Сrіѕtіаnо Rоnаldо vs Udіnеsе (02/05/2021) | HD 1080i

2 mag 2021
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Сrіѕtіаnо Rоnаldо vs Udіnеsе (02/05/2021) | HD 1080i

  • Best player in world

    Tuyisenge Jean ClaudeTuyisenge Jean ClaudeGiorno fa
  • #CR7 True legend

    Samed AbubakarSamed Abubakar2 giorni fa
  • Top gols ronaldo

    Palden LepchaPalden Lepcha3 giorni fa
  • cuandardo. you. letoy tak layak

    Ade SetiadiAde Setiadi3 giorni fa
  • the freekick must be a goal if wasn't handball

    JOLANG MvPJOLANG MvP3 giorni fa
  • 💯💯💯💯💯

    Leda RangelovaLeda Rangelova3 giorni fa
  • Dybala has been playing super trash this season man is literally behaving very selfishly, last season his attitude was much better.

    ShashwatShashwat3 giorni fa
  • Grande el Inseccto

    Alfredo sergio Patzán siguantayAlfredo sergio Patzán siguantay3 giorni fa
  • Так и прадалжайте

    Ростик ТарабринРостик Тарабрин4 giorni fa

    Carlos LazaroCarlos Lazaro4 giorni fa
  • BRAVO C R 7💪💪💪👍👍👍🇵🇹🇸🇱

    Зухриддин МамажоновЗухриддин Мамажонов4 giorni fa
  • What a comeback dude, this man is a true legend,🥵big fan of the GOAT CR7

    Mustafa MullaMustafa Mulla4 giorni fa

    Kelvin KollieKelvin Kollie4 giorni fa
  • That CR7 free kick was going to be a BANGER!!

    Starvin MarvinStarvin Marvin4 giorni fa
  • Cr7 are my friends

    joazil loucasjoazil loucas4 giorni fa
  • Cr7 are my friends

    joazil loucasjoazil loucas4 giorni fa
  • Cristiano penaldo

    Mozuka StrikerMozuka Striker4 giorni fa
  • He's THE G.O.A.T

    Brima SesayBrima Sesay4 giorni fa
  • 🐐🐐🐐 CR7

    EndyCR7 BamonEndyCR7 Bamon5 giorni fa
  • Its amazing indeed

    Lule EmmanuelLule Emmanuel5 giorni fa
  • 2:10 can someone tell what happened there?

    Krrish SharmaKrrish Sharma5 giorni fa
  • It's a God give, an extra ordinary man.

    Nando pkNando pk5 giorni fa
  • Les Roi du footballeur du monde travail toujours

    Don NzasiDon Nzasi5 giorni fa
  • U are the best The greatest in football history ♥️♥️🔥🔥💯💯😍😍

    okafor victorokafor victor5 giorni fa
  • Look at Ronaldo saving juve again 🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️ Cr7 the best ever 🔥🔥🔥

    okafor victorokafor victor5 giorni fa
  • He is the goat always 😎

    A RADHAA RADHA5 giorni fa

    Ayaz KRALAyaz KRAL5 giorni fa
  • Where would Juve be without Cristiano

    Reky97Reky975 giorni fa
  • Wow... Great prediction for 👑 cr7

    Jambay GyeltshenJambay Gyeltshen5 giorni fa

    Nicky Gospelthanga ThangaNicky Gospelthanga Thanga5 giorni fa
  • Nothing special from him....He can't dribble past a single defender. Just feed him passes...penaldo😂

    Viver BenficaViver Benfica5 giorni fa
  • Mana yang bilang ronaldo ga guna?


    Rohan GuptaRohan Gupta5 giorni fa
  • GBU CR7 💪

    Pedro ChristofPedro Christof5 giorni fa
  • No doubt in CR7. He can change the game in any minutes

    MNK KhumanMNK Khuman5 giorni fa
  • Thàng nào chê anh tao già vậy

    Tran PhúTran Phú5 giorni fa
  • yescr7👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Robenstar marbañiang.Robenstar marbañiang.5 giorni fa
  • It would hv been a Freekick goal if he didnt stretch his hand

    Jasir RafeequeJasir Rafeeque5 giorni fa
  • Great job, CR7!

