

    Evil In Your ClosetEvil In Your Closet19 ore fa
  • This man is the secret identity behind nightcore, confirmed.

    Yuli The CreatorYuli The Creator19 ore fa
  • ~to beee the lasst BEFORE the STORM Awesome video \m/

    BigTArmadaBigTArmada20 ore fa
  • Holy shit, I almost died when he busted out the fucking clippers! This is absolutely brilliant!

    MrGogoZecMrGogoZec20 ore fa
  • Hey Davie504, check this out... 👀

    Fred BanionisFred Banionis20 ore fa
  • Dude.. the title is wrong! if that's not talent then I am Rocky Balboa...

    AK-85AK-8521 ora fa
  • la tua prossima sfida è riuscire farla mettere nel prossimo film di Alvin.

    Tommaso PilleriTommaso Pilleri21 ora fa
  • Questa è la cosa più bella che abbia visto questa settimana

    Christian Polo Del VecchioChristian Polo Del Vecchio21 ora fa
  • I’m deaddd 😂😂😂

    Artemisia mg OfficialArtemisia mg Official22 ore fa
  • 😍

    Humanistic ValleyHumanistic Valley22 ore fa
  • Now that was great...On the other hand though, from Nanowar to this, i see a pattern...Italians have some serious issues with Blind Guardian xD

    asd qwe the legendasd qwe the legend23 ore fa
  • =))))))) ты умеешь поднять настроение.

    80TRADS80TRADS23 ore fa
  • Very funny!!! I love Blind Guardian, I hope they are watching this little piece of musical madness!!! Grazie from Germania!!!!

    Marcel NamysloMarcel NamysloGiorno fa
  • Это чертовски гениально!!!!!!! Просто шедеврально!!!!!!! Я аплодирую стоя, бурно переходя в овацию!!!

    Валерий МатвеевВалерий МатвеевGiorno fa
  • Felice come uno schianto di merda che sbuca dopo ore dal buco nero. Realizza un video su una canzone in stile Albano, sto male lo so.

    Giuseppe DoronzoGiuseppe DoronzoGiorno fa
  • Почему оно у меня в рекомендациях? И почему я его досмотрел до конца?

    Сергей СерыйСергей СерыйGiorno fa
  • It's so fun and good! 1 Like from Russian)

    Макарова ИринаМакарова ИринаGiorno fa
  • Awesome rabbits on vocals

    Gabriel RaphaelGabriel RaphaelGiorno fa

    Awesome Metal Bands OfficialAwesome Metal Bands OfficialGiorno fa
  • Hahahaha che mona 😀😀

    anubi1983anubi1983Giorno fa
  • Chapeau!

    Fleshgod ApocalypseFleshgod ApocalypseGiorno fa
  • As funny as this video was, it actually demonstrated a relatively high competency and understanding of your tools and of music, very impressive.

    Gess HughGess HughGiorno fa
  • Beh, non direi proprio "Senza alcun talento"... comunque è una figata :D

    Max De PoliMax De PoliGiorno fa
  • Wow! Very amusing video! Nice work! Just subbed! Love from Greece, dude!

    alphajames33alphajames33Giorno fa
    • Thanks from Italy 🙏🙏🙏

      ARATAARATAGiorno fa

  • FINALLY someone made a tutorial on Blind Guardian! And a helpful one, too! :D Keep the good work!

    ZhorezzZhorezzGiorno fa
  • Well done, had a lot of fun and I am happy I discovered you

    Thorsten SteinmannThorsten SteinmannGiorno fa
    • 🙏🙏

      ARATAARATAGiorno fa
  • genius!

    trasakastrasakasGiorno fa
  • WTF? Que c...o? 😂😂😂

    NikiokoNikiokoGiorno fa
  • This is the way to make reggeton...

    Freddy FuentesFreddy FuentesGiorno fa
    • dear friend, in his italian channel Mark made a video about reggeton. maybe it's too difficult for not italians, because ha makes too many jokes that are not easy to translate but in the end i think you can find it funny. check it out

      Marco PrimaveraMarco PrimaveraGiorno fa
  • LOL! You're a genius!

