Little Mix - Confetti (Lyric Video)

4 nov 2020
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Music video by Little Mix performing Confetti (Lyric Video). (C) 2020 Under Exclusive Licence to RCA, a division of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

  • I'm addicted to this song

    Flora QuirinoFlora Quirino28 minuti fa
  • The title - 🎊 🎂🎈‼️🍫🍰🎀💁🏻‍♀️💐 The song - 🙄🤨🎊 👋😌💅🙅‍♀️

    SillySilly2 ore fa
  • 💗💗💗💗

    Maria MazgaltzidouMaria Mazgaltzidou3 ore fa
  • 4.4M

    I'm not JesyI'm not Jesy5 ore fa
  • I love this song it has this nice beat

    Bryan SteeleBryan Steele7 ore fa

    Emerson SerafimEmerson Serafim12 ore fa

    SveaSvea16 ore fa
    • @Svea k tnx

      Afomiya BahreAfomiya Bahre13 ore fa
    • @Afomiya Bahre nathans channel and on spotify

      SveaSvea14 ore fa
    • Where?

      Afomiya BahreAfomiya Bahre15 ore fa
  • I love how it’s already surpassed happiness in views and is coming for naps!!! POWER OF CONFETTI

    Svea CSvea C16 ore fa
  • 3 yrs ago I was like😳 ghad im so young🙈 so I listen so their song and didnt watch the mv😅 Rn 🙉😊 love them a lot

    JohannaJoy ReblincaJohannaJoy Reblinca16 ore fa
  • I love so so.

    Lakeisha AndersonLakeisha Anderson19 ore fa
  • Type beat, pop song!!

    Doc_gio_official Giovany F. DERIVALDoc_gio_official Giovany F. DERIVAL23 ore fa
  • I like this song, the beat and lyrics are totally lit.

    Mary LouiseMary LouiseGiorno fa
    • check out their new song they released today ! NO TIME FOR TEARS

      SveaSvea16 ore fa
    • I have to say, this was a really good one!

      kolim jonekolim jone18 ore fa
  • they are finally free

    Flora QuirinoFlora QuirinoGiorno fa
  • goodbye Simon I never want to see you again who likes agrees 4 Like

    Flora QuirinoFlora QuirinoGiorno fa
  • Del cielo cae confetti

    Armyxer_ ForeverArmyxer_ ForeverGiorno fa
  • All eyes on me, So vip

    Armyxer_ ForeverArmyxer_ ForeverGiorno fa
    • Drop it down

      Irish LevyIrish Levy18 ore fa
    • From the sky like drop confetti

      Mixers ConfettiMixers Confetti18 ore fa
  • The “I dont need ya” hits differently. I feel so independent and like a powerful Queen when i hear this line

    MaryamMaryamGiorno fa
  • brazilian fan here

    Kevin MüllerKevin MüllerGiorno fa

    SveaSveaGiorno fa

    SveaSveaGiorno fa
  • I Love i🤑😄😜💯💯💯💯

    עמית חייםעמית חייםGiorno fa
  • That beat drop thooo 🥴🤪

    Joy LiviJoy LiviGiorno fa
  • 4.3M :-))))

  • This song is chill like I'm a singer and would sing this song for a addition

    JB OKJB OKGiorno fa
  • 1:28😵

    Metin MustafaMetin MustafaGiorno fa
  • This is so fucking good🤩🤩🤩 Also sending love to all the mixers♥️♥️♥️

    Shrishti ShawShrishti ShawGiorno fa
  • i love how this song has already crossed happiness in vi3ws and is about to cross naps

    SveaSveaGiorno fa
  • Little Mix x BLACKPINK collab pleaseeeeee

    Jungkook’s WaifuJungkook’s WaifuGiorno fa
  • Yes girlzzzzz 🎉🎉🎊🎊 like confetti

    ilaydailayda2 giorni fa

    Jesy MixersJesy Mixers2 giorni fa
    • Yess

      Armyxer_ ForeverArmyxer_ ForeverGiorno fa
  • Best album of the year

    Rachel IsbisterRachel Isbister2 giorni fa
  • Beautiful song by a beautiful band with an incredible talent! #bestsong #2020hits #bestalbum

    Bolat TolepbergenovBolat Tolepbergenov2 giorni fa
  • I love this song this is my favorite from now on

    Oaishi KayugamiriOaishi Kayugamiri2 giorni fa
  • This song so Conffeti

    •Alisha ••Alisha •2 giorni fa
    • I love it😜

      •Alisha ••Alisha •Giorno fa
  • I need dance covers for this songs

    apurbo Khanapurbo Khan2 giorni fa
  • This song is so fierce I love it 😍🔥👌💅👁👄👁

    Alex is not despicableAlex is not despicable2 giorni fa
  • They deserve EVERYTHING