    Mr OptimisticMr Optimistic5 giorni fa
  • No matter what the media or fucking hater made so many fucking noise towards him. My heart always be his side.

    janny0079janny00795 giorni fa
  • റോണോ, 👍👍👍🥇💯

    Bava NasarBava Nasar5 giorni fa

    Miss AlFaMiss AlFa5 giorni fa
  • juve looks interested in just playing footbàll CR7 isnt about that he always a few steps ahead of any team he is up against too good to be let down bro know ur worth

    Brent BoojhawanBrent Boojhawan5 giorni fa
  • Juventus is Ronaldo's problem

    Anjorin OluwaseunAnjorin Oluwaseun6 giorni fa
  • Bravo CR7 I love you👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Jio shenaJio shena6 giorni fa
  • دووووووووون ✌🏻🔥

    Abd AlrhmanAbd Alrhman6 giorni fa
  • CR7 doing CR7 things GOAT things ;)

    César GtaCésar Gta6 giorni fa
  • He still the best and the king of 🇵🇹viva ao Rei Cr7 ❤️🙏🌟🇨🇦

    Normanda BrancoNormanda Branco6 giorni fa
  • Thought about the freekick was it going in🤔🤔I think it was

    Kajae WrightKajae Wright6 giorni fa
    • @kimiraziff yeah frl

      Kajae WrightKajae Wright3 giorni fa
    • it was tho that damn defender just had to blocked it with his hand damn it I’m so pissed off lmao

      kimiraziffkimiraziff5 giorni fa
  • Cr7 the best

    Rajab MalandaRajab Malanda6 giorni fa
  • GOAT is back

    Ralph PaulRalph Paul6 giorni fa
  • That free kick would have got in.

    Himanshu RajdevHimanshu Rajdev6 giorni fa
  • Cr7 the. Head is working

    Atinga RichardAtinga Richard6 giorni fa
  • You deserve Ronaldo

    Michael MumaMichael Muma6 giorni fa
  • Best player

    Ibrahima KomahIbrahima Komah6 giorni fa
  • King

    Citel WilsonCitel Wilson6 giorni fa
  • I just don't know how many times this man has to do this again and again to prove himself...

    babu tukkubabu tukku6 giorni fa
  • I am Fans CR7. FANTASTIK layak menjadi pemain terbaik dunia

    arsyifa pelslaarsyifa pelsla6 giorni fa
  • Bien joué Ronaldo mon idole😍😍🌹

    Guy rosty Chedjou ngassuGuy rosty Chedjou ngassu6 giorni fa
  • The goat

    بسيونى HDبسيونى HD6 giorni fa
  • Nice 💥💓

    Zubair KhanZubair Khan6 giorni fa
  • Goat is back cr7 cr7 cr7

    Muneer KoppalaMuneer Koppala6 giorni fa
  • Coool

    Ousmane SidibeOusmane Sidibe6 giorni fa
  • Viva RONALDO 💎❤️

    Ariihau AmsAriihau Ams6 giorni fa
  • Cristiano Ronaldo >>> Juventus

    Jose RuizJose Ruiz6 giorni fa
  • Pirlo como jugador fuistes uno de los mejores como asistidor y te pregunto acaso no sabes a quien tienes de delantero es simplemente Cr7 pues entonces busca un asistidor para el y tendras el triunfo . Cr7 es el mejor delantero q no perdona cuando tiene la oportunidad capichi

    josefelix medinajosefelix medina6 giorni fa
  • KING CR7 🔥 👑

    Samouraï BlackSamouraï Black6 giorni fa
  • the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

    Ronaldo the bestRonaldo the best6 giorni fa
  • Why tf is Ronaldo still taking free kicks?? Dybala and the others needs to stop being a pussy and take the ball off him

    R AR A6 giorni fa
  • Finally he reachs goal again!

    SILKING 711SILKING 7116 giorni fa
  • Pirlo=mule

    laureano figueroalaureano figueroa6 giorni fa
  • The best 🥺❤️🤯

    Angello ArmijosAngello Armijos6 giorni fa
  • The of king cristiano ronaldo is debes,🔥🔥🔥

    Nur KholisNur Kholis6 giorni fa
  • King CR7 🔥

    Иисус МануэльИисус Мануэль6 giorni fa
  • Am here because of CR7

    Albert Imosemi KasimuAlbert Imosemi Kasimu6 giorni fa
  • Cr7 is special... he makes me smile !

