Brave cat chases off dogs to save her kitten

15 apr 2021
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This is how a mommy cat fearlessly chased off a pack of aggressive dogs that cornered her kitten.
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  • Anyone else think of Warriors?

    Splashstorm04Splashstorm0413 minuti fa
  • Dogs ran away because the real kungfu master came for the cat reinforcement 🤣🤣

    Jason NymJason NymOra fa
  • That why i don't trust dogs

    H UvH Uv2 ore fa
  • 0:13 The dog literally sat on top of the cat. 😂

    Perth SurtiPerth Surti6 ore fa
  • Masih untung ga ketemu oren, abis pasti 😂😂

    ReifanReifan8 ore fa
  • Cats are very brave - Albert Einstein

    Siddharth SinghSiddharth Singh10 ore fa
  • Where the hell is this happening, anyway? The dog mall of America?

    eyesuckleeyesuckle10 ore fa
  • Cat shook it's head and went for the kill

    Nico ToscaniNico Toscani14 ore fa
  • When the boogie man goes to sleep, he checks his closet for this cat.

    J FJ F16 ore fa
  • At the end she's like, yea, that's right - you Better run!

    Brynn RogersBrynn Rogers20 ore fa
  • How did these dogs appear out of no where in a nice place with t3 dogs are you putting these cats in that situation for the video if so that's not nice .you can get views. From nice video to like a cooking show

    Annette YoungAnnette Young22 ore fa
  • It's so painful to see kitten surrounded by bloody dogs

    human beinghuman being22 ore fa
  • Went straight for the balls no messing.

  • 개새끼 3마리가 작은 고양이를 공격하다니.. 씨발. 이래서 고양이가 최고다.. 이건 뭐 개들이 모지라니..

    rg620qmrg620qmGiorno fa
  • THAT cat is O.G.

    Gospelfan ManGospelfan ManGiorno fa
  • Mothers are gentle and tender until the badass comes in

    Kwame AmparbengKwame AmparbengGiorno fa
  • Abla nari ka rap kote hote bacha.😭

    Ashish ThakurAshish ThakurGiorno fa
  • Those dogs gave up quick when a slightly larger cat showed up.

    DylanDylanGiorno fa
  • Poor cat want to be a hero but got Butt Slam by the dog.

    Cpt. DuckCpt. DuckGiorno fa
  • Why do i Lauch when the dog just sit on top of the cat? xD

    LaynixLaynixGiorno fa
  • WHEN IDIOT PEOPLE WAKE UP, Dog is more dangerous than cat, he can kill you, and cat never kill you

    Faruq AbiyyiFaruq AbiyyiGiorno fa
  • cat saves kitten by being sat on by confused dogs...

    S wS w2 giorni fa
  • This Is the Most Wholesome Video But the Mother Cat forgot to take her Kitten😅

    BlueGamer2010BlueGamer20102 giorni fa
  • Same thing happened in the Indian history, but still the country stands. Thanks to selfless kings and warriors who were born in India to save our motherland

    Akash NaikAkash Naik2 giorni fa
  • The cat has the heart of lion.

    Bdeshi GuyBdeshi Guy2 giorni fa
  • Confidence can do anything

    Satyam sinha Class 10 'f' roll-22Satyam sinha Class 10 'f' roll-222 giorni fa
  • Awesome

    Satyam sinha Class 10 'f' roll-22Satyam sinha Class 10 'f' roll-222 giorni fa
  • Cats are like ninjas

    Daniel HernandezDaniel Hernandez2 giorni fa
  • Those Cats were “G’s”!!!!!

    Jbone PhillyJbone Philly2 giorni fa
  • Ese Gato Tiene Corazón de León, Fue Imponiendo Respeto...

    Luis Diaz LinaresLuis Diaz Linares2 giorni fa
  • Wow 😳

    Thusharika AliyahThusharika Aliyah2 giorni fa
  • Plot twist: That cat has got contacts.. The dogs knew that and hence ran away

    Fan SiteFan Site2 giorni fa
  • Cat use Ultra Instink😅👍

    Biawak SaltoBiawak Salto2 giorni fa
  • Most cats can handle dogs. Most dogs know cats have claws and will use them on the dogs' sensitive noses.

