Ronaldo First Day at Juventus!

17 lug 2018
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Ronaldo's first day at Juventus.
After the transfer to Ronaldo Juventus, he went to Italy for the first time and greeted his supporters and passead health checks.
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  • ronaldo pedał

    KacperosKacperos5 ore fa
  • Ronaldo making juventus rich again because of his army of fan, broadcast, sponsors, souvenir... if ronaldo join Everton fc then the club will be rich. So ronaldo is a superstar of money

    Immanuel DorvalImmanuel Dorval10 ore fa
  • Arthur estava nesse dia também

    Luiz Paulo RodriguesLuiz Paulo Rodrigues11 ore fa
  • カッコ良すぎますよ

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  • come back to real Madrid 🖤

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  • can some one tell me the theme song ?

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  • Cost union vs Simba fc

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  • Cost union vs Simba fc

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  • My father told me about Pele and Maradona, I'll tell my child about *Messi* and *C.Ronaldo*

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  • if i took medical here they would ask me how tf am i still alive

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  • Love you Ronaldo 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

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  • 2:59 adam ayağa kalkmayınca o na selam vermedi :D

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  • Without Ronaldo Juve is shit.....

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  • Although he is a great player, there is no reason to hype him like many people do. At the end of the day he is a human like every other but he is an invention of capitalism, narcissism and hedonism. He was dust and he will be dust like we all. I don't wanna his money, his girlfriends, his problems, his pain, his lifestyle or his skills. Stay strong, stay humble!

    Imperator MouseImperator Mouse7 giorni fa
  • Алë гараж!!!

    Дмитрий ЧерентаевДмитрий Черентаев7 giorni fa
  • porque les entendemos más a los brasileños que a los portugueses?

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  • جيفنتيس ليس كما كتبتي

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  • Wish I get greeted like this when I go to Italy for my jollies.

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  • My favourite is Ronaldo sir

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  • I am glad to see Ronaldo appreciate thier fans always not like Ms Dhoni Who does not look back or give hello to their fans

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  • We Love u legend

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  • Who’s here in 2020 when they want to sell him

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    • unfortunately :(

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