    Alberto Chirindza ChirindzaAlberto Chirindza Chirindza6 giorni fa
  • Again & again & again He saved Juventus 🔥

  • Its so crazy that at the age when players just spend good time in a team to finish their career or are retired from football, This Man is saving his team again and again. I don't know how many times he has to do so to shut the mouth of his haters once forever #KINGCR7 👑♥️

    Assad IdzhazovichAssad Idzhazovich6 giorni fa
  • That free kick was going in.

    Ebuka OnyiborEbuka Onyibor6 giorni fa
    • @Alban Goranci so much agree broo,, but he always choose the tough one.wasted

      vallera vegasvallera vegas4 giorni fa
    • When ronaldo curves the ball, than 90% of the time ball is in the net. But he prefers knuckleball most of the time.

      Alban GoranciAlban Goranci6 giorni fa
    • absolutely,it was curling straight in...the idiot put his hand in the way... hope he scores one before the end of the season

      babu tukkubabu tukku6 giorni fa
    • @KMI TECH exactly

      Mp SevenMp Seven6 giorni fa
    • That's true man, that fucking player just had to use his hand to block it shitt💔

      KMI TECHKMI TECH6 giorni fa
  • Super CR

    Imarilloh QosimovImarilloh Qosimov6 giorni fa
  • O Milésimo gol é FEKE. 1282 gols é feiquicimo. O que vale é gols Oficiais. CR7 775 gols Oficiais. PELÉ 762 gols Oficiais. Hó coitado dos Pelezistas kkk.

    Jose RodriguesJose Rodrigues6 giorni fa

    Ernesto GuevaraErnesto Guevara6 giorni fa
  • The real GOAT

    very novaldianvery novaldian6 giorni fa
  • Super CR7

    Bradley JosephBradley Joseph6 giorni fa
  • Cr7 forever ❤️❤️❤️

    Faisal SaanaFaisal Saana6 giorni fa
  • For those who don't know.. this match is important for Juventus to stay in top 4..See my man performing in big games!

    Shakif AimanShakif Aiman6 giorni fa
  • incredibile! ci sono quelli che pensano che il problema della juventus quest'anno sia CR7...

    Italo Capuzzo DolcettaItalo Capuzzo Dolcetta6 giorni fa
  • Amazing cr7 is the best

    bocah Stsbocah Sts6 giorni fa
  • If you watch this game you can literally see his desire to score ..my man literally run and pressured udinese goalkeeper and defences while running despite being 36 years old who should save his stamina.

    Shakif AimanShakif Aiman6 giorni fa
  • GOAT is back🙏❤️

    Jibeswar DasJibeswar Das6 giorni fa
  • Age is just a number

    Selman FarisSelman Faris6 giorni fa
  • Sad how much he has to do in his age, he really should leave to another team

    AK Channel TVAK Channel TV6 giorni fa
    • @babu tukku thats because of Pirlo’s shit tactics and the overal team being horrible. Cant wait to see him in a new club

      AngelPeepAngelPeep6 giorni fa
    • @AngelPeep he plays so deep nowadays

      babu tukkubabu tukku6 giorni fa
    • The thing is he wants to do it all, age doesnt matter

      AngelPeepAngelPeep6 giorni fa
  • 36 ans toujours au top en dépit des critiques... Boss CR7🌟💓👏👏

    yang ben isaac syllayang ben isaac sylla6 giorni fa
  • Time feio esse

    Leônidas MendesLeônidas Mendes6 giorni fa
  • Who said he’s finished 🙄😆😆

    method manmethod man6 giorni fa
  • I was just thinking what would have happened if Pirlo have substituted Ronaldo for Morata 😅 instead of Dybala.

    Alex alexAlex alex6 giorni fa
    • Simple they will play europa league next season

      shisir thapashisir thapa5 giorni fa
  • Cristiano Ronaldo he made my day

    ANU sanjayanANU sanjayan6 giorni fa
  • Strongest than everything..🔥✊

    Monish ManihMonish Manih6 giorni fa
  • Tall trust me he still gonna surprise us

    Ermyas AgegnehuErmyas Agegnehu6 giorni fa
  • Supeer golls cr 7

    Cristrano Ronaldo Big Fans RajuCristrano Ronaldo Big Fans Raju6 giorni fa