    Alfs SmithAlfs Smith2 giorni fa
  • this song is a hit

    EsmeraldaEsmeralda2 giorni fa
  • I love little mix

    Amelia Sulca BustamanteAmelia Sulca Bustamante2 giorni fa
  • Perfecta canción 🎉🎉🎊🤩🤩

    Laura PrietoLaura Prieto2 giorni fa
  • 4 234 182 right now. Check the clock ;-))

  • let it rain down~

    tmftmnttmftmnt2 giorni fa
  • All eyes on me

    Afomiya BahreAfomiya Bahre2 giorni fa
  • Nice lyric video

    • I n f i n i t y R o s e •• I n f i n i t y R o s e •2 giorni fa
  • This song is so addictive

    Ferliya FerFerliya Fer2 giorni fa

    Ruben MuñozRuben Muñoz2 giorni fa
  • VIP

    Mixers ConfettiMixers Confetti2 giorni fa
  • Let it rain

    Mixers ConfettiMixers Confetti2 giorni fa
  • From the sky like drop confetti

    Mixers ConfettiMixers Confetti2 giorni fa
  • I just can't over this jam ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

    kawtar afkirkawtar afkir2 giorni fa
  • Guys keep stre3ming confetti album it's currently peaked at #83 on billboard 200 chart

    Afomiya BahreAfomiya Bahre3 giorni fa
  • I LoVE Ths Songg

    Lxla AshworthLxla Ashworth3 giorni fa
  • now I wish I had some confetti with me so I could throw it in the air and twirl in it

    Bree MBree M3 giorni fa
  • Oh la la la Let it rain :-) Jesy

  • So vip

    Cherno MamadouCherno Mamadou3 giorni fa
    • All eyes on me

      Jesy MixersJesy Mixers2 giorni fa
    • From the sky like drop like confetti

      Mixers ConfettiMixers Confetti2 giorni fa
  • Their new single with Nathan Dawe will be out this Friday.

    I'm not JesyI'm not Jesy3 giorni fa
  • 4.1M

    I'm not JesyI'm not Jesy3 giorni fa
  • Can we all appreciate leigh Anne's versitility? She can sing super low like Woman like me's and confetti's pre choruses to high and sweet in sweet melody's bridge to strong in power and gloves up.

    Raven •Raven •3 giorni fa
  • A collab with blackpink would be THE collaboration

    Snake 18Snake 183 giorni fa
    • @Raven • yeah,they clearly have different styles, idk honestly.

      Snake 18Snake 189 ore fa
    • @Snake 18 people do like to compare new artists with their "older counterparts". Like Mariah and Ariana, LM and BP, Lana del rey and first taylor, then Billie. I am so sick of these comparisons.

      Raven •Raven •9 ore fa
    • @Raven • Yeah,i'm blink but I also love Little mix. I don't know why people are doing this. I think that people always want to compare other artists,other groups . People compared Little.Mix with Fifth Harmony and now with blackpink

      Snake 18Snake 189 ore fa
    • I agree but the fans are too busy battling.

      Raven •Raven •13 ore fa
    • @joan nyoni why(?

      Snake 18Snake 182 giorni fa
  • Woww😍✨✨

    Ebrar xxEbrar xx4 giorni fa
  • Nathan Dawe ft. Little Mix : No Time For Tears out Fri 27/11 everyone!! 🚫⏰4️⃣💧

    Marina IoannidouMarina Ioannidou4 giorni fa
  • Me encantaaa

    Jesy MixersJesy Mixers4 giorni fa
  • This song can compete drugs really !!

    Rania LatrecheRania Latreche4 giorni fa
  • Who’s here after hearing jesy leaving band because of medical problems🥺

    Safinaz GhaziSafinaz Ghazi4 giorni fa
    • She’s not leaving she’s just taking a break

      Irish LevyIrish Levy3 giorni fa
    • she hasnt left. she'll just be inactive for a while

      SveaSvea3 giorni fa
  • cardi b or megan thee stallion should bless this with a verse

    201920194 giorni fa
  • 1:49 fook and I heard here 'larry breakdown' 😂😂🤦‍♀️

    Zoe •11•Zoe •11•4 giorni fa
    • Same lmao 😂🤣😂😂😂

      Healthy love journeyHealthy love journey3 giorni fa
    • Oof same

      Alithea VarugheseAlithea Varughese4 giorni fa
  • omg omg omg i love this

    mimi massicottemimi massicotte4 giorni fa
  • Is this dedicated to Simon?

    Ritika GhoshRitika Ghosh4 giorni fa
    • If you want to interpret it in that way. "Not a pop song" surely is.