    MFPhoto1MFPhoto12 giorni fa
  • The dogs were barking: where’s you mask?!” 🤣

    ThinkInsideTheBox SquareCircleThinkInsideTheBox SquareCircle2 giorni fa
  • I THINK Some one called those dogs at the end.

    Davis PurceDavis Purce2 giorni fa
  • Mãe é mãe se tiver que morrer para salvar seu filhinho ela morre

    Luciana PompeuLuciana Pompeu2 giorni fa
  • Наших бьют, блеать !!!!

    www4Ruswww4Rus3 giorni fa
  • Jojo them tune comes on

    Jake MoleJake Mole3 giorni fa
  • Dogs learn to fear cats one way or the other.

    Doug EichenbergDoug Eichenberg3 giorni fa
  • Really... 😒

    Liam KneesonLiam Kneeson3 giorni fa
  • CAT POWER 🔋 !!!!!!!!!

    Food KartFood Kart3 giorni fa
  • The dogs were just curious and friendly...

    Kristina WesterlundKristina Westerlund3 giorni fa
  • our street dog have killed many kittens ...very dangerous but loyal one

    MTB CAFEMTB CAFE3 giorni fa
  • That wasn't Cat people. It was a mini Lion!!!

    Saint MTESaint MTE3 giorni fa
  • Nobody messes with mamma CAT !!

    Awan KhurshidAwan Khurshid3 giorni fa
  • Jack saved oggy from Bob and his team.. Tod dunga fod dunga

    SB CreationsSB Creations3 giorni fa
  • Dios mío no me gusta ver esto pero que bello es la hermandad de los animales

    Somarie SantiagoSomarie Santiago3 giorni fa
  • Thats why i hit the dogs🙄

  • Finally Tomas fights Spike and his boys

    Ram Kumar RRam Kumar R3 giorni fa
  • Awesome

    g Cg C3 giorni fa
  • "Do not pray for an easy nine lives, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one." - Kitty Lee

    PrashanthPrashanth3 giorni fa
    • Meow!✊

      Christian LopezChristian LopezGiorno fa
  • doggies just wanted to see whats up

    Lee AndrewLee Andrew3 giorni fa
  • Went straight for the jewels.

    Alfred AbbeyAlfred Abbey3 giorni fa
  • I hate dogs with a passion ✨

    hadiel doarhadiel doar3 giorni fa
  • What kind of corrupt animal shelter is this?

    Garlicjr MadeGarlicjr Made3 giorni fa
  • Karatecat

    comey2610comey26103 giorni fa
  • Cowards

    Liz MillerLiz Miller3 giorni fa
  • Never ever try to joke with a mama cat..

    Ruben VolpeRuben Volpe3 giorni fa
  • Okay why were they all together in the first place ?

    •ᴥ••ᴥ•3 giorni fa
  • Now that's what's up!!

    Bob TBob T3 giorni fa
  • The dogs were just playing, you can see by their tails

    Simon DGSimon DG3 giorni fa
  • Главное - неожиданность. А то, что сам в пасть прыгал да падал, то такое)))

    Pravoslavniy Svidetel-IegoviPravoslavniy Svidetel-Iegovi3 giorni fa
  • Cat's are BADASS.....

    Elaine ReynoldsElaine Reynolds3 giorni fa
  • É muito lindo de se ver, gata mãe enfrenta 3 cachorros para defender seu filhote.

    Erik ferreira da SilvaErik ferreira da Silva4 giorni fa
  • Dog not simply bite! Dog Have Responsibility to protect areas of them when have Intruders!

    Erica LimErica Lim4 giorni fa
  • Gotta go fast

    Alrøn JamesツAlrøn Jamesツ4 giorni fa
  • malandrinhos. foram peitar o menorzinho, mas não contavam a mãe

    dandorimdandorim4 giorni fa
  • lyf m bas aisa confidence chahiye😁😁😁

    kunal singhkunal singh4 giorni fa
  • Not only do people actually think the cat targeted the dogs genitals despite clearly getting sat on, comments even think someone was sitting around filming this as opposed to it obviously being a security camera. People like making up stories I guess.

    dundalisdundalis4 giorni fa
  • The mother came running in and got sat on straight away lol

    dundalisdundalis4 giorni fa
  • Why all hate dogs

    Mario MiljakMario Miljak4 giorni fa
  • Вот где сила воли!

    Igor KOVALEVIgor KOVALEV4 giorni fa
  • Who says that cats are aloof and don’t care?!?

    Tina FlintstoneTina Flintstone4 giorni fa
  • Mother cats are exceptionally fierce. Alpha males kill kittens on instinct. But my pet female cat sends every simgle male cat scampering off our back yard whenever she has kittens.

    pinoywheelgunnerpinoywheelgunner4 giorni fa
  • Those dogs seemed more curious than in kill mode

    Chad HayChad Hay4 giorni fa
  • this is why I like cats more than dogs

  • Kungfu cat 🐈😺🤼

    Siddu SSiddu S4 giorni fa
  • Dogs is evil.

    check 1-2 1-2-3check 1-2 1-2-34 giorni fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Future Wu007Future Wu0074 giorni fa
  • Bravery is always rewarded or the right place...😅😅

    Professor XProfessor X4 giorni fa
  • No hubo un final feliz quise ver como lo hacían pomada al gato entre los 3 perros vaya vídeo dislike

    Maijamer OrtegaMaijamer Ortega4 giorni fa
  • Di indo Kucing: offlaner Ke 3 anjing:tank musuh offlaner musuh core musuh Kucing terakhir:tank

    Gathfan ZhafirGathfan Zhafir4 giorni fa
  • The dogs not realize that kitten was they Boss Daughter/son.

    RaFF GRaFF G4 giorni fa
  • Che codardi i cani, quando sono 3 contro è ok, quando arriva la mamma scappano.

    EveEve4 giorni fa
  • There are friends who are worth more than brother ...

    Red birdRed bird4 giorni fa
  • Looking at this a few times it is unclear the dogs true intentions, but it could have been just playtime. The cat still did the right thing cause the dogs did not back up when clearly the kitten was scared.

  • but our dogs (dachshund) are way more aggressive every time they see any moving species, they won't even give it a chance to run or fight back :(

    Crazy Lazy Cat LadyCrazy Lazy Cat Lady4 giorni fa
  • Mother🙏

    Industrial & Political Land ScanningIndustrial & Political Land Scanning4 giorni fa
  • This is what... A successful butt fumble looks like!!!

    Antonio MontanaAntonio Montana4 giorni fa
  • This is why I'm a cat person. Dogs are cowards in packs.

    Vegan_Paul_XVegan_Paul_X4 giorni fa
  • Cat won despite being an underDOG.

    Zinho BRTZinho BRT5 giorni fa
  • Did everyone ignore the fact that the dog sat on top of the savior cat? like this could be a Mortal Kombat hit "The fatal sitting"

    StardommStardomm5 giorni fa
  • Mother cat fast entry so funny.the cat under the a dog.hahahahahahhhhhhh

    GaminG_Sazid BOSSGaminG_Sazid BOSS5 giorni fa
  • Cats are fearless.

    Marv _Marv _5 giorni fa
  • Cat can scrap!

    Adam RiceAdam Rice5 giorni fa
  • Почему он просто не стоит в сторонке и не мяукает "ПОЗОР!", пока псы рвут его сородича на части? Неужели даже кот умнее русской оппозиции?

    Антон ИвановАнтон Иванов5 giorni fa
  • Motherlove, SubhanAllah

    Rosa JosaRosa Josa5 giorni fa
  • I would have beat those mf dogs. I’m a cat guy now. I don’t like dogs anymore because of this reason.

    Joel MartinezJoel Martinez5 giorni fa
  • Amassar a cabeça desses cachorros!

    Archangelis SanctusArchangelis Sanctus5 giorni fa