    Goth AnaGoth AnaGiorno fa
  • Hahahahahahaha this is so great!!!!!

  • Can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂. Great cover!

    azathozazathozGiorno fa
    • 😅🙏

      ARATAARATAGiorno fa
  • HAHAHAHA I was just watching an interview where Billy Sheehan was saying it was cool to use a pick or your fingers or a powerdrill if you needed to. The clippers still has me rolling on the floor ten minutes later. Bravo. And doing the bass as vocals was brilliant. Omg. Thank you for this.

    Vincent DennisVincent DennisGiorno fa
    • Thanks man 🙏🙏

      ARATAARATAGiorno fa
  • i like blind guardian yes, don't like ur approach tho, didn't really get ur target, the mario and the actiing made me confused

    sadmarvinsadmarvinGiorno fa
  • I'm afraid to try that on my guitar... doesn't it cut the string ? oO

    jaileleujaileleuGiorno fa
  • Too damn good! 🤘❤️🤘

    Soren AraujoSoren AraujoGiorno fa
  • Lmao that was awesome!

    Dan VascDan VascGiorno fa
    • Eu arrepiei só de pensar na possibilidade de você fazer um cover dessa musica!

      K LangoK LangoGiorno fa
    • Thank you so much 🤟🤟🤟

      ARATAARATAGiorno fa
  • Great video, it made me laugh so much I think I scared the neighbours! I enjoyed the cover a lot too.

    OnceUponAMidnightOnceUponAMidnightGiorno fa
    • Glad you liked it 🙏🙏🙏

      ARATAARATAGiorno fa
  • 2:46 oh wow xD

    VenomorphVenomorphGiorno fa
  • One like for the use of MAutopitch plugin :D. Great result btw

    GuiguiGuiguiGiorno fa
  • You owned it man, congratulations LOL

    Rodney WallaceRodney WallaceGiorno fa
    • 🙏🙏🙏

      ARATAARATAGiorno fa
  • spettacolare!! la parte piu figa comunque è il basso eh 😂

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  • That was entertaining af. 🤣 I laughed so much. Thanks for the vid. 😁

    RetenekRetenekGiorno fa
    • 🙏🙏🙏

      ARATAARATAGiorno fa
  • The bass is like Van Canto!!!

    Cleber Tavares Jr.Cleber Tavares Jr.Giorno fa
  • what the fuck was that ? and why did I liked that so much ??

    haas pierre-anthonyhaas pierre-anthonyGiorno fa
  • Thank you, this was beautiful.

    Christian ThompsonChristian ThompsonGiorno fa
    • 🙏

      ARATAARATAGiorno fa
  • BRAVO!!! BRAVÍSSIMO!!! Great salute from Brazil!

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    • Thanks man!

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  • Ma solo a me è venuto in mente che una cover in growl di "non mi basta più" di Baby-K avrebbe un suo perché? Potresti farci un pensiero MTH

    A BA BGiorno fa
  • what is the program that you use to change your voice?

    Gabriel LacerdaGabriel Lacerda2 giorni fa
  • My favorite band, thank you for the cover :)!!

    wolfiebgwolfiebg2 giorni fa
  • Another Holy War feat. 100 Gecs.

    John Engel AnimationJohn Engel Animation2 giorni fa
  • I think it would be way easier to learn playing and singing.

    egiochegioch2 giorni fa
    • I wrote "no talent", I didn't write "easy method" 😎

      ARATAARATA2 giorni fa
  • que crack jajajajja por cierto, te gano al track & field :P

    alex vazquezalex vazquez2 giorni fa
  • Blind Guardian meets the Chipmunks. 😂 Very creative ideas my friend. 😜🤣

    Kerstin ArndtKerstin Arndt2 giorni fa
  • ti vlakas p sai re

  • "It's Metal, who gives a crap about bass??" I hear Davie504's pain echoing in the force. ;) Seriously, I once saw Eisregen playing without their bassist, because he got sick just shortly before the concert. Kudos for them still playing the concert, but it really lacked *everything* without bass.

    hrymrhrymr2 giorni fa
  • OMG quando è partito il cantato sono morto, poi sono risorto un attimo per scrivere questo commento, adesso torno morto, CIAO!

    WalthanarWalthanar2 giorni fa
  • I'm so glad Hansi doesn't sound like this. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    CrowsingerCrowsinger2 giorni fa
    • Oh come on, I know YOU WISH he could sing like that 😎

      ARATAARATA2 giorni fa
  • Non farò mai più cover...CIT 😅💪 Grande Mark, non ti smentisci neanche in inglese.

    Davide DavideDavide Davide2 giorni fa
  • Se fossero morti, si rivolterebbero nella tomba 🤣 pero' ho riso ahhaaa

    Spazio GamersSpazio Gamers2 giorni fa
  • You destroyed a song man...

    David DistefanoDavid Distefano2 giorni fa
  • LOL, you’re freaking amazing and Blind Guardian is my favorite band! Cheers from Brazil

    Luis Felipe EleotérioLuis Felipe Eleotério2 giorni fa
  • La perfezione

    DBMC OfficialDBMC Official2 giorni fa
  • Dude... U R a genius! 🤣

    Pavloz KapelizPavloz Kapeliz2 giorni fa
  • You're a pearl! *LOL*

    Georg RuzzeneGeorg Ruzzene2 giorni fa
  • Il tuo accento inglese e' classico di un italiano che lo parla poco ma lo sa molto bene , complimenti ottimo video in english . Ps shall si legge come si pronuncia ; )

    Apex Legends DogPillsApex Legends DogPills2 giorni fa
  • Il tuo accento inglese e' classico di un italiano che lo parla poco ma lo sa molto bene , complimenti ottimo video in english . Ps shall si legge come si pronuncia ; )

    Apex Legends DogPillsApex Legends DogPills2 giorni fa
  • Eurowizja jak nic😀

    piotr myszkapiotr myszka3 giorni fa
  • Morto😂😂

    Francesco Di PasqualeFrancesco Di Pasquale3 giorni fa
  • Made my day... ;-)

    Phil AusdemwildenwestenPhil Ausdemwildenwesten3 giorni fa
  • Daniel PecoraroDaniel Pecoraro3 giorni fa
  • Hai toccato le vette del boh! so cosa dire! Un mito! Sul basso sono morto!

    Stefano stefanefStefano stefanef3 giorni fa
  • I love Blind Guardian and I absolutely love this cover :-D well done!! :-D

    Alberto PeraroAlberto Peraro3 giorni fa
  • Figo il kpopmetal!

    Federico LemmaFederico Lemma3 giorni fa
  • He's lying, you can happily skip 6:00 of this video

    Levi McGlincheyLevi McGlinchey3 giorni fa
  • Your methods are so epic! :D

    Pierre-Emmanuel FieschiPierre-Emmanuel Fieschi3 giorni fa
  • MakuMaku3 giorni fa
  • per davvero qualcuno si ricorda ancora dei blind guardian?

    HebiHebi3 giorni fa
  • Davie504 apprezza l'impegno, but he Need more BASS Grande Mark, mi fai sempre divertire un sacco!

    Giovanni GiraudiGiovanni Giraudi3 giorni fa
  • Track and field ❤️😍

    Alberto MaregaAlberto Marega3 giorni fa
  • Bro I lost shit with the razor

    Greg HurstGreg Hurst3 giorni fa
  • ma le altre canzoni del contest? non erano più facili? chiedo per un amico...

    Fabio GemesioFabio Gemesio3 giorni fa
  • Grande A

    Dario PellegrinoDario Pellegrino3 giorni fa
  • Questa improvvisa voglia di rigiocare sacred....

    Fá BioFá Bio4 giorni fa
  • Ho provato ad usare il rasoio e non funziona. Anzi. Ho rotto il mi grave. Sei uno stronzo!

    xKISKExxKISKEx4 giorni fa