      Raven •Raven •13 ore fa
    • Omg 😳

      Alithea VarugheseAlithea Varughese4 giorni fa
  • 1M✅ 2M✅ 3M✅ 4M✔️

    guadaguada4 giorni fa
  • Keep str..ming sweet melody official video! We need it to reach 100 million views before 2020 ends!!!!!! And also str..m black magic!! Let's make it reach 1billion views!!!

    Sai Smriti RavishankarSai Smriti Ravishankar4 giorni fa
  • #weloveyoujesy

    Lou GourlayLou Gourlay4 giorni fa
  • i'm crying for this

    diya sardardiya sardar4 giorni fa
  • I need you my littles

    A.R.M.Y CrazyA.R.M.Y Crazy4 giorni fa
  • From the sky drop like confetti

    Afomiya BahreAfomiya Bahre4 giorni fa
  • 4M already! WOW 👏🏻👏🏻

    Irish LevyIrish Levy4 giorni fa
  • Confetiiii

    Perrie_ SunshinePerrie_ Sunshine4 giorni fa
  • this could be the next single

    James GalvesoloJames Galvesolo4 giorni fa
  • This should be their next single! It is a bop!!!!!!

    Luan BorkLuan Bork4 giorni fa
  • Never is late 4M views from the shy drop like confetti !!! :-)))


    Alex is not despicableAlex is not despicable5 giorni fa
    • I think I wanna leave a voicemail ????

      yasio boloyasio bolo4 giorni fa

    Alex is not despicableAlex is not despicable5 giorni fa
    • Perrie

      yasio boloyasio bolo4 giorni fa
  • Woooowwwwww..jeez ..this album is fireee

    Bobo RuthBobo Ruth5 giorni fa
  • 4M

    Luz FerreyraLuz Ferreyra5 giorni fa
  • 4M!!

    Limelight MixerLimelight Mixer5 giorni fa
  • I thought it said “I’m worth, don’t need ya” but ok lol

    Aubrey WinchesterAubrey Winchester5 giorni fa
  • Check out the 1Unity Family Fun Channel Guy's it's so awesome!!!

    1Unity Family Fun & Toys!1Unity Family Fun & Toys!5 giorni fa
  • Confettiiiiii

    Rikk HyoRikk Hyo5 giorni fa
  • Little mix is the only good thing in 2020

    Niamh RobinNiamh Robin5 giorni fa
  • This needs an MV like A.S.A.P cut it’s 🔥

    Donalda BunajDonalda Bunaj5 giorni fa
  • cool song

    roos verhoeffroos verhoeff5 giorni fa
  • My dream is to go next year to London for their Confetti Tour... Leave me alone Corona

  • Klip gelsin yaa

    winter bearwinter bear5 giorni fa
  • Listen to me all of the American mixers please play this song on your speakers as loud as you can every day at 10:00 pm in celebration of Biden winning please so that our queens can get more recognized. 🇺🇸🎉🎈❤ Love from South African Mixer

    IsabellaIsabella5 giorni fa
  • 4M here we come!

    sapphire edwardssapphire edwards5 giorni fa
  • Lovesick Girls ft. Little MIx!

    Mash ArtMash Art5 giorni fa
    • Good idea! But i think it won't work some fans are so toxic keep on compairing like duh obviously they are different, Little Mix vocals are insane but still i do respect both girlgroup.

      Yhelene VillanuevaYhelene Villanueva23 ore fa
    • @Kein Tanimoto as a blink and a mixer, imma say this (no hate intended): 1. Blackpink worked really hard, and are under a shitty label, I don’t think we’d swallow little mix and they don’t deserve to be called “overpopular” 2. Jade is a huge blackpink stan, and I think they’d be nothing but excited. it’d be a dream collab!

      Blink Directioner MixerBlink Directioner MixerGiorno fa
    • @Kein Tanimoto you're thinking wrong tho? Blackpink had a lot collabs and those artists received a lot loves by blinks. I'm a blink and i love little mix. We would like to have a collab or collab stage of two most powerful girl groups of world now😍

      Lalalisa Wang 王Lalalisa Wang 王Giorno fa
    • @Kein Tanimoto I don’t want them to collab With bp and I don’t think it will happen anyways since they go for bigger artist almost army’s love littlemix

      joan nyonijoan nyoniGiorno fa
    • @joan nyoni you are naive if you think they won't get bashed

      Kein TanimotoKein TanimotoGiorno fa
  • Perrie

    Maicol MoralesMaicol Morales5 giorni fa
  • Jade

    Maicol MoralesMaicol Morales5 giorni fa
  • Leigh

    Maicol MoralesMaicol Morales5 giorni fa
  • Jesy

    Maicol MoralesMaicol Morales5 giorni fa
  • Bop

    Maicol MoralesMaicol Morales5 giorni fa