Lyin' 2 Me

18 nov 2020
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Lyin' 2 Me · Cg5
Lyin' 2 Me
℗ CG5
Released on: 2020-11-18
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  • verry good

    Jonathan PadillaJonathan Padilla4 giorni fa
  • CG5

    Nuttawut NeamnoiNuttawut NeamnoiMese fa
  • this is a bop, damn

    KapiXxX2010KapiXxX2010Mese fa
  • pink was the inposter and it was cool whan orange tryed to open airlock but the inposter came and tryed to kill him but let brown out vote pink cause she was the inposter

    Dana SilviaDana SilviaMese fa
  • i play among us everyday its so fun i am allways the inposter and i love listening to you among us songs

    Dana SilviaDana SilviaMese fa
  • littlle bit of dangormpa refference

    Jubin YoonJubin YoonMese fa

    Charged MedicCharged MedicMese fa
  • . . . .

    Monete in the houseMonete in the houseMese fa
  • 👌🦵👙🦵👌

    Monete in the houseMonete in the houseMese fa
  • I love this song

    Monete in the houseMonete in the houseMese fa
  • если вы русский - просто включите субтитры и наслаждайтесь.

    u i k a hu i k a hMese fa
  • CG5 l love you

    Patty GalePatty GaleMese fa
  • ...

    zaidan hanan ghiyatszaidan hanan ghiyatsMese fa
  • Don be 👌🏻

    BetoastonBetoastonMese fa
  • cool

    Agustina FernandezAgustina FernandezMese fa
  • cg5 = one of the best song makers ive yet to hear one i dont like

    Psycho ServinePsycho ServineMese fa
  • brown: *thinks pink is cute* pink: *votes out brown with orange* brown: *sees impostor pink* pink: E time to DIE ORANGE brown: E NO pink: *gets throw into the airlock and gets ejected* brown and orange: -fortnite default dance-

    Mr Monty PythonMr Monty PythonMese fa
  • me: *turns on subtitles at **1:38* the subtitles in English: *[music] mom*

    ewlizewlizMese fa
  • All yeah this song is bringing me back

    SOS MuluSOS MuluMese fa
  • Me: vote pink *pink Was An Imposter 0 Imposters remain* Pink: :(

    EricwithDad EricwithDadEricwithDad EricwithDadMese fa
  • used this song for my outro in my channel you vibe CG5

    Aubrey GermanyAubrey GermanyMese fa
  • This is fake cg5 this is so fake fake fake fake you just want views fake

    Jaden From The Bacon HairJaden From The Bacon HairMese fa
  • lets be real here, This is the best song ever

    Mariano TompkinsMariano TompkinsMese fa
  • The dislikes are from uncultured swines who don’t know what music is and just listen to people smashing rocks together.

    Dwayne JacksonDwayne JacksonMese fa
  • This Quality Music, Nice, Good, Amazing

    DeathNatedDeathNatedMese fa
  • ... GMG

    Sofija SmirnovaSofija SmirnovaMese fa
  • Песня крутая

    Варя КурбановаВаря КурбановаMese fa

    Abem MakungaAbem MakungaMese fa
  • Cool

    Красимира ДжуловаКрасимира ДжуловаMese fa
  • Go

    stickman zero ultra 109stickman zero ultra 109Mese fa
  • No one, Video: *Russian Subtitles*

    Radmino 365Radmino 365Mese fa
  • Thats among us see that there

    XandreySachez RobloxXandreySachez RobloxMese fa
  • dude the translator to english has a stroke

    ThatSimpleFriendThatSimpleFriendMese fa
  • Pink impostor:hehehe is my time xd

    Mariano HairMariano HairMese fa
  • I like among us

    Zaita HakZaita HakMese fa
  • This is the catchiest song ever! Me at night: oops they done did it again, another mate dead misplaced his head... AAAGGGHHHHHH STOP GET IT OUT OF MY HEADDDDD

    Owen DelmaireOwen DelmaireMese fa
  • HOLA

    blanca pamela henriquez zuñigablanca pamela henriquez zuñigaMese fa
  • thumbnaiol looks like a thumb nail

    BeDugBeDugMese fa
  • I saw a body lying there I saw a body there it was right there

    Servpro OperationsServpro OperationsMese fa
  • This is a good song

    Leanne WinstanleyLeanne WinstanleyMese fa
  • Depression: Gone.

    NothingButMemesNothingButMemesMese fa
  • i 'm no what

    javier perezjavier perezMese fa
  • 2:24 Try to say that 2x faster

    Zayden PennZayden PennMese fa
    • No, I don't think I will

      Esther KeelerEsther KeelerMese fa
  • what is the "topic" channels there just reposts of music without the video

    TheProCatTheProCatMese fa
  • Gooooooooooooooooooood

    Jesse PoeJesse PoeMese fa
  • Everyone:crewmate pink:imposter

    George TaylorGeorge TaylorMese fa
  • :ultrahype:

    C CarterC CarterMese fa
  • What did they do after did orange give brown the good time if you know what I mean 😏

    Felipe MotaFelipe MotaMese fa
    • The same as the guy above me, also probably flew to Polus

      Esther KeelerEsther KeelerMese fa
    • @Felipe Mota they were probably just thanking him that's it

      short spinelshort spinelMese fa
    • You know for saving him or her

      Felipe MotaFelipe MotaMese fa
  • shadow be kinda sus

    Camque The Blue CatCamque The Blue CatMese fa
  • AMmadja

    桑澤由衣桑澤由衣Mese fa
  • It's big brain time

    NotDylanNotDylanMese fa
  • Among us 🎵

    Sheerina Mae Kyl PerezSheerina Mae Kyl PerezMese fa
  • Piukooooooooooooooooo

    نوف البقمينوف البقميMese fa
  • Piuk

    نوف البقمينوف البقميMese fa
  • This song is Epic!

    SacredBluevelvetSacredBluevelvetMese fa
  • Copie

    KARIM ZaKARIM ZaMese fa
    • Copy* plus this the same person

      short spinelshort spinelMese fa
  • Copie

    KARIM ZaKARIM ZaMese fa
  • Copie

    KARIM ZaKARIM ZaMese fa
  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

    Mi ThongMi ThongMese fa
    • Aku orang indonesia

      pink dead body ghostpink dead body ghostMese fa
    • K- kamu orang indonesia

      pink dead body ghostpink dead body ghostMese fa
  • can I stop watching cg5 topic and watch cg5 channel instead

    wormwormMese fa
  • the crewmate looks like a toe

    extraheatOnPCextraheatOnPCMese fa
  • Bro idla.d

    Karen SanchezKaren SanchezMese fa
  • Among us that is among us

    Ritch Jansen AbantauRitch Jansen AbantauMese fa
  • His voice is so beautiful

    Acosta Gamers -ROBLOX-Acosta Gamers -ROBLOX-Mese fa
  • aty amkser

  • DONT GO LYING TO ME, DONT GO LYYING TO ME.... man that song is my new fav

    Jackson FairJackson FairMese fa
  • CG3: Don't lying 2 me

    Raylee KelliganRaylee KelliganMese fa
  • its among us music?

    Lee EmpireLee EmpireMese fa
  • 💜💜💜💜

    veronica Lucasveronica LucasMese fa
  • i love CG5'S

    veronica Lucasveronica LucasMese fa
  • i love lying 2 me song

    veronica Lucasveronica LucasMese fa
  • The Henry stickmin toppat soundtrack should be your next song

    Fabi MuñozFabi MuñozMese fa
  • Pink

    Green asd ZGreen asd ZMese fa
  • Oops

    Uraina ChristineUraina ChristineMese fa
  • This song is epic

    frost animated animation youtube Zfrost animated animation youtube ZMese fa
  • Self reporting is op

    JMG AnimationJMG AnimationMese fa
  • Oi

    LipeMaia GamePlayLipeMaia GamePlayMese fa
  • Topic channels are trash which just steal content with the excuse of them being able to repost content upload on their site.

    Human HumannessHuman HumannessMese fa
  • Hes a copycat

    Uraina ChristineUraina ChristineMese fa
  • 🤩💀🍖😘😎

    Rubi CalixtoRubi CalixtoMese fa
  • good job

    zachphilmszachphilmsMese fa
  • Pink: cute Everyone else: sus Brown x Pink ship????????

    Jon EscJon EscMese fa
    • My guy Jon I know

      F MeowsclesF MeowsclesMese fa
    • oh ok

      Nicholas EspinozaNicholas EspinozaMese fa
    • @F Meowscles it’s a joke

      Jon EscJon EscMese fa
    • No. Shipping is for simps

      F MeowsclesF MeowsclesMese fa
    • why

      Nicholas EspinozaNicholas EspinozaMese fa
  • Isnt it strange how brown reports EVERY body?

    Casey GeorgeCasey GeorgeMese fa
  • אתה ישראלי?

    super bot-85super bot-85Mese fa
  • (DIEING)

    Emine Cakmak buldukEmine Cakmak buldukMese fa

    Emine Cakmak buldukEmine Cakmak buldukMese fa
  • CG5: jerome was roaming the hallways... Nobody: Me: he sus af

    Cam MacLeodCam MacLeodMese fa
  • I love this song its my favorite now and "sneak littil imposter and i have no time" all carton is good!

    RieyhanieRieyhanieMese fa
  • CG5, stop stealing from Charlie Green.

    Axron OfficialAxron OfficialMese fa
  • Lyin two me or Lyin to me

    right hand manright hand manMese fa
  • Why are you using CG5 you follow she and have you seen your video

    janet bennetjanet bennetMese fa
  • 노래대박신나

    MJMJMese fa
  • red:i saw purple vent(lie)

    Raven Brent ZaraRaven Brent ZaraMese fa
  • random color:its a murdur time finally

    Raven Brent ZaraRaven Brent ZaraMese fa
  • Brown: Reports literally every body

    Azgar 88Azgar 88Mese fa
    • true

      Gkevin7110Gkevin7110Mese fa
  • Waw

    Jumri RumpaJumri RumpaMese fa

    I D KI D KMese fa
  • Among us

    Izzy UnicornIzzy UnicornMese fa
  • Realistically, if brown keep on reporting body, he is the one that will be sus, tbh

    Kaalisaa AanumKaalisaa AanumMese fa
  • A mystery ellie is the impostor

    bendybendyMese fa