The World's Most Insane Car! Lamborghini Vision GT

16 nov 2020
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I was invited to a secret location in Italy to get an up close look at the most insane car in the world! This is the Lambo V12 Vision GT. It was made especially for players to drive in the game Gran Turismo in 2019, but they also made a real life version as well! I meet with the head of design Mitja Borkert to go through the vision behind the design.
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    Supercar BlondieSupercar Blondie8 giorni fa
    • We STILL CANNOT race it in the GT game cause its not in it.

      vinnycrisvinnycrisOra fa
    • OK mam

      MR . HAKERMR . HAKER7 ore fa
    • Lamborghini v 12 vision

      Yuruem RolonYuruem Rolon16 ore fa
    • Panini spaghetti

      Al3xand3rDAGR86 Maximusboii123Al3xand3rDAGR86 Maximusboii12316 ore fa
    • Can I show Ferrari

      Nazeer SalamNazeer Salam20 ore fa
  • “Vision” in a car name means “never actually coming”

    Michel BrunsMichel Bruns10 minuti fa
  • Ini cewek paati memiliki 60% Saham dari setiap Perusahaan Mobil sprot 😂😂

    KTJ30KTJ3013 minuti fa
  • cyberpunk 2077 looks amazing.

    David RDavid R19 minuti fa
  • supers cars

    Ricky LieRicky Lie20 minuti fa
  • A couple of years after this car would be the worst car in the world

    zuhair khanzuhair khan21 minuto fa
  • Probably CR 7 will buy 😑

    Jayaganesh PJayaganesh P24 minuti fa
  • The next batmobile...😀😀

    Yuda SuryaYuda Surya29 minuti fa
  • Congrats on 5 mil subs

    Codey TannahillCodey Tannahill31 minuto fa
  • The secret position factory name: Imperiale position: Mirandola (Modena) Italy. I think 100%, cause i saw the red Urus of the boss in the parking. xD

    Gi MelaGi Mela40 minuti fa
  • You are my favorite vloger❤from philippines

    Crisan Gelord TejamoCrisan Gelord Tejamo49 minuti fa
  • Who’s knows this car as the m12 molten?

    LandonO.OLandonO.O50 minuti fa
  • Fake

    Надежда КуртНадежда Курт52 minuti fa
  • She lied there's more then one in the world there's 63

    Dominic NajarDominic Najar59 minuti fa
  • Who else is here because of the panini spaghetti tiktok ?

    Mohammad BilalMohammad BilalOra fa

    Sex PartySex PartyOra fa
  • Exhaust is pentagonal🙄

    Gunabhi ChetiaGunabhi ChetiaOra fa
  • M12 MOLTEN

    penguin_ YTpenguin_ YTOra fa
  • wow is that 399 km/h

    Amadeus Bennett Andu 3B no 02Amadeus Bennett Andu 3B no 02Ora fa
  • 63 likely a driver sofina F1 ( Russell)

    8A_Muhammad Rahmat Subarkah8A_Muhammad Rahmat Subarkah2 ore fa

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  • Batmobile

    Mangangcha 444Mangangcha 4442 ore fa
  • Did they steal my tezeract. Bruh what the heck

    kidd acekidd ace2 ore fa
  • Rose gold is such a cheapshit... I would make it black and gold, and even made some gold venzell at sides... It looks like a cheap notebook and should look like monarch trone

    jarl Andruha der grosse herjarl Andruha der grosse her3 ore fa
  • Fake video

    rk khanrk khan3 ore fa
  • Can it ride some nurnburgring or it can only stand at some como lake and look good at instaphotoes?

    jarl Andruha der grosse herjarl Andruha der grosse her3 ore fa
  • This is the x80 proto from gta😂

    DNF_NILS TDNF_NILS T3 ore fa
  • क्या आप मुझे नौकरी देंगे ड्राइवर का

    Roshan BhengraRoshan Bhengra3 ore fa
  • Oh buddy why you don't drive this car

    sadam gullsadam gull3 ore fa
  • Tremendous garbage! Hideous and graceless, these guys have done nothing good after the Diablo.

    SebaSeba3 ore fa
  • Love your voice too

    sadam gullsadam gull3 ore fa
  • The Future of Lambo V12!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Phillip justine AlmoradiePhillip justine Almoradie3 ore fa
  • This is an epicly beautiful vehicle. If I could not own it I would want at least a 1/3 replica to place right in the center of my living room.

    Pedro ZuritaPedro Zurita3 ore fa
  • Thank you!! Awesome!! This is an incredible work of art!!

    Xavier TurnerXavier Turner4 ore fa
  • Girls: It has shiney wheels! Boys: I already own this on GTAV

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty4 ore fa
  • who remembers this car from gta5

    tinnqtinnq4 ore fa
  • Kinda feel guilty for crashing it so much on GT 😅🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

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  • Berapa kecepatan kuda itu tenaganya ...?

    Mardi evmatoraMardi evmatora4 ore fa
  • the car is a fusion of sian fkp 37 and egoista

    Vidya IyerVidya Iyer5 ore fa
    • and terzo millenio

      Vidya IyerVidya Iyer5 ore fa

    rexy texyrexy texy5 ore fa
  • I dunno about the car, but my vision got stuck on the Blonde goddess in Leather even though I had come to view the car.

    John LeeJohn Lee5 ore fa
  • 5:42 It isn't hexagonal.

    K N GautamK N Gautam5 ore fa
  • I am a huge fan of your vids

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  • Apik pisan

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  • The 69 is a nice touch

    Redoobz TVRedoobz TV7 ore fa
  • Plezz can you tell the prise plezzzz

    MR . HAKERMR . HAKER7 ore fa
  • Modelnya kayak katak yg lagi merundup

    Karya Sastra HolisKarya Sastra Holis7 ore fa
  • I tot its gonna be relis in 2024

    Aldrich Vhon AcostaAldrich Vhon Acosta7 ore fa
  • Yo was this thing a concept for like 10 years? Because they have had a car like that in GTA since like 2015.

    Bronco BelligerenceBronco Belligerence7 ore fa
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  • I can't wait for someone to crash it... reminds me of those 3 wheel motorcycles...Trikes

    Joseph BJoseph B8 ore fa
  • *I am the one make total 5 million subscribers* 😁

    Binu GeorgeBinu George8 ore fa
  • Could we hear it? plz

    Benny Or GucciBenny Or Gucci9 ore fa
  • Elon said his is electric! 😂

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  • Me:remembers the m12 molten

    Zac InciongZac Inciong9 ore fa
  • #M12MOLTEN

    Zac InciongZac Inciong9 ore fa
  • Shooting star mini 4wd...LOL...😂

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  • Shit

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  • How does she earn

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    robin hodgsonrobin hodgson10 ore fa
  • I know everyone says this every time...BUT THAT’s a FREAKING BATMOBILE! Instead of these Batman movies slumming it these days with Tanks or Dodge Charger fucking batmobiles , they should pay Lambo to design and build the next one.

    MGRIFFMGRIFF10 ore fa
  • Lamborghini is still the F*****G the best at dropping them poster cars! 😍😩

    iBOOSTiBOOST10 ore fa
  • Panini spaghetti

    chris gchris g10 ore fa
  • Imagine copying gta

    koda vandahlenkoda vandahlen10 ore fa
  • What does it have suspension for? 2cm more or less? What for

    roberto carlos velasquez medinaroberto carlos velasquez medina10 ore fa
  • hear all that screeching while bringing it out. They should start giving a road roller free with this car so you can also build your own road for this car

    Hugh TranHugh Tran11 ore fa
  • 👍👍👍

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  • Is this your car

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  • today is my b day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Wow, she can read the brochure

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  • I know where that is area 51

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  • That car is way cool

    Toneva HaughtonToneva Haughton12 ore fa
  • What game guys?

    Paul MaagadPaul Maagad12 ore fa
  • Nice

    SandoreloSandorelo12 ore fa
  • Is a car of GTA Online. 😂

  • Super Car Blondie surely in this day and age you can get transport that can unload a car quicker than getting this off? And after all that we didn't here it running 🥸

    xtrax38xtrax3812 ore fa
  • Bruce Wayne had placed a bid”

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  • we all know this car from GTA 5 :))

    RaulSMVRaulSMV12 ore fa
  • I love you supercars blodie I'm pilipino😇😍

  • It gives one word for this car : ugly

    cringe_boyycringe_boyy13 ore fa
  • Lambo: I am the ultimate! Single Rock Pebble: Bout to end this man's whole career

    Art VeinArt Vein13 ore fa
  • put it up against the ford mustang hoonicorn, then come back and talk to me

    Vwtroy troyVwtroy troy13 ore fa
  • This the typa car turn into a 15 ft Mech at the press of a button

    Art VeinArt Vein13 ore fa
  • This is never being sold, correct.? I'm assuming it's being displayed to the world in this manner (ITworlds) then going on display in a museum

    Jason RicciJason Ricci13 ore fa
  • Why subscribe, will you give me a car... you are lucky, that I have watched your video....

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  • This is crazy... How about the prize?

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  • Michi speaks european somewhere from Holland or italy or something. But why put a flat pan on the front? That wouldn't be road worthy but only for damn special ocassion where you would have to create your own road

    Aldriane VampirAldriane Vampir14 ore fa
  • Looks like a Hot Wheel, super crazy

    Devin andrewsDevin andrews14 ore fa
  • Lanborguni Car boat Avion ?

    Bruno SousaBruno Sousa14 ore fa
  • in my country you can only drive this car on the motorway. the other roads are full of speed ramps

    kodwo gaisiekodwo gaisie14 ore fa
  • thats somthin out of gta 5

    darkkmellodarkkmello14 ore fa
  • how do you get to see this cars

    Mason BarnesMason Barnes15 ore fa
  • look mixed with airplane with mower. any suspension would useless on that overrated piece of shit

    hard gorehard gore15 ore fa
  • That's one hell of a beauty

    Abhishek ToppoAbhishek Toppo15 ore fa
  • Super cool

    Sie danielSie daniel15 ore fa
  • 10 mins of pure greatness

    Super cat Gaming BroSuper cat Gaming Bro15 ore fa
  • “THAT WAS FUKKIN AMAZING”... I would never have the chance to see something like that!!😘🥰